Aperture isn't importing videos from iPhone, only photos. I've tried plugged in and over wifi. Help?

Aperture isn't importing videos from iPhone, only photos. I've tried plugged in and over wifi. Help?

How did you transfer the photos from your other iPhone? If you did it by importing them from the old phone to a computer and then used iTunes to sync them back to the new phone, then you would delete them by syncing again using iTunes but this time change the selection of which photos are to be synced. Each time you sync using iTunes, it sets the non-Camera Roll photos on the phone to match the current settings/selection in iTunes.

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    Do not import video from iPhon 4s(6.1.3(10B329)) in iPhoto 9.4.3 (720.91) on my iMac(iMac 27"_Intel Core i5 2,8 GHz_RAM 4 GB_HDD 3Tb_ATI Radeon HD 5750 1Gb_Mac Os 10.8.4)
    "unreadable files.
    Could not import because did not recognize the file format"

    Presumably you mean 'Does not...'?
    As a Test:
    Hold down the option (or alt) key and launch iPhoto. From the resulting menu select 'Create Library'
    Import a few pics into this new, blank library. Is the Problem repeated there?
    Post back with the result.

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    Aperture 3 does not want to import my videos from iPhone anymore. This used to work perfectly fine before, now Aperture hangs as soon as I try to upload any video.
    Is this a known bug??

    I'm experiencing the similar but Aperture not importing photos from iPhone. When I go to iPhoto and import then it works. My software is all latest.

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    I'm trying to get a video that I recorded and edited with my iPhone 4 and iMovie, on my PC so I can share it with others. It won't email because the file size is too big (but the video is only 1:20...) and I uploaded it to YouTube but they removed the audio because it's copyright infringment. I've going through My Computer and a few other things and all the photos get imported but when I try and play an imported video it won't load and just freezes. Any tips?


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    How can I import videos from my iphone into windows vista.


  • How do i import video from iPhone to an external drive

    I have a lot of video clips on my iPhone.  I like to export them to an external drive.  I don't want to create an new iPhoto libraries.  I just want to move the video clips from my IPhone, such that later I can import selected one's to iMovie.  Once the clips are imported to an external drive, how do I delete them from the iPhone.  I don't want to have to delete them one at a time!

    Hi Halle,
    Connect the iPhone to your Mac using the USB/Lightning charge cable. Open the Apple provided app "Image Capture" (it should be in your Applications folder). Image Capture should recognise the iPhone as a connected device and create thumbnails for each video clip and photo. To select everything (including photos) click on Edit>Select All in the Menu. If you only want to import the videos you will need to click (or Command>Click or Shift>Click) on the video clips in order to select them. Then select Import at the bottom right of the viewer. But before that step, at the bottom left, you need to select Import to: Other (from the pop-up menu) then navigate to your connected external drive. All the selected videos will be copied to that drive.
    To delete all the videos from the iPhone, there is no quick way of doing this, as far as I'm aware. But to speed up the process, firstly select the Videos album in the Photos folder, then press on Select at the top right of the screen. You can now touch each video clip to invoke a tick mark (circled in blue). Once you have selected all the clips you wish to delete, simply touch the Trash icon at the bottom right. You may also be able to delete the clips when syncing the iPhone with iTunes, but I haven't tried this.

  • Device is unreachable: Cannot import video from iPhone 5 to Win 8.1 PC

    This error message has become the bane of my existence as it stands in the way of importing all my photos and videos from my iPhone to my computer and thus not having a 99% full iphone on a daily basis. Most photos are imported just fine, just the larger videos and a few of the old photos show the error message "The device is unreachable." The photos I also had on my photostream so I don't care if those don't move in but I'd very much like to import the 5/10min videos I made. Any help is much appreciated.

    I had the same issue. Here is what I did and it works fine.
    My iPhone is 5S with iOS 8.1.
    On my iPhone, I went to "Settings" --> "Photos & Camera" and I then turned on both "My Photo Stream" & "iCloud Photo Sharing" (you may need to turn on only one feature and it may work...I did not try to turn one on at a time because I was so frustrated and I did not have patience...so I turned them all on). I then unplugged my iPhone and then plugged it back in...the Windows 8 window popped up and I transferred all videos at once. I then also could be able to use Windows Explorer to copy & paste the video files if I wanted to (I could not do this before I fixed it).
    Good luck guys

  • IPhoto does not import video from iPhone 4

    We've been battling this problem for a while now. We have two iPhone 4's and any time we import photos to iPhoto, we have to select photos individually, making sure to NOT select any videos taken with the iPhone 4, in order to get them to import to iPhoto. If there is a video in the set, all photos after that are reported as unrecognized format and won't import. We can then select those photos that didn't import and reimport them and it works. Importing videos, either single videos or groups, or when mixed in with photos just doesn't work. Every time it fails with the unrecognized format error. We are able to import directly from a flip video camera, or if we first transfer the videos from the iphone to the hard drive using a different utility, but when we then import those files into iPhoto, they come in, but without the usual thumbnail image (they show up in the library as black).
    This problem has been going on since iPhoto 09. We bought the 11 upgrade hoping it would fix this problem. It made it a little better (we used to not be able to import anything from the phones), but it still doesn't work for video. If it were just one of the phones I'd say it was the phone, but both phones have the problem. We've been seeing this problem for many months now.

    Believe me, we've tried it all. Resetting, restarting, reinstalling, clearing preferences, caches, resetting databases, removing all photos off the iPhone and starting from zero. I've read probably 15 different threads on the subject and tried at least as many solutions. In a few instances the problem got better...for 1 sync. Then it cropped up again. I tried syncing to a fresh iPhoto database, and the problem came back for that one as well. I'm really hoping that Apple is working on a solution for this. We've put a lot of effort into our iPhoto archives and the main reason we bought the iPhone's was for the camera (even suffering through AT&T's questionable coverage for it). It doesn't seem like we are the only ones having this trouble.

  • Many videos from iPhone that were in iPhoto no longer work and all have lost their thumbnails. It won't let me import videos at all now.

    After installing Yosemite many of the videos I had in iPhoto won't play at all. All the videos (including missing ones) now have dashes around a thumbnail shape instead of the thumbnails that were there. When I click on the thumbnail shape of any of the ones it won't play it says "The operation couldn't be completed (OSStatus error -54.)"  These are videos that were there in Mavericks before I installed Yosemite and worked fine then.  Also now I am unable to import any videos from my iPhone or my desktop, even ones that it took before. It says the file is an unrecognized format. 
    What I want to know is - is this on purpose?  Did Apple suddenly withdraw all support for videos in iPhoto and in the process destroy the ones that were there or is something wrong with my system? Do other people see thumbnails and are able to play videos and import new ones in iPhoto in Yosemite? I wouldn't be surprised if something is wrong with my system since after upgrading to Yosemite ALL the thousands of carefully organized songs in my iTunes playlists were missing and I don't think that was on purpose but the fact that I can't import new videos makes me think this is on purpose.
    If this is on purpose, if iPhoto on Yosemite is really no longer able to take videos what can I use instead?   In iPhoto my many videos were organized into folders and subfolders and sub-sub folders.  I can't do that in iTunes and also can't adjust thumbnail size in iTunes so videos take up way too much space there. Any suggestions on third party programs that will let me organize videos into folders and subfolders, etc and see thumbnails at small sizes?  I just need to be able to organize the videos and click them to play.

    I noticed this morning a lot of the thumbnails were back that weren't there last night.  It must have very slowly been bringing them back, but the videos that would not play at all were still not working and there were still quite a few without thumbnails.  I followed your suggestion and I'm amazed! That actually fixed everything!  Now all the thumbnails are back, the videos that wouldn't play at all now work fine, and iPhoto let me import the videos that it wouldn't last night .  I hope it stays like that but at least I know what to do if this happens again, if I dare to install any updates.
    What does holding down the option key with launching the program do?  I might need to use this again or with other programs.

  • How do I import video from iphone to my desktop?

    I would like to import a video from my iphone to my desktop to edit in quicktime converting video format for youtube upload. How do I do this?

    Connect your phone to your Mac and use the application "image capture" (it's in your Mac's Applications folder) to import the video to your desktop.

  • IPhoto won't import videos from iPhone 6 Plus

    I'm trying to import the videos from my iPhone 6 Plus into iPhoto (9.6.1). iPhoto acts like it's about to import but it gets to the end and says it can't import the videos from the iPhone because they are in an unrecognized format (.MOV)
    I've never had an issue in the past, any suggestions on how to fix this?
    I'm using a brand new iMac with Yosemite (10.10.2) and iPhone 6 Plus.

    As a Test:
    Hold down the option (or alt) key and launch iPhoto. From the resulting menu select 'Create Library'
    Import a few pics into this new, blank library. Is the Problem repeated there?
    Post back with the result.

  • Why won't iPhoto import videos from iPhone 6 Plus?

    iPhoto on iMac will not import the videos from my iPhone 6Plus.  It says there is an error, and it doesn't recognize the format.  That makes no sense.  Both are brand new apple products.  Now all my videos on my iPhone are "white" pictures.  On the computer there is a standard icon for each video that won't open.  What is happening?  Have I lost these videos (22 of them).  How could this be?

    Please read the warranty paperwork that came w/your computer.
    You have 14 days to return the computer w/no questions asked.
    You have 90 days of FREE phone tech support on top of your standard 1 year warranty unless you also purchased AppleCare which gives you an additional 2 years of coverage plus FREE phone support.
    Strongly suggest that you take FULL advantage of the above before it runs out. 
    Let Apple deal w/the problems & your concerns. It's what you paid them to do.

  • Can´t import videos from iPhone to Iphoto, i say "Unknow Format"

    Hi, first: Sorry for my poor english...
    I have a problem with iPhoto, when I try to import a video from HDD or from iphone with .MOV extension, iphoto says "Can´t import... Unknow Format",  have any idea what is happening?

    Solution: restart the mac...

  • Importing Videos from iPhone 4, via itunes to iPad2 & imovie

    After  discussions with Apple support today, it appears that i can not import videos i have taken on my iPhone4 to my iPad2 (via itunes) in order to be edited in iMovie.
    Reason given was something to do with copyright?!
    I find this quite astonishing to be fair based on the iphone 4 being the easier device to carry around and record HD videos on compared to the iPad. i would have thought the integration between the devices and swapping fiels over would have been more straight forward.
    This may not be a new issue to some so i am wondering if ther eis a work around? Can i create an imovie doc on my iphone 4 with the relevant videos included and import that file instead so as to do further editing on the ipad?
    is there an alternative way of getting my videos i have taken with the iphone4 onto the ipad so i can edit in imovie?
    Many thanks in advance for any responses

    Enable movie / video syncing in iTunes and sync

  • Download video from iphone icloud photo stream to mac?

    I have a iPhone 4s iOS 7.1.2 and a 2012 MacBook 13" OSX 2.9 i7 dual core on Mavericks 10.9.5
    I'm using iPhoto 9.4.3 on my Mac
    The issue: after filming several biking videos on my iphone, I ran out of space.
    So I 'shared' in a icloud folder I have called 'Bikes'.
    I then deleted the video files on my iphone.
    The issue:  when I got home and tried to sync my iphone pictures and videos to the Mac,
    only the photos were synced to the library and the icloud photostream album.
    The videos were nowhere.
    The videos seem to be only available to view on the iphone icloud album.
    The only way to share the video is to share the entire album and force the sharees to open an icloud account (something I do not want to inflict on friends).
    Creating a smart album on iphoto to find all videos doesn't help either as the videos aren't on the hard drive, they're on icloud.
    How can I get back control of my video content?  I simply want to download MY OWN videos to MY OWN hard drive. 
    Would an upgrade to Yosemite help me?  Would this enable one to access one's own video content in icloud and be able to download it to one's own hard drive? 
    Anyone else frustrated by iphoto/icloud video limitations?

    Thanks for answering Léonie,
    But I'm cool with creating private and shared albums, thing is, they are not the same depending on whether you view them from an iPhone and MacBook.
    The same iCloud/photo stream album eg. 'Bikes' contains pictures and videos when viewed from an iPhone but when viewed from a MacBook, the videos have mysteriously disappeared. 
    All I want to do is:
    1/ Download the video files from iPhone iCloud to my iPhone (4s on iOS 7.1.2) Camera Roll (not possible)
    2/ Download from MacBook iPhoto/Photos stream/album to my MacBook hard drive, but it's not currently possible (osx 10.9.5). 
    The only place where these particular videos are is in the iPhone version of iCloud/photo stream album.  I (increasingly regrettably) deleted the original videos from my iPhone Camera Roll after I had added the videos to the iCloud photo stream album.  I know I can easily download photos from my iphone/icloud photostream album but downloading a selected video gives me a greyed out sharing option button.
    Reading about Yosemite upgrades on my 2012 MacBook (2.9 i7 dual core, 8Go RAM) I am very, very wary about upgrading my MacBook to Yosemite and Photo just for this issue, especially if I still can't access my video file and have to face hours of data recovery/formatting and full reinstall! Not to mention risking having incompatibility issues with my database/analytics software!

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