Approval procedure for Payments

Dear All,
Can we set approval procedure for outgoing payments in 2007A?

Payment was only enabled in Approval Procedure for a few countries in 2007 B. 
SAP Intends to introduce payment in approval procedure for 8.8,
Check Note [1361189|]:
Kind Regrads

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  • Approval procedure for payment terms

    Dear All,
    Would like to enquiry for the following statement. it aim to check if there is any SO with ORDR.GroupNum is 2 then it will trigger the approval event in the Approval Decision Report.
    i tired, but it doesn't work, i don't know if there is anything else i missed to set.
    Select 'TRUE' where $[ordr.GroupNum]  = '2'
    Select 'TRUE' where $[ordr.GroupNum]  = 2
    Select 'TRUE' from [dbo].[ORDR] T0 where  $[ORDR.GroupNum]  = '2'
    Select 'TRUE' from [dbo].[ORDR] T0 where  $[ORDR.GroupNum]  = 2
    Million thanks!
    Edited by: tac wong on Nov 6, 2009 10:48 AM
    Edited by: tac wong on Nov 6, 2009 10:48 AM

    I believe only this kind of logic will work:
    Select 'true' FROM dbo.ocrd T0 where T0.CardCode = $[$4.0.0\] AND T0.GroupNum = 2
    Simply because: GroupNum is not available as a variable for Sales Order form.

  • Approval procedure for Outgoing payment

    Dear all expert,
    I want to know how to make approval procedures for outgoing payment. So, everytime user create outgoing payment, it can't be printed until it's approved by Chief Acct. Where do i set this approval, because i see in the approval module, there is no  outgoing payment document.

    I have checked that, at least until 2007A version PL49 Outgoing payment has not yet added to Approval Template.  You may use SP Transaction Notification to block some users for posting.

  • Approval procedure for Incoming Payments

    Hi All,
                 I need to setup an approval procedure in such a way that not all incoming payments raised from "User1" should be approved by  "user2".  Incoming payments rased only for particular doument series should be approved by "user2".
    Answers will be appreciated.

    It not possible to raise Approval procedure for Incoming Payments

  • Approval Procedure for Out Going Payments

    Hi All,
    I need to set up an approval procedure for Outgoing payments.
    Terms & Conditions:
    Documents Should go for approval only when a Outgoing Payment is raised by choosing the cash account in Cash tab.
    Is there any default Procedure to setup this Approval Procedure.
    Please do the needfull.

    For outgoing payments you can set approval procedure only for version 8.8. Then you can apply a query based approval with a query like this:
    If  $[OVPM.CashAcct]='38110000'
    Select 'true'

  • Error while assigning user for release approval path for payment release

    Hi everyone,
         I am trying to assign user for payment release in SPRO. I have defined upto 'Define relevant document types for release for payment', after that while assigning user in terms of position for release and save it, i am getting error 'Program error: ASSIGN with length 0 in program "MP120800" '.Because of it i can t proceed further.
    The data in details below;
    1. Create Workflow Variant for Release for Payment
       1000     SAP
    2. Assign Company Code Workflow Variant for Release for Payment
      1000     1000     SAP
    3. Define Release Approval Groups for Release for Payment
      0001     Vendor A
    0002     vendor B
    0003     Vendor C
    0004     G/L accounts
    4. Define Release Approval Paths for Release for Payment
      0001     Vendor high
    0002     Vendor middle
    0003     Vendor low
    0004     G/L accounts
    0005     Other
    5. Assign Release Approval Paths for Release for Payment
      1000     KZ     0001     0001
    1000     KZ     0002     0002
    1000     KZ     0003     0003
    6. Assign Release Approval Procedure for Release for Payment
    1000     0001     20,000.00     KES     1     WS10000052     WS00400011
    1000     0002     50,000.00     KES     2     WS10000052     WS00400021
    1000     0003     1,000,000.00     KES     3     WS10000052     WS00400022
    7. Define Relevant Document Types for Release for Payment
         1000     KR
    1000     KZ
    8. Define Users with Authorization to Payment Release
    1000     0001     1     20,000.00     KES
    1000     0001     2     50,000.00     KES
    1000     0001     3     100,000.00     KES
    here i have selected the option and tried to create Orgobject, i am getting following error
    Program error: ASSIGN with length 0 in program "MP120800"
    If any corrections in the definitions, Please let me know.
    Thanks in advance!!

    Please start the report RSWOGIND, set also the checkbox "generate all
    ObjTypes from new". This should solve the problem.
    Best regards, Hana

  • Approval procedure for the creation of a new item

    I would like to have an approval procedure for the creation of new items. In that when one gets added, it gets placed on hold immediately and an alert gets sent to a manager.
    thx, Richard

    The solution would be the combination of SBO_SP_TransactionNotification stored procedure allowing only for some authorized persons to add an item with not ‘On Hold’ status, and an alert to the authorized persons.

  • Approval procedure for item and for business partner

    Anyone has done somekind of approval procedure for an item or for a business partner?
    Is there anyway to make this? Or just for documents?

    You can only use SAP approvals for documents. You can construct a less controlled approval method for master items by first creating a BP mandatory "Approved" UDF", and using an auto refresh FMS to set it to blank unless "on hold" is checked when the BP record is created. This will prevent it from being used in documents. Then another UDF for an authorised user to initial the BP record as authorised and uncheck the hold flag. There is nothing to stop this method from being abused but you do have the History log so that you know who did what. I have not tested the exact procedure described but have done similar for documents (to force a save as draft) when the SAP Approval has been too restrictive. Otherwise it's SDK.

  • Approval Procedure for addon forms

    HI experts,
    Can we set approval procedure for the Addon forms?
    If so,suggest me a way

    Ya it is working awesome......
    What all you need is to build a logic to set the approval such a way that it would work like standard Approval.
    I did it separately and not linked with standard one as it was not possible I guess so.
    So I created this and then by Alert I poped up this to the authority and let it work like standard procedure........

  • Approval procedure for Production module in SAP B1

    hi all ,
                  is their any approval procedure for production in sap b1. here in our case approval is needed from the quality person for quality check on good receipt and good issue in production. but in the administration approval procedure production column is missing. kindly suggest me any possibility to do this process.

    isn't it possible to use some UDFs that one of them is set to be mandatory value ? for example UDF name is approved that has Y or N. The 2nd is QC with option good or rejected, and there must be FMS defined in the UDFs. I am not so sure abot it but you must explain detail workflow if possible.

  • Approval Procedure for User Form

    Dear All,
                   I am developing a Requisition add-on. It contains 2 stages. First user creates a requisition & then the authorized person approves this requisition.  My problem is that when user creates a requisition, an automatic alert should be on  the authorized person side. I can use Alert for this process. But my client wants the same functionality as the Approval Procedure in Admin Module. Can I use the approval procedure for the add-on forms also. ? If yes, then how can I do that because  Approval Procedure does not show the user form.  Help me regarding this. Any reply would be appreciated.

    Approval Procedure is not available to User Form. You may try to create the similar process by SDK but that needs too much coding.

  • Approval Procedure for JE

    Just want to ask if it is possible to Create an Approval Procedure for JE? If not, are there any work around on this?

    You may use Journal Voucher and Authorization on JE.  let say Journal Voucher for the Originator and JE for Authorizer.
    Give No Authorization/Read only for Originator. And Full for Authorizer.

  • Approval Procedure for Sale Orders

    Hi Experts:
    Anyone can help me?...I´m needing an Approval Procedure for Sale Orders to be activated whenever the user is trying to give diferent discount percentage from the one assigned in the price list throughout Period Discounts. We have Sap Business One 2007A SP01 PL05
    Thanks very much in advance

    This has to be done through user query approval.  However, since I don't have similar environment to try, you may start to create your own query first.

  • Approval Procedure for Specific Business Partner

    Dear Experts,
    Good day!
    Is it possible that a certain approval procedure for credit memo will trigger only once a specific business partner is used?

    Yes, Ashley.
    Its possible through Approval procedure based on query.
    Please use below query for the same. replace hard coded vendor code with actual Vendor codes.
    SELECT Distinct 'True' where $[$4.0.0] in ('V23000','V10000')
    If you need to make it more systematic, then create one flag in BP master, "Approval required Yes/ No" and create a new query for this. So you need not amend the query later

  • Approval Procedure for Issue to Production and Receipt from Production

    Hi All,
    Is there a way to create an approval procedure for Issue to production and Receipt from production?

    Hi Riyaz,
    Yes it is not in Standard SAP Business One.  But is there a way to create one for issue to production and receipt from production? 

Maybe you are looking for

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