Apple TV problem after upgrading to iTunes 7.5

PROBLEM: After upgrading to 7.5, Apple TV no longer recognized iTunes and vice versa.
ATTEMPTED SOLUTIONS: Removed and reinstalled iTunes 7.5 from scratch. Reset @TV to Factory Defaults and reconfigured. Removed Apple TV from iTunes Preferences/Apple TV/Remove Apple TV.
iTunes no longer finds @TV, either in the Preferences/Apple TV pane, or in the Device List. Everything worked perfectly before the 7.5 upgrade. All other features and devices working fine. Have reviewed all postings and eliminated the possibility of firewall or port problems.
Suggestions welcome! Thanks.

I have partially resolved the problem. Something with the 7.5 upgrade changed the network protocols being used by the Apple TV... switching to a wired network from end to end with a full shut down and reboot has the @TV back online... I am still working on trying to solve the wireless side of the equation.

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  • Problems after upgrading to iTunes version 6

    I've been going through the threads a lot since I have had problems after upgrading to iTunes v. 6. It looks like a lot of people have had the same issues, and I have tried some things that were recommended. After I upgraded, iTunes would not open. I tried:
    1. deleting sidb file
    2. doing the msconfig thing suggested in discussion boards
    3. going into safe mode and deleting 4 and 6 letter weird files in DOS - I found 3 that I deleted
    iTunes worked after this -- then I bought a song and it said my computer was not authorized, after I authorized computer (that never happened before), iTunes worked for about 15 more minutes and then closed down abruptly. I haven't been able to open it since.
    I also downloaded Spybot search & destroy and that did not find anything. I am using McAfee, and have scanned for viruses with McAfee and AdAware.
    Now, when I restart my computer, a bunch of windows pop up with Chinese/Japanese looking characters and say that device (I think) was not found. I seem to be able to use everything except iTunes and Quicktime. When I open the Task Manager, iPodService.exe and iTunesHelper.exe and qttask.exe are there, but when I click on Quicktime or iTunes the file flashes in Task Manager and then disappears.
    I'm not sure where to go from here.
    Any help would be apppreciated -- I'd like to be able to open iTunes!

    I used Nickroo's post:
    I was able to get iTunes launched (with the help of Tech Support) in a very unsafe environment. I owe it to those who may need this after me. It will get you going, but you will be extremely vulnerable to internet virus assaults. Please do not use this approach, until you have exhausted every other available solution for your issue in the KB.
    There are three Steps 1) Uninstall 2) Disble and 3) Reinstall.
    UNISTALL Uninstall iTunes using Windows utility Add Remove Program available in Control Panel.
    DISABLE Disable all third party System Services and Startup Items using using MSCONFIG utility as described in Service Document
    RE-INSTALL Re-install iTunes6 + QT7. Launch it under the Selective Startup Option.
    It worked ! You realize among other things at this point you have your Antivirus and Firewall disabled. When I started my computer in the Normal Startup Option, iTunes fails to work again. So I have ahead of me the long and ardous task of ruling out the service that is causing conflict with iTunes6. Then work with the software vendor to arrive at a solution.
    This seems to have worked so far- I haven't started to go through ruling out what made iTunes not work; I also haven't tried to connect my iPod or burn a CD, so we'll see.
    Windows XP

  • Sync problems after upgrade to iTunes 9

    I've seen lots of posts on this but none that directly match my situation. Bought a few TV eps that required upgrade to iTunes v9 so I upgraded. Now only some of the shows will sync to my iPod. Following the sync I've noticed that it is now also removing TV shows that were previously on the iPod, and removing or not locating shows and videos within iTunes which have been there for awhile. These shows are still showing on the iPod though - the whole thing is a mess.
    I have a Dell Inspiron 8600 with extra memory and a Seagate 320g external drive that hold iTunes. The iPod is a 32g classic.
    Any hep would be appreciated.

    I have very similar symptoms after upgrade to iTunes 9.1. During sync of Calendars (or if Calendars disabled, during iPhone backup step), Outlook hangs & sync never completes. Outlook stays hung, and hangs again if I kill and restart, until I reboot. Hugely frustrating.

  • Lots of problems after upgrading to ITunes - BE CAREFUL !!!!!

    Before upgrading to version 7.x of ITunes read the various posts here about issues people have had. It seems that not everyone will have the SAME problems (very unpredictable results). I did not have the same problems that others had, but I did have my own set of problems.
    This version of ITunes is NOT of the normal high standard that we have come to appreciate from Apple (in fact it is more like the poor standard that people have come to expect from MicroSoft).
    Here are the problems I had after upgrading to version
    1) All 18000 songs could not be found in the library. It took 2 hours for ITunes to determine this. The reason for this is that after the install my preferrences for my ITunes library were changed from what I had previously set to the standard c:/my documents/my music/itunes..... No previous upgrade had done this.
    2) All my streaming radio stations where deleted.
    3) During the installation process my hard drive was scanned and all music files that were NOT in my ITunes library where added to the library. I had no choice in this. This took me 8 hours to manually recover from this - and delete all those I did NOT want in my ITunes library.
    4) All 40 odd smart playlists were deleted and I had to recreate them manually.
    5) For all tunes that I had applied a "My Rating" to the "My Rating" information was deleted.
    6) During the install process it seems that my entire ITUNES library was re-organised, resulting in a large number of songs that can no longer be found and a large number that have been duplicated.
    7) Since the upgrade, ITunes does not always start successfully.
    8) Since the upgrade, my 60gb IPOD is NOT always recognised and when it is recognised, there are about 300 songs that will NOT transfer to the IPOD. There does not seem to be a reasonable explation for this at this stage.
    9 All the fields I has previously inlcuded in my display were changed and it looks like a STANDARD set of fields was applied to the various views.
    10) It has taken 2 entire days (since the upgrade) to re-organise my ITunes library (and my computer) back to the way I WANT it. After this I am still having problems with the IPOD not being recongnised and I still can't get all songs to synch.
    I have posted this as a warning to others.
    I do NOT need or WANT responses along the lines of previous posts that say that people are attacking APPLE for no vailid reason or that this is a MICROSOFT problem.
    This is just posted so that people can make an informed decission before upgrading.

    Thank you for describing the problems so well. I also have been going nuts trying to restore my Itunes Library to its original (or acceptable) condition. I have a 5th gen 30G Video with about 4250 songs on it. After downloading 7 I found that every song in my Library had been dulplicated or triplicated. Then, a day latr, when I had downloaded album art, I discovered that every other song in any album I had downloaded (from Itunes or my own cd)prior to perhaps version 5 or version 6 could not be found. Luckily, I had an generation 4 Ipod with the original Library and I was able to download that to my external harddrive. I have spending pointless, arduous hours pointing Itunes to the correct file. Its faster to re-download the CD. Of course, I can't do that for any music I had bought from Itunes directly. Its weird because the name of the song is in Itunes, just the file can't be found. And why every other file? When I go into earlier (6 and before)Itunes Libraries, the music files are missing from them. Where did they go? When I try to sync my Ipod with Itunes, it takes forever because Itunes is searching for the missing files. I have tried to ask Apple support directly but I have gotten no response. Very, very frustrating! Any headway with your problems? Lisa

  • Connection problems after upgrade to iTunes 7

    Yesterday I upgraded my iTunes to 7. Looks cool but I've been having various connectivity problems. Radio doesn't work "An error occured while contacting the radio tuning service. Check your Internet connection or try again later. "
    Trying to get album artwork gives the message "iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. The network connection was refused. Make sure your network settings bla bla"
    Anybody getting this?

    Yesterday I upgraded my iTunes to 7. Looks cool but
    I've been having various connectivity problems. Radio
    doesn't work "An error occured while contacting the
    radio tuning service. Check your Internet connection
    or try again later. "
    Trying to get album artwork gives the message "iTunes
    could not connect to the iTunes Store. The network
    connection was refused. Make sure your network
    settings bla bla"
    Anybody getting this?
    Had the same problem. I restarted and ran Applejack. Everything works fine now.

  • Language problems after upgrade to itunes 7

    HELP! I just upgraded to itunes 7 and now my itunes (NOT the store) is in a foreign language. I can't even work out what language it is?
    BTW, I always have problems when I upgrade, but this is the worst yet.
    Dell Inspiron 9300   Windows XP  

    Yesterday I upgraded my iTunes to 7. Looks cool but
    I've been having various connectivity problems. Radio
    doesn't work "An error occured while contacting the
    radio tuning service. Check your Internet connection
    or try again later. "
    Trying to get album artwork gives the message "iTunes
    could not connect to the iTunes Store. The network
    connection was refused. Make sure your network
    settings bla bla"
    Anybody getting this?
    Had the same problem. I restarted and ran Applejack. Everything works fine now.

  • Mounting problems after upgrade to iTunes 7.6.1

    This house has two Mac laptops, both running the latest 10.4.11.
    1. After the install yesterday of iTunes 7.6.1 (9), the iBook would not mount applications downloaded as disk images. This I repaired by removing two 'now' unacceptable fonts in the System Collection. However, it now fails to verify most CDs it writes, which are Taiyo Yuden CD-R 52x. (An earlier sporatic problem, I believe Apple had attributed to its failure to stabilize the Firewire bus sufficiently before using it.)
    2. Yesterday I installed iTunes on a G4 PowerBook at the same time. Before the install it had never written a coaster, using Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden media. An hour before installing it, I had archived 1/3 of the drive to Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 16x discs (TYG03), which the drive can write to. (Caution: using these discs on some older drives will damage them!)
    After the install of iTunes, file-system check, permission fix, reboot, the G4 will burn no DVD. It creates the disc image, then reads the first track of the disc and (before writing a thing),
    DVDSpanner: Burn started, Sun Feb 24 22:37:09 2008
    DVDSpanner: Burning to DVD-R media with DAO strategy in TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S182M LA00 via FireWire.
    DVDSpanner: Requested burn speed was 47x, actual burn speed is 18x.
    DVDSpanner: Burn underrun protection is supported, and enabled.
    DVDSpanner: Burn failed, Sun Feb 24 22:37:16 2008
    DVDSpanner: Burn sense: 5/24/00 Illegal Request, Invalid field in CDB
    DVDSpanner: Burn error: 0x80020022 The device failed to respond properly, unable to recover or retry.
    Does anyone know what a CDB is?
    I suspect iTunes the cause because of the fact that both computers failed only & just after iTunes was installed, iTunes writes to optical media, 10.4.9 damaged the LaCie driver, and problems 1 and 2 may both be classed as problems mounting devices.
    Any kludges or suggestions? Thanks!

    No need to all respond at once, I've fixed the computer; though this doesn't solve the problem, if it existed; and now makes that moot.
    All the various applications, but Toast apparently, use the same 'device driver' and consequent log file. LaCie's 'disc recording support' driver is now dated February 15, 2008 (on its website only). So, though it looks the same to me, I had an excuse to upgrade to the same one installed earlier. All works now.
    This is a sad application of the professional's last maxim: 'When all seems lost, re-install.' So, I'm marking this solved, though this form of solution is the least desirable: it may be only temporary; and now one can't tell.
    Thanks to all who thought about it.

  • Some videos are not showing in Apple TV playlist after upgrade to 6.0.  Can play on Macbook itunes and using airplay to Apple TV.  Anybody else have this issue?

    Some videos are not showing in my Apple TV playlists after upgrade to 6.0.  They were there prior to upgrade and I can play on Macbook itunes and also using using airplay to Apple TV.  Anybody else have this issue?

    Ok, so I'll try again.  Thank you for the idea of looking in Home Videos, which is where all my "lost" videos are listed.
    Is there a way to get them to display under their appropriate genre in the Movie section, which is where they all were listed prior to the os6 update?  It does me no good to have hundreds of movies categorized in iTunes via a genre only to have them appear in Home Videos on ATV.  These are not "home movies." They are legit mp4 movies that worked great under v5.

  • After upgrade to iTunes 11 "iTunes has detected a problem with your audio configuration"

    After upgrading to iTunes 11 I have lost all sound on my PC running Windows XP.  When I try to open iTunes I get the following message: "iTunes has detected a problem with your audio configuration. Audio/Video playback may not operate properly."  I have also lost sound when I attempt to listen to audio from a Website while in a browser session.  I notice I have also lost the volume setting icon from the system tray in the lower right corner of the screen.
    Please advise.

    Something went wrong during the upgrade to iTunes 11.  I have lost audio on my desktop PC running Windows XP.  No sound in iTunes: "iTunes has detected a problem with your audio configuration. Audio/Video playback may not operate properly."  No sound during browser sessions.  The volume control icon disappeared from the system tray in the lower right corner of the screen.
    It seems that an audio driver(s) were damaged or deleted.  When I go into the Control Panel and check the reading for the audio hardware, the entry for the DVD/CD-ROM drive says:
    "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)
    Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device."
    Please advise.

  • After upgrading to itunes I can't run the backup to dics anymore.

    After upgradeing to itunes I can not run the backup any more. Also the CD burning runs very slow.
    The DVD burner run ok with other software.
    After it checks for file to be backed up it kept ejecting the blank DVD and asking for a blank disc.
    I have even replaced the DVD drive with drive from another computer.I also reinstalled ITUNES once-- It ran as a repair during the install.

    I have used this same DVD Burner to backup my list from within iTunes before. I did this back in June just after I purchase 30 songs. I think I was running version 7.1 or 7.2 when the DVD backup worked. If not sopport then why does their diagnostics say DVD/CD Diagnostics. Even so I have the same problem on my other PC with a CD Burner. I think Apple support sound a little like Microsoft. I once had a problem with Windows NT and had to call MS support 5 times before they said their software had a defect and issued a patch.

  • TS2972 Home Sharing with ATV stopped working after upgrade to iTunes 11

    After upgrading to iTunes 11, my two PCs are no longer visible to Apple TV or the iOS Remote App.  I went through all the steps in "Troubleshooting Home Sharing" without success.  In additions, I tried:
    Turning Home Sharing off, then on again on both PCs
    Re-created Firewall rules for iTunes
    Ran a factory reset on Apple TV
    Disabled iPV6 on the network adapter, based on a blogger's fix for an iTunes 10 problem
    Some other observations:
    Home Sharing was working with Apple TV an hour before I ran the updates for iTunes 11 and Apple TV. 
    The Apple TV and iOS Remote App are working together, so the network settings must be correct.
    The PCs in question are running Window 8 Pro 64-bit and Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
    The two PCs can see eachother's iTunes.
    It seems likely this is an iTunes 11 issue, but upgrading ATV2 at the same time clouds the diagnostics.
    I was just about to order two more Apple TVs, but now have second thoughts now that my ATV2 is just a doorstop. 
    Any suggestions? 

    You are not alone with issues related to the e1000e (but all they concluded was that reloading the module makes it work again):
    It seems like this is more your issue: … devel/8932
    But if none of those boot flags work for you, then there's not much you can do, and you'll have to write a script to reload the module each time after initial boot finishes I guess until the module gets fixed.
    Also, power management of the PCIe interface causes the e1000e to shut off after a while as well (lots of people on CentOS noticing this): … ie-aspm-do
    So you can use that boot parameter to stop that from happening, if that becomes an issue for you as well.

  • Can't Recognized iPod device after upgrading to iTune 7 / 7.0.1

    After upgrading to iTune 7 (and later 7.0.1), my iPod Video 60G (firmware 1.2) has been having problems getting recognized by my desktop.
    - Device manager in Windows 2000 reports the device as an Unknown USB Device
    - The iPod won't get recharged nor sync'ed.
    - The "Do not disconnect" screen won't appear on the iPod.
    - Since Windows can't recognize my iPod at all, of course I won't be able to see it in iTune.
    I plugged the iPod to my Dell laptop and got it recognized and recharged properly though.
    After poking around for a long time, I figured that if I disable the USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller on my desktop (thru the Device Manager), I can finally get the iPod recognized properly. Problem is, now it takes forever for me to sync my iPod (USB 2.0 disabled, so I'm stuck with the slow USB 1.1)...
    I noticed that after upgrading to iTune 7, the display backlight on the iPod is kept on (though dim). If I remember correctly, on older versions of iTune, the backlight is completely off. I'm suspecting whether the extra current draw required by the dim backlight is screwing up my desktop USB....
    Anybody from Apple gonna look into the issue and consider turning the backlight back to off in the next release??
      Windows 2000  

    I have no problems on my Dell laptop... I'm having problem with my 4-year old non-brand-name desktop only.
    ... which is kinda abnormally 'cause normally you would expect USB 2.0 power problems on laptops only. Btw, I've got the latest drivers installed already for the chipset and Win2K etc...
    What's more interesting... is the fact that on older iPod firmware, everything was running just fine... upgrade to iTunes 7.0 and boom... I'm having problems. And, it's not recognized at the Windows USB device recognition level, so I think we can isolate the problem source to the iPod firmware upgrade.
    Seriously... my bet is on the extra power drain from the backlight being left on during USB connection...
    Guess i'll have to stick with slow USB until Apple has a new firmware...
    This latest upgrade is generating a lot of unhappy customers...... and the sad thing is, Apple did a bad job in backward compatibility and made it extremely difficult to downgrade to an older version of iTune / firmware.... Apple better get these fixed asap...

  • I have problems after upgrade my firefox

    I have problems after upgrade my firefox
    <i>(Suspected spam link removed by Moderator. Please read the [[Forum rules and guidelines]] -m)</i>

    Hey there Noel,
    It sounds like you are unable to activate your iPhone after you reset it. I recommend the steps from the following article to help you get that resolved:
    Get help activating your iPhone
    If your carrier provided a SIM card, make sure it's in your iPhone.
    Restart the iPhone.
    Try to reach the activation server another way, then try to activate.
    Try connecting to a known-good Wi-Fi network if you can't activate using a cellular data connection.
    Try connecting to iTunes if you can't activate using Wi-Fi.
    Restore the iPhone.
    Check the system status for iOS Device Activation. If the iOS Device Activation status isn't green, try activating your iPhone later.
    If you receive an alert message when you try to activate your iPhone, place the iPhone in recovery mode and perform a restore. If you still can't complete the setup assistant due to an activation error, contact Apple for assistance.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    All the best,

  • I'm unable to write/burn a CD-R (Verbatim) from a playlist after upgrading to iTunes I get error 4000. I can however write/burn a CD from Windows Explorer and CDBurnerXP v4.5.4.5143 – which implies the device is working OK

    I’m unable to write/burn a CD-R (Verbatim) from a playlist after upgrading to iTunes I get error 4000. I can however write/burn a CD from Windows Explorer and CDBurnerXP v4.5.4.5143 – which implies the device is working OK – and only fails when I write from iTunes.  The drivers are up to date
    Microsoft Windows 7 x64 Business Edition Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)
    Dell Inc. Latitude E6420
    QuickTime 7.7.6
    FairPlay 2.7.39
    Apple Application Support 3.1
    iPod Updater Library 12.0
    CD Driver
    CD Driver DLL
    Apple Mobile Device
    Apple Mobile Device Driver
    Bonjour (333.10)
    Gracenote SDK
    Gracenote MusicID
    Gracenote Submit
    Gracenote DSP
    iTunes Serial Number 756D13C00C3583C8
    Current user is not an administrator.
    The current local date and time is 2015-01-13 14:47:35.
    iTunes is not running in safe mode.
    WebKit accelerated compositing is enabled.
    HDCP is supported.
    Core Media is supported.
    Video Display Information
    Intel Corporation, Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
    **** External Plug-ins Information ****
    No external plug-ins installed.
    iPodService (x64) is currently running.
    iTunesHelper is currently running.
    Apple Mobile Device service is currently running.
    **** CD/DVD Drive Tests ****
    LowerFilters: SbCeCd (,
    UpperFilters: GEARAspiWDM (,
    F: HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GU40N, Rev A103
    Drive is empty.
    The last failed audio CD burn had error code 4000(0x00000fa0). It happened on drive F: HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GU40N on CDR media at speed 24X.
    F: HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GU40N, Rev A103
    Audio CD in drive.
    Failed Reading table of contents, error 4000.
    Check the website of your computer or drive manufacturer to verify that you have the latest firmware for your CD / DVD drive.
    Audio CD reading failed. Error Code:   87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87 87.
    iTunes cannot play or import music from a CD in this drive. The drive may need a firmware update. Check with the manufacturer.
    Get drive speed failed. Error Code: 4000.
    The last failed audio CD burn had error code 4000(0x00000fa0). It happened on drive F: HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GU40N on CDR media at speed 24X.

    Hi iTunes-1,
    Welcome to the Support Communities!  The error message you posted indicates a possible firmware update is needed for iTunes for Windows to work with your CD drive.  
    iTunes for Windows: Updating the firmware on your CD or DVD drive - Apple Support
    Having outdated firmware can cause issues using CDs and DVDs with iTunes for Windows. Firmware is a type of software stored in a chip in hardware that can sometimes be updated.Identifying drives and firmware versions
    To run CD Diagnostics, follow the steps in this document.
    After following the steps to run CD Diagnostics linked above, look at section three to find out more about your optical drive(s).
    Here is an example of what section three might look like:
    In this example there are two drives. Drive E is a Samsung DVD-ROM drive with a model designation of SD-616 that has firmware version F000. Drive F is an NEC drive with a model designation of NR-7900A that has firmware version 1.08.Updating the firmware
    If the optical drive you are using came with your computer, check with the support site for your computer for a firmware update. Typically you will need to go to the support website for the computer maker and click on a "downloads" or "updates" link, and then enter your computer model designation and operating system version to see what updates are available. Then look through the available updates for a firmware update for your optical drive. Download the updater and run it. If you need assistance applying the update, contact the maker of your computer.
    If the optical drive you are using came as a separate part (was not included with a computer), check the support site for the drive maker for a firmware update. Sometimes the manufacturer is not clear in the CD Diagnostics results. In that case, you may just have to search the Internet for the drive model designation. You can usually find out who made the drive by looking through the results of such a search. Once you have identified who made your drive, go to the support website for that company. Look for a "downloads" or "updates" link, and then enter your optical drive model designation. Download the updater and run it. If you need assistance applying the update, contact the maker of the optical drive.Verifying that the firmware was updated
    Run CD Diagnostics again.
    Examine the CD Diagnostics results. The firmware version for the drive should be the new version.
    Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet. Contact the vendor for additional information.
    Last Modified: Nov 8, 2014
    Also, you mentioned that you have been successful burning a CD with the Windows OS.  Make sure that you have closed all software programs that can access the CD burner so that there isn't a conflict for the drive.   Sometimes chaning the burn speed from "maximum" to 8x can also help in this situation.
    I hope this information helps ...
    - Judy

  • QuickTime in Safari cannot play video after upgrading to iTunes 10.2

    After upgrading to iTunes 10.2 and QuickTime 10 on my MacBook Pro, the latest Quicktime version embedded in Safari is behaving strangely. When I want to play video on certain websites like " ", the Quicktime logo on Safari browser appears and just sits there with sound only. I tried it on Firefox, the video can only be played on the lower part of my suddenly splitted screen, there is an "error" message on a Quicktime logo background.
    Could anybody help me solve the problem. By the way, all these videos can be played normally on my Windows 7 desktop using both Firefox and Safari for Windows.

    To make the matter more weird, the QuickTime plays normally on my Safari after I log out and switch to the administrator account of the MacBook Pro. When I change back to a normal account, the QuickTime error takes place again. It seems there must be something I configured wrongly.

Maybe you are looking for

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