Anyone had problems with jFilechooser?

I have problems with JFilechooser freezes when invoking returnVal = chooser.showDialog(this, "Select");
For some reason it freezes the entire program, allthough sometimes (rarely), it doesn't freeze.
Are there currently any problems with JFileChooser? I have not had any problems when embedding it in a window - only when using it on its own with JFileChooser chooser = new JFileChooser();
Regards / Daniel

There was a bug with JFileChooser where it would be unnecessarily slow when the directory it was showing contained huge zip files on Windows. It seems like it had something to do with the Win32 API calls they were making actually looked into all of the zip file's entries even though it didn't need to. This was fixed back in Java 6 update 10. What Java version are you using?
If that isn't your problem, you'll have to post an SSCCE demonstrating your problem to get any help.

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    Hi Dave
    Just looked at the string and I am guessing you didn't get it!  Basically I was saying I was pleased you got a positive response from Dropbox.  Very easy for Dropbox; very easy for Apple and Dropbox to blame each other which is not helpful to their customers.
    You can of course use your songs via Dropbox providing you have access to Wi-fi at the gig but this is a bit risky if you are their to do a gig.  By the way do you have the iPad holder that clips onto your mic stand?  Saves taking a music stand and gives you a bit more room in the space a coffee bar or restaurant usually gives you.
    Keep in touch and let me know if you make any progress.  I will do the same.  [email protected]

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    If YOU do, contact your carrier.

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    Try a Reset of the Phone... You will Not Lose Any Data...
    Turn the Phone Off... ( if it isn’t already )
    Press and Hold the Sleep/Wake Button and the Home Button at the Same Time...
    The Apple logo will Appear and then Disappear...
    Usually takes about 10 - 20 Seconds...
    Turn the Phone On...

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    Stick with Brand name RAM and reputable distributors.  Mac is finicky about low quality RAM
    Try OWC
    Most RAM comes with Lifetime guarenntee so return it where you got it.

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    Has anyone figured out a back door to this problem? 

    I dont beleive its an iOS 5 Issue - i think its hardware...
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    When i installed the GM on my iphone 4 (which is the same build as the public release) there were no issues with charging in my vehicle.
    Now, charging my iPhone 4S in my car is practically impossible.
    when i plug mine in, it will display the "Plugged" symbol on the battery display but not actually charge. the battery will still decrease.
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    This will repeat over and over again without actually charging and the charger being in the socket throughout.
    however yesterday i left it plugged in and my battery was 9% and after the strange plugged-in behaviour i noticed it was charging normally after about 20 mins in the car.
    But when i did the same journey time today, the battery wouldnt register at all.... charging has only been successful ONCE since 14th October on the iPhone 4s
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    anybody else?

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    I am having the same experience.  I just update this morning and now can't get mail.  Did you ever figure this out?

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    My Apple TV has worked well for over a year with home sharing and also mirroring from the iPad . This week I was instructed to update iTunes with 11.0. Since then the Apple TV with mirror the iPad but if I try to take a video to large screen it just stops. Is there a simple solution?

    i dont have an ipad but ive had problems also, streaming music from my itunes off my macbook to my appleTV so i after seeing all these itunes 11 problems, im starting to think its the new itunes cuz my airplay was working fine until i updated also.

  • Anyone had problems with ISERPACK8?

    I'm working on an upgrade / unicode conversion from Solution Manager 3.1 -> 4.0.  I've completed the upgrade, exported and converted the database, and deleted the old system.
    I'm now to the point where I'm trying to install the new system from the export I created, but when I try to patch the installation master CD with ISERPACK8 before starting the install, I keep getting the following error:
    sapcar '-xvf ISERPACK8_6-20000970.SAR'
    Ownership of object GETOBJINF in QTEMP type *USRSPC changed.
    Ownership of object GETOBJINF in QTEMP type *USRSPC changed.
    Preparing call of PASE SAPCAR...
    Calling PASE SAPCAR...
    (i 921) RunPase: Qp2RunPase returned okay, AIX program returned 40.
    SAPCAR ended abnormally.
    (i 921) CMDMAINI: program returned -1 ("CALL PGM(R3700OPT/SAPCARAS4)
    PARM('-xvf ISERPACK8_6-20000970.SAR' '*ENV' )" caused an
    Errors occurred in command.
    Has anyone seen anything like this before?  I've tried this as qsecofr with the 700 kernel and as a <sid>ofr of another system on the same server with a 640 kernel and neither one will work.
    I had no problems in the past with ISERPACK7 when doing an SRM install, and tried to unpack that one again just to make sure my sapcar was ok, and it still works.
    I appreciate any insight anyone has.  Thank you.

    Hi TJ,
    at least with the SAPCAR extract I had no issues by now with this one.
    I mostly use the PC SAPCAR and there you mostly need a 7.00 SAPCAR.exe or at least 6.40 Patch 4 which is often not available on the SMP. I could provide it to you via mail.
    Volker Gueldenpfennig, - -

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    Kinda frustrating, to say the least.
    Am I using it incorrectly?  Having used the clock on the iPhone this way in earlier versions of iOS, I've never had an issue.  Would like to leverage this functionality, but being 0 for 2, not sure I want to risk a third time...

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