Anyone created a new skin/style?

has anybody tried to create its own skin or style and apply it on a Dashboard?
I've followed instructions on presentation server documentation: copy s_oracle10 and sk_oracle10 folders from source folder (C:\ORACLE\BI\web\app\res) to "data" folder (C:\ORACLE\BIData\web\res) and renamed to s_company and sk_company as stated.
As a test, I've just done that, copy the original folders and rename them, so look must be the same ... instead of that, all images, etc. are gone, and only links are shown on blue over a white background.
Anyone has any experience about this issue?
Thanks on forward,

I had similar problem; you have to install your s_company also in the server where the OAS runs. Aftwerds restart the application on oas and presentation services.

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    In a document I'm working on, there is a specific table. It is made in the past by a colleague, and it has a very suitable format.
    Therefore I would like to use the layout of this table on all future tables in my document (or even in others).
    Is there an option to select my table, and create a new table style with it, so that I can use it over and over again? That would be very helpful.
    I'm working in MS Word, MS Office Professional Plus 2010, on a Windows 7 64-bit OS.
    Best regards, Sietske
    Ps.: I know
    a question like this was already asked, but the answer was quite dissatisfying (because it was not answering the question)
    Pps: Note that I'm now creating a new table style from scratch, so an answer to the above question is not that urgent, but it would still be nice to know for future use.

    you can  use format painter
    i hope that you already know about it.
    Nope, not the right answer. With Format Painter, you can copy the format of the table, but you can't create a new Table Style with it. I am looking for a solution as well.

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    I'm using TCS3 (FM 10, RH9) in a Windows XP environment.
    I have some tables in FM10 that I want to map to a RH style.  I'm on the Conversion Settings dialog box, and don't have a RH style to map to.  In RH7 I was able to create a new RH style and then map my FM style to it.  I don't see where that is possible in RH9.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Yes, the CSS that I am using is the one that I used to create the table. I use Dreamweaver for my CSS.  Here is the HTML that was created in DW when I created the table in RH:
    table.MultiColumn {
            font-family: Tahoma;
            font-size: 11pt;
            border-left-style: Solid;
            border-left-color: #000000;
            border-right-style: Solid;
            border-right-color: #000000;
            border-top-style: Solid;
            border-top-color: #000000;
            border-bottom-style: Solid;
            border-bottom-color: #000000;
            x-border-spacing: 0px;
            border-left-width: 1px;
            border-right-width: 1px;
            border-top-width: 1px;
            border-bottom-width: 1px;
            padding-left: 2px;
            padding-right: 2px;
            padding-top: 2px;
            padding-bottom: 2px;
    table.MultiColumn td {
            padding-left: 2px;
            padding-right: 2px;
            padding-top: 2px;
            padding-bottom: 2px;
    Please note that MultiColumn is one the FM table paragraph tags. When I created the table in RH, I named it MultiColumn and then mapped the FM style to the RH style. Here is the topic HTML:
    <a name="XREF_id09AND0Z0DHS"></a>Deployed Version field descriptions
    Following are field descriptions for the
    Deployed Version page views.
    There is nothing that indicates that there is a table in this topic.  We didn't have this problem in RH7.  All the tables came over beautifully.
    Thanks for your persistent help.

  • Create a new Font style format in pages

    I have looked very hard in pages and I cant seem to find a setting to change the default fonts and settings. I have just created a document with the settings I want and I saved it as a dummy that I just duplicate when I want to work with pages. Is there a way to create a new font style format so that you can just choose that style and get your settings? I just don't see how its possible that there is not a way to edit the default settings in pages...

    Folders & file management is a function of OS X. Here is an Apple video tutorial on using Finder in OS X.

  • How do I create a new paragraph Style in Pages for iPad?

    I opened an RTF document in iOS 6 Pages for iPad. How do I create new paragraph Syles?

    Style is a function of the template applied to the document (and/or the limited number built in to Pages). You can mofify the text or apply one of the built in styles, but I do not beleive within Pages in iOS you can create a new style.

  • How can I create a new skin (other than the default skins) for my Captivate Project?

    Hi everyone,
    I am working on a project where my client wants me to create a player skin which is completely different from the default themes that captivate has already. The design which client has shared with me contains in this way:
    1. TOC - should be truncated and can be expanded by pressing "+" button against the Navigation Text. Its like opening and closing the menu bar using + and - buttons
    2. Playback controls required by him are also not in the default skins.
    I dont know, if there is any way to customize the skins to this level inside captivate.
    Please help me out.
    Thanks & Regards
    Vikas Sharma

    Unlikely, I'm afraid.
    The LMS has no control over the playbar that pauses or plays the Captivate content.
    In a Multi SCORM package, the LMS also may be showing a TOC in the SCORM player with links to launch the lesson modules.  This TOC is in addition to the TOC inside the Captivate project file which gives access to sections of the module by jumping to slides that begin those sections.  But the LMS doesn't usually give you any control over the look and feel or functionality of that TOC either. 
    If your client is adamant that they want complete control over these areas, then your best option may be NOT to build this course with Captivate but build it from the ground up with another tool.  E.g. Flash, or Dreamweaver.  Either way, that will add a lot more time and expense to the project.  But if the client has the budget and is unwilling to budge on their requirement, then that's what I would be telling them to do.

  • Creating a new paragraph style based on text in a document

    I'm working on some scripts for a new ad our company is working on. They are wanting to have the ability to change the font weekly in the ads. However, they want the style sheets to change based on this. What I am having to do is write a script that gets the properties of the different paragraphs in the selected text frame, and make paragraph styles. Is there a way to get the properties of paragraph 1, and use that information to make a new paragraph style? Here is what I have so far;
    set charaStyle to get properties of character charaSelect of paragraph paraOne of myBox
    set makeStyle to make character style with properties {name:"MF Price" & charaSelect, based on:properties of character charaSelect}
    We are using InDesign CS 3. Thank you in advance for the help.

    this way - build ParaStyle definition from selected text - works only in UI
    in scripting you need to write your own procedure - read all params and set them one-by-one in ParaStyle definition

  • Mac mail/creating new format style

    Hi all,
    I sometimes send emails with a good amount of copy ( I have my compose preference set to RTF). I notice that the default format style for macmail is Left aligned, Spacing 1.0x. (no leading or 'set solid'). I'd like to create a new 'favorite style' that includes the basic type 'Geneva' and flush left alignment but with more leading, maybe '2.0' so that the copy is more readable. I go to the menu Format-->Style-->Styles. A styles info box comes up:
    Can anyone tell me how to create a new format style with greater leading than the
    default style then add it to favorites? Will a person who receives my email who is using a different email client necessarily receive the formatting I am sending?
    I hope I'm not missing something obvious. lol.
    Also, if anyone knows the html code that would center my image in this email, please pass that along as well. I tried the <center> tags but they didn't work.
    Thanks in advance for any input.

    Replying to myself to add some more information, and ask some additional questions:
    Poking around, I have found some information -- a few years old, unfortunately -- that seems to indicate that you cannot create aliases to associate with a account. What I may have to do is add an address in the primary account, in the Email Address field of the Account Information tab, where she currently has this:
    [email protected], [email protected]
    If that works, that'll be great, but one flaw in this method is that you can't specify a different sender name. Her customers at "" will still just see her name, Jane Doe, when what she really wants in the sender field for that e-mail address is "Jane Doe, Director, Her Domain Inc."
    Can anyone verify if I am finally understanding this correctly? Or if there is something else I can do to get her that alternate identity on her account?

  • How to create new character styles in Numbers 3.0

    In Numbers 3.0, it is possible to update existing characters styles, but I cannot find how to create a new character style, the + sign in the popup is always inactive when I edit text in a cell. The paragraph style popup has an active +, but it doesn't work for character style.
    Is there any way to create a new character style?

    You're right about not being able to add styles, and I have not figured out how to modify a predefined character style, other than to Rename or Delete a predefined style. I have added this to my list of things lost.

  • New character style not showing up in TOC style

    I created a new character style called Subchapter....
    Then I went to layout>toc styles.. and hit [new]. Under "Style" my new character style "Subchapter" is not there. Also, under the "Styles in Table of Contents....include paragraph styles.." my new character style "Subchapter" is not in the other styles list.
    What am I missing?
    Also, forgot to mention, I am in book mode at this point. Maybe I need to add that new character style to each .IDD chapter of the book?

    NEvermind, it was because I was making a character style, not a paragraph style. Now it shows up.
    Thanks anyways.

  • Create a new set of skin and style for OC4J

    hi, I have created a new set of skin and style
    for example,
    just duplicated folders s_oracle10 , sk_oracle10 and rename them as s_oracle10b , sk_oracle10b (in \OracleBI\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\analytics\analytics\res)
    however, I found that there is no new choice - oracle10b in the dropdownlist for selecting style.
    how to create a new set of skin and style ??

    I have read Oracle® Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Release Notes Version E10404-25
    In Chapter 10, the section "About Skins and Styles" contains incomplete
    information. The following information should appear after the section's first
    Respective Web servers require resource files like styles to be deployed
    appropriately for those applications. For example, when using OC4J as is common
    in Oracle BI deployments, skins, styles and images need to be duplicated in the
    following directories:
    – {OracleBI}\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\analytics\analytics\res
    – {OracleBI}\web\app\res
    As a rule, customer-specific files like custom styles should live in the
    {OracleBIData} folders so these are not lost during upgrades. In this case, the
    custom style would then be deployed to OC4J as described above and to the
    following directory: {OracleBIData}\web\res
    ===================================================================== copied from the pdf
    we need to copy the new set to two directories.
    however, I found that resources of the new set are from {OracleBI}\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\analytics\analytics\res
    not from {OracleBI}\web\app\res
    if there is a upgrade or redeployment, will the new set be removed or replaced.
    why isn't load from {OracleBI}\web\app\res?
    how to configure to make it load from {OracleBI}\web\app\res?

  • I have 3 apple devices and I use the same apple ID for all 3.  I would like to create a new I'd for one of my devices, but do not want to loose the apps on that device.  Anyone know how I can do this?

    I have 3 apple devices and I use the same apple ID for all 3.  I would like to create a new I'd for one of my devices, but do not want to loose the apps on that device.  Anyone know how I can do this?

    Create a new ID:
    On the iPod go to
    - Settings>Messages>Send and receive and sign out your ID and sign into the other one. Make sure that only her ID email address is listed.
    - Settings>FaceTime sign out of your ID and sign into the other one. Make sure that under You can be reached at only the newID email address is listed
    - Settings>iCloud and sign out and sign in with the new one
    - Settings>iTunes and App Store and sign out your ID and sign in with the new one.
    - Apps are locked to the account that purchased them.
    - To update apps you have to sign into the account that purchased the apps. If you have apps that need updating purchased from more than one account you have to update them one at a time until the remaining apps were purchased from one account.

  • Adobe is giving me the runaround when all i want to do is download the programs i bought several years ago. Anyone else experience this? Contacted support, was told i would get a call back.  Account blocked so I had to create a new one to download trial v

    Adobe is giving me the runaround when all i want to do is download the programs i bought several years ago. Anyone else experience this? Contacted support, was told i would get a call back.  Account blocked so I had to create a new one to download trial versions to compete my work.  So frustrated.

    You will need to have the serial number to activate the products. Please have then handy & also check the compatibility of the operating systems.

  • How can I edit my website from another computer? and how can I create a new website next to the one, I have already? Can anyone help, please?

    How can I edit my website from another computer? and how can I create a new website next to the one, I already have? Can anyone help, please?

    Move the domain.sites file from one computer to the other.
    The file is located under User/Library/Application Support/iWeb/domain.sites.  Move this file to the same location on the other computer and double click and iWeb will open it.  Remember, it is your User Library that you want and not your System Library, as you will not find iWeb there.
    Just create a new site on the same domain file and it will appear below the other site.  If you want them side by side then duplicate your domain file and have one site per a domain file and they can then be side by side.

  • When creating a new window in safari, using command T, the marker have not activated the search field. It means you have to click there every time. Changed after upgrading to Mavericks. Anyone knows how to change this?

    When creating a new window in safari, using command T, the marker have not activated the search field. It means you have to click there every time. Changed after upgrading to Mavericks. Anyone knows how to change this?

    Yes, you can do something like that. What you would do is create a button for each image and then hide them. When I do this type of thing I place all of the buttons on a template page and then hide the template.
    You can then use JavaScript to copy the icon from any of the hidden buttons to the main button that you've set up to display the image. For example, suppose you set up 10 buttons named b1, b2, b3, ...b10. The code to copy the icon from one of them to the button used to display the image (b0) would be something like this:
    // Get the icon from the b3 button
    var oIcon = getField("b3").buttonGetIcon();
    // Get  reference to the b0 button
    var f = getField("b0");
    // Set the icon of the b0 button to the icon retrieved from the hidden button
    // Show the b0 button
    f.display = display.visible;
    This code would go in the Mouse Up event of the smaller button.

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