AppleMobileDevice using upto 100% of CPU, pls help

I have recently downloaded itunes and since then I'm having major problems.
When i start up the computer the AppleMobileDevice is using 100% of the CPU and won't allow me to do anything until the process is stopped.  When i do finally get on to itunes i cannot connect to ITunes store.
I have tried removing all of the Itunes, apple software and quicktime and reloading it but the same problem still occurs.
Any advice please?

ssls6 wrote:
4) I would remove finder plist files ( from ~/Library/Preferences)
This is less effective than it once was because Mavericks caches plist files, so even if you trash the plist file(s) it will continue to use the cached versions, & if anything in one of them is updated, the cached version gets written back to the Preferences folders, making it harder than it used to be to get rid of corrupted ones.
Supposedly, you can force the cached version to be flushed with a "defaults read" Terminal command, but you need to know which domain name to use with the command for this to work. (See the man page for defaults for the appropriate syntax.)
For some plist files an immediate restart does the same thing, but unfortunately many Finder plist files are updated at shutdown or log out time, so this is sort of hit or miss.

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    The Keyboard clicks are not working despite the Keyboard click in settings are ON. Am using IOS 6.1.3.Pls Help me to rech this problem

    Basic troubleshooting from the User's Guide is reset, restart, restore (first from backup then as new).  Try each of these in order until the issue is resolved.

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    You want to just use Dropbox until the dust settles.  To use it from iWork for iOS (assuming you have the Dropbox app installed on your device), open the document in Keynote (for example), tap the share icon (box with upward pointing arrow), choose Open in Another App, choose Keynote as your format, then choose Open in Dropbox and you will get an option to save it to your Dropbox account.  To open it from Dropbox in iWork for iOS, open the document in the Dropbox app, tap the share icon, tap Open in Keynote (for example).  It's a bit clunky, but works. 

  • My itunes version 10.4 run very slowly.It get 100%my CPU.Please help me solve the problem

    My itunes version 10.4 run very slowly.It get 100% my CPU.please help me esolve this problem.

    Try the steps below,
    1. Quit iTunes.
    2. Go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Right Click "Command Prompt" -> "Run as Administrator"
    3. Once in the command prompt, type "netsh winsock reset" and hit ENTER.
    4. Reboot your machine.
    5. Restart iTunes.
    Its working for me.

  • ITunes uses almost 100% of CPU and slows PC down

    Recently I decided to start using my iPod touch 4G again and downloaded the latest version of iTunes.
    Upon launch, iTunes acts normally until about 4-5 minutes of being open (just in idle). It then happily proceeds to use up 100% of my CPU load and slows my entire PC down to a halt, even once I've closed it (iTunes).
    I've tried re-installing it, downloading a different version, disconnecting from the internet, practically everything and yet the problem persists.
    My PC specs are as follows:
    Amd FX Piledriver 8-Core FX-8350 @ 4.0GHz
    Powercolour HD7990 Devil 13
    G-Skill 1866Mhz 16Gb memory
    OCZ Vector 128Gb HDD / WD Caviar Green 3TB
    So I can assure you, this is NOT hardware related.
    I've tried the following method with no results.
    1) Click Start and type "cmd" (without the quotes) DO NOT press enter or Ok yet.
    2) Right click "cmd" in the search results at the top of the start menu and select "Run as Administrator".
    3) In the command window, type "netsh" and press enter. (Without the quotes)
    4) In the next prompt, type "winsock" and press enter. (Without the quotes)
    5) In the next prompt, type "reset" and press enter. (Without the quotes)
    6) Reboot the PC. (Do not skip this step)
    I've also been through the list of conflicting software and have none of the mentioned.
    I'm running Windows 7 with the latest updates.
    I'm getting extremely frustrated now. ANY help would be appreciated.

    Sorry. I did a search, and a lot of threads came up. The one I chose, I thought, explained WHY it happened.
    Maybe you'd get answers more helpful to you, if you went throught the search results.
    Sorry I wasn't of any assistance.

  • Error while encrypting the xml file using asymmetric cipher...pls help

    i am encryption the xml file using asymmetric cyper....
    in one class , i am generating private key and public key using "RSA" algorithm..using 1024 byte initialization...
    it is generating properly...
    and after that in second class i am encrypting the xml file using "DESede" algorithm and i am using public key of above class..
    but i am getting exceptione : Invalid key length: 162 bytes
    at com.sun.crypto.provider.DESedeCipher.engineGetKeySize(DashoA6275)
    at javax.crypto.Cipher.init(DashoA6275)
    at XmlEncryption.getEncryptedData(
    at XmlEncryption.encryptCompleteXmlFile(
    at demoXmlEncApp.simulateBookSellersEnd(
    at demoXmlEncApp.main(
    so, what is that ?
    i want to use RSA algo for key generatiion and DESede for cipher initialization .
    is there any site for where source code of xml file encryption using asymmetric cipher is available?
    pls, help me.....

    What sabre150 is trying to explain to you, is that encrypting data (such as an XML file) is a 2-step process. In the first step, you generate a symmetric key (such as DES, 3DES, AES) and encrypt your file with this key (and the appropriate mode and padding).
    In order to ensure that your encrypted data cannot be decrypted by unauthorized individuals, you now need to protect the symmetric key. Encrypting your symmetric key with another symmetric key does not solve the problem, since you have a chain of symmetric keys that need to be encrypted into infinity.
    Cryptographers solve this problem by encrypting the symmetric key with an asymmetric key, such as as RSA. To perform this second step, you generate an RSA key-pair, encrypt the symmetric key you generated in step 1 with the Public key of the RSA key-pair, and give the recipient of the encrypted XML file, access to the Private key of the RSA key-pair as well as the encrypted symmetric key.
    The recipient, then uses the RSA Private key to decrypt the symmetric key first, and then uses the "plaintext" symmetric key to decrypt the XML file.
    What sabre150 was also attempting to explain to you, is the traditional way of transporting an encrypted "blob" that consists of data + symmetric key. With a modern key-management system, combining the two would be unnecessary.

  • Quicktime desktop recording use almost 100% of cpu!

    When the video recording of the desktop is on, my Macbook pro (2.4 GHz, 8 Go ram, mid-2010) become really slow. Quicktime then use near 100% of the CPU. So I can't do the task I whant to record (someting like a tutorial).
    Is there a solution for this? I tried Voila app and IT WORK PERFECTLY. So, what's the deal with quicktime?

    Thanks for the reply,
    Turned flash off but it made no difference, Facebook home page still shoots Firefox cpu up to 100%.

  • Tasks using over 100% of CPU?

    There are a few Root tasks that occasionally use more than 100% of my CPU according to my Activity Monitor. One of them was at 148% at one point.
    There is usually just one Root task that uses that much CPU whenever I open my Macbook from sleep or it just happens at random times. And the only way to stop it is to force quit the task that is making it do that. It all started after I was ripping a DVD using iSkySoft and it froze so I had to force quit. Once it quit, the CPU problem came up.
    Why does it do this? Do I just have to check the Activity Monitor every now and then to delete the Root tasks that use a lot of CPU? Is there a way to permanently make it stop?

    Well the root task problem stopped but now I just turned on the computer and Finder was using about 80% CPU for some reason but it seems to be working now after I quit it in Activity Monitor and brought it back up again.

  • HT1222 My daughter had put in a password for my iphone and she forgot about the numbers. How can i reset it and what can I do ? I cant use the phone now ? pls help

    My Daughter had key in a password on my Iphone and forgot the number, now i can use my phone can you pls advice me how to unlock the password and use my phone again

    Hi ...
    If you can't remember the Passcode, if possible, restore the device from the computer it was last synced with by placing the device in recovery mode.
    Instructions here   > iOS: Unable to update or restore
    If you restore on a different computer that was never synced with the device, you will be able to unlock the device for use and remove the passcode, but your data will not be presen

  • ITunes Using Up 100% of CPU

    For some reason iTunes was using 100% of my CPU, for some reason I thought the iTunes library may have been corrupt, making iTuunes use 100% of my CPU when I started it. So I deleted my .itl file and imported all of my music again, so now all my songs are in iTunes and it seemed to work. Then, as part of my settings, I turned on the souncd check, now iTunes uses 100% of my CPU and doesn't respond when I open it, how can I fix this?

    Sorry. I did a search, and a lot of threads came up. The one I chose, I thought, explained WHY it happened.
    Maybe you'd get answers more helpful to you, if you went throught the search results.
    Sorry I wasn't of any assistance.

  • Premiere cc & media encoder update and it doesn't use anymore 100% of cpu,why?

    i don't like always to update programs
    but yesterday i update premiere to version 7.2.2 and adobe media encoder and others , in short i updated everything
    well i started to render a video and i noticed that adobe media encoder (during the rendering) did not use all my cpu
    in the prev , i used the 90% of my cpu
    my cpu it's the last intel 4 core (8 vitual) 4Ghz
    but the new verstion uses not more then 50% , don't know how much gpu does it use , can't find a program to monitor under w8.1 pro 64bit
    what's wrong?
    is there a way (option) to let media encoder to use all my 100% cpu?
    is there a way to check how much gpu does it use?

    Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for your reply.
    It doesn't appear to be the problem though. The encode I have running at the moment has been going for the last 13 hours and in the last two hasn't once got any further along!
    Current elapsed time for a 30 minute film going to MPG2 is 13 hours and 18 minutes! Seems a touch excessive for just muxing!
    Any other ideas? Would be really grateful for any advice as Adobe Media Encoder is becoming very unreliable and I have tonnes of encoding to do!
    Many thanks

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    Could anyone tell me what cause oracle to use up all the clock cycle?
    This problem occured when I tried to load a jar file to the server and it paused at the resolving stage for a really long time without any errors.
    I checked under task manager and found that the cpu is taking up 97-99% by Oracle.exe.

    Originally posted by Peter Duong ([email protected]):
    Could anyone tell me what cause oracle to Hi,
    In order to confirm whether resolving is taking much time during loading,can you load it without the resolve option of loadjava and find out how much time does it take.

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    Iam unable to open any app. After I have backed up still its getting pop up connect to iTunes to use push notifications

    Iam unable to open any app. After I have backed up still its getting pop up connect to iTunes to use push notifications

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    i have installed java in linux. i used self extracting binary because i wanted to install java in a specific folder user -> local -> apps.
    now my doubt is. how can i set the path.
    i have installed java using rpm then i had edited the .bashrc file.
    can i follow the same step in this case also?
    i am not a root user but i can have all the privilages bu using the sudo command

    You can set it using ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile. This will apply to you only, not the other users on the system

  • HT201328 i'm in Ghana and none of our carriers here offer unlocking. so how do i unlock and use my iphone 4? pls help

    i'm in Ghana and none of our carriers here offers unlocking. so how do i unlock the phone? its an iphone 4, ios 6.1.3

    The process is contact your network supplier .
    Ask IF they offer unlocking.
    IF yes request the unlock and pay any fees requested.
    Your network supplier then contacts Apple to request the White listing (Unlocking) of your phone on the iTunes servers.
    Apple do this -It takes anything from 3 days to several weeks to complete.
    On completion Apple confirms this back to your Network supplier (NOT YOU)
    Your network supplier contacts you via email or SMS inviting you to connect your iPhone with your computer via the supplied USB cable and launch iTunes and follow on screen prompts through to the "Congratulations your iPhone is now unlocked" screen.
    All these steps need to be carried out with the ORIGINAL SIM and by REGISTERED account holder used when setting up the phone.
    Once the Congats...... screen has been reached you can swap out the REGISTERED SIM and replace with a compatable SIM on another network.
    Only the original SIM and Account holder can initiate an unlock- If you bought the phone used/second hand you CAN NOT UNLOCK through official routes
    Once unlocked use of a Mobile Virtual Network SIM may result in difficulties sending SMS messages.
    You may have to go into Setting /Network/Cellular/Cellular Data Network and enter the correct settings manually.
    Further caveat Cellular Data Network menu is SIM card dependant if its not supported you CAN NOT change the settings manually then you may need to contact the SIM card company - They can send a setup SMS if they support this process.
    Sorry for the lecture.
    PRESEE -

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