Apple wired extended keyboard on Vista, windows and alt key

I've got a pair of these beautiful, slim, keyboards that I use under Vista...they are wired units.
The Windows and Alt key are flipped. How can I get the into a windows layout instead of a mac layout?
I downloaded the MS layout editor but it won't let me edit the alt key.
Pls help,

You can use a program call SharpKeys ( to edit the keys.

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  • TS3048 I have just purchased a new apple cordless keyboard.  The numeric line of keys along the top are not functioning as they should.  For example I am unable to get a question mark or a forward slash.  I have tried holding down both shift and alt keys.

    I have just purchased a new apple cordless keyboard.  The numeric line of keys along the top are not functioning as they should.  For example I am unable to get a question mark or a forward slash.  I have tried holding down both shift and alt keys.

    Thanks for prompt response - I tried what you suggested but I'm afraid it has not helped.  It seems as though the line of number keys along the top aren't actually doing what is printed on them.  Some are OK, but the further towards the right hand side of the keyboard you go, the less predicatable it becomes.  So whilst the second key from the left gives me 1 and ! when holding the shift key, by the time I get to the 6 when I press and hold shift I get ^ rather than & symbol which is what is actually printed on the key.  The & symbol is actually on the next key along - and when I hit the key with 8 I get * rather than the ( which is printed on they key but actually located on the next key along.  Things get even more muddled by the time I am over on the right hand side as rather than a question mark (I have had to type the word as I cannot find the symbol anywhere!) I get this _ and the other symbol marked on the key is a comma, but I get - instead.  It is going to drive me mad if every time I want to type something it is a guessing game....!  What do you suggest - question mark

  • Mac Mini w/ Apple USB keyboard - question about home and end keys

    I purchased a USB white Apple keyboard to go with my Mac mini.
    My question concerns the home and end keys. When I put the cusor focus in a text field or text area, I would expect that hitting the home key would take me to the beginning of the line and hitting the end key would take me to the end of the line.
    That's not the case?
    If a vertical scrollbar is used in the window, then the home key takes me to the top of the window and the end key takes me to the bottom of the window.
    Please forgive me, I've been on a PC for the last 10+ years, so I thought I should ask.
    What key or key combo moves you to the start and end of a text in a text field or text area?

    Hi Todd,
    Use the arrow keys with the command key (⌘):
    command + left arrow -> beginning of the line
    command + right arrow -> end of the line
    command + arrow up -> beginning of the text
    command + arrow down -> end of the text
    Explore also the option key (⌥) possibilities, with the arrow keys:
    very handy too.
    Yes, the Home, End, Pageup and Pagedown keys are for controlling the whole document, not the text itself.

  • Keyboard remapping - scancodes/keycodes and Fn key

    I'm using Archlinux on a MacBook Pro and I'm overall pretty happy.
    However I desperately want to swap my Fn and Control keys. I know that this is a tricky business but I also know that this can be done in OS X via a kext module, so I hope it can be done in Linux as well.
    The output of showkey prints when I press Fn:
    keycode 464 press
    keycode 464 release
    showkey -s however prints nothing when I press just Fn.
    Here's the output of evtest:
    Event: time 1396031474.937906, -------------- SYN_REPORT ------------
    Event: time 1396031475.169971, type 1 (EV_KEY), code 464 (KEY_FN), value 1
    It does not print an EV_MSC line as the Control key does:
    Event: time 1396031475.561965, -------------- SYN_REPORT ------------
    Event: time 1396031475.729966, type 4 (EV_MSC), code 4 (MSC_SCAN), value 700e0
    Event: time 1396031475.729966, type 1 (EV_KEY), code 29 (KEY_LEFTCTRL), value 1
    So, it looks like my plan to remap the keys using scancodes (via setkeycodes) will not work. Remapping via loadkeys (keycode 464 = Control) also does not work - the Fn+<letter> combination is treated as if just the letter has been pressed.
    I will appreciate any kind of help as I am pretty stuck at this point.
    P.S.: Sorry if the topic is in the wrong forum.

    I do not have a Thinkvantage folder in Control Panel.
    I was unable to find any reference on Lenovo's site for the T500 for keyboard customization.
    I  took you original advice, before editing, and installed the Keyboard customizer for the T400.  This works as expected for the T500.  I looked through the programs supplied by Lenovo for the T500 and could not find any program for the keyboard on my system. 
    I have removed some of the less than useful Lenovo configuration and control programs maybe that is the reason for the missing Control Panel folder.  Many seem to be slow to get things right and often get things wrong, but that is another thread.  I do not understand why IBM and now Lenovo keep making programs that are redundant with small gain relative to standard Windows features.  I have found the WiFi and Wired networking particularly difficult to get working smoothly.  The only solution is to turn off the WiFi.
    Now if you have a reason for 4 displays, 2 ATi, and 2 Intel Mobile in the windows display confguration panel on my system I will be forever grateful.
    Anyway thank you for you help in finding a solution to my external keyboard customization problem.

  • T420i Fn and ALT keys trigger sleep or shutdown

    I need help with my T420i, that started to become weird few weeks ago.
    symptoms : it shuts down or enters sleep mode while working. First i thought it was somehow random, but then i've reliazed that it happened when i typed Fn or CTRL+ALT key combinations. It first happened while using ubuntu installed in dual boot, but it appears to behave the same under win7.
    Diagnosis and repairs trials :
    > with a linux live distrib : same behaviour
    > using ultimate boot cd : memory check, hdd check, video memory check, with no issue
    > formatted the disk and installed debian from zero : same behaviour once installed
    > wiped the disk using UBCD (partmagic), and re-installed everything from the initial recovery dvds -> back to original win7 installation
    > updated all the drivers and softwares, flashed the bios to new version.
    > Tried with an external keyboard : no issue
    > Unmounted the keyboard, checked the connector, and made tests with keyboard unmounted, in order to assess whether it could be due to a short-circuit between the keyboard cable and the mother board or the roll cage : no effect.
    I suspect a hard problem with the keyboard itself, but is there any other tests i could have forgotten, remaining options to explore ?
    If you believe it is actually the keyboard that needs to be replaced, how should i do to have my computer repaired, or to be sent a new keyboard, since it is still under warranty?
    thanks for the ideas and suggestions !

    Well, sort of.
    I found a setting on my LMS that plays in full screen mode, which solved the problem.

  • Keyboard x1 carbon - use of alt key

    I have a US keyboard.  I would like to be able to produce two symbols, the € and the £.  I have found that Alt 5 (but only the Alt key on the right of the spacebar) produces €, but have not found anything similar for the £.  My questions:
    1) Can I produce the £ in a similar manner?
    2) Why do the two Alt keys function differently?
    3) What is the purpose of the Left Alt key?
    Thanks and regards.

    I had major problems with the 10.4.3 update on my iMac, and so had a lot of restarts into that startup screen, and it always seemed to work. I was somewhat surprised that it worked, but it does work. I'm not sure at what point the computer looks for the wireless keyboard, maybe there's two checks, one for actual pairing, but also an earlier check to see if any special keys are being pressed.
    Thnk about it, you may need to reset PRAM, or put the machine into Firewire terminal mode, and other possible key press start ups. They all work for me.
    Is there a chance that your batteries are borderline, and the keyboard is putting itself to sleep?

  • Enabling Windows-style Alt-key navigation (Alt hit the underlined character

    Is there a way to enable in 10.6/Snow Leopard (or maybe via 3rd party app) what used to be in Windows XP, where you can navigate menus in Finder and applications using Alt key. There is a letter of each menu choice underlined (which shows all the time or just went Alt key is pressed)? Hard to navigate with so much mouse movement. Mostly interested in feature in Office 2008 apps since that is where spend a lot of time.

    Hi Kurt,
    That's true for many shortcuts, and the basic system shortcuts are quite intuitive, and easy to remember. But for some (some of the ones I use the most), there is no simple shortcut. E.g. pressing "alt -> i -> m" (I think it is) in office for windows will open a recently used symbols where you can use the arrows and enter to quickly insert. It takes no more than a second, two at the very most, if you know where you symbol is located in the matrix of 4x5 recent symbols. Otherwise, you can map special characters to key-combos. (e.g. I have alt+a making a Greek alpha, one I need frequently, and have not found a way to do quickly in word for Mac).
    The fastest way I've found to insert my Greek alpha in word for mac (without installing extra software like ukelele) is to press "ctrl + F2", then "i", then enter, then "S" twice, then "enter" twice. And then you still need to use the mouse to scroll down and find your character (alpha).
    If you know of a quicker way, I'd be thrilled to learn about it? I know it's not hours a day we're talking, it still just feels annoying when you have to do something to much slower than you are used to.
    Btw, there are also a lot of programs (especially more specialized ones), where there are no shortcuts, only the link in the menus. In e.g. ImageJ, it has saved me some time being able to go to the menu with ctrl+F2 whenever I needed to copy to system (not just copy), find edges or open histogram.


    Hello everyone,
    i'm on the road with my new macbook and i have a problem with setting up my wacom pen.
    At home i use a iMac with CS5 and to change the brush size i press the alt and the ctrl key and move the pen to left/tight up/down to chang size and hardnes of the brush. I find this very handy!
    On my new Macbook i have CC and i don't have the option to use this easy key combination, i was loking around and did some google, but i could not find the place to get the same settings on my macbook.
    Is there anyone who can help me?
    Thank you very much.

    When you press and hold Option/Alt  + Control  and Left mouse click and drag nothing happens?
    (the button on your pen is set to left click?)
    The Option/Alt key should always be the second key to the left of the spacebar
    The Control key should always be the third key to the left of the spacebar

  • Apple Wired Numeric Keyboard Problem?

    Hello, I just bought a Wired apple numeric keyboard from the Apple store today to replace my small wireless keyboard which came with the iMac mid 2011.
    When I turn on my computer It logs in fine, then it highlights a folder on my desktop and makes a error noise. If you know what im talking about it's the burr noise. I have tryed booting without the keyboard plugged in and there is no noise.
    This only happens at startup.
    Also I have noticed When trying to boot Bootcamp up at startup by holding ALT, it never works and I need to use my other wireless keyboard to do so.
    And when Windows boot logo comes up the keyboard appears to freeze, Windows From booting up. I have unplugged and tryed this and it boots up fine, seems to be the keyboard once again.
    Any Help would be nice
      - Regards Ohytue

    Can't offer a mechanical fix for broken component. You could call Apple's Express Lane and arrange for a replacement. I believe all items come with a 90l-day warranty.

  • Can I buy "Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended", choose the platform "Windows" and then install it both on a Windows PC and as second installation on a MacBook Pro (on OS X)?

    Hello everyone,
    I want to buy "Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended" but have to choose a platform (Windows OR Mac) during the buying process. When I buy Photoshop, I'm allowed to install it on a second Computer, but use just one copy at the same time.
    Is it possible to install the same licence both with the Windows PC and a MacBook Pro with OS X on it?

    a ps license allows either 2 pc or 2 mac installations.  to install on both mac and pc, you must purchase two licenses, or subscribe to adobe cc which does allow 1 pc and 1 mac installation for all adobe programs.

  • [Solved]Keyboard layout screwed up and some keys don't work

    After I reinstalled xorg-server 1.5.3-1 and installed xf86-input-evdev 2.0.1-1 and xf86-input-keyboard 1.3.1-1 some of my keys don't work and keyboard layout screwed up. I had finnish (fi) layout, but now it's "us". Arrows, insert- delete- home- end- pg up- pg down- print screen- scroll lock- pause- keys don't work. All characters behind Alt Gr + "" don't work either.
    How to fix this?
    Last edited by Sotamarsu (2008-11-08 13:57:25)

    brother fixed it with next code
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <deviceinfo version="0.2">
    <match key="info.capabilities" contains="input.keys">
    <append key="info.callouts.add" type="strlist">hal-setup-keymap</append>
    <match key="info.capabilities" contains="input.keys">
    <!-- <merge key="input.xkb.model" type="string">pc104</merge> -->
    <!-- <merge key="input.xkb.rules" type="string">evdev</merge> -->
    <merge key="input.x11_options.XkbRules" type="string">base</merge>
    <merge key="input.x11_options.XkbModel" type="string">evdev</merge>
    <merge key="input.x11_options.XkbLayout" type="string">fi</merge>
    <append key="input.x11_options.XkbOptions" type="strlist">altwin:menu</append>
    <merge key="input.xkb.layout" type="string">fi</merge>
    <append key="input.xkb.options" type="strlist">altwin:menu</append>
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  • I need a virtual keyboard like the keyboard dock (with numbers and cursor keys) to work properly. Someone know if is it possible? s as an option in my ipad

    Why Apple not have a virutal keyboard for the iPad equal at the keyboard dock as option? For my is more easy work whith the same virtual keyboard in the iPad like my Mac.

    Hi czigrand,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    Currently, you can gift dollar amounts or individual items (EG. songs) on the iTunes Store. See this article for more information:
    In the iTunes Store, you can gift a dollar amount or specific music, movies, TV shows, or apps from your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, or PC. Follow these steps to send a gift from the iTunes Store.
    iTunes: Sending iTunes Gifts
    Best Regards,

  • Using Function Keys and Alt Key in Flash Video

    I am attempting to create an eLearning video, which includes instructions, a "try it yourself" section, and then a quiz.  Our software that I am trying to simulate uses Function keys (F6 to bring up specific windows) as well as shortcut keys (Alt-S takes the user to a certain field, Alt-P conducts a Patient Search, etc).  However, I have found that when running the video using IE, the browser takes over the focus and these function keys do not control the video. 
    These functions work fine in Google Chrome (not approved for use by the company) and when the video is published as .exe, but I need this to work in IE. 
    Is there anyway to retain the focus on the flash video for the entire video?
    Thanks so much for any help!

    Here is the Preference dialog that Lilybiri was referring to where you can change the key assignments.
    When finished recording, you can click the Restore Defaults button to set everything back the way it was.

  • I lost my menu bar and F10 and Alt key do not work! How do I get my menu bar back for Mac?

    I cannot get my menu bar back. have tried the above fixes and nothing. And I dont have an expansion button to click on. My screen is out of full view mode.

    Yes! I never thought to reboot computer, but it worked.

  • My macbook behaves as if the shift and alt keys are constantly pressed causing permanent special characters. Any ideas how I can stop this happening?

    Any help would be hugely appreciated, thanks

    But with my function the program doesn't know if the pressed key is printable or if it's shift, ctrl
    or something like thatProbably the easiest way is to check and see if e.getKeyChar() < a space character or if e.getKeyCode() >= 127. You can use e.getModifiers() to get the modifier, etc... -- take a look at the documentation for java.awt.event.KeyEvent class.

Maybe you are looking for

  • I can't connect to the iTunes Store because the network connection was refused.

    I can't connect to the iTunes Store because the network connection was refused. I'm using a laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate.

  • Costing for material for which no accounting document generated

    Dear Gurus, I want to have the cost of raw water used in manufacturing product X to flow in the cost of product X. But the raw water should not be posted to FI. The cost of raw water should come in the standard cost estimate as also in the process or

  • Can't authorize purchased songs HELP!!

    heres the problem, recently my Itunes somehow deauthorized all of my purchased songs. Now when i try to play a purchased song i have to type in my password to authorize it then it processes and after i keep getting a music store error and to try agai

  • Possible to swap shift and command keys?

    I would like to change my keyboard settings so that my MacBook reads my shift key as the command key and vice versa. From extensive (or at least time-consuming) Googling, I found out how I should be able to do this, except that when I go to System Pr

  • Collaborating

    I invited someone to collaborate with me. Using Indesign and for a magazine, .indb Do I work from my orig. files on my computer or the ones that i see in my CC files that were uploaded? Do my invitees work off of those uploaded cc files or do they ne