Apple 23" HD Cinema Display no longer working with new Macbook Pro

I bought a 23" used HD Cinema display the other day along with the ADC-DVI and DVI-Mini Display adapters. I had it hooked up and it was working perfectly for 3 days. Today my wife tried to connect her Macbook accidentally via the USB that is part of the ADC-DVI adapter which didn't work (why is that USB there anyway?). Then when she went to connect the external display back to my Macbook Pro it did not wake up after being connected. I have tried resetting the PRAM on the MBP and have disconnected and re-connected all connections but nothing will get the display working with the MBP anymore. When I connect and disconnect the mini-display plug into the MBP the MBP flashes the blue screen as it appears to be reacting, but that's it. I can't detect any display when I go into the display system preferences. Does anyone know how I can get the Apple Cinema display working again? Thanks for any help.

Ryan Nagy wrote:
Upon reflection, I think my issue is different. Probably should not have posted it here. As it turns out sometimes my display works, sometimes it does not. I think the power adapter has gone bad. A common occurrence here in Mexico where the power can fluctuate quite a bit. - Ryan
There are couple of long threads in the display section about problems with the power supplies on the 23" HD DVI. See this one for instance:
Mine one day just wouldn't turn on -- connected to an old G4 MDD and the Mini -- a bit of fiddling it would occasionally start up, sometimes not. Similar to what you described, the Macs would see it in System Profiler, but it just wouldn't turn on.
Based on that thread, I figured the problem was mostly likely the power supply. A local authorized repair place didn't have a spare for me to try, but the tech sniffed it and mentioned it the burnt electronics smell. LOL, I sniffed it and sniffed the power supply for my 20" DVI Cinema display -- indeed a weird smell.
Based on that thread, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a beefier 150" power supply for the 30" Cinema display, which Apple says in compatible with the 23". See:
I hooked it up, crossed my fingers, and it fired up right away. It's been working fine for about 3 months now. Cheaper than buying a new monitor.

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    I have the same machine and the same drive (for about 6 months) they work fine.
    The first suspect is the internal SATA cable, replace it.

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    Yes, I too had this problem.
    I was issued an update from Apple for a new version software as well as a new version of Lightrooom and now it shows up on the desktop and in finder as it should.
    MacBook Pro Retina running 10.8.2 (12C54)
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    Hope that helps.

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    I've got the same problem... is it the dvi-d???
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    Greentechlabs... Did you solve your problem?

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    I tried the Apple miniDisplayport to VGA in a Thunderbolt MBP and iMac and they both worked. Same for the Apple miniDIsplayport to DVI.

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    i ii suugest you contact Apple support Contact Apple for support and service - Apple Support

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    I have recently upgraded to a new Macbook Pro and when connecting a WD 1 TB Passport external hard drive, it doesn't appear on the MBP, but when I connect it to my old Macbook running 10.5.8, it appears normally. Is this a problem with formatting or an issue because it is USB 2.0...
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    I'm on Lion, with similar issues with two WD external HD. But what I found fixed the problem was to:
    1. go to the manufacturer's website (in this case Western Digital),
    2. locate my external HD, download the download.
    For instance, I downloaded the WD Drive Utilities for Mac (for My Passport for Mac USB 3.0):
    Install the downloaded app.
    3. Plug in external (this part, I think is important) directly into your tower or laptop (as opposed to through a USB multi-plug extender). Possibly this is because you access more power?
    [I'm trying to remember in which order everything happened. But I think at this point the external hard drive mounted]
    4. Install the software that is found on the external HD (in my case, it was a brand new device, so that had never been installed).
    5. Run "WD Drive Utilities" and run diagnostics.
    6. Test to see if it holds. Unmount the External HD. Unplug. Replug in and see if it mounts.
    Note: I have not yet tested to see if plugging in the external somewhere other than directly into the tower also works. But I think the main problem is getting it to mount the first time and installing the software. That's what I think.

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    The new Macbook is not responding at all when i plug in my toneport, all the software for the toneport is installed.
    I think the problem is that my toneport is not compatible with an intel Mac. Is this right?
    And if it is can i fix this problem with some kind of upgrade for my toneport software(gearbox)?
    And if there is no solution can someone recomend a new audio interface for me to get? Under $200.

    I use a Toneport UX2 with my intel iMac. I never had the problem you are describing while using Gearbox with GB. However your problem sounds very similar to one I have experienced when I loaded up Line 6 Pod Farm. I discovered that when I start Pod Farm and get the message you mentioned, if I quit Pod Farm then immediately start it again, everything communicates just fine and I'm back in business. I would like to see a fix for this glitch, but for now I just start twice and then get to work.
    Give it a try! I am curious to know if you are in the same boat as me.
    As a side note, Recently Line 6 offered Pod Farm for no charge to registered owners of a Line 6 interface such as ours. You may want to check it out. It gives you some more options to play with.

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    Reinstalled software and still have same error msg.
    Any one have similar issue with Motion? Any ideas on how to fix?
    Thanks in advance.

    It's easier for me to just point you here:
    but it's on my site where I also promote my books and training products so I have to provide this disclaimer:
    "I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link"
    I consolidated all the info I could gather from these forums on this issue because it arises so frequently.

  • Question on how networking works with new Macbook Pro

    I have a question about how networking works with my new Macbook Pro. This is my first laptop so am new to mobile computing. I am about to configure it to replace my desktop which uses a wired DSL connection. Once I have my Macbook Pro configured to run off the DSL modem, what happens when I take this computer to a location that has ethernet? Will just plugging in the ethernet cable be enough to get on line? Or is there further configuration work that needs to be done?
    I used a Windows laptop from work and all I had to do was plug it in to a hotel ethernet cable to get on line. However, this laptop was never configured to run on my DSL network so I am not certain if that makes things more complicated.
    Thanks for your help!

    Your MacBook Pro should just work when plugged into an ethernet connection.
    Just check something, Open Network Preferences, you can select it from the Airport icon in the menu bar.
    In the left-hand pane click on Ethernet and just check that it is set to configure using DHCP in the right-hand pane, that's it.
    So when you plug in the ethernet cable it will ask the router for an IP address and off you go.
    I assume that any system you plug into will use DHCP rather than static IP addresses. If it is a static IP address, you will need to manually configure the ethernet settings by inputting the IP address and subnet mask info plus DNS servers.
    Usually it is done with DHCP and you don't have to do a thing and likewise your home DSL is DHCP?
    If not then you will have to change your settings, make a 'Hotel' setting which you can use when in hotels and keep your 'Home' set-up for when you are at home. In the pull down menu select Edit Locations to add new ones.
    Message was edited by: Philip Tyler

  • Display not working with new Macbook pro

    My son gave me his 1 year old Macbook pro 6 and in connecting it to my Apple cinema display it gets all these horizontal broken red blinking lines across the whole screen. Disconnected and reconnected the new adaptor I bought and it seemed fine till i tried to begin work and the lines retruned.

    Hi there shelley99,
    The behavior of multiple displays had changed in OS X Mavericks. I would recommend reviewing the information in the article below.
    OS X: Using multiple displays in Mavericks
    -Griff W.

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    I suggest you return the Apple Superdrive and buy any other brand external DVD drive that connects by USB port.
    Any brand will work with your Mac, cost less and work better.

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    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Kristina,
    I represent ViewSonic and would be happy to assist. At your earliest convenience please contact us at 1-800-888-8583. In addition you may contact us via our web site self help support Please ask for Tito M.
    Best regards,
    Tito M.

  • DVD Studio Pro 2 works with new MacBook Pro Intel Duo Core 2?


    If you get it to run you should not count on it working. Even 4.0.x, you need 4.1.x to have anything that is officially supported. I am not sure if 2 evens runs well on Leopard, let alone an Intel Machine.

  • I have 23 inch Apple HD Display. Will this work with my MacBook Pro? How shall I connect it?

    I have 23 inch Apple HD Display. Will this work with my MacBook Pro? How shall I connect it?

    there were two different 23-inch Apple Cinema HD displays made. The first one was made between 2002 and 2004, and has an ADC connector. The second one was made between 2004 and 2008, and has a DVI-D connector.
    If you have the display with an ADC connector, then according to this Apple page, your display will work with your MacBook Pro if it’s a 13-inch or 15-inch model. If you have a first-generation MacBook Pro, you’d need an Apple DVI to ADC Adapter (or equivalent) to connect them. If you have a Unibody or Retina MacBook Pro, then you’d also need a Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter (or equivalent) to complete the connection. A Retina model would also have the option of using a third-party HDMI to DVI-D adapter to complete the connection with the DVI to ADC adapter.
    If you have the display with a DVI-D connector, then if you have a first-generation MacBook Pro, you should be able to plug it in directly. If you have a Unibody or Retina MacBook Pro, then the Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter would let you make the connection. Again, Retina models also would have the option of using a third-party HDMI to DVI-D adapter.

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