Apple TV Airplay Unbearably Cutting Out after Update

Hi All,
I have an ATV v3 on a wired ethernet connection to my router (gigabit ethernet) on a 20mbps ADSL line.
Ever since I've had it it's been very poor for streaming over wifi, can only just handle MP3s from iTunes and videos are unwatchable. This is coming from multiple sources - iPhone, iPad, Macbook pro. Music is intermittent at best with dropouts every few minutes and often cutting out all together requiring the reselecting of the Apple TV as the output.
All of this so much so that I have to revert to the good old tactic of actually plugging in my iPhone to the stereo or Macbook to the TV. So archaic.
However, since I live in an apartment with lots of wifi signals I figured it was probably because of that. So, I hard wired in the Apple TV over ethernet and since then it HAD all been working much much with no dropouts and almost watchable.
However, after all the updates, I'm back to square one. The updates have literally rendered my €120 Apple TV useless and certainly 'not fit for purpose'. As I sit here trying to listen to a song playing from my phone, it can't even get through 1 whole song before dropping out. And by the way, I'm only sat 5M at most from my wireless point, in the same room.
5 year ago I was able to continuously and reliably stream music to a Roku Soundbridge that was basic at best. What the feck is Apple doing with this stuff? As most people, I buy Apple products because I expect them to just work and I don't want 20 mins of hair pulling, shouting frustration until I give in and have to plugin the computer / phone anyway. It's ridiculous and yet I fear it will fall on deaf ears.
My setup.
iPhone 5s, IoS8
iPad 4, IoS8
Macbook Retina OS Mavericks
Wired Gigabit Ethernet connection
Wireless N connection for the others.
Static IP Addressing
Reset / Restarted everything.
So what's going on?

I appreciate that with knowing nothing about my network you're pushing a passive aggressive blame on me however it's out of place. I work as a System Admin for a national healthcare staffing firm and from reading your post in this thread I'm assuming I actually have more knowledge on what networking is and what could and could not effect Airplay. Also, please read. The issue is the device is restarting or powering off, how is that network related? Is it getting some demonic version of a WOL packet and powering down?
I mentioned multiple devices streaming have the issue ranging from iTunes on a PC to mobile devices. This sets off a flag right away that the Apple TV itself is the issue as many "users" are having a problem with it. Second, there was zero issues prior to the iOS 8 update of the Apple TV, also points to it not being a mystical magical network issue. Third, there's been no network changes in my home that would impact Airplay magically only when iOS 8 comes out.
My Apple TV is hard wired using gigabit on the same switch as my work laptop and NAS. Both have the same issues streaming since iOS 8 on the Apple TV. My iPad and iPhones also have issues over wi-fi. Here we're looking at two different parts of the network having identical issues with the 1 device. Once again the evidence points to the Apple TV.

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    I updated to iOS 5.1 the day it got released and quickly realised that my wifi kept cutting out, usually after I had locked the phone and started using it again. I didn't think much of it but it kept happening. Most commonly, I would go to work, use the 3g then when coming home it would connect automatically to the wifi and it would show that its connected but wouldn't load any pages. A week or so later, my lock button decided to cave in so I was given a new iPhone by the apple store but the problem still exists. My wifi works fine on my macbook and the 3-4 other laptops we have around the house, its just my iPhone it seem. The problem is still going on now.
    Basically my iPhone shows that its connected to wifi but if I go to safari to browse, it doesnt load anything. The only way I can fix it is by going to settings and turning wifi on then off and this usually works for around 10 minutes before it happens again.
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    I had this issue. The only fix was to get a new sim (for $25 from Optus - thanks Optus). Worryingly, the no sim message reappeared briefly last night, but disappeared after power on/off
    Probably not a coincidence - my iPad 3g microsim (also from Optus) has stopped working too after the upgrade. It did work initially, but now give a "No cellular data" message. Optus can't find a problem with it. So it looks like I need to replace that too.

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    I am having the same problem also  Thought it was my network and reset everything including Apple TV but still the problem is there . I assume now it is down to iOS 8 prior to that was perfect

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    I am playing music via Apple TV, but it cuts out & switches off during play. Is there a fix for this?

    There's an issue currently that a lot of us are experiencing in that we all get the error message "iTunes is currently unavailable; please try later"
    It's an issue with Apple and we're awaiting an update re this
    I've posted a topic in regards to this after having a long conversation with Apple support this morning and will be receiving a call from their tech team tomorrow to run through it further
    As it stands iTunes cannot be accessed via ATV's and nor can it be streamed via AirPlay from iTunes to the ATV
    However I can access all films/iCloud content via my Mac Mini with no issues!

  • Airplay cuts out after one song

    I am having a problem with airplay cutting out after each song when using Itunes. I tunes continues to play but tracks but is not transmitting via airplay.
    configuration is as follows:
    Airport time capsule is connected via wireless to airport express, airport express is connected to wireless internet router via cat 6 RJ45, Apple TV connected via wireless to airport express.
    It is not physically possible to connect all devices together with cable.
    Time capsule is set to extend network via wireless connection to airport express and both are configured for 5GHz.
    I can connect my MAC Book Pro mid 2012 to either the Time capsule or airport express.
    Aiport express is connected to a Sound sytem and apple TV is also connected to separate Sound System.
    When playing tracks through ITunes and selecting both or either airport express or apple TV airplay cuts out. If I connect directly to my old internet router it also cuts out, indicating there is a possible problem with the WI-FI connection but each device has a perfect connection due to their proximity. If I connect my MAC Book Pro directly to the airport express in the same room and within 4 ft of each other airplay cuts out after one track so that does not indicate a signal error.
    This problem has only started recently and did not happen on my windows PC and if I play directly from my IPad or Iphone the music streams perfectly but I can only stream to one device at a time.
    Current configs:
    Airport express Version 7.6.4
    Time Capsule version 7.7.1
    Itunes version 11.1.3 (8)
    MAC Book Pro OS 10.8.5 mid 2012
    Apple TV (latest update)
    Obvious things I have done:
    Checked for updates
    Rebooted every device several times
    Tried moving every device closer together (made no difference)
    Re-rooted all light aircraft and switched off every thing that could possibly that transmits device in the house
    Does anybody have a solution to this problem.

    I have this same problem. 
    I am using an Alienware Aurora desktop PC running Windows 8.1.  My music library is stored on  Synology Diskstation 1513+ NAS.  The PC, Playmaker and NAS are all wired into a Netgraer D6300 router. 
    I have no problem playing iTunes through my PC speakers or headphones but when I use Airplay to play either through my Apple TV OR my Bang and Olufsen Playmaker (through to B&O speakers) the music stops after one track even though iTunes is still playing the next track in the playlist.  If I stop and restart, or if I choose another track it plays through to the end and the problem starts again.  If I play wirelessly from my iPhone through the Playmaker and the B&O speakers I have no problem.  So it seems to be fairly and squarely an Airplay issue?
    This was intermittently happening but is now happening all the time.  GRRRRRR!

  • Music cuts out after a few seconds or goes straight back to menu since I downloaded iTunes 11. Never had this problem since I bought apple tv 2 years ago.

    Music cuts out after a few seconds or goes straight back to menu since I downloaded iTunes 11. Never had this problem since I bought apple tv 2 years ago.

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Intermittent problems are often a result of interference. Interference can be caused by other networks in the neighbourhood or from household electrical items.
    You can download and install iStumbler (NetStumbler for windows users) to help you see which channels are used by neighbouring networks so that you can avoid them, but iStumbler will not see household items.
    Refer to your router manual for instructions on changing your wifi channel.

  • Sound cutting out after 2.1 update

    I installed the newest firmware upgrage, 2.1, the one with the "genius" playlist.
    After this install however, i've had problems with songs cutting out after a few seconds. The song continues to play, but with no sound. Also, this often occurs if i turn the screen off, within a few seconds of selecting a new song to play.
    Has anyone else encountered this problem?

    Has nothing to do with that. Like the previous remark says, it's totally random. One song doesn't work so if you select another song it may play, or not, or just for a few moments. Go back to the song you originally chose and it may play, or not. Same with videos. I just bought a new dock and thought there was something wrong with that but, nope, it's the iPod. It chokes me that something that costs so much is so easily broken. I've only had it for 6 weeks and who knows how long it will take them to fix this issue.
    If you are having the same problem, PLEASE report it so that we can get this fixed asap!

  • My ipod video sound cuts out after 30 sec

    I play my movie and the sound cuts out after a while and then it only plays the video with no sound. It's not the video because it works fine on my computer and all the other videos are doing the same thing. I found if I rewind or fast foreward the sound comes back but only for a little while and the sound cuts out again.

    This happens with the current firmware 1.1 upgrade on the iPod. You can downgrade the firmware to 1.0 and this will solve that problem. Doing it this way you won't have to restore the iPod which will erase it. If you can't do this then you can restore the iPod using the previous updater.
    How To: Downgrade iPod Firmware
    The other option is to use QT Pro which will work to correct the problem:
    1) Open up the Video file in Quicktime Pro
    2) Select File->Export
    3) Select "Movie to MPEG-4" beside "Export:", then click the OPtions button
    4) Select "Video" & make sure the "Video Format" is set to "Pass through"
    5) Do the same for "Audio", then hit OK
    6) Save the file

  • I bought a song on itunes but it cuts out after 14 seconds on my laptop but on my ipod it plays in full, how can I rectify the tune on my pc, thankyou

    I bought a song on itunes but it cuts out after 14 seconds on my laptop but on my ipod it plays in full, how can I rectify the tune on my pc so that I can play it in the house and put it on a cd for the car. I went into the itunes store to play the tune and it cuts out there too. thankyou

    Hello there, La Clairiere Feerique.
    I understand you are having issues with playback of a purchased song. If iTunes in the Cloud is available in your country, it might be best to delete the song from your computer, then re-download from your purchase history.
    To delete a song the following Knowledge Base article offers how to delete from your iOS device:
    How to delete content you've downloaded from the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, or Mac App Store
    Open the section below for the device you are using.
    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
    Mac or PC
    Before you delete, find out if you'll be able to download the song you deleted again (it depends on where you live). To delete a song:
    Launch iTunes.
    From the Library pop-up menu, choose Music.
    Click Songs in the navigation bar.
    Click the song you want to delete.
    Press the Delete key on your keyboard.
    In iTunes 11, the album cover art will remain visible, but a cloud icon will appear on it to allow you to download the item again (in countries that support this).
    Note: If you didn't purchase a song from the iTunes Store, you won't be able to download it again for free from iTunes in the Cloud. You might want to back it up somewhere on your computer.
    Afterwards, re-download the purchases from your purchase history:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.

  • I downloaded an album recently, but I guess my internet was going in and out the whole time, and now 5 of the 14 songs will cut out after a few seconds.  How can I re-download those few songs?

    I downloaded an album recently, but I guess my internet was going in and out the whole time, and now 5 of the 14 songs will cut out after a few seconds.  How can I re-download those few songs?

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Try deleting the problematic tune (electing to remove original file if/when prompted) and then re-downloading the file from the iTunes store.
    You can re-download content purchased from the iTunes store (availability varies depending on location) using the purchased option from the Quick Links section in the top right corner of the iTunes homepage in your iTunes application on your computer.
    You can re-download content purchased from the iTunes store (availability varies depending on location) using the purchased option at the bottom of the screen of the iTunes app on your iOS device.
    If the problem re-occurs, select the content which is causing a problem and use the 'Report a problem' button in Your Purchase History using your computer.

  • When watching movies over Wi-Fi on my AppleTV, it cuts out after a few minutes

    Whenever I watch a movie from my AppleTV, either via the "Movies" or "Computer" options, it keeps cutting out after a few minutes.
    However, if I play something on my iPad and send it to my AppleTV via AirPlay, the movie plays without any problems.
    What could be the problem?

    That would indicate an issue with the network.
    The Movies icon is streaming from icloud. I would verify your current connection using Make sure DNS is set to automatic (settings - general - network)
    The Computers icon is utilizing home-sharing to access your local content off your computer.
    Go to istumbler (Mac) or netstumbler (PC) to get a report of the network, look for signal strength and noise.
    Try connecting via ethernet.

  • The audio on my macbook pro cuts out after a few minutes.

    The audio on my macbook pro cuts out after a few minutes. It sounds like all the low end is removed. I still hear audio but it is MUCH lower and sounds filtered. I can barely hear it maxed out. Nothing attached (no external drives, no speakers, etc) and it's only a few days old.

    Apple store pronto.  If need be (if less than 14 days from purchase) exchange for a new one!

  • .MOV's Audio Cutting out after first few seconds????

    If anyone could assist me I would be extremely grateful. When I import .mov files into Premier Pro cs5, it cuts out after a couple of second. Any other file works fine, it’s just the mov’s. If I play the QuickTime outside Premier it works fine. Does anyone have a solution?
    I am trying to compile a video of a range of different clips from my trip in India.
    The clips details:
    * Various dimensions but average: 640x480
    * 30 fps
    * Photo – jpeg
    Is there something specifically I should select when setting up the file?
    Thank you to whoever has to patience and knowledge to help me out.

    Have you installed the Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.2) update?
    What operating system are you using?

  • FaceTime audio keeps cutting out after a few minutes

    Every time I try to use FaceTime on my iPhone 4, the audio cuts out after 5-10 minutes or so.
    Even after hanging up and calling back, there is still no audio. The picture is fine, but I can't hear anything the other party is saying. They apparently can hear me fine, so it appears to be something with the speaker. However, the speaker works fine in every other app.
    I also tried using Skype, and it worked with no audio problems. So the issue is definitely isolated to FaceTime.
    I do not have this problem with my iPad. It works fine. I tried showing this to a genius at the Apple store, but they can't do anything because the phone is no longer under warranty.
    I tried wiping the phone clean, and setting it up as a brand new phone, and still have the same problem.
    Any suggestions?

    To get a better handle on the problem, connect at least one computer to the router using an Ethernet cable. This can help isolate the problem further.
    You can pretty much connect as many devices to the wireless side as you wish. The only problem you might encounter if you connect a large number of machines on the wireless side is lack of bandwidth. I can't imagine 5-6 machines on a wireless network would be a problem, unless one or two of them attempts a large file transfer. Even then, I would expect the wireless to be slow - not down.
    What version of firmware is in your WRT160N? How long have you had your router, and has it worked properly in the past?
    -- Dan Meyer

  • Shuffle cuts out after 25sec

    shuffle cuts out after 25sec, press play, plays for another 25 then cuts out again and on and on. have tried updating itunes, de registering and reregistering still no luck. any advice.? cheers

    Double check to make sure your headphones are fully inserted into your Shuffle, meaning know metal from the plug is still showing.

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