Approval procedure issue

I need a query for outgoing payment approval, if cash is more than 1000 then approval should get activated.
Below query is not working. Any chages?
Select 'true' where $[$ovpn.CashSum] > 1000

hi shashi,
Read this Note 1165619 - Cannot add outgoing payments in approval procedures
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  • Query approval procedures issue

    Hi all
    I'm creating a query for approval procedure in Sales orders. This query is working fine:
    WHERE CAST ($[ORDR.DocTotal] AS decimal(19,6))>= $[ORDR.U_Credito]
    But the one above give the following error get an error:  Could not commit transaction: Error -1 detected during transaction
    WHERE CAST ($[ORDR.DocTotal] AS decimal(19,6))>= ($[ORDR.U_Credito]*0.2)
    How can i multiply that field to get 20%.
    The field ORDR.U_Credito is type amount
    Kind Regards,
    Margarida Pedroso
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    Hi Margarida Pedroso,
    IF $[ORDR.DocTotal.number\] >= ($[ORDR.U_Credito.number\]*0.2)

  • Approval Procedure for Issue to Production and Receipt from Production

    Hi All,
    Is there a way to create an approval procedure for Issue to production and Receipt from production?

    Hi Riyaz,
    Yes it is not in Standard SAP Business One.  But is there a way to create one for issue to production and receipt from production? 

  • Approval procedure for goods issue

    Dear Expert,
    We would like to set approval procedure for goods issue base on the following criteria:-
    1. Only goods issue related to "write Off"
    2. We indicate "W/off" at Ref2 field
    Can anyone help me on this?
    Thank you.

    Try this....
    Select Distinct 'True' From OIGE T0 Where T0.Ref2='W/off' and T0.DocNum=$[OIGE.DocNum.0]
    It would be OIGE.DocNum.0 and not OIGN.Docnum.0
    Please try above query for approval as it works fine in my DB

  • Approval Procedure For Issue For Production form

    Hi All,
    How to Defind the Approval procedure For the Issue For Production tell me is it possible or not

    Hi Vikas,
    As workaround you can set the approval to the stock transfer for the production warehouse and allow only issue for production from that production warehouse.

  • Goods Issue Approval Procedure

    Hi Experts,
    In Document Approval Procedure on Goods Issue Doc. can i make Approval Procedure for a particular G/L Accout.
    i.e. I select an Item  Code for Goods Issue and selected a particular G/L A/c. as  50102001 - Scrap Account then it should forward to Approval otherwise if that A/c. is not selected in Goods Issue form it should Add directly.
    Awaiting for your helpful reply.

    Hi Ravi....
    Approval Procedure is not possible for Row Level Details...
    It is always possible for Document Level data....

  • Enhanced Approval Procedure Functions- authorization issue

    Dear Expert,
    I have activated the enhances approval procedure function as per below screen shot:
    Granted authorization as mention in New ChaRM Feature with SP 10: Enhanced Approval Procedure Functions by Michael. With SM_APP_AP with 02, 22 and 75.
    But the Request for change procedure selection and approval steps was disabled
    The requestor able to change the approval procedure and approval steps only  if i granted the user with 70 (administer).
    Please help as i want the requestor to be able to select the approval procedure and approval steps but not approving the CR. Im following the chart below but seem like is not working.
    SAP standard roles
    Activity for
    Change Manager
    37 (approve) approval step, 75 (delete approval step), 22 (add approval step), 02 (change approval procedure assignment)
    Potential Approvers
    37 (delivered inactive)
    Power User, Administrator
    70 (administer), 37 (approve) approval step, 75 (delete approval step), 22 (add approval step), 02 (change approval procedure assignment)

    Hi Jansi,
    I have added activity 22 (add approval step)  and 02 (change approval procedure assignment) but the approval procesure and approval step are disabled and not allow the requestor to select /add/ male changes.
    So im not sure which part is going wrong.

  • Approval Procedures - Query Base Issue

    Hello Experts,
    I have Set the Approval Procedures in SAP base on One Query
    Query is If Purchase Order Document No > then 29000 then go for Approval Process other wise not going for Approval Procedures
    My Query is
    < SELECT DISTINCT 'True' FROM OPOR N0 where N0.Docnum >'29000' >
    this is to be worng.
    Please guide me
    Dixit Patel

    Hi Dixit.........
    Try this......
    Select Distinct 'True' From OPOR T0 Where T0.DocNum>29000 and

  • In approval procedure user do not want to refresh the software

    Hi all,
    In approval procedure i prepare the approval for outgoing payment, so when the user pass the transaction the approval going to manager but my issue is the manager must refresh his user when any new approval is coming.
    i don't want to refresh again & again so you have any solutions of these tell me.

    This is a database function that you have to refresh to get new data displayed.  If you do not like it, I am afraid something must be developed by SDK tool to auto refresh for users.  It may not be achievable though.  Post it on SDK forum to involve experts there.

  • Outgoing Payment Approval Procedure - Payment Wizard

    I was having an issue with the SAP Approval Procedures I was hoping I could get answered.
    I have created an Approval Procedure for Outgoing Payments in SAP 8.82 to always require approval.
    The approval procedure works fine when I create an Outgoing Payment by going to Banking >> Outgoing Payment >> Outgoing Payment.
    If I try to create an Outgoing Payment via the Payment Wizard, it does not go through the approval process.
    I have made sure that I have enabled the "Activate Approval Procedures in DI" functionality under General Settings. It still does not do the trick.
    Can someone please tell if this is an SAP bug or not? If not a bug, any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong.

    Hi Krishnan,
    I believe this is by system design or another word a system limitation. The logic here is: if you are able to run the Payment Wizard, you have authorization already.
    A work around may be creating a user alert whenever you have the Payment Wizard run.

  • External requests and QA Approval procedure

    Hi all,
    We have the standard solution “QA Approval procedure” implemented. This solution is to become mandatory the approve of all requests in Quality Assurance systems before imported in production system. When I have an external request imported in the development system, it arrives with a different transport layer. The SAP suggestion is create a request of “transport of copies”, and after then copy the external request to this new request. The problem is that when we are transporting the new request (transport of copies), it also cannot be approved in QA.
    I'd like to know if somebody already configured the QA approved procedure for external requests.
    best regards

    Did you put a message to SAP? I have never come across this problem.
    What is your system release?
    Juan - This issue is not related to workflow

  • Delivery date and approval procedure

    My customer has the next problem. He generate a purchase order after approval procedure was ended. sometimes he wants to update the delivery date field in the row of the purchase order, but he can't do so because approval procedure restrict any changes in row level.
    what can be done to solve it.
    thank you all

    It is always very interesting how people seem to simply accept that the system can not perform basic functions.
    In our company, we are facing some critical issues because of this problem. E.g: a purchase order has been approved and teh supplier rings to inform us of supply delays. The procurement officer can not update the delivery date on the purchase order to document the updated delivery day.
    This is obviously causing some major drama at the warehouse as they rely on the delivery date of purchase orders to prepare the space required to receive goods.
    This is also impacting the work of the procurement manager who will possibly ring the supplier to inform him of delays when relasticly, the company has already been informed.
    The approval process in SAP Business One is lacking a basic function of "loop" or simply a system to identify non critical fields which can be updated once the document has been approved (like a date, some remarks etc.).
    SAP, it is time to work on a few basic ERP things.
    Vincent Motte

  • Approval procedure vs Transaction Notification

    Hello dear experts,
    I have an issue with the approval procedures and the validations I have to do using the Transaction Notificacion Stored procedure.
    this is the scenario and conditions to consider:
    1.A purchase order (Doctotal) that are between 0 and 25,000 USD needs an approval.
    2. A purchase order needs to have all the project column filled in before the approval procedure. this column is in the detail of a document, so all the rows have to be filled in with the right project code otherwise when your request have been submmited and your receive the approval you are not allowed to do any changes in the Detail Document.
    I realized that the approval procedure is launched before the Transaction Notification SP.
    So I decided to add a query for the approval procedure considering the validations in the project column:
    SELECT distinct 'true'
    WHERE $[OPOR.DocTotalSy.number] Between 0 and 24999.99   ---This part works perfeclty!!!
    AND LEN(isnull($[POR1.Project.0],''))>0 and $[POR1.U_SubJob.0]>0  )  --This part does not work
    As you see in the query, I am trying to validate that all the rows have the project code (Project) and a UDF (U_SubJob) filled in.
    Have anybody been done this before? How can I access to the detail values of the document? It is easy to acces values on the header.
    I appreciate any help on this. Thank you very much

    You must use both in approval procedure or use both in SBO store procedure transaction notification.
    To request approval for a project, you this following approval query:
    if (SELECT $[$38.31.0]) > ' '
    select 'true'
    the other query is for doctotal approval as follows:
    if ($[opor.doctotalsys.number]) between 0 and 24999.99
    SELECT 'true'
    select distinct 'true' FROM OPOR
    WHERE $[OPOR.DocTotalSy.number] Between 0 and 24999.99
    Both are able to use and work simultanously.

  • Approval Procedures - customization popup Alert

    is possible to customize popup Alert which is displayed for users based on 'Approval procedures'  ?
    I have procedure based on user query which controll  , if in  'Goods Issue' is filled input Ref.2 (it works nice)
    My goal is inform the users via popup Alert with my own text, so that they can understand what is wrong and cancl the Approval Procedure and could correct/fill the input Ref.2.
    thanks for any idea
    Regards Zdenek

    Hi Zdenek,
    If a Document went for approval, the document will get automatically saved as Draft, with the status of Pending for Approval.
    Once it approved, then Draft- Approved
    You can retrieve data from Draft table. I mean draft documents for which approval status is pending  / Approved / rejected /  Document added or not etc.
    Select  A.DocDate, A.DocStatus, A.WDDStatus, A.* from ODRF A
    where A.ObjType = 60--for Goods Issue
    and A.WDDStatus<>'-'
    Hope this will help you
    You can modify the query as per your requirement

  • Approval procedure for Production module in SAP B1

    hi all ,
                  is their any approval procedure for production in sap b1. here in our case approval is needed from the quality person for quality check on good receipt and good issue in production. but in the administration approval procedure production column is missing. kindly suggest me any possibility to do this process.

    isn't it possible to use some UDFs that one of them is set to be mandatory value ? for example UDF name is approved that has Y or N. The 2nd is QC with option good or rejected, and there must be FMS defined in the UDFs. I am not so sure abot it but you must explain detail workflow if possible.

Maybe you are looking for

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