Apple TV Airplay Unbearably Cutting Out after Update

Hi All,
I have an ATV v3 on a wired ethernet connection to my router (gigabit ethernet) on a 20mbps ADSL line.
Ever since I've had it it's been very poor for streaming over wifi, can only just handle MP3s from iTunes and videos are unwatchable. This is coming from multiple sources - iPhone, iPad, Macbook pro. Music is intermittent at best with dropouts every few minutes and often cutting out all together requiring the reselecting of the Apple TV as the output.
All of this so much so that I have to revert to the good old tactic of actually plugging in my iPhone to the stereo or Macbook to the TV. So archaic.
However, since I live in an apartment with lots of wifi signals I figured it was probably because of that. So, I hard wired in the Apple TV over ethernet and since then it HAD all been working much much with no dropouts and almost watchable.
However, after all the updates, I'm back to square one. The updates have literally rendered my €120 Apple TV useless and certainly 'not fit for purpose'. As I sit here trying to listen to a song playing from my phone, it can't even get through 1 whole song before dropping out. And by the way, I'm only sat 5M at most from my wireless point, in the same room.
5 year ago I was able to continuously and reliably stream music to a Roku Soundbridge that was basic at best. What the feck is Apple doing with this stuff? As most people, I buy Apple products because I expect them to just work and I don't want 20 mins of hair pulling, shouting frustration until I give in and have to plugin the computer / phone anyway. It's ridiculous and yet I fear it will fall on deaf ears.
My setup.
iPhone 5s, IoS8
iPad 4, IoS8
Macbook Retina OS Mavericks
Wired Gigabit Ethernet connection
Wireless N connection for the others.
Static IP Addressing
Reset / Restarted everything.
So what's going on?

I appreciate that with knowing nothing about my network you're pushing a passive aggressive blame on me however it's out of place. I work as a System Admin for a national healthcare staffing firm and from reading your post in this thread I'm assuming I actually have more knowledge on what networking is and what could and could not effect Airplay. Also, please read. The issue is the device is restarting or powering off, how is that network related? Is it getting some demonic version of a WOL packet and powering down?
I mentioned multiple devices streaming have the issue ranging from iTunes on a PC to mobile devices. This sets off a flag right away that the Apple TV itself is the issue as many "users" are having a problem with it. Second, there was zero issues prior to the iOS 8 update of the Apple TV, also points to it not being a mystical magical network issue. Third, there's been no network changes in my home that would impact Airplay magically only when iOS 8 comes out.
My Apple TV is hard wired using gigabit on the same switch as my work laptop and NAS. Both have the same issues streaming since iOS 8 on the Apple TV. My iPad and iPhones also have issues over wi-fi. Here we're looking at two different parts of the network having identical issues with the 1 device. Once again the evidence points to the Apple TV.

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