Aperture 3 and iPad 1

I am using Aperture 3 on Lion and an iPad 1 connected via the latest version of iTunes.
The issue I am having is that individual photos out of my projects will not sync onto my iPad.
I have generated previews of different sizes, I have repaired the media library, yet none of it works. 99% of the time it is the title photo of the project, that is missing and instead the first photo in the project shows as title photo in the iPad. There are also other images missing. It seems to be completely random which it will exclude but that are persistantly the same ones.
Any and all help would be highly appreciated!

Here is my work around:
In Aperture, I created a smart album that picks up video clips only from my camera (iPhone video seems to transfer fine).  I then export masters of my video to my desktop. Using QuickTime, I share my clips with iTunes.  Then all my clips are accessable on my iTunes, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. It's time consuming, but works.

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  • Aperture, the iPad, and sort order

    Basically, Aperture and iPad really don't seem to be happy bed buddies. Seems to me the bottom line is if you want to use your iPad to browse and view pictures, don't "upgrade" to Aperture.
    My basic problem is sort order, and twofold:
    1. The order of Albums and Events (ie. Projects) are completely out of whack.
    2. The order of actual photos in albums and events are completely out of whack too.
    Now I've seen complaints about 2. in the discussions but they seem to be pretty old threads and everyone's seemed to just have lived with it. I also see this support article: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3381. Seriously? Apple calls that a "Resolution"? Manually dragging a photo in each and every album / project so that it uses the custom sort? Then of course on top of all that monkey work, the sort will be screwed for any future photos added to the album / project. ***? You can't even call that a workaround, let alone a resolution. Seriously Apple. Has anyone had any better luck with it?
    This has been a pain in the *** with A2 and the iPhone but I didn't really use that too much to display my photos. But now with A3 and iPad, it's still exactly the same deal? This is just plain stupid.
    As to 1. I can't for the life of me figure out what this order is (it's not by date or by name / path or anything I can tell), or if there's any way to change it. Nor could I find any threads about this issue so any info or tips would be very useful.
    I really hate that all this iDevice syncing has solely been designed for use with iPhoto/iLife and the pro applications were just tacked on as a badly implemented afterthought. Is the pro market (specifically the intersection of Pro software and iDevice users) really this small that it means nothing to Apple, a company which normally prides itself in its attention to detail and user experience?

    After taking a breath I renamed "version name" using the batch change function (you can select to keep the original file name untouched if you want) with a custom name as following:
    <Image Date> at <Image Time> - <Version Name> (optional as a reference to the original file name)
    synched with ipad and everything is fine now. takes only 30 sec. still annoying you have to go through these extra loops though...

  • Sharing Photo's between Aperture and iPhoto and syncing to iPads, etc

    Here is my problem.
    I have 5 Macs (1 iMac, 4 laptops.) There are 4 people in my family and we have the family pack of iLife. The iMac is where everything sits with a time capsule and Drobo hanging off of it - about 6 TB's of data. Each Mac sync's with a variety of iPods, iTouchs and iPads. All linked to a user. So for example, all my oldest son's devices sync with only his laptop.
    Well, I finally fixed my media (songs, movies, TV shows, etc) problem by leveraging home share in iTunes and authorizing all my Macs. But not so lucky yet for Photo's.
    Here is the my photo dilemma.
    I like Aperture for the editing and ability to handle large libraries better. So I have Aperture installed on the iMac where everything sits. iPhoto is also installed on the iMac and iPhoto is on all 4 other laptops. Prior to moving to Aperture, sharing photo's between computers was relatively easy using sharing in iPhoto - although it appears sharing in iPhoto is different than home share in iTunes. I converted my iPhoto library on the iMac to Aperture - now sharing is a pain in the neck.
    Ideally, a Home Share like feature would be built into Aperture and iPhoto with another feature that would allow you to "check for new photos" on the laptops and pull them into Aperture - but wishful thinking right now.
    So my while my 2 new iPads are awesome - they are basically useless for Photo's as they are synced to 2 laptops that use iPhoto, but all my Photos are in Aperture on the iMac.
    Thoughts anyone????

    What was the question?

  • I have on my MacBook both iPhoto and Aperture and want to purchase iPhoto for iPad. If I do so, will I be able to see all my MacBook iPhoto progress (places, faces, events, etc) on the iPad app ? Via icloud or some other feature tht work like PhotoStream?

    I have on my MacBook both iPhoto and Aperture and want to purchase iPhoto for iPad. If I do so, will I be able to see all my MacBook iPhoto progress (places, faces, events, etc) on the iPad app ? Via icloud or some other feature tht work like PhotoStream?

    If I do so, will I be able to see all my MacBook iPhoto progress (places, faces, events, etc) on the iPad app ?
    just some notes in addition to Ralphs answer: Your iPad is very useful to browse and show off your photos, i.e. the Retina iPad. You can sync to the iPad via iTunes or using the Photo Stream or a shared Photo Stream.  But if you can browse and store all your photos on the iPad, will depend on the available storage on your iPad. Using iTunes you can sync events, albums, faces stacks, places stacks to your iPad. Not many metadata tags will transfer however.
    See the iPhoto help on what iPhoto can actually do:
    iPhoto Help: What is iPhoto? http://help.apple.com/iphoto/ipad/1.1/#blnkd2e20226

  • If I install a trial version of Aperture and don't like it, will I be able to still use my photo library in iPhoto?

    I'm evaluating both Aperture and Adobe's Lightroom to decide which one meets my needs for the best price (got a deal on Lightroom 3 for $120 and I know Aperture 3 is $79 in the Mac App Store).
    I have a few questions:
    I currently use iPhoto '11 (9.1.3) and have Photoshop CS4, so I have tools for importing DSLR shots and making pro-type changes in Camera Raw, while also having iPhoto to organize my photo library and syncing Events and Albums with my iPhone and iPad.
    I like that I would be able to maintain my iPhoto library data for Faces and Places in Aperture, but am concerned that when the iPhoto library is "upgraded" for Aperture, and I decide I don't really need that program, the upgraded library won't work with iPhoto anymore.
    Will I still be able to use iPhoto to access and organize my library, or will it be forever converted for use with Aperture?
    I'm considering Lightroom because I have been disappointed with the number of bugs showing up in recent iPhoto releases. I'm a bit weary of buying another photo management software product from Apple. iPhoto '11 crashed my old iMac very frequently (I wound up upgrading to a new iMac due to this and I was expecting to run out of hard drive space in a year or two anyway).
    Recently, iPhoto bugs make Events show up multiple times in iTunes when syncing for iPhone and iPad.
    If iPhoto management is this unstable, I would like to consider choosing a new method of organizing and syncing to iOS devices and abandoning the iPhoto library method.
    Will I find a better user experience with Aperture, or does it also use the single file library and suffer the same struggles iPhoto users have been seeing lately?

    I like that I would be able to maintain my iPhoto library data for Faces and Places in Aperture, but am concerned that when the iPhoto library is "upgraded" for Aperture, and I decide I don't really need that program, the upgraded library won't work with iPhoto anymore.
    The iPhoto library isn't changed in any way by Aperture. Aperture will import the Library and you can choose to copy the files to the Aperture Library or reference them within iPhoto. As long as you don't delete files from the iPhoto Library via Aperture (which you could do if you choose to Reference) there is no impact on iPhoto
    Will I still be able to use iPhoto to access and organize my library, or will it be forever converted for use with Aperture?
    They are completely different libraries.
    Recently, iPhoto bugs make Events show up multiple times in iTunes when syncing for iPhone and iPad.
    Fixed in the 9.1.3 update.
    Will I find a better user experience with Aperture, or does it also use the single file library and suffer the same struggles iPhoto users have been seeing lately?
    Like iphoto, Aperture can use the "single file library" or it can use a Referenced Library (just like iphoto can). Note that using a Referenced Library offers not a whit more in terms of features or capabilities. It's file storage plain and simple. Nothing more.
    No you won't see the "same struggles iPhoto users have been seeing..." because Aperture is an entirely different allication.
    But you my see Aperture or Lightroom struggles

  • Photostream does not sync all photos to iPhone and iPad

    I have deleted some photos from the Phototream on my iMac leaving only photos taken with my iPhone from May this year. The Photostream on bpth phone and ipad only displays about 50% of these. How do I get them all to sync?

    PhotoStream syncs the lessor of  last 1000 photos or 30 days photos
    for help
    Photo Stream
    On an iOS device, see the user guide for your device in Safari bookmarks or on the Support website.
    On a Mac, open iPhoto or Aperture and choose Help from the Help menu.

  • After updating to IOS 6 in both iPhones and iPads I have difficulty to update applications, since I cannot switch from US store to my ID store which is in Greece.

    After updating to IOS 6, I cannot update apps, it produces a MSG you cannot use your ID in the US store. my apple store is in Greece how can I change this from iPhone/ IPad?

    I am back with an update. I turned off Match on both the ipad and the iphone 5. By doing so I was able to sync my Iphone and ipad to itunes and store the music on my devices rather than the slow streaming.  So far this has fixed my problems with the iphone I have all my music, playlist, most of the album art and so on.  But the ipad is a different story.  I have the music and artist but not one playlist  I am sure Apple will have an upgrade soon that will address these issues they are usually very good about this. 
    Now have any of you experienced another problem that has existed as long as I have used faces in Aperture.
    I have over 200 faces and they are organized a-z problem is I have this going on A-Z folowed by a few that start over A-Z followed by another few A-Z and again a 4th time A-Z.  Imagine how difficult it is while I am showing someone the great features of my iphone, ipad and imac.  Which I do talk highly of all the time.  But how do I explain that even though their name starts with a or b or what ever they are not important enough to me to be in the first list of A-Z or even the 2nd or 3rd list of A-Z someohow they are in the 4th section of the list!!!!
    I have managed to get the Imac to fix this but for some reason the IOS devices do not.   Any ideas?
    Thanks Al

  • Getting 5D Mark II Video From Aperture to iPad/iPhone

    I’m looking for some help on my workflow.  I’d also like to know if I’m actually just missing something in the way iTunes handles syncing video from an Aperture library to an iPad or iPhone.  Video, and specifically video from my 5D Mark II, is what’s causing me trouble.  I think the actual issue is the manner in which iTunes handles the 5D’s video, but maybe you can fill in some of the blanks for me, and offer a suggestion or two. 
    I’m ingesting to an Aperture library via (1) Photo Stream (for still images from my iPhone 4S and iPad “3”), (2) PhotoSync for videos from the same two iOS devices (it’s an app that allows WiFi transfer from device to laptop, etc.), and (3) via CF card from the 5D to the laptop, over a FireWire reader (stills and video).  Once everything’s in Aperture, I add metadata, assign ratings, add keywords, make adjustments, and set up Smart Albums to make it easy to pick what to sync to my iOS devices (the two listed above, plus an iPhone 4 and original iPad for others in my household). 
    I use iTunes to select the Smart Albums and whatever else I want to sync from Aperture, and sync over WiFi.  In choosing the photos, the box is ticked to include videos.  Several videos sync without trouble, but it appears that they are limited to those shot on an iPhone or iPad.  The videos that came from the 5D throw an iTunes sync error, that basically says:  “Some of the videos in your iTunes library, including the video [file name], were not copied to the iPad “[name of iPad]” because they cannot be played on this iPad.”  A disclosure triangle below that text reveals the full list of files suffering this fate. 
    There are two problems with that error message.  First, the 5D videos are not actually in my iTunes library -- they’re in an Aperture library, just passing through iTunes on their way to one or more of the iPhones or iPads.  Second, the videos actually do play just fine on the iOS devices.  I know this because a friend suggested I test it by transferring the same 5D video file that would not sync over to the iPad a different way.  I used Dropbox to get the file onto the iPad, and once there, it played just fine. 
    So, first, is this behavior as it should be?  I’d think that a video that plays fine on the device, and fine on the Mac, should have no trouble syncing from the Mac to the device., but perhaps you can explain why I’ve got that wrong.  Second, am I right to figure that iTunes is the culprit here?  If so, what exactly is it doing?  Third, and assuming there is no fix for what’s happening, what’s the best (most automated) way to get those videos onto the iPad?  I keep the stills and the videos all together, organized chronologically on hard drive, and I’d like to keep it that way.  I’d also really prefer leaving the 5D videos in Aperture. 
    The best I’ve been able to even sketch out mentally is to try a Smart Folder in Finder that can identify and distinguish the videos from the 5D vs., say, an iPhone video.  Then that smart folder somehow gets synced to something that lands on the iPad.  That’s just a loose concept; I’m not sure how to execute it, and I’m not sure how much trouble it would be.  If you can help me figure out how to do this, or if you have a more elegant solution, I’ll be in your debt. 
    Thanks for making it this far, too!

    I got exactly the same problem (same config. and workflow but the wifi sync).
    I manage to workarround it, as you anticipated, by a Smart Folder where I filter the 5D videos like this:
    "Add Rule" -> "Aperture Metadata"
    "Aperture: [Aperture Filename] [Is not empty an does not contain] [MVI_]"
    Please, Apple guys, consider our concerns as a bug in the "Liberal Arts / Tech" cross. Yes, I know it could yield a way to introduce piracy video to the photo/video viewer on iOS, but we need a way to do it with our own video creations without workarrounds.
    Thanks in advance.

  • How do aperture and iphoto interact

    I am purchasing a new imac this week and am trying to get an idea on what software I want.  I've been using adobe photoshop elements for the past few years when I needed to fix any photos and iphoto to sort and 'hold' my collection.  I've been reading about aperture 3 and cannot find clear information on how it does or doesn't interact with iphoto. 
    From what I've been able to discern, aperture is more of a photo management system and PSE is more of a photo adjustment program.. correct?
    So if I buy aperture3, when I download photos, does Aperture receive them or do they still come in through iphoto?  And if it is the latter, do iphoto and aperture work together? 
    I've looked at some earlier posts but I have not found a clear answer.  I do not want to duplicate software but I also was not that clear before on how iphoto and PSE might work together.  It seemed like I had iphoto import the pictures and when I needed to, I opened pse and used it to fix or play with a photo. 
    I also have my camera software, but the sort of adds to my confusion.  But maybe computers that don't have a program like iphoto need the camera software.
    I'd appreciate hearing what works and what experienced aperture and/or PSE might tell me.

    Hello Calxoddity, Roger and Kirby,
    All three of your answers were very helpful and I appreciate your time.  I tried to send this reply message a few minutes ago and when I went to hit send, it said I was not logged in... I HAD been logged in so maybe it timed out.  Anyway, this post comes through twice I am sorry.
    I was feeling pretty befuddled with what to do, adding this topic to the decision on which computer to buy, etc.  So your time and wisdom helped me to get my needs into perspective.  I think I will start with the newer iphoto that comes on my imac and get PSE9 since my version of PSE is very old.. LOL  and then, spend some time learning about aperture 3, since as Roger mentioned, I can import/move the files over to aperture at a future time.  Since aperture 3 is the most expensive, it seems a wise move. 
    Oh, did read Kirby's article/post, thank you, very well written to help a newbie get a handle, and will watch the online tutorial for aperture 3 as well.  And maybe it will tell me there, but right now, with iphoto I can easily email a photo and I think it will easily be shared with an ipad2.  If I get aperture 3 and use it instead of iphoto, does it have an easy interface for sharing via email and/or the ipad?
    Thanks again, you are great!

  • Aperture and iPhoto - do they co-exist?

    I have been using iPhotos to import all pictures/videos from Digital Camera, iPhones, iPads for over year, although I never knew where the files were stored. In the past I could only email photos within the iPhotos 11 s/w itself, but I could not attach an file in Gmail/Ymail etc.
    Until last night I installed Aperture 3. I selected a folder "Pictures" and clicked Import from iPhoto Library, then I was shocked ....my Macbook HDD space shrinks from 40GB free to 1.29GB and still keep shrinking....Was Aperture copying my picture files and double-occupy my HDD space? The import runs for over 4 hours, and during that time I have to remove some of my music, videos, TV shows in Tunes to trash (to free up another 20 GB of space). Until Aperture finished importing all photos, I had only 2.5GB free
    This morning I checked iPhoto, and it seems that all pictures were still there. I tried to delete a picture in iPhoto, but it still shows up in Aperture 3.
    Questions -
    1). How to avoid "duplication" of pictures on my MacBook Pro (i.e. iPhotos + Aperture)
    2). Now all my pictures were "copied" to user/Pictures/ folder. I deleted an image (actually a sub-folder) but it seems show up in Aperture (until I delete that project). For housekeeping purposes, do I have to delete TWICE for a single file?
    Any other suggestions for my scenario?

    Thanks everyone.
    I need one more clarifications - regarding how Aperture stores/index pictures.
    When I "import from iPhoto Library" in Aperture, I selected save pictures to myusername/Pictures/ folder. Now whenever I deleted a project (or an image) within Aperture, and clicked on "Aperture -> Empty Aperture Trash". However, if I open Finder, I will still see the folders (and files) of the images.
    Do I have  duplication of my photos? Does it imply I can delete the folder "Pictures" in Finder?

  • Users of iPhone photo sync, Aperture, and stacks

    For those who use Aperture and the stack feature, do you have the same problem as me when syncing to your iPhone?
    Here is the thing:
    Stacks in Aperture are used to group related pictures (usually variants of the same picture). In a stack, you then choose the best picture of the stack and identify it as such. This picture is then the only one that is shown in an album once the stack is closed.
    Now if you sync such an album, containing stacks, to your iPhone, the problem is that all pictures in the stack, and not only the best one, is displayed in your iPhone album.
    (Note that I also posted this under the category "iPhone" in this forum.)

    More info:
    This problem exist not with sync of albums on iPhone/iPad, but when syncing SMART ALBUMS.
    If you sync a smart album that contains a stack of pictures, all pictures are put on the iPhone (not only the best picture of the stack as it should).
    Please let me know if you have this problem (or not...)

  • Managing pictures in Aperture and Adobe Lightroom

    I have just installed Aperture on my iMac for the first time.  I also use Lightroom and Photoshop.
    As such I want to keep the photo’s in the “Pictures” directory and not manage them within Apeture.
    I have just tidied up some folders etc using finder and when I go into Lightroom I just press the “Synchronise” button and hey presto, the folders in Lightroom are aligned with the actual folders in the Pictures directory.
    Can anyone tell me how I do the same in Aperture, as the changes I made to the folders/pictures are not reflected in Aperture’s directory?
    (I have selected “Consolidate master file” in Aperture, not sure what it is doing, but it’s taking a long time!)
    Many thanks
    Confused 1st time Aperture user!

    Note that's not what I said: Aperture does not HAVE to store the files inside its library (called "managed images").  They can be anywhere on disk you want ("referenced images").  It is entirely possible to put the files in a single location and access them from both Aperture and Lightroom.
    Again, though, the key is discipline, as if you start moving them around or renaming them (via Finder, or via Aperture, or via Lightroom), you will have issues because both the applications expect that you use them to move or rename the files.  If you move/rename them in Aperture, you are "breaking" what Lightroom expects you to do, and vice versa.
    I think in large part it's not the best idea to try and use both Aperture and Lightroom.  What they do has a huge degree of overlap, so it's really best to pick one as your primary tool.  If you value Aperture's Faces functionality and interface, and perhaps its integration with other Apple products like iWork/iLife, or ease of synching pictures to iPad or integration with PhotoStream, it may be the better tool.  If you'd like to edit photos and maintain smart objects, and you like Lightroom's editing tools or rendering better, it may be the better tool.  There will be compromises either way, but from a sanity and workflow perspective it's probably better.  Both tools can produce outstanding results.

  • Aperture and Synology NAS 212j

    Hi everyone. I just bought a Synology NAS (2x2tb HD) which I plan to use with all my media (music-photos-videos) so I can access it through a mac mini server, connected to my living room tv. Concerning my photos, I have them all in a Macbook Pro (400Gb library) working with aperture 3, all managed files stored within the Aperture Library on the MacBook.
    What I was planning to do is, while keeping my macbook as it is, (with all photos and aperture library stored in it, as a back-up), create a new aperture library on my mac mini and point it to the masters file located at the NAS.
    I already placed a copy of all my masters in the NAS and I can actually access all these pictures once the NAS DiskStation is mounted on my wired network.
    I then tried to copy all the folders and files inside the aperture library icon (except the masters), and paste them on the Mac Mini's Photo folder so that I could launch Aperture (option click) and chose to open that library.
    The problem is that I get an error message: "There was an error opening the database for the library '/volume/photo/vacationeurope2012.aplibrary".
    The solution I am looking for is how to keep my library and masters on my macbook and, at the same time, create a "copy" of that same library, where the library database would be stored in the mac mini and all the files (masters+projects) on the NAS.
    I am now trying something new, which is to transfer the copy I have on a external HD of the whole 400Gb Aperture library and place it the MacMini. I'd then open aperture and make it relocate the masters, pointing them to the Synology DiskStation.
    Any other ideas would be greatly apreciated!!

    Hi Gustavo,
    Be careful with what you place on your NAS because it is not HFS+ formated, and that means that some of the information that Mac OSx needs can't be stored on other file systems.
    I currently own a QNAP NAS and I also wanted to move my iPhoto, iTunes, etc Libraries onto the NAS, but before I did so I looked it up a little bit and it seems to not be that good idea unless you purchase, of course, yet another Apple product: Time Capsule or Airport Extreme.
    On the other hand, I would also like to stream videos to iPads and iPhones in my household. For that, you really need a powerful CPU. State-of-Art 2-bay NASes feature Atom processors and they choke on large files...
    I may start looking into migrating my current setup and go for a Mac Mini (with enough horsepower for video transcoding) with a Time Capsule attached to it.
    Man, Apple works flawlessly and I do love them, but they are sooo incompatible with every single other thing out there...

  • Sync with Aperture and Android?

    Is there any way to sync photos from Aperture to Android?  There seem to be a couple of options to sync from iPhoto to Android devices (doubleTwist and Missing Sync), but none for syncing from Aperture to Android devices.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Frank Caggiano wrote:
    There is no way to "do Aperture to iTunes" that I'm aware of.
    Of course there is, that is that is how you sync photos to an i device from Aperture or iPhoto.
    Unless my knowledge of how iTunes/Aperture/iPhoto/iPhone/iPad syncing is incorrect, I am going to have to disagree with you.
    iTunes does not store any of the photos itself.  All of the resized photos reside in an "iPod Photo Cache" folder that is inside the Aperture library.  iTunes merely remembers which device(s) are supposed to get photos from iPhoto/Aperture and which photos to sync.
    As far as I know, iTunes is also not designed to serve as a conduit to other Apple applications.  That's why applications like doubleTwist, Missing Sync, etc...have to look at the iPhoto/Aperture library directly to do any syncing.
    doubleTwist is currently designed to look at an iPhoto library or at a folder with pictures in it.  I believe that's how Missing Sync is set up as well.  I was hoping that since there are programs that will sync an iPhoto library with an Android device, that there would be one that would sync with an Aperture library.

  • Photostream not working on desktop mac but works with iPhone and iPad is it a setting that is wrong?

    My photos are not being updated through photostream on my mac computer, but are syncing on my iphone and ipad. Does anyone have any ideas as to what settings could be wrong? 

    What system are you running on your desktop Mac?  Photo Stream requires a Mac with OS X Lion v10.7.5 or later and iPhoto 9.2.2 or Aperture 3.2.3 or later.  So if your profile is correct you'll need to download and apply the OS X Lion Update 10.7.5 (Client Combo) updater. 
    If you're not running 9.2.2 or later do the same for iPhoto, download and apply the updater required to get you to 9.2.2 or later.

  • I have synced my photos from iPhone and iPad to my iMac and now i want to delete from iPhone and iPad without deleting from iMac.  thanks.

    I have synced my photos from iPhone and iPad to my iMac and now I want to delete all from iPhone and iPad without deleting from iMac.  thanks

    The Apple Support Communities are an international user to user technical support forum. As a man from Mexico my first language is Spanish. I do not speak English, however I do write in English with the aid of the Mac OS X spelling and grammar checks. I also live in a culture perhaps very very different from your own. When offering advice in the ASC, my comments are not meant to be anything more than helpful and certainly not to be taken as insults.
    You don't really sync photos from the devices to the Mac, you import them to an app; iPhoto, Aperture or Image Capture. During that process you are given an option to erase the photos from the device. Is this not the manner that you used?

Maybe you are looking for

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