APEX 4.2 aligning issue of Stop and Start Grid Layout item

My APEX application application is in the process of moving from 4.0 to 4.2.  I am experiencing an issue with aligning (left margin justified) of Stop and Start Grid Layout items that have a border around them.  Earlier I had an issue with the border itself not showing up in the 4.2 application.  I was able to resolve that with a workaround by adding inline code in the CSS section of the page: #P23_OFFICE_START_TBL {width:682; border:1px solid #369; margin:5px;}. This created the border which I needed, but there are 2 Stop and Start Grid Layout items that are indented and not aligning with the border of the previous line.  I have tried a number of different things but none of them have worked.  This seems like a very simple issue to fix but I am having a tough time resolving it.
I tried to put the item in question in a different grid, which corrected the indention but then I lost the border around the item.  It seems that the above CSS code does not work on the new grid.  I also tried to put attributes such as margin-left:5px; float: left; clear: left; float: left, in the CSS code but that did not work, too.
Any suggestions?
Ajay K

I deleted and added back the Stop and Start Grid Layout items not aligning properly.  This worked.  Apparently, the 4.0 to 4.2 upgrade did not handle/convert these items properly.  Deleting and adding them back resolved the issue.

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    Don, there is no function provided for this.

  • SSRS Report queries begin running slowly, have to stop and start report server to restore performance

    We have had a production issue crop up twice now where reports begin running slowly seemingly at random.  
    When this happens we can see from running SQL Profiler that the report queries are taking an extremely long time to execute.  The same queries when run directly in management studio run quickly.  
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    In your scenario, usually we can monitor the execution log in Report Database. If you run below query, you can get the results how long the report takes to render (TimeRendering), how long to process the report(TimeProcessing) and how long to retrieve data
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    In SQL Server Reporting Services, a job will be created by SQL Server Agent if any of the following processes is underway:
    query execution on a remote or local database server
    report processing
    report rendering
    To cancel a job that is running on the report server, we can cancel the job directly or reduce the report execution time-out value in the SQL Server Management Studio and then will stop query execution. Please refer to the steps below:
    Open SQL Server Management Studio, and connect to "Reporting Services".
    Under the Report Server node, right-click on the "Jobs" folder and select "Refresh". Then, right-click on "Jobs" again and click "Cancel All Jobs".
    Right-click on the Report Server node and open the "Server Properties" dialog.
    Click the "Execution" option, and set the "Limit report execution to the following number of seconds:" to a much smaller number. After this issue is resolved, this configuration should revert to the previous state.  
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    Vicky Liu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Task created to stop and start Health service not working.

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    Screen shot of service start task creation which is NOT working
    The same was created for another service windows audio. Which worked for both stop and stop (Created separate tasks).
    We also tried the recycle health service and chche which is also failing.
    Can any one please help. The issue is on both SCOM 2007R2 and 2012 R2 both. Is there any other way to touch the health service.
    We are facing the issue only with Healthservice.

    Hi All,
    Thank you for all your answers.
    @ dktoa -
    You are right we have to concentrate on the servers to determine why do they go grey (all in one site). But before we do that i felt i find a temporary solution. Then go deep investigation to solve the issue.
    @Yan LI: As per the likn provided above you. I overrided the servers but still the health services were not starting or restarting. When i created a custom group and added the servers to that  group in that site and then  enabled the override on Restart
    Health Service for a specific group and pointed towards that group then it worked.
    Thanks All.

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    Oracle Apex is an API, if that helps you understand / visualize. You do not start Apex process nor stop it.
    When an Apex session starts it starts calling the API.
    You can however start / stop the listener. It may be OHS, ApexListener and the J2EE container running it, OC4J or any other "server" that you are using.
    The built-in EPG is something like an API again, you cannot start / stop it but you can disable/enable it with DBMS_XDB.SETHTTPPORT API.

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    ps.. no '''''delicious''''' installed

    No, I see the three areas at the bottom of the Bookmark area that you refer to, but that also highlights an issue.  When I want to save a story to my Reading List and click on Share then "Add to Reading List" then go back to look at what is stored in the Reading List, my recently-saved item is not there.
    I looked thru the History tab and the Reading List tab and have been in the Bookmark tab.  But even when I Save a Bookmark, that newly-saved Bookmark does not show up in the Bookmark area.
    But then again, the next day (and actually just in the last half-hour) all of the functionality came back.  When I look at the Bookmarks, suddenly, again, all of the Bookmarks that are on my Safari browser on my iMac are now there, and I can now Save a Bookmark.
    It keeps coming in and out and that is what is driving me a little nuts.

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    I have a Macbook pro mid 2011 and just bought the Apple TV. While watching program or movie from any of the apps such as Watch ABC, the program keeps stopping and starting constantly.

    That would indicate a network issue.
    Reboot ATV and router
    Make sure DNS is set to auto
    Ensure router is up to date, if on wifi try ethernet
    Go to istumbler.net to get a report of the network, look for signal strength and noise

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    Not necessarily, but right now you don't have a stable network and there are a lot of factors that can compromise that. I didn't say ethernet was the only option, again you can get a report of your network to see the status.  Would have to change things in order to strengthen the wifi signal (i.e. router location, channel,placement of ATV etc). I am running on wireless without issue, same as most users, and if you took it to a controlled environment (like Apple) you would see similar results.

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    I do not want to use my mouse to click back bar 3.
    How do I stop / start at the same measure ?

    glankrudolph wrote:
    Here is what I need:
    Say I'm starting at measure 20. I place the playhead at measure 20. I press play and it plays for a few measures. I press stop, maybe at measure 24. Now, when I press play again, I want it to start at measure 20, like in ProTools.
    hi glank .. you need to get into the use of Markers. This will easily solve your issue:
    1 - Look up the Key Command for Create Marker at Playhead ( ie without Rounding)
    2 - Look up KC for "Go to Next Marker" & "Go to Previous Marker".
    3 - Place Playhead at measure 20. Press KC for "Create Marker without Rounding"
    4 - Play for a few measures and stop whenever you want to.
    5 - Now press the KC for "Go to previous marker" - with one stroke you are back at measure 20
    6 - Press Play
    If this is not quick and easy enough for you, I will eat my hat
    m s


    Dear friends,
    Could you please let me know on How to STOP and START the BO EXPLORER/POLESTAR on LINUX platform?
    Thank you,

    Oracle Apex is an API, if that helps you understand / visualize. You do not start Apex process nor stop it.
    When an Apex session starts it starts calling the API.
    You can however start / stop the listener. It may be OHS, ApexListener and the J2EE container running it, OC4J or any other "server" that you are using.
    The built-in EPG is something like an API again, you cannot start / stop it but you can disable/enable it with DBMS_XDB.SETHTTPPORT API.

  • How to stop and start IGS(internet graphic server)

    Hi Techies
    How to stop and start IGS(internet graphic server) in Solaries
    IGS is 7.0 1patch
    Is this the command to stop and start IGS
    stopigs and startigs
    If this correct will there be any issues if i stop the IGS from the above command
    Thank You

    Hoi Haroon
    On base 6.40 there were stopigs/startigs scripts, yes. When we upgraded our systems to 7.0 I encountered the same problem, the igs could be stopped, but not started anymore (externally). Can you check, if the startigs/stopigs-scripts are 7.0 or 6.40.
    I then opened an oss and got as answer:
    "To start and to stop the igs there's only the offical way by stopping and starting the sap system".
    However I found a solution to start and stop:
    nohup /sapmnt/<SID>/exe/igswd_mt -mode=profile pf=/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile/<Instaneprofile> &
    nohup /sapmnt/P72/exe/igswd_mt -mode=profile pf=/usr/sap/P72/SYS/profile/P72_DVEBMGS01_migzmc10 &
    --> stopigs, therefore the 6.40-stopigs script has to remain in the exe directory.
    Hope this helps.
    Regards Patrick

  • Communication Channel Stop and Start

    Hello everyone,
    We are using XI along with MQ for queing messages to our 3rd party logistics. Due to some issues happened in the past, it is decided to stop and restart the MQ channels every weekend. Now the problem is, when the MQ is down, some of the XI communication channels will go down,  and will not start automatically, when the MQ bounces back. Now this had created a manual activity every weekend to stop and start all communication channels.
    Question is, is there any way we can schedule it as a job to stop and start the channels, at a specific time ?

    It is possible in scheduling the messages in XI...
    1.  But before doing this make sure that at what time you want to be schedule ?
    2.  Is that time will be uniform for every week or else is it may varies ?
    3.  If Uniform please make schedule or else if it is varying note the difference between those timings I mean
         If your Messages are flowing for every Tuesday and also every Thursday...., etc..
    4.  You can schedule what ever may be the time it is suppose if those timings are varying weekly once a
         day but in that single day or next day if it was more than once..then better scheduling the
          communication channels to be start for and to be process for that particular 2 days and remaining days
          it wont work I mean stopping Cc
    5. Now when come to process...in scheduling...
    a) Click RWB>Component Monitoring>Communication Channel monitoiing
    b) Right side u can check Availability TIme planning option click that..a seperate window will opens
        THere u can observe these options..
    c) also u can see the log
    I hope it will be useful to you...
    Availability plan--> ONCE /DIALY / WEEKLY/ MONTHLY based on your req select any one...
    Create: to create the scheduling...
    change: to change the existing one
    Save: to save
    Reset if u want toreset alll
    Delete and copy also as u know these..
    While creating you can again see these options 3 main TABS
    details:  --> Corresponding details
    CC: select ur chanel
    OPTION 2
    In XI 3.O you can directly do scheduling there after selecting the radio button of any Comunication channel and there adjacent to Audit log u can see availability time plan other than rt side top corder..
    I hope it will be useful to u
    Amar Srinivas Eli

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