Apple TV 2G (Airplay and Homesharing) can only stream from devices on the same wireless access point range??

40 Mbps Fiber Broadband connection using:
1. Main Modem/router (AP1): Huawei HG8245 (provided by ISP) - Wireless enabled.
2. Remote Access point (AP2): Linksys/Cisco E3200 Wireless gigabyte router flashed with DD-WRT v24-sp2 (06/14/11) mini (Cascaded -wired- LAN to LAN from main modem).
3. Wireless Repeater to cover a dead spot  (AP3): Linksys/Cisco E1000 wireless repeater.
4. Apple Tv (AT2G) with home sharing/airplay enabled.
5.( Ipad) with home sharing on itunes enabled.
6. Win7 (PC) using iTunes with Home sharing enabled.
all devices are updated to their latest firmware.
In order to cover a large 3 story house with Wifi. I had (AP1) is located on the first floor, while (AP2) is located in the basement floor directly wired by LAN to LAN with (AP1). (AP3) is located on the Ground floor away from the living room to repeat wireless network into the back yard. While (AT2G) is located in the living room on the ground floor right in the middle of both (AP1) + (AP2) while connected via Wifi.
Network SSID, security, passphrase and wireless settings of (AP2) are identical to (AP1) to create a single big LAN/WLAN roaming network where all devices connected to both wireless access points can find/share the others. As understood, it's refered to as bridging.
I have noticed that my iphone/ipad does not show the airplay button anywhere within the wireless network. it seems that the apple TV randomly choses to connect to the AP with stronger signal, or switch to the other in case of a reboot to one of them.
to elaborate further, if i was sitting in the living room (groundfloor), trying to airplay some you tube contents via Wifi to my Apple TV, i may not find the airplay button available all the time, i found out the reason is while i'm wirelessly connected to AP1, the Apple TV was connected to AP2 and both deviced cannot detect each others to enable my purpose. that goes the same for Home Sharing. only if my Ipad/PC and Apple Tv are on the same wireless AP. they would detect each others immediately.
although, the second AP (AP2) is suppose to extend my wireless network of the same subnet in which any device connected can be found.
After all sorts of trial and error tweaking my router/access point, I thought the problem would be due to the Linksys 3200 capability of bridging WLAN and lacks few protocols that enables my purpose. i have flashed the firmware to a DD-WRT, but again, problem was not solved.
I have not tried having my Apple Tv wired to either router/AP, but i assume it may work well if i do so. i still need to solve this wireless connection issue though.
Am i the only one with this problem, would there be something wrong with my setup? 
Your feedback is highly appreciated.

You may or may not already have your network set up correctly, it's just that I can't tell from what you have said.
I have a main router provided by my ISP, I have several other Airport Extremes and Airport expresses connected by Ethernet, all set up to bridge the network created by the main router.
Each maker has their own settings, but bridging should be reasonably obvious. In simple terms my main router distributes IP addresses to all devices, the Airports bridge that network by passing these addresses to the devices from the main router. A base station that isn't in bridging mode will distribute its own addresses to the devices connected to it.
I don't really follow your next point.
instruction for configuration vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the best course of action here is to refer to the manual. If everything is set up properly the addresses of everything on your network will have identical sets of numbers for the first 3 of 4 groups of numbers that make up an address, the last set must always be different. I think the part you are referring to with your DD-WRT is the option to have Ethernet and wifi bridged or not.
Some routers may be easier to configure than others, but generally speaking they should all work with the Apple TV. 5Ghz is less likely to suffer interference but it is much more likely to be blocked by solid objects, it may or may not be an advantage.

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    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.  This article has a list of things to check for issues using AirPlay:
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    Troubleshooting performance issues
    Wi-Fi Connection
    If you are experiencing intermittent playback or significant network lag with AirPlay, it could be due to a weak Wi-Fi connection, interference, or the distance between the Wi-Fi router and your AirPlay-enabled device.
    Ensure that other devices aren't trying to stream to the same Apple TV at the same time.
    Ensure that your Wi-Fi router is set up with the recommended settings for the best performance.
    Certain external devices, such as microwave ovens and baby monitors, may interfere with a Wi-Fi network. Try moving or disabling these devices.
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    Have your wife log in to her user account on the laptop. Launch iTunes, then connect her phone to the computer with the USB cable. Sync. That should put back all apps and media. Since you already upgraded her to iOS 5 she'll have to manually enter all her settings and preferences, and organize her home screens.

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    Go to Settings>iCloud and tap Delete Account, then if you're using iOS 7 enter the password to turn off Find My iPhone when prompted.  This only deletes the account from the device, not from iCloud.  The other device won't be effected by this.  Also, when you delete the account you will be prompted about whether or not to keep a copy of the iCloud data on the device or delete it.  Finally, if you want to keep any of the photo stream photos on the device, save them to the camera roll before deleting the account.

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    In simple terms, no. You can use a kvm A/B switch to select which mini the keyboard and mouse will control. Think of this, if both minis always listened to one keyboard and mouse they will both be doing the same thing together.

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