Apple id problem

since i have updated my iphone 4 to the new software it wont let me download new apps or update old ones on my phone as it has an old email address as my apple id......ive checked on the bottom of the featured page and it has my new ID and on my laptop is my new ID...but still when i try to download a new app it comes up with the old apple id and i cant remember the password....please help.....

can some help

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  • PSE 10 from Apple Store problem with camera raw 6.7 upgrade

    PSE 9 was not opening Nikon d4 raw files so I've purchased PSE 10 at the Apple Store and installed on my Mac. PSE 10 is still not opening d4 raw files (camera raw 6.5). I tried to update to 6.7 taken from Adobe but did not succeed to install it. Could you please advice what to do?

    Thanks for your help. It works !!!
    Bartek A
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    Re: PSE 10 from Apple Store problem with camera raw 6.7 upgrade
    created by Barbara B. in Photoshop Elements - View the full discussion
    You will have to do the update manually for the app store version. Instructions are here:
    (that's for 6.6 but the steps/file paths are the same for 6.7)
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  • How to report Apple a problem in software by e-mail?

    How to report Apple a problem in software by e-mail?  For example I got a problem: new version of iTunes 11.1.1 is not running at all! (uninstalled old one first) When I try to launch itunes from my laptop desktop I get this box Win7 64. I don't want to open any system files, just wish that Apple will make a program which work. Apple please!
    "The file itunes Library.itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of itunes" and it not run at all!!

    Hi Nick.
    If you open a free Apple Developer account you can use the bug reporter tool. However if you want to file a bug report you need to tightly identify a reproducible fault, detail the conditions in which it arises and ideally supply any workaround you have discovered.
    In other circumstances iTunes Feedback is probably the appropriate channel. Common problems should gain attention.
    Apple don't provide free technical support for iTunes. The inital point of entry for online assistance is iTunes Support. If none of the online resources help then depending on the nature of the problem, or whether you qualify through a recent purchase, or you are prepared to pay, you may be able to make use of the Contact iTunes Support service. Failing that Apple Support Communities (here) is where users share solutions with each other.

  • Last 6 months back brought i pod for 50$, but i came to know that,the product is vintage model, hence no support from apple, now problem is that ipod is not working, and the serial number is edited by host ,can u pls reach me on edited by host

    last 6 months back brought i pod for 50$, but i came to know that,the product is vintage model, hence no support from apple, now problem is that ipod is not working, and the serial number is <edited by host>,can u pls reach me on <edited by host> 

    This is a user-to-user support site not a place to reach techs. You can make a Genius Bar appointment at your nearest Apple Store and see if you can do an out-of-warranty replacement or you can use a 3rd party repair site.

  • When Apple solve problems with new iTunes calendar sync with windows and outlook?

    When Apple solve problems with new iTunes calendar sync with windows and outlook?

    Anything Downloaded with a Particular Apple ID is tied to that Apple ID and Cannot be Merged or Transferred to a Different Apple ID
    More Info here...
    Apple ID FAQs  >
    If necessary...
    Contact iTunes Customer Service and request assistance
    Use this Link  >  Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact

  • I've tried and tried several times to Connect my device to my PC and follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes to download the update from Apple. Problem is iTunes doesn't connect to my iPad so that I can update to iOS 5. I don't see the iPad icon when

    I've tried and tried several times to Connect my device to my PC and follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes to download the update from Apple. Problem is iTunes doesn't connect to my iPad so that I can update to iOS 5. I don't see the iPad icon when iTunes loads. I have looked in my computer and see the iPad is recognized. Any one else having this problem? This is also happening with my iPod
    Thank you, Ripley

    I haven't updated yet. Apple's download servers have been too busy. Did you know you can update via wifi instead of connection to your computer?
    Here's a description of the update. Not a lot of changes for iPad 1/2.
    iOS 5.1 Software Update
    You can wait a while & update at your convenience.
     Cheers, Tom

  • Virgin email via Apple Mail problem

    Hi - The search facility is temporarily down on this site, so I thought I'd post this to see if others have the same problem or there's a solution.
    I'm in the UK and Virgin Media are my provider. I have a primary POP email account with them and a number of aliases within that account. But just recently two of my accounts have 'gone down', i.e. they are greyed out on the left menu.
    I can still send from the accounts, but cannot receive. I can also log onto web mail without any issues, but mail is simply not downloading to Mail on my desktop. If I delete an account and set it up from scratch, it's fine again... but the problem re-occurs after a week or so.
    I have spoken to Virgin support a couple of times and on the last occasion they have said there is nothing obviously wrong at their server end and it must be an Apple Mail problem... most frustrating!
    Any clues anyone?

    After a recommendation from support at Virgin, I had to close down the accounts and set them up again. Unfortunately they didn't warn me that I would lose all of my email!!!

  • Iphone in Great Britian discovers Apple tech problem - Signal Strength -

    November 25, 2007
    Signal trouble: British iPhone mystery
    Is O2’s network to blame, or Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone?
    That’s the question posed by more than a few British iPhone owners who purchased the device in the past two weeks and have been struggling ever since to get decent telephone reception on it.
    The problem surfaced two days after the phone went on sale in the U.K. when “Matlock” in Derbyshire started a discussion thread on Apple’s support board entitled “UK 02 (poor signal strength/reception problems)”:
    My iphone can barely pick up even the slightest signal, although on occasion can pick up 3 ars, only for it to drop out again. I have two other 02 phones, a Sony Erricson and a Nokia n95 with no reception problems at all. Is anyone experiencing same problem with their iphone, I would like to hear from you. (link)
    Two weeks later, Matlock’s query has received more than 100 replies (and 3,723 pageviews), most of them registering similar complaints. Some users found that reinstalling the software made a difference. When others returned their phones for new ones, the problem went away (although some reported that the new phones were no better).
    Definitive U.K. sales figures are not available, but O2 reported that it sold “tens of thousands” of iPhones the first weekend it was available.
    Several posters on the Apple discussion board volunteered that unlike the complainants, they were getting great reception on their iPhones. And many owners with signal problems expressed pleasure with how well the device performed its other functions.
    But unlike American iPhone owners, who tend to blame any reception headaches on AT&T’s (T) cellular network, the assumption in the U.K. seems to be that the signal problem is Apple’s. The impression is reinforced by O2, which has been referring callers directly to the manufacturer.
    One clue is that many British iPhone owners can, like Matlock, compare the signal strength on their iPhone with other cellphones using the same network (one user even posted photos showing the phones side by side). Another is that the indicator on the iPhone tends to jump to five bars as soon as it is placed in the charging dock, which suggests that the problem is battery related. As user Richard Catledge points out:
    It says in the manual that phone signal is adjusted to the minimum power when not in use, just enough to detect the incoming pings, then it will power up to get the best quality call. It is digital, so as long as the signal power is strong enough to reconstruct at the other end, more power is pointless. I suspect this is what you are seeing, or a slightly flakey implementation.
    Meanwhile, the consensus on the discussion board is that unhappy owners should let Apple know. Writes one user who posts as ::…SAM…::,
    The only way to get anything done about it is if people that have poor signal problems is to take your phone back and get it replaced. The more phones they get back, the sooner they will do something to fix the problem. Emails and complaints are fine, they can be put in a folder, high handset return numbers cant be so easy to hide under the rug.
    Thanks to InformationWeek’s Alexander Wolfe for the link. See his report here.

    Interesting post. My previous phone was an 02 XDA Exec, a smart phone based upon a common handset (forget which one), but the smart phone before that was the same. They all had one thing in common - poor reception.
    tbh, I think its an inherent problem with smart phones. However, with my iPhone I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary really. Its better than the XDA, at least the iPhone doesn't drop out completely!
    But compare it to a normal handset and the normal handset will normally have a much better reception strength.

  • Macbook Air Already Registered To Someone Else, Apple's Problem or JB HI-FI's Problem?

    Hi every,
    I purchased a Ex Demo Macbook Air from JB Hi-FI 2 weeks ago which is a 2011 model, ( salesmen said it was mid 2012 ) but anyways that's another matter. I was using my Air today and i experienced a fault with the sound, I was on the desktop and went to open an app and then a sound started (like a static ticking) which was loud and i was unable to close the app as it never opened and i couldnt restart or shut down.
    After holding the power button down to restart it, i thought, i should register this new Macbook Air under my account, incase something is wrong with it.
    So i went to the apple site and logged in and entered my serial to register it for the 1 year warranty cover and low and behold, it's already been registered! Also the service repairs is valid for another 4 days, Phone Tech Support is expired, Applecare extention option expires in 4 days also.
    So moving forward, This product i have bought is registered to someone else. Am i in my rights to request a brand new unit, and if they don't make mid 2011 models anymore and I entitled to a lastest model? Under the retail purchasing laws i am entitled to 1 year warrenty and the services provided when purchasing IE: phone support etc.
    On Apple's website it says the following:
    If you believe the information shown for your product is incorrect, you can submit your proof of purchase online or by fax. Your sales receipt is needed for Apple's 1-year limited warranty and AppleCare Protection Plan validation, so be sure to keep it in a safe place. Apple's 1-year limited warranty is the same whether or not you register.
    My problem now is, after experiencing the sound fault i experienced, should i try and talk to JB HI-FI or fill out the proof of purchase for Apple and subit to them and see what happens?
    Thanks in advance for your advise, and i hope this makes sence.

    should i try and talk to JB HI-FI
    Yes. You should take the computer the place you bought it from and talk to them.

  • Apple ID problem on iPhone 5: Cannot log in to verified address or reset or delete the address

    My Apple ID included my name and our company's domain, so to make things like calendar invites a bit more anonymous as they fly around the web, a while back I went to and changed my Apple ID to correspond to a more anonymous email address.
    While on I registered and verified the original email address as an Alternate Email Addresses.
    It seemed like it was hard or impossible to change some things, like my iPhone 5, to use the new Apple ID with iCloud, because it only allows me to enter a password, not change the account's email address.
    In general it seemed like everything still worked, though, until the recent update to iOS 7.
    In iOS 7 > settings > iCloud, it's asking me to "Sign in to iCloud" and to "Enter the Apple ID password for "[my old Apple ID email address]."  But when I do enter the password, it doesn't accept it and simply tells me to again to "Sign in to iCloud..." and to "Enter the Apple ID password..."
    I thought perhaps it was confusing my old ID w/ an old password, but neither old or new passwords work.
    After doing research in the Apple Support Communities, I found some saying that I'd just have to go to the bottom of the iCloud screen and it the "Delete Account" button.  Frustrated, I did.  But whether I next selected "Keep on My iPhone" or "Delete from My iPhone" the next thing is says is "Password Required" and "Enter the Apple ID password for  "[my old Apple ID email address]."
    Since that's the very thing that isn't possible for me (always giving the error "Your Apple ID or password is incorrect") I:
    went to and entered my old Apple ID (which, again, is verified still in my Apple ID account as an Alternate Email Address)
    clicked "next"
    selected "Email authentication: To access your information, we will send an email to the address(es) on file for you."
    clicked "next"
    and go this message, "Email has been sent."
    However... it never sent the message to that email account.  So I did it again multiple times.  Then I went and checked spam filters. Then I looked at email logs on the server... Nope... it is not sending the message.
    In desperation I decided to just wipe the phone clean and start afresh through iTunes, where I clicked "Restore iPhone..."  When I did a dialogue box popped up that said, "Find my iPhone must be turned off before [iPhone 5's name] can be restored. Go to iCloud Settings on your iPhone and turn off Find My iPhone before restoring your iPhone." 
    On the phone in settings > iCloud, there is a "Terms and Conditions" blue link that I "Agreed" to, which gives me access in iCloud to turn off Find My iPhone, but as soon as I do, the Apple ID password for that old email address is demanded, again... and of course I don't have it...
    In researching I read that perhaps another alias could be added to my > email > preferences > accounts, but as it turns out the alias can't be my old Apple ID.  It has to be an alias that include in the address.
    What can I possibly do, now, please? 

    Well, in my case things have turned out well.
    Apple Supports' highest level personnel talked to the Apple engineers.  The Apple engineers said that if I had a receipt for my phone that they would be able to release the phone's Apple ID.  I did have the receipt, because thankfully the Apple Store emailed it to me when I made the in-store purchase, so I emailed it them along w/ a link to this discussion because they were asking for a description of the scenario.
    A couple days later they emailed me saying:
    Thanks for contacting Apple.
    The device serial number on your case does not have an Activation Lock enabled. To get help for the issue you’re experiencing, you’ll need to contact AppleCare Support.
    You can start your support request online and get connected to an expert at the Contact Apple Support website:
    AppleCare Account Security
    I then recontacted the Apple Support person who had been helping me. He said he'd talked for 45 minutes with the Apple engineers and had one *last* idea.
    He had me log into > Password and Security, then he had me delete my Rescue Email Address (which was the same as my old/original Apple ID that has been stuck on my iPhone 5's iCloud account).
    After doing that he had me go to the Name, ID, and Email Adresses tab (which you see when you first log into and change my newer Apple ID back to my old original one. (Note: An email is required to verify each of these account changes.)
    Then I went into my iPhone's settings > iCloud, and YAY!!!! it let me log into my account!  Then I went to the bottom of the iCloud screen and deleted the account.
    Then I went back into Apple ID, logged in, and deleted the old Apple ID, re-entered my new one, and saved it. (Note: An email is required to verify each of these account changes.)
    Then I went back to my phone and entered my Apple ID's email address and password... and it worked!
    Now I just need to fix some stuff that got goofed up in all of the experimenting.
    If anyone else on the planet has read this much, I would recommend going back in and adding all the info you can to your Apple ID so that your backup addresses and aliases are right.
    Final thought: My problem was a result of an error/problem with Apple's product.  I kind of wish it was like other industries that try to compensate for their own mistakes (restaurant = free meal, airline industry = upgrade, etc.) because this took a LOT of my time.  But I do appreciate the support workers' perseverance in helping.

  • HT5625 apple id problems with apple id and icloud log on

    hi all you dudes out there?
    i am having problems with my log on to itunes and icloud?
    really thye problem began some time ago when i got an upgrade from iphone 3s to iphone 4s, i kept my old iphone as a second phone then gave the old one to my mrs?
    the problem is when i send a message to anyone the wife gets it on hers too? and vice versa? i have now desected/romoved the old iphone 3s from my apple account but its still happening? on removing the old iphone i got an icloud log on with new passwords and i changed the email on record for itunes and apple log on as my emial address had changed due to a new broardband supplier so the old one became usless to me so i changed it all?
    now the aqpple id still comes up as the log on id for itunes and icloud and i cant seem to rectify this even though i have changed all the details around to the new log on id`s ???and i still get her messages and her mine??? its driving me potty? i mean when you change the id surly apple should wipe the old log on? apparently not so if i try to log on with the old details it wont let me on? now i cant buy music or anything else?
    has anyone got any answers so i can retify the log on and stop messages going to my phone from the wifes and mine to hers? like if i text her i get the message on both my own and to hers ???
    i would say niether of us could cheat cos we get each others messages
    any help would be greatly appreciated believe me! thankyou all in advance! herrline or Graham!

    hi guys and gals an update to the above question?
    the settings for icloud still has my old email address which i deleted from itune and apple? so maybe this is why i cant get on to itunes etc But? i cant change or delete from my iphone icloud account so i can reset it with out logging in with the old details which are no longer on itunes or apple system so im compleatetly stuck?
    aaaarrhhhhh? herrline or Graham.
    on the godd side the problem with the texting seems to have rectified after i followed the info from the right hand side other questions like "my wifes iphone thinks its the same as mine"? its now not messageing mine when i send messages so i hope when she sends messages i wont get her either?

  • Apple id problems on iphone 5

    Hi guys, i have a problem with accounts. I had an iphone 5 on which i changed apple id. Now i got a new device and when i connected it to my pc it backed up to an really old version which was running on old apple id. Now i cannot acces icloud because this id that doesnt really exist anymore so the password i write down doesnt match but what really doesnt match is id. How can i delete this old id account/version? Thx

    Hello, isepar. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    You may find this article helpful with the issue you are experiencing.
    iOS 7: If you're asked for the password to your previous Apple ID when signing out of iCloud
    Jason H.

  • Solving an Apple ID problem if I move to iCloud

    After many years of being a Mac user, I still contend the most un-Apple like thing they do is the restriction process of Apple IDs.  I might be wrong, and hopefully I am, but here is my current situation and how I'd like to change it.
    1.  I'm currently a Google Apps user (because I can use my own domain) so I now live in the Google Cloud.  That said, now that I've switched from Android to the iPhone 4S and I'm about to get an iPad, I would rather just be "all Apple" (you'd think Apple would like this and make it easy for people to come back 100% into the Apple corral...but they don't).
    2.  My current (and only) Apple ID is my Gmail email address, as is my iTunes ID.  But if I dump Google completely and move everything to, iCal, iCloud, etc. I'll "forever" have to use my old Gmail email address as my Apple ID and iCloud login (I think I can change my iTunes one to my address, though...not even sure about that).
    3  In a perfect world, I'd like to simply make my current Apple ID disappear and use my email address as my Apple ID for everything on iCloud and iTunes.  One thing I will not do is move everything over to iCloud and then have to use an old Gmail address as my Apple ID for the rest of my life.
    I'm sure I know the answer to number (3.) is "no", but thought I'd ask anyway, just in case there is some magic that can be worked.  If not, does anyone know if Apple is ever going to change things to allow changing the Apple ID?  I know there are thousands out there with the same issue...all you have to do is Google the problem.  Thanks for any help or ideas.

    @Winston Churchill:  This is what makes no sense.  (Bear in mind I already have an iCloud account and address).  What I said in my original post was that I was going to get rid of my primary email (Gmail account) and move to using nothing but my email address.  So you're saying I could change my Apple ID to a different email address than my current Gmail [email protected]..and that would be OK.  But I could not change it to my current [email protected] address?  That is insane.  Why would Apple not want me to use their own email addrress? 
    They already don't allow the use of other email accounts with iCloud (only my address) which says "...hey, we want you to be an Apple person, not a HotMail or Gmail person", but yet I can't change my Apple ID to my address.
    One last thing, which might solve this.  Can I change my current Apple ID (my Gmail address) to something that is NOT an email address (something more like a username)?  Then could I associate the newly changed Apple ID with my iCloud email address?  I just want ONE login for iCloud and iTunes, and have only ONE email address...that being my address.

  • Another Game Center with Apple ID problem

    hello everyone, i have read all game center problems but i couldn't fix mine.
    Here is the problem:
    I have in my email account ([email protected]) one apple ID, but in this ID there are two different accounts with different names (vs & djvs) in Game Center. The "djvs" i made at the beggining and the "vs" that i made later...
    I restored my iphone yesterday and when i typed the apple id it logged me in the game center with my djvs name whitch is empty as i made it when i first got the iphone and it was like an experiment. How can i log in with my other name from the same email? is there a solution?

    Under the General menu, erase all content and settings, an set it up as a new phone.

  • Hey Apple, the problem isn't us and isn't going away - QT audio ok but

    QT audio ok but QT video just not showing up
    Hey Apple, look into this as too many posts on too many forums here verifying that the QT movies work with 3rd party browsers but even the latest Safari beta browser is only delivering audio.
    ok, so maybe we aren't running intel dual processors, but we are running the latest versions of os X and QT on our PowerPC computers. someone at Apple needs to wake up and just tell us it's our problem since we haven't bought a new Intel based computer or either make a fix.
    after reading so many posts in PowerPC forums --> even Tiger forums, and even QT forums about this problem it can't be explained off as "you installed something on your computer that won't let you see video in a QT movie on this official Apple website"
    i expect this post to be heavily monitored or even closed for discussion - but doing so won't wash away the problem. just tell us to get a new intel-duo based mac as our older macs aren't up to par or something - or just tell us something like it's a recognized problem on older macs or video will become a problem in QT more and more with older macs.
    more and more users like me are left hanging in thinking that we have installed or done something to our older macs that won't let us see video [only hear audio]. yet the fact remains that if we fire up firefox or a 3rd party browser then all works fine.
    just one of many links is:
    Message was edited by: mjp29

    I have found a better solution that dragging the plug-in to the desktop:
    I copy /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/QuickTime Plugin.webplugin into my local directory
    ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins
    And now I can see the videos from Apple website over Safari!
    I guess "my" Safari doesn't look into the main directory, but into the local one. It should be the other way around, but at least this fixes the problem more elegantly.
    Still, the thing is unclear. A colleague with a new MacBook doesn't experience this problem. His local Internet Plug-Ins are empty, and Safari runs perfectly. Weird!?!?!!?!!

  • I need help with an Apple ID problem...

    I own a Macbook and an iPod touch, I have downloaded numerous apps for the iPod over the years. 18 months ago my boyfriend got an iPhone 3GS and created an Apple ID but it would not let him download apps due to some kind of issue registering his bank card. At the time I tried to sort it out and told him to get in touch with Apple support but he was impatient and wanted to start getting apps right away so I caved in and let him use my Apple ID. The next day I realised this was a stupid thing to do when all his apps started appearing in my iTunes. However I didn't see it as too much of a problem at the time...
    Tomorrow I am going to pick up my shiny new iPhone 5 (my first iPhone ) and I am worried about plugging it into my Mac and having all these apps that I really don't want around in my iTunes. I am imagining an absolute pain in the bum trying to sort all these apps out and syncing them to the right devices? I would absolutely love to just shift all his apps over to his Apple ID, he has loads of stuff that he needs to keep now. He does not have a computer himself, but there is no real need to plug his iPhone into my macbook ever again. After having a quick read around the forums, there seems to be no simple answer to this problem. If anyone could help with this I would be extremely grateful!

    DoubleSkin wrote:
    I would absolutely love to just shift all his apps over to his Apple ID,
    You can't. All apps are forever tied to the ID used to originally obtain them. In your case, that would be your ID. He really needs to get his own ID, delete these apps, then purchase them using his ID.
    For you, just delete what you don't want from your iTunes library.

Maybe you are looking for

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