APO-DP : Change in Fiscal Year Variant for the year 2008

As per earlier Fiscal Year variant configuration, the data has been forecasted in APO system till the end of Year 2008. But recently the fiscal year variant configuration modified in R/3 which has been impacting APO-DP storage buckets which are not matching with that of earlier fiscal year variant. So, there is a mismatch in the storage bucket profile where in the data already stored in “Weekly, Monthly and Posting Period” based on the earlier Fiscal year 2008 configuration.
Now the system is not allowing to do any Interactive Planning.
The business would like to use the latest fiscal calendar and also not ready to loose the forecasted data for the year 2008. So, we are not in a position to deactivate and reactivation of Planning Area and also we are not using back-up infocubes functionality.
Please update me if anybody experienced this type of situation or know the solution.

I think your suggestion should work but it takes more resource time and need more database size.
I am thinking to retain some important forecast keyfigures data in the following workaround method;
1) Now the Planning Area Initialized for 2yrs historical + 1Yr forecast horizon
2) Run first set of new macros to copy from year (say 2008) to year (say 2006)
3) Re-initialize the Planning Area (Jan'2006 to Dec'2007)
4) Re-build the New Fiscal Calendar from R/3
5) Re-initialize the Planning Area for history and forecast horizon (ex: from Jan'2006 to Jan'2009)
6) Run second set of new macros to copy back ( ex: from 2006 to Year 2008) and wipeout the duplicate records in 2006
7) The above macros can be utilized to run every year end when ever the new fiscal calendar introduced
Suggestions are welcome

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  • The error showing as Fiscal year change has not carried out for the coCd

    Hi all,
    I am facing a very critical situation. My client has the last closed fiscal year as 2006(from 2006 april to 2007 march).For the fiscal yr. 2007(2007april to 2008 march) they have already finalised and submitted the reports made from some parallel software.They now want to tally this report with SAP system and to adjust the SAP system entries as per this report.This work was running fine.But on 01.04.2009 none of the asset reports are running.The error it's throwing is as-
    Fiscal year change not yet made for company code PWAL
    Message no. AB059
    You have not yet carried out a fiscal year change for company code PWAL, although the current system date is in the new fiscal year.
    Carry out the fiscal year change for company code PWAL.
    The error is quite understandable.We have to close 2007 and then perform the fiscal year change.But the problem is that the adjustment for the year 2007 is not yet complete.Is it the only solution with me that I should close the yr.2007 and again open it after the fiscal yr. change? If that is done can I take care of the adjustment in the posted depreciation? Or is it possible that the system date can be made back to 31.03.2009(very stupid ask!). The real problem is that my client has mistakely created some assets in the year 2007(by AS91 after changing the take over date) those should have been shown in the next year and also some assets are creted in the year 2008 by the same strange method those should be shown in the year 2007.What I am doing now is deleting these legacy assets and creating the new assets in the correct year.And this process is not yet complete.If I close the year 2007, then the depreciation of these legacy assets will also be posted.Later how can I reverse the effect?Also without seeing the reports I can't make the adjustments.Please suggest/advice.

    Hi Debabrata,
    You have to do all fiscal year closing steps for 2007. When you reopen it you can do a repeat run for 2007. (You can do the reapeat run only for the new/ changed assets.)
    Try first to test this in an actual test system (document it and do the same in production). Perhaps as you know when 2009 is open I want to close 2008 in one week.  All changes they make in the asset system (change depreciation keys, recalulating,...) can result in postings in 2007 / 2008 what they don't want and later fiscal year problems. You will found a lot off masages about this on the form.

  • Multiple Fiscal Year Variant in the same client in SEM-BCS...

    I have already looked at some earlier threads relating to this but didn't get a convincing answer to what I would like to know.
    We have had a working SEM-BCS system with fiscal year variant K4. There was no need for defining leading fiscal year variant and none was defined. SAP, by default takes, K4 as the leading fiscal year variant.
    Now there is a requirement for going on a different fiscal year variant for which we have created another databasis (there were a few other reasons besides these) with the same InfoObjects that we used earlier but with different fixed parameters, one of which is fisc year variant V9. Soon, we started experiencing bizarre dumps in the configuration which ultimately convinced me to define a leading fiscal year variant. I was reluctant to do so because there is a lot of old data (which will become 'historical' from new data basis point of view) from the working system on K4 that would still need to be reported on even when we have new BCS solution in the new fiscal year variant V9. That is not going away. There is a need to keep the old data for reporting (hence the rationale for a different data basis among a few others).
    Since earlier Master Data was configured in the old fisc year variant K4, now I have defined the leading fiscal year variant as V9 so that MDF can appropriately identify the period dependency.
    I would like to know if any of you have had an unexpected behavior from the system going forward. Does the system dump out when you try to read the old data (from earlier K4).
    I have tried to explain the dilemma as clearly and succinctly as possible but if you need more clarifications, please do let me know.
    I would really appreciate your help in this.

    Is your requirement is that K4 to be changed to Z5.
    The best way you can do it is in the transformation. Instead of directmapping,
    Write a code like this in the trransformation to the cube
    If SOURCE FIELD - 0FISCVAR eq 'k4'.
    I dont think we can change th data in the query being displayed. we can change the keyfigure values in query by frmulas etc...
    but for a characteristic, i think we will be able to restrict bt not change the value.
    to obtain the requirement, w have to get the data change before query designer that is in the cube leve.
    Hope this helps,

  • Fiscal year variant V3 uFF0Cdo year end closing

    Hello everyone,
    I use the  Fiscal year variant V3(month 4 year *-month 3 year **+1) for the HK company ,and Dec. 2009 I did the year end closing, but I found that,the amount of GL Account balance carry of 2010 is not the cumulative balance of 2009,but just the balance of Dec. 2009;IN fs10n double click the balance carry of 2010, the detail is the cumulative balance of 2009.What can I do the amount of GL Account balance carry of 2010 will right?
    Thank you for your answer.
    Best Regards

    You can try carrying forward, GL, customer and vendor balances from the beginning.  There is no impact even if you execute again.
    Best Regards,

  • How to find compensation data for the year

    Dear All,
    A company wants to know the comepnsation data for financial year 2009-2010.
    Problem: I couldnot find a single report which can provide the compensation of an employee for the year.
    We are trying to build a report however needs input if anyone has done that:
    Table which stores this data is PS_COMPENSATION.
    Problem is : it stores data in effective date.
    How to then convert it into a year -April 2010 to March 2011
    For example: cases
    a. existing employee: whose effective comp data will be less than April 2010
    - Plus, there are pay rate changes between April 2010 to march 2011. (Pay rate change can happen on any date of the month)
    - How can I add them to find the Compensation as per comp page from 1st April to 31st march 2011

    I'm afraid what you're looking for is not likely to be a trivial task. If you have all of the modules required for the "Report Total Compensation" product, then you should take a look at the associated PeopleBook. I think you will have to be on HRMS 9.0 at a minimum, and using Payroll for North America and Benefits Administration.
    To create a custom solution, you may have to consider a variety of other factors such job status--leave, terminated, terminated with pay, etc.--hourly vs. salaried, part time vs. full time, multi-job, variable compensation. It will depend entirely on the specific features that are being used at your site.
    If you provide a very detailed example of the output you are looking for with sample data, someone might be willing to offer a solution.

  • Maintain the variants for the deletion program

    How to Maintain the variants for the deletion program  during Document Archiving

    Try this.
    Execute SE38 and Select the program name ( Archiving )
    Click Variant and Click Change Icon
    and entry the new Variant and click Create icon and save with your own values
    Ensure that System setting from the menu bar Settings - User Specific Settings PopUp Screen - Repository infosystem Tab  - All Selection Criteria
    Hope this Helps

  • Depreciation for the year to be posted halfly

    Hi Guys
    In my implementation we have a scenrio, the depreciation for a particular depreciation area has to be done halfly i.e. only on period 06 & 12
    I have done necessary configure for the weightage and for the relevant depreciation area
    OAYL - i have clicked the check box for the relveant depreciation area
    OA85 - i have given the weightage for the period 06 & 12 as 50% and for all the other period as 0
    But when i run the depreciation AFAB - the deprecation is getting posted from the very first period
    Did i missed any config guys
    Thanks in advance
    Warm Regards

    Hi Bala,
    When I look to your example you can use a nomal depreciation key like LINR. In the asset you have to say start at the middle of a year. Like on 01-07-XXXX.
    In the period control from your depreciation key you can use start at the middle of the year. When the fiscal year is not the same as the calendar year you have to define that in the period controls.
    When you create a posting then the depreciation keys looks to the period controle table and fill in automtatecly depreciation start date.
    When this is in all the years you have to say
    years month
    0          6         0%
    1                     50%
    1          6         0%
    2                     50%
    It is then important that the depreciation start date is the first day of the fiscal year.
    For tessting this you can better use the esset exploirer. There you can see the planed values by month for this year and the years tottals for the other year.

  • TC F110 - Protect the variant for the Print out/ data medium - RFFOIT_FOR

    Hi Experts,
    I have to protect the field "filename" in the program RFFOIT_FOR and I have to permit to user, when he runs the TC F110, to change only some field in the variant for the same program.
    Can you help me?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards
    Edited by: Giampaolo 76 on Oct 7, 2011 10:58 AM

    Dear Giampaolo,
    I did a test and if I try to change the variant using anothe user, I will get:
    No authorization to change variant MAO2
        Message no. DB278
        You tried to change a protected variant. This can only be done by the
        variant's creator.
    System Response
        A protected variant can only be changed by its creator.
        Contact the creator of the variant or create a corresponding variant
        yourself (for example by copying the protected variant).
    Therefore if You switch on the flag "protect variant" into the Variant attributes, You could reach Your goal.

  • Assets upload for the year 2008 which alredy closed

    HI Experts,
    I have a intresting concept which i want share you.
    Problem: My clients want to upload some assets values in the local books to the fisical year 2008 which alredy closed.
    For this i have tried through AS92(LSMW) but all assets are uploaded in the fisical year 2010(current year).
    How to open the year and how to upload the assets for the year 2008.
    Please guide me in this case.

    Hi Dude,
    generally you have to open the fiscal year in FI-AA and FI and upload the assets with AS91 (AS92 is for changigs).
    I strongly would recometn you to contact your local consulter.
    regards Bernhard

  • Hi:) I want to cancel my "one year membership" for the education-programm without loosing to much money. Are there any good ideas?

    Hi:) I want to cancel my "one year membership" for the education-programm without loosing to much money. Are there any good ideas?

    You paid for one year and that's just it. If you don't use it then that's nothing anyone can change. feel free to contact sales support.

  • Open Purchase order can we maintain commitment item for the year

    my requirement is for the year open purchase orders we need to maintain commitment item previously it was not maintain from this year we need to maintain is it posssible

    If your PO has an IO or WBS or a Cost center maintained in it - Run the Program RKANBU01 in SE38 and it will push all the past data of commitments into the CO objects
    You need to activate Commitment management in OKKP as well as in IO Type... If IO was created w/o the tick ON, then I believe you dont have a choice here..
    br, Ajay M

  • How to get Open Balance for the year and Total Ending Balance?

    For a given account, how to get Open Balance for the year (Cumulative Ending Balance) and Total Ending Balance (Cumulative Ending Balance)?
    Is there any function module available? or should I read from some tables? Please advice.

    Hello Paul,
    You could try calling one of the following BAPIs - see which one meets your requirement. They are documented well so shouldn't be a problem finding out the correct one for your requirements.
    You might have to put in some of your own logic after the BAPI call to get what you want.
    Hope this helps,
    p.s. Also look at FM FAGL_GET_ACCOUNT_BALANCE
    Edited by: Sougata Chatterjee on May 7, 2008 11:47 AM

  • HT5622 I'm a student exchange from france in USA, I have an apple ID from france and a bank count in france but i want access to the apple store US because I'm here for the year and some app can be interesting for me (like my gym club app) how can i do ?

    I'm a student exchange from france in USA, I have an apple ID from france and a bank count in france but i want access to the apple store US because I'm here for the year and some app can be interesting for me (like my gym club app) how can i do ?

    you cant.  you need a US bank account.

  • Getting error while Year end closing in asset accounting for the year ...

        i am getting error while doing Year end closing in asset accounting for the year 2004. It is giving few assets and saying that "Depreciation not posted completely"
    Can any body help in this reagards.
    With regards,

    Dear Shree,
    Do u have the list of all such assets for which no depreciation has been posted. If yes, then go to AFAB, upload the list all these assets & then select the radio button as 'repeat'.
    This will post you depreciation for all the assets. then close the year.

  • How to get a week number  for the year using oracle sql query?

    hi everyone,
    i have the requirement to find the week number for the calender..
    so that week number should start with 01 when the year starts and it should end with week end date(that is first saturday of the january month).. so next week number starts with sunday and ends with saturday ,continously.. in the end date of the year it should not be 'saturday' but week number should end with last date of the year.. again in the next year it should start with '01'.
    for example:
    01-JAN-13 tuesday 01
    02-JAN-13 wednesday 01
    03-JAN-13 thursday 01
    04-JAN-13 friday 01
    05-JAN-13 saturday 01
    06-JAN-13 sunday 02
    07-JAN-13 monday 02
    26-DEC-13 thursday 52
    27-DEC-13 friday 52
    28-DEC-13 saturday 52
    29-DEC-13 sunday 53
    30-DEC-13 monday 53
    31-DEC-13 tuesday 53
    01-JAN-14 wednesday 01
    02-JAN-14 thursday 01
    how can i achieve this, can anyone please help me out on this..
    i have a query that starts with 01 when year starts but it gives problem in the end of the year .. described below with a query..
    select mydate,
    to_char(mydate,'day') as weekday,
    to_char(next_day(mydate,'sunday'),'iw') as week_num
    FROM ( SELECT TRUNC (SYSDATE, 'yy') - 1 + LEVEL AS mydate
    FROM dual
    - TRUNC (SYSDATE, 'yy')
    this query gives date, weekday and week_num for 2 years 2013 and 2014,
    when i run this query ,at the end of the 2013 it gives the result as,
    26-DEC-13     thursday      52
    27-DEC-13     friday      52
    28-DEC-13     saturday      52
    29-DEC-13     sunday      01
    30-DEC-13     monday      01
    31-DEC-13     tuesday      01
    01-JAN-14     wednesday     01
    02-JAN-14     thursday      01
    for dates 29 ,30,31st it should give 53 .. how can i achieve that using this this query .. can any one help me out on this please...

    I tried with the IW ...
    it is giving week_id for the year.
    case when mydate between trunc(mydate,'yyyy') and next_day(trunc(mydate,'yyyy'),'saturday')
    then to_number(to_char(mydate,'yyyy')||to_char(trunc(mydate,'yyyy'),'iw'))
    when mydate between next_day(trunc(mydate,'yyyy'),'saturday') and trunc(add_months(trunc(mydate,'yyyy'),12)-1,'d')-1
    then to_number(to_char(mydate,'yyyy')||to_char(next_day(mydate,'sunday'),'iw'))
    when mydate between trunc(add_months(trunc(mydate,'yyyy'),12)-1,'d') and add_months(trunc(mydate,'yyyy'),12)-1
    then to_number(to_char(mydate,'yyyy')||to_char(trunc(add_months(trunc(mydate,'yyyy'),12)-1,'d')-1,'iw')+1) end as WEEK_ID
    FROM ( SELECT TRUNC (SYSDATE, 'yy') - 1 + LEVEL AS mydate
    FROM dual
    - TRUNC (SYSDATE, 'yy')

Maybe you are looking for

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