Apple TV no longer "sees" iTunes library

1.  Our Apple TV is no longer playing nice with our Mac.
2.  iTunes on our Mac no longer plays nice with an external screen.
We have a 3rd generation Apple TV (3.2) running software version 6.0 (6646.65).
Our internet is via cellular on either an iPad mini or an iPad (4th generation); both are running iOS 7.1.2.
Our MacBook Pro, where the iTunes library lives, is running OS X Mavericks 10.9.4.
That iTunes is version 11.3.
1.  Our Apple TV is no longer playing nice with our Mac.
This morning, all was working as it should.  This evening, the Apple TV is connecting to the internet via the "hotspot" on the iPad (4th generation).  The MacBook Pro is using the same network.  All three devices can connect to the internet, but the Apple TV is no longer "seeing" the Mac or the iPad (and they don't "see" the Apple TV, either).  Neither the computer nor the iPad will see the Apple TV to mirror with it, even though they are all on the same wireless network (again, provided by the iPad).  The Apple TV does not know that iTunes on the Mac is online.
Yes, iTunes on the Mac can connect to the iTunes Store.
Yes, homesharing on the iTunes is still turned on.
No known changes have been made to any of the three devices.
Restarting the Apple TV and the Mac didn't fix the problem.
It was just working this morning, and this evening it isn't.
2.  iTunes on our Mac no longer plays nice with an external screen.
After re-booting the Apple TV didn't work, and still wanting to have a movie night, I connected the computer to the display used by the Apple TV.  The screen and the Mac could talk to each other.  My default is to have the larger flatscreen tv set up as an extended screen.  That worked for everything except for iTunes.  I could shift iTunes to the extra screen.  But when I started the movie, it would only play on the Macbook, leaving the extra screen only displaying our desk wallpaper.
Next I tried to set the screens to "mirror."  That started to take, but then would not.  "Aha," I thought.  "Maybe this is the problem with the Apple TV, too?"  So I rebooted the Mac.  That fixed the mirroring problem.  Except for iTunes.  When trying to play a movie in "mirror" mode, it would only play on the Mac, and the extra screen would go black.
This is a completely new problem that we've not seen before.
Any ideas or suggestions?
ps:  the Apple TV is downloading the software update as I type ... but we'll go to bed long before it is likely to finish downloading.

!!! Apple waht have you done !!!
We have equiped our house with 5 Apple-TV's 3. Gen. and an Apple-Server (MacMini 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) and since about 6 Month's i'm going nuts.
The Apple TV's are having randomly problem to connect to iTunes-Library (via WiFi) no matter how near or far they are away from the router.
after switching off and on iTunes all works fine. BUT THIS IS ******* ENNOYING (excuse my french). It looks to me that there is a stupid time-out
in the SW that somehow drops the WiFi. The issue could be the reconnect doesn't work. Did anybody ever investigated on this ?????
I found some forums where the apple-support was handling this with the update of the iTunes-SW and with the AppleTV-SW. Unfortunately this still doesn't work here. I even installed a new WiFi router (Apple Air Port Time Capsule) but didn't change anything !!! It looks like the stuff is getting pure quality !!!!!
Anyone having any suggestion or expiriencing the same issue please reply. It would be highly appreciated for any constructive help from Apple since is a killer
kriterium to buy more apple stuff !!! It all worked fine for more then a year and suddenly ...booooom ... and we have this ****-service now !!! What a good advertisement for apple. !!! What you think i will answer anybody asking me .... ohhh you have a few AppleTV's here can you recommend them ????

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    Thanks.  I just closed Itunes, came back today to check it out and the pull down menu with "Computer" or "Apple TV" was inexplicably back again and everything now works.  I had tried restarting Itunes, the modem, and router before with no luck.  Anyway, it's magically working.

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    What happens, do I only get a parcial library showing up in Apple TV?

    Even though tv is a remote network device, it shows up in iTunes just like a locally connected iPod or iPhone.
    From the iTunes library (of the computer hosting your media) the summary page displays a message that iTunes will sync to the tv in the order: movies, then tv shows, then music, then podcasts, then photos.
    It will copy as much as it can fit. OR you can go to each of the tabs (in iTunes after having selected the tv device) and pick which movies, music, photos, etc. that you'd like to copy.
    As an alternative, on the tv itself, there's a 'Source' menu. In addition to the content locally sync'd into the tv, it'll also display any iTunes library on your network, but the computer must be running iTunes and iTunes must have sharing enabled.
    If the tv is connected via a fairly fast network then live streaming from another computer is no problem. It will "work" with 802.11g wireless - but I noticed back when I used to run it this way that if I told iTunes to 'sync' to the tv it would take a very very long time to complete. So long, in fact, that I used to just do this over-night while I sleep. I think that it suspends syncing if I play a movie (at least if it isn't suspended, it's making such slow progress that I can't notice it). BUT... the tv does support both 802.11n wireless as well as 1000baseT (gigabit) wired networking. If you connect via either of these methods (esp. the gigabit wired), a full-sync will take mere minutes to do your whole hard-drive. It's amazingly fast. So streaming movies from another computer (instead of copying them locally into the tv) is no problem at all.

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    We have recently setup a system with 12 1st gen apple tv's. After purchasing them we found there was a maximum restriction of having 5 Synced and 5 Streaming apple tv's per instance of itunes. The synced ones are set to not actually sync any content, but can however still access all of the itunes content as long as thec omputer is on. So essentiality they are all 'streaming', we never intended to store content on the apple tv's. As soon as you try to add an 11th apple tv to the itunes, one of the other apple tv's (at random) will no longer be able to access the computer running itunes and gets 'kicked off'. Has anyone done this and is there a way around it? I had thought of trying to run 2 instances of itunes pointed at the same library, with half of the apple tvs paired with each instance, but that doesn’t seam possible?
    The new apple tv's use home sharing, does anyone know how many 2nd gen apple tv's can run off one itunes simultaneously?

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    I haven't been able to verify it because I only have 3 Apple TV 2's, but it's generally assumed there is also a limit of 5 devices for homesharing too.

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    iCloud has nothing to do with content like songs and apps that you purchased. You could use one Apple ID for iTunes and App Stores that you would have to set up in "Settings > iTunes & App Stores (Both of you could use the same Apple ID for that). And then everyone of you could set up a (new) iCloud account in "Settings > iCloud" so that everyone of you has its own email address, calendars, notes, reminders, data, backups etc.

  • Is it possible for two apple IDs to share an iTunes library?

    Me and my brother each have our own apple IDs. Is there anyway we can share an iTunes library for all the media available including apps and not be able to see each others emails and keep our own progress in games? The devices we use are iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

    o I installed from our 10 server license pack.
    Note that it's actually a 10 client license, not a 10 server license. As Templeton said, for each system on which you want to install the ARD administration application, you need to purchase a separate copy of ARD.
    How do I get different serial numbers on each machine from the same license pack?
    You don't. If you want to have the administrator application installed on two systems, you will need to purchase a second 10-client copy of ARD.
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    Hi .. I'm using ipone 4s and ipad3 using 2 different apple id. Can i used the same itunes library for both? Where i can copy thosevpurchased app in ipone to ipad?

    From Here
    I have multiple Apple IDs. Is there a way for me to merge them into a single Apple ID?
    Apple IDs cannot be merged. You should use your preferred Apple ID from now on, but you can still access your purchased items such as music, movies, or software using your other Apple IDs.

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    I have been looking for a way to store my DVD's on a hard drive and watch them via my Apple TV as they are taking up too much space on my shelves. My first thought was to buy a large external hard drive and rip the dvd's using Handbrake for my streaming to my Apple TV gen 3 but I remembered that I still have my original 160gig Apple TV gen 1 which pretty much works as a large iPod for movies when syncing content rather than streaming.
    So my plan would be :
    1. Rip and add the dvd's to my iTunes library
    2. Manually sync the movie files to the Apple TV 1
    3. Delete the movies from iTunes to avoid using large amounts of computer hard drive space.. (this shouldn't interfere with the content on the Apple TV as syncing manually)
    4. Connect the Apple TV to my TV to watch movies.
    Can I have both of my Apple TV's connected to my iTunes library?
    Are there any con's to using the old 1st gen Apple TV in this manner? For instance, I know there is no HDMI connection and the processor is older and slower than the newer versions.
    It would be a shame to not be able to put the 160gig of hard drive space on the older Apple TV to good use, especially as it still works perfectly.. and it was a refurb when I bought it!

    We cannot comment on your plans to copy DVD's but I have a number of Apple TV 1's, 2's and 3's all working together without a problem.
    On the idea of keeping your content on your Apple TV 1 and deleting it from iTunes, you may want to read my article on this topic.

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    My books are no longer in the iTunes library on my MacBook Pro. They are not in my iBooks, either. I had over 200 books in my iTunes library, all synced to my iPad 2. I deleted them from the iPad as I read them, knowing I still had them in iTunes. Then I updated to iOS 7. I still have the books I haven't deleted from my iPad, but all the other ones are nowhere to be found. No books in iTunes, no books in iBooks. Where are they? Also, going forward, if I want to add more books to my iPad, especially PDFs that are not available for purchase from the iBooks store, how do I do that? Help!

    let's try working through this document. (you can skip the reinstall itunes step.)
    No music shows up in iTunes after upgrading

  • I have a first generation apple tv synced to a itunes library on an external USB drive. Movies and Music Won't Play

    Here's my setup. First Generation Apple TV. G4 Powermac running OS X 10.5.8 iTunes 10 with the Library stored on an External 3 Terabyte USB 2 drive. It's plugged into a PCI USB 2 card. Everything worked fine till I transferred my iTunes library to the external USB drive. Things seem to sync up fine. I have it set to copy TV shows to the Apple TV's internal drive and that seems to work but when I try to play music or movies that are streaming from the library, I get an error. With movies I get the "The selected video cannot be played. The format was not recognized." error. The movie and music list seems up to date but now it won't play. Did I waste my money on this external drive? How do I get this setup to work?

    I don't think this will be a complete answer to your question, but may point you in the right direction.
    I have a similar setup (same OS X and iTunes versions), but my library is on a network attached 2TB harddrive (vs a USB 2 drive). Mine works fine, both syncing (which you don't have a problem with) and streaming. It's possible that iTunes doesn't like the USB 2 drive, but I don't know. Are you able to watch TV shows on your PowerMac after having moved the files to the USB drive? If you can watch content on your laptop but not on your AppleTV, it suggests the Apple TV doesn't like the USB drive.
    Perhaps you didn't transfer iTunes library content correctly. (Forgive me if I'm telling you things you already know.) The iTunes library consists of a list of content and it's location (local harddrive, network drive, etc.). If you simply moved the files, but didn't actually update the library with the new locations, this can explain why you can't stream the content. The Apple TV displays what is in the library, but cannot play it if the library entry is pointing to the wrong location. Note: This "library update" I'm referring to is not the same as simply changing the iTunes media folder location in iTunes > Preferences > Advanced.
    When I moved my content to an external drive, I had to delete everything in my iTunes Library, then re-import everything (File > Add to library). Don't let the phrase "delete everything in my iTunes library" freak you out. Deleting entries in the library is not the same as deleting the files (which you definitely do NOT want to do).
    If you select an item in your iTunes library and press the Delete button, it asks for confirmation thus:
    Are you sure you want to delete the selected TV show from your iTunes library?
    It's OK to answer "Delete TV Show". It will then ask you if you want to delete the file. Do NOT delete the file. You can select your entire library and delete everything at once, just make sure you do NOT delete the files when it asks. When that is done, make sure the iTunes Media Folder Location is set to where you want and that the files are there. Then, go to File, Add to Library and re-import everything. It will take several minutes to more than an hour, depending on the speed of your computer and the size of your library.
    I have had to do this everytime I've moved my library to different storage devices. If there is a simpler way, I am not aware of it.
    I hope this helps.

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    My new generation Apple TV does not maintain the organization of my iTunes Library, putting song order in alhpa order and not observing how I may have renamed an artist. Is there a fix for this?

    A better example of what I am running into - I just imported a cd from Amazon into my iTunes library on my PC. When I turned on ATV2 to listen, the songs were listed in alpha order. Next day I went in to play it again, songs sorted in track order, then it switched back to alpha order the next time.
    The other issue, I have a number of classic jazz cd's recorded by Ella Fitzgerald. To keep them organized, I did some clean up of the Artist names so that they were all Ella Fitzgerald (instead of Ella Fitzgerald and Chick Webb, Ella Fitzgerald and her Ally Cats). In iTunes, all cds are listed under ella. in ATV2, they are listed as they are in the source material. So, I have to go into each variation of Ella to determine which album I want to hear.
    Thoughts about that?

  • Itunes or apple tv renaming files in itunes library with 01 or 02 prefix

         I have my itunes library located on and external drive connected to my imac. This is networked to my 2 soon to be 3 apple tvs via ethernet cat6 cabling. Due to my rural location I can not stream movies so I have to purchase and download them to watch the following day. My mac is left on with itues running so I can access the content and is usually downloading content over night. If I check the movie directory using finder my movies keep being renamed with either a 01 or 02 prefix. Sometimes this results in the apple tvs being unable to find movies because the file names have been changed. Does anyone know which program is doing this and why?

    In Imovie there is no option to share to iTunes, but there is an option to share to an iPod - and it says this option formats the movie for an iPod and imports it into iTunes. I did that, and it still won't play in iTunes. BTW my iMovie is 6.0.4

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