APPLE mouse & keyboard not working with Windows (Bootcamp)

I installed Leopard and Windows XP on my Mac Pro. The installation went very smoothly. Only problem I have is that my Apple wireless keyboard and mouse do not work on Windows (frozen) although they work fine on Leopard. I tried a Logitech wireless trackball and it works fine on both Windows and Leopard. Any suggestion?

Thanks. I upgraded from Tiger and downloaded Bootcamp from Leopard Installation disc ( I did not have a beta version ). I then installed Windows XP SP2 ( brand new, just bought for that purpose ). Wonder if Mac wireless keyboard and mouse are compatible with Window. Everything else work beyond my expectation.

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  • Why do my Apple Earpod Microphones not work with Windows 7?

    My laptop has 3 ports (Microphone, and 2 headphone ports), and I've got a VERY bad external mic, that I might be giving to someone else, because I have Earpods. The only thing is, the Earpods don't have a microphone cable as well as a headphone cable, and the Earpod microphone doesn't work with Windows 7! Can anyone give me the drivers for it or something? I really love the quality of these headphones and it also means I don't have to lean towards my microphone (my desk won't allow me to move the mic any closer to me). Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Have you tried a hard reset of your iPad by holding down the Home button and sleep button together until your iPad goes black and the Apple logo reappears, then let the buttons go?

  • Wireless keyboard and mighty mouse do not work with windows Vista

    I have a new iMac core 2 duo 20" used by my granddaughter.
    The drive has been partitioned using 50-50 with Boot Camp Assistant to form 2 250 GB partitions and windows Vista has been installed on one of them. The installation process runs smoothly as does the process when the OSX disc is installed for the relevant drivers for keyboard, mouse, isight camera etc. At the end of this process it is necessary to click a :"finish" button but at this point the mouse and keyboard have frozen and there is no other way of inputting information. Restarting in windows takes me to the log in page but there is no way to input the user name and proceed further.
    Apple support has suggested hat I use a wired keyboard and mouse or call Microsoft support. Microsoft support have told me that they do not support Vista on a Mac.
    Any suggestions would be helpful.

    I had the same problem on the mac mini from my dad with windows XP.
    I could install everything smoothly but when i wanted to connect the mighty mouse and a wireles apple keyboard i had the same problem.
    I fixed this by using a mouse with cable and then add the keyboard and mouse via bluetooth in the configurationscreen. i had to do do this 6 times (the same thing) before it worked so maybe its the same in vista

  • Apple Bluetooth Keyboard not working with Macbook??

    I copied this from a post on a reply earlier, but thought I'd start a new post and hope that someone has had a similar problem.
    I have the new Apple wireless keyboard that doesn't work on my Macbook. Ironically, the only keys that do work are the top row. Screen brighten or dim, Dashboard, speaker volume control etc...
    I've connected it and paired it successfully, but the keys just don't seem to work. (delete and arrow keys also work) After a while, my mighty mouse (wireless) start acting funny, or the track pad button on the laptop itself stops working. Shutting of the keyboard at this point doesn't help and I need to reboot the computer.
    I've taken it to Fortune Tower in Bangkok where they have a apple support center and he couldn't get it to work on his 17" mac book pro either. He wanted me to leave it, but I took it back to the international departure terminal of the Bangkok international airport, (had to wait for another flight to China to do this) and returned it to the store where I bought it. But they wanted to see the problem and I showed them that it didn't work. Convinced, then then brought out a new one and I wanted to verify that IT worked but same exact problems.
    I suggested that they connect it to another computer? Which they did, an Imac and it worked fine. Then they connected it to a Mac Book Pro, (15 inch) and it worked fine there as well.
    Could this be a firmware update issue?
    Anyone else having problems like this?
    I just hope that this isn't a simple setting somewhere that I've overlooked... but I'll try anything at this point.

    I have exactly the same problem! Macbook Pro 2GHz (so not a very recent one...), OS, firmware, etc updated to the latest. My Mac dealer proposed to do a clean installation of 10.5.2 - did not help. Apple Support told me to uninstall the keyboard and install it again (for more help they want money...) I did - same problem. Only function keys and cursor keys work. Funny thing - during pairing the code can be entered and recognized, but later no character cames through.
    The keyboard is perfectly OK, since it works with my MacPro without any problems.
    The mouse, on other hand, works nicely so far.
    Maybe now will someone give us a wise advice?

  • Keyboard not working with Windows 7 Bootcamp

    I am using Window 7 with bootcamp. Its been working fine but for some reason the keyboard doesn't appear to to work as I can't even sign in. I've tried rebooting several times but no joy.

    Did you install the Windows support software? Did you check in Windows sytem to see if the drivers are working? Check the Boot Camp help documnets and visit the Boot Camp forum

  • Macbook Air internal keyboard not working with windows 7

    I have a macbook air 1.6ghz (1st gen) . I just installed windows 7 32bit on it and got the latest bootcamp. Everything else works perfect except the keyboard. Anyone have any drivers I could try ? I tried the external ones but I do not have an external keyboard so its not much use. Anyone have the internal driver for it ?
    *i have tried bootcamp 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2* The keyboard works perfectly on the mac side. I truly believe this is a driver issue because on the device manage under keyboards it has the driver listed as HID and under HID devices one of the keyboard drivers has a yellow exclamation mark.
    I have also tried extracting the driver from the Apple drivers folder and running it that way.

    Did you install the Windows support software? Did you check in Windows sytem to see if the drivers are working? Check the Boot Camp help documnets and visit the Boot Camp forum

  • HP Elitebook 6930p - Touchpad and keyboard not working with Windows 7

    Hi all,
    I have 6930p, installed Vista Bussines from factory installation and upgraded it to Windows 7 Ultimate. It all went fine, all devices worked. After the first restart, keyboard and touchpad stop responding. I attached USB mouse and keyoboard, and found errors in device manager for these two devices. I tryed to uninstall them and reinstall, but all I get is errors:
    In device manager I have the same error message, and devices are listed as unknown.
    When I try to use windows update, it finds the drivers I need but it can not install them.
    The OS is 32bit, Windows 7 Ultimate. I can not get it work, please help or reffer me to some other place where I can try to find a solution.
    Thanks in advance.

    All driver for Win7 are avaible for Your model here.
    To solve Your problem with keyboard install HP Quick Lunch Buttons.
    To solve Your problem with touchpad install Synaptics touchpad.
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    APPLE TV DOES NOT WORK WITH NETFLIX, just a black screen and "Netflix is loading" message appears. I can´t even see Netflix´s home page or set up my account. Netflix is working fine on all other devices at home, but in Apple TV.
    I have tried the DNS trick, the turn off procedure, the manual IP setting, but screen still appears

    It started working.....!!!!!  (It seems someone back there is listening)
    I "forced" an upgrade, I mean it showed "AppleTV is updated", nevertheless I re-started the system using the "return to original configurations" option. Then it updated again by itself to a newer version....and started working perfectly.
    I have paired my apple wireless keyboard and it works fine, this way is easier to set up passwords or so (you can also do it with your remote).
    I didn´t change any language or video quality configuration (scared to do so)
    I changed to ethernet (cable) instead of wireless
    My internet plan is 6 Megabytes (it was the same while it wasn't working)
    good luck!!

  • My wifi driver is not working with windows 8.1 in my MBA2013?

    My wifi driver is not working with windows 8.1 in my MBA2013?
    i installed windows 8.1 with bootcamp, everythigs seems to be working fine except the wifi,
    please help me to solve this problem,,

    neokenchi wrote:
    hi erabbath,
    Welcome to the Forums.
    If you have the Intel Centrino N2230 Wireless + Bluetooth adapter, can you try to:
    1. Navigate to the Control Panel (large icon view) > Devices and Printers and try to pair a bluetooth device (i.e. Bluetooth Headset) and observe if it gets detected under the device list.
    2. If the Bluetooth Headset is listed but it's not working try toright click on it > choose Properties. On the bluetooth properties Window, go to the Services Tab and check all the appropriate bluetooth services.
    Sample picture
    Let me know your findings.
    Thank you very much for your answer,
    I went to Control Panel  > Devices and Printers and i tried to add a new device as the bluetooth doesn't appear this is what i got. By the way the bluetooth was on.
    Link to picture
    And this is what i have on the Bluettoth
    And it search endlessly whereas before the upgrade it was working properly,
    All the drivers are up to date as well as windows updates are all installed
    Thanks in advance for your help
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  • Brightness and volume control keys not working with windows 7?

    brightness, volume control and some other keys keys are not working with windows 7 with macbook pro retina. Can I fix it?

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    Have you installed Boot Camp drivers? You need them to make your computer work properly on Windows, and to use your function keys as Play or Pause, volume and brightness keys.
    To install them, follow these steps:
    1. Press the X key while your Mac is starting to start into OS X.
    2. Open Boot Camp Assistant and tick only the option to download Windows support software.
    3. Windows support software will be downloaded and Boot Camp Assistant will ask you to burn it into a DVD or USB drive, so do it.
    4. Start into Windows, insert the DVD or USB drive and install Boot Camp drivers. Your Mac and your volume and brightness keys will be working after installing the drivers

  • Why is Emoji Keyboard not working with iOS7....??? Is there any setting which I am missing? Can anyone help

    Why is Emoji Keyboard not working with iOS7....??? Is there any setting which I am missing? Can anyone help

    Yes. you should keep your media in iTunes, and indeed you should also keep a backup of your library as well. if you have the device set up for manual management then the content would remain on it when deleted from the library, but you would have no way to restore the device if there was a problem.
    See also: Getting iTunes & Windows Media Player to play nicely

  • I have wireless mouse does not work with boot camp

    i have wireless mouse does not work with boot camp

    Did you install the correct driver for your Windows version? Are you saying the mouse does not work in Windows after Windows is installed?

  • ITunes 12.1.1 does NOT work with Windows - Fix??

    Hi everyone,
    I had issue after issue with the latest iTunes update (12.1.1) not working on my windows 7. It simply would not lunch when clicking on the shortcut to open.
    After a fair bit of searching I found this alternative version which seemed to do the trick and now it works:
    iTunes for Windows (64-bit - for older video cards) - iTunes64Setup.exe(2015-02-18)

    The "for older video cards" installer - which, like most prior "64 bit" versions of iTunes, is actually a 32 bit application with a 64 bit installer - may be a useful fallback if the full 64 bit version does not install or run correctly.  Although is a major improvement over, there are clearly still some lurking incompatibilities with some 64 bit Windows systems/components.  It is, however, a little misleading to say that "iTunes 12.1.1 does NOT work with Windows" - in many cases it works fine without switching to the alternative version.  I have the full 64-bit version of running on three systems - two Windows 7 and one Windows 8.1 - no issues with either installation or operation on any of them.

  • HT202157 My apple TV is not working with light flashing after up date

    My apple TV is not working with the light flashing after an up date, what can be done?

    same here macbok air 2012 appletv 3 bugs the **** out of me
    it just stops randomly after a "while"

  • My Apple TV is not working with my Macbook pro 13 inch mountain lion after Apple TV upgrade?

    My Apple TV is not working with my Macbook pro 13 inch mountain lion OS X 10.8.2 after Apple TV upgrade?
    I am getting an error message as soon as I try to connect my Apple TV
    An error occurred (-6722) while connecting to the AirPlay device “Apple TV”
    it was working fine however after the upgrde it is giving me the above error message

    same here macbok air 2012 appletv 3 bugs the **** out of me
    it just stops randomly after a "while"

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