Hi Friends,
                 I have an issue in APO.i have a stock of 360 for material m1.when i tried to create a sales order in r/3 the apo confirming 324 for first time.But when i tried to create another sales order again apo is confirming 324 for second time.Again i tried to create another sales order again APO is confirming 324 which is totally wrong.it has to confirm 0 for that particular order.
                        Ordered quanity        confirmed by apo       available stock
sales order1        360                             324                          360
sales order2        360                             324                          360  -
> (wrong)
sales order3        360                            324                            360----
can any help me to sort out this problem.
Thanks & regards,
Manoj Kumar thatha

Strange, Unless you see a blank APO screen.
Just see the following.
-The order created is for a BOM item but the check is happening for a component.
-RBA is active and ATP is confirming the component which is available in plenty at the same/another locaton.
-If there are substituiton procedures mainatined within RBA and some other product is confirmed.
-If there is a material determination happening at the order document level and that is getting confirmed because stocks/receipts are available
-The material is available at an alternate location and a location determindation procedure is maintained in the rule maintenance.
-Product interchangability is active at global master data level. .and made valid for ATP and is active but may be you have not taken note of it
i.e you are probably checking for the stock of original product at original locaiton and that is not availalble but by virtue of BOM, or MDIC or Rules based ATP check confirmation is happening.
Dont see any other reasons.
Pay special attention to the receipt /requiremens tabs in scope of check. Do you see zero figures there ?
In that case some combination of business event and check mode is not calling GATP..

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  • Drop Ship the item if stock is not available

    We have a requirement where,
    A item is about to get expire (No more demand) but organization is having some stock of the item. So Purchase team has stopped procuring the item.
    Now, when we receive any order for the specific item, client wants to look at the present stock and ship it if its available. If not, create drop shipment.
    Does anyone aware of this functionality where a single item will behave as a stocked item if the stock is available and drop ship item, if stock is not available.
    Any help will highly appreciated.

    A given item CAN be procured internally or externally.
    But that attribute is set when the sales order line is booked.
    So you need some kind of a personalization that will look at the available qty of the item being ordered and then set the Source type to External if enough qty is not available.
    Hope this helps
    Sandeep Gandhi

  • Can do  MIGO and confirm the material into stock without UD.

    Dear Experts
    I can do MIGO and confirm the material into stock while I did not do UD yet. I did only  RR. Whatu2019s wrong? can anybody give me the logic about this.
    Thanks in Advance

    I think you are taking about the inspection lot 03.
    Process is that if 03 type inspection lot is generated then after result recording or UD complition are done or not. You can able to do the confirmation. It is depend on you and your company policies.
    Process Order --> lot generated --> result recording done --> order confirm --> UD of lot.
    03 type lot is used only for inspection. Not relevant to stock.

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    Settings>General>Restrictions>In-App Purchase>On

  • Why some times delivery  will created through vl10c even sale order stock is not available?

    why some times delivery  will created through vl10c in batchmode even sale order stock is not available?

    the correct english name is : Replenishment leadtime
    Check with Replenishment lead time - Supply Chain Management (SCM) - SCN Wiki

  • Windows "Easy Connect" does not reply with the password / "Easy Connect is not Available"

    I have posted a related question some time ago, which was eventually resolved. However, after some time a problem with Easy Connect (used for MSRA) came back:
    Whenever I arrive at the point in setting up a MSRA session where Easy Connect is needed, I get the reply: "Easy Connect is not Available". Here is an example of the problem:
    Start MSRA
    --> as expected, a window with "invite someone to help you" and " Help some who has invited you" appears
    Select "invite someone to help you"
    --> as expected, a window with "Who do you want to get help from" appears 
    Select "Invite someone to help you"
    --> as expected, a windows with "How do you want to invite your trusted helper?" appears
    Select "Use Easy Connect"
    --> as expected, the temporary "Create invitation window / checking network capabilities" window appears
    Next, I would expect this windows to close a new window to provide me with the Easy Connect password. However, instead I get the window "Easy Connect is not available".
    I cannot continue. (I have screenshots so can repost with them if that would clarity my question)
    Any suggestion how to resolve would be appreciated.
    (Please do not reply with the 3 suggestions from the FAQ (both computers must run windows 7 / Access to internet is limited / your router does not support Easy Connect - doesn't help)
    More background information and things I have tried:
    The "Easy Connect is not available" window offers the "Tell me more about how to fix this problem" which I have tried, but those suggestions do not help
    If I use the other MSRA option: "Help someone who has invited you" (this would be my typical use case), followed by "help someone new" and than select "Use Easy Connect", I also get the "Easy Connect is not available"
    window instead of the expected option to enter the Easy Connect password. I believe this is that same problem.
    This happed with both the 32 as well as the 64 MSRA versions
    I'm using Window 7 Ultimate, 64 bit with all the latest updates
    This desktop PC is wired to the internet via an Edimax gigabit switch, a Dlink DIR-855 wireless router and a fiber modem in bridge mode
    The W7 desktop has a single active network connection only
    I'm using Windows Firewall and Windows Security Essentials
    Disabling the firewall on the PC did not help
    Network discovery is enabled in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings (that’s UPnP – right?)
    The Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool does not seem to be available anymore from MSFT sites
    Restarting "Peer Name Resolution Protocol" did not help
    Restarting "Peer Networking Identity Manager Properties" did not help
    Starting up with a "Clean Boot" (disabled all non-Microsoft services using MSConfig) did not help
    I would also be interested to understand how I can check on the status of the "Easy Connect" service. Is this a service hosted somewhere, or??

    Dear Andy,
    Thanks a lot for your reply. Let me answer your questions:
    Q: Could you use the other methods: save this invitation as a file and use e-mail to send invitation?
    A: yes, that way I can establish a MSRA connection
    Q: Have you disable other network connections, including disable all virtual network card?
    A: if I check with ‘Device Manager/Network Adapters’ (or Control Panel/Network and Internet/Network Connections) I see two network adapters (my Asus motherboard has two network connectors). Both are available, but only one is used. I have
    disabled one. Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem. I will leave it disable for now.
    Q: To find detailed information about this issue, please locate to event view and find the logs about remote assistance.
    A: I have to admit that the Event Viewer is unfamiliar territory for me. So, I’m not sure where and what to look for. However, as suggested, I found "Event Viewer (local)/Applications and Services Logs/Microsoft/Windows/Remote assistance/Operational".
    Each time, I attempt to use MSRA/Easy Connect, it seems two entries are added. As I cannot seem to upload files with this post, here are just the two entries:
    “Diagnosis Repro Attempt resulted in a failure.”
    “Remote Assistance troubleshooting has confirmed the problem: Remote Assistance Easy Connect isn't available.”
    If you need more details, please suggest what to forward or check. I'm eager to find a solution!

  • Blocking of delivery if stock is not available

    How to do Blocking of delivery if stock is not available ?

    You can control this via availability check control
    In the transaction OVZ9
    Select your Checking Group ( 01 or 02 ) and the Checking Rule  B  ( SD Delivery)
    and inside this mark the following
    1) Check without RLT
    2) Include Deliveries
    Then in that case the system will create the delivery only if you have physical stock. and also the system will take into consideration whether any open deliveries exist for the stock for ex . if the physical stock is 10 Pieces and you have already created a delivery note for 8 Pieces but neither nor pgied. then in that case the next delivery will only be created for 2 pieces and not more.
    Check this out and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Determination of batch whose stocks are not available in system

    Hi SAPgurus,
    During batch determination , the system is determining a batch whose stocks are not available in system .(The stocks of that batch has been received and has been sold out 1 week back , In MMBE also the stocks of that batch is nil and another batch is available) .
    One imp thing to note that after determination , system is giving error message while performing PGI.But the question is why it is determining at all.
    Thanks in advance,

    Kindly check the Storage Location against that Material & Plant as might be stock is available with that Batch in some different Storage Location.
    Best Regards,

  • Automatic PR if stock is not available

    Hi dudes
    i want automatically to PR to be generated if the material is not available in availability check. The material is a trading good (HAWA). should this be done as processing similar way as individual purchase order or any other option is there. when i am trying to change tan to tab.. it is saying item category TAB is not defined for this item

    Hi Venkatesh
    the entry for Or type + Itm cat grp + --- + -
    = TAN and here manual itm cat as TAB i have defined. Even then the error is coming.
    is there any other process where if stock is not available automatic PR is created.

  • While Creating PM order If component stock is not available shld thr error

    Dear All,
    At the time of PM order creation, If assign component stock is not available system should through error and order shold not save

    Hi Mr Honyal,
    This is not possible in Standard.
    You need to configure it throught user exit.
    You can use user exit - CNEX0009.
    The exit is called from PS, PM, PP, so while coding please use a specific transaction code like IW31, IW32 etc.
    The exit is called material by material. So if you have entered 5 material in components screen,
    the exit will be called 5 times.
    At run time you need to check the availabel stock of that material and give error if the stock doesnt exist.
    Take help from your ABAPer & MM consultant for coding and finding tables of stock.
    Thanks & Regards,

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    Hi, I live in Bogota, Colombia. I have a first generation iPad and decided to enter my credit card to my iTunes Store account but I put the data correctly and when I accept I said "Right now the credit card processing is not available. Please try again later . " I tried several days but always says the same thing, try creating a new account at the iTunes Store but do not, someone could help me with my problem. THANK YOU

    I was having this exact issue when I was set up to use PayPal as my payment method. I fixed it by -
    1. going to my iTunes account and selecting None as my method of payment, then clicking Done
    2. confirming this on my account page - which then said Add (or Set up, I can't remember) a Credit Card
    3. on the Add a credit card page, I again set up the exact same PayPal account I had before.
    4. I was then taken to the PayPal website to confirm that I wanted to use my PayPal account for iTunes purchases, and finally
    5. I was taken back to my account page in iTunes, which looked exactly the same as before BUT...
    The next time I tried it, my purchase went straight through! (And this was less than 5 minutes after I'd had the "Credit Card processing is temporarily unavailable" message.)
    YMMV, but I guess a similar revalidation process would work for credit cards too.

  • When trying to back up to a WD My Passport I get a message that says the back up disk is not available.  Any ideas?

    When trying to back up to a WD My Passport I get a message that says the back up disk is not available.  Any ideas?

    Find and run the Disk Utility program. In the list on the left side of the program window you should see two hard drives - the internal Mac drive and one labeled with Western Digital's name. (Not exactly sure how the WD drives appear.) Under each of those drives there will be another indented drive name. See picture below.
    If you don't see two drives there's your problem - for some reason the Mac doesn't recognize that there's an external drive plugged in. Check cables, etc.
    More than likely though you will see the two drives. See how in the picture I've selected the indented drive icon? Do the same for your WD drive. Now look at the bottom where it says Format. To use TimeMachine your format needs to be Mac OS Extended (journaled) and I'm betting it doesn't. After you've done that TM will be able to use the drive.

  • Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 server properties - The required term set is not available.

    After creating new document from ribbon with the new document function on any template the managed metadata based server properties cannot be selected and properties boxes are grayed out. Mouse over displays "The Required term set is not available".
    Works fine when using it form resource (SharePoint) domain both with user domain and resource domain accounts.
    There is a two-way trust btw domains.
    SPNs are done for AppPools.
    AppPool accounts have delegations and are set to impersonate with GPO.
    SharePoint Web Application is on kerberos authentication.
    There is no difference when sites are using user or resource domain AppPool accounts.
    The WFE and SQL Server have computer delegations.
    Server env: Windows Server 2008 R2 with all updates, SQL Server 2008 R2 with all updates, on-prem SharePoint Server 2013 with no CU.
    User env: Windows 7 ENT, IE10 and Office 2013 with all updates.
    There is no internet connection and internet connection is not possible. The internet connection is cheated with two DNS A record setting for
    www.msftncsi.com and dns.msftncsi.com. Also registry changes "ActiveDnsProbeContent" ip- address for Win7 is done via GPO to private IP. This is done because otherwise check-in/check-out does not work.
    Last things on IIS log are:
    2014-01-24 10:38:36 192.168.n.n PROPFIND /TestDoc - 5445 0#.w|userdomain\test3-user Microsoft+Office+Word+2013+(15.0.4551)+Windows+NT+6.1 207 0 0 639
    2014-01-24 10:38:37 192.168.n.m OPTIONS / - 5445 0#.w|userdomain\test3-user Microsoft+Office+Word+2013+(15.0.4551)+Windows+NT+6.1 200 0 0 842
    2014-01-24 10:38:54 ::1 POST /_vti_bin/sharedaccess.asmx - 5445 - ::1 Microsoft+Office+Word+2013+(15.0.4551)+Windows+NT+6.1 200 0 0 15
    2014-01-24 10:39:25 ::1 POST /_vti_bin/sharedaccess.asmx - 5445 - ::1 Microsoft+Office+Word+2013+(15.0.4551)+Windows+NT+6.1 200 0 0 0
    2014-01-24 10:39:56 ::1 POST /_vti_bin/sharedaccess.asmx - 5445 - ::1 Microsoft+Office+Word+2013+(15.0.4551)+Windows+NT+6.1 200 0 0 15
    2014-01-24 10:40:27 ::1 POST /_vti_bin/sharedaccess.asmx - 5445 - ::1 Microsoft+Office+Word+2013+(15.0.4551)+Windows+NT+6.1 200 0 0 15
    What I missed.

    Same problem here!. Giving the computer network access allows the control to be populated. Then I disabled and restarted and it seems to be ok....

  • I am trying to install windows on my mac via bootcamp, and it says I need to download Windows Support Software. I tried, but it says "Download can not continue. The Windows Support Software is not available.

    I am running OSX 10.6.8 Snow lepard I am trying to install windows on my intel imac 20in late 2006  via bootcamp, and it says I need to download Windows Support Software. I tried, but it says "Download can not continue. The Windows Support Software is not available. I bought the Imac secend hand and did not get the install dvd's with it What can I do?

    You don't need to download the Windows support software, because in Snow Leopard, they are only available as a download for the Late 2010 MacBook Air.
    Instead, you have to buy Mac OS X Snow Leopard. The Snow Leopard disc contains the Windows drivers for your Mac, so you have to install them after finishing the Windows installation

  • I'm trying to load video file into CS6 I keep getting error message: 'Could not complete you request because the DynamicLink Media Server is not available.' No Idea what to do next. Help please.

    I'm using CS6 Extended. My OS is "Windows 7 home premium.
    Can no longer load video files into CS6 for edited I keep getting error message:
    'Could not complete your request because the DynamicLink Media Server is not available.'
    Don't know what this means. Until just now I was able to load videos without any problems. Now I'm getting this message. Any thoughts?

    Hi Mylenium,
    I hope I won't be marked as spam now, since I am posting on a few relevant discussions now to this topic.
    However, I really would like to ask the people who have experienced this problem to see if they were able to solve it.
    Now the real deal:
    I posted a question in this discussionDynamicLink Media Server won't let me import video for video frames to layers anymore.
    The linked discussion is a lot younger, which is why I posted there first.
    I also put in information on the steps that I have tried and my computer specifications.
    I am experiencing this problem for a while now and hope you and jones1351may be able to help out.

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