Approval status not captured in the workflow...

In my 4 tier approval workflow, I have a user decision loop , before which a user decision step is there for approve or reject.
There are two paths under user decision, one says when reject or approve and another says till last layer which then leads to container operation to collect the next level of agent.
Under when reject or approve step, there is a condition step that checks if user has approved or rejected.
Now I need to store in a custom table status R if rejected , status A if approved.
So I have added 2 steps under each path (approve and reject), but it so happens that when the first tier agent rejects it, the status gets recorded in the custom table but when he approves it , A status is not updated.
If the first agent approves and second one (final) approves only then A is updated.
I want the status to be recorded like this
agent1     Submitted for approval
This should change to agent 1    approved and then another entry should be added in the custom table with submitted for approval for agent 2.
My code is in a custom class and it looks fine as it wors for submitted for approval as well for reject. But not for Approved. Container objects in both reject and approve are same except that I pass A or R.
What can be wrong ??

First let me give a breif explanation about how and where the result of the decision step is captured.
While creating a decision step in the workflow you would be giving some texts for each outcome, let say in your case you said that For both approve and reject you are using one branch (Assume that id of this branch is 0001) now the other branch is for reading the next level agent (0002)  so now when you click on the first button then the Decision workitem standard  container element WIRESULT will be populated with 0001 and let say if you clcik on the second button to read the next level approver then WIRESULT will be populated with 0002..
    Here your design is conflicting ( Assuming that what I said above is what you have implemented)  Instead what you can try to do is Just have two outcome in the decision step as 1. Approve(0001) 2. Reject (0002) , now two braches will be coming out of decision step ,  now getting the next level agent keep it in a different background task, by creating a separate BOR method. Insert this task in both the branches.....
The remaining activities what ever you are perfoming to update the table you do it normally... as you did
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  • Document in Process but not found in the workflow

    we have a document entered in purchasing and still in process but it is not found in the workflow, then it can't be approved by users.
    help please, thanks.

    You can try in test instance it first;
    Run this script for your PO number, it will change the status from In Process to incomplete or Required reapproval,
    then the PO need to be approved again, and you will be able to see it in the workflow
    UPDATE apps.po_headers_all SET authorization_status = decode(approved_date, NULL, 'INCOMPLETE',
    'REQUIRES REAPPROVAL'), wf_item_type = NULL, wf_item_key = NULL, approved_flag = decode(approved_date, NULL, 'N', 'R')
    WHERE po_header_id= -Po header ID-
    Hope it work

  • The approver does not show in the approval preview after saving sh. cart

    Hi ,
    I would appreciate if anyone can reply me for fixing the problem.
    Problem: The approver does not show in the approval preview after the shopping cart is saved, however before saving the shopping cart it shows the approver in the approval preview. We are using two workflows: WS10000060 – Auto approval and WS10000276- 1 level spending limit approval.
    Details of the problem:
    The following steps specify the problem in detail , it is applicable for both the workflows “WS10000060 – Auto approval and WS10000276- 1 level spending limit approval.”
    1.     Shopping created
    2.     The approval preview shows the approver ( please see #1 in the attached document) before saving the shopping cart.
    3.     Shopping cart is saved.
    4.     After saving , Check status transaction shows the shopping cart in status “awaiting approval”
    5.     The section approval shows “ No workflow started , application error occurred”
    6.     T.Code SWI1 shows the workitem created for the shopping cart but in error.
    7.     The work item container does not show any agents
    I would appreciate it anyone can reply as to how to fix it ASAP.
    Best Regards

    Hi Disha,
    I have synchronised through SWU_OBUF several times since yesterday , but still at the same place.
    In the workflow customising - The only red entry which I have is for check entries from HR control tables under Mainiatin definition env. and Mainiatin guded procedure for gateway under guided procedure (new in SRM 5.0) .The verification workflow works fine . Also I think these entries will not impact the workflow functionalhese were red even in my earlier system .
    SLG1 shows all green entries and there are no entries in RZ20.
    I have specified task TS10008126 as general task as I want anyone who is identified by SLAapprover should be able to process the workitem and as per documentation I can specify this task as standard task.
    What should I do.. , anything am I missing .
    Thanks and Best Regards

  • Oracle stored procedure call failed,but not captured by the error handling

    Hi All,
    I have a unix shelll script which calls a stored proc in Oracle, the stored proc call failed due to "ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress".
    But it is not captured in the error handling block, Any ideas why this had happened?
    SQL file had : my_test_sql.sql
    exec my_proc(..............);
    Unix shell script has this call:
    sqlplus -s my_user/[email protected] @my_test_sql.sql
    if [[ $? -ne 0 ]]; then
    echo "failed"
    exit 1
    echo "success"
    If i execute the above shell, I'm getting the following
    ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress
    SP2-0306: Invalid option.
    Usage: CONNÝECT¨ Ýlogon¨ ÝAS SYSDBA¨
    where <logon> ::= <username>Ý/<password>¨Ý@<connect_identifier>¨ | /
    This puzzled me, any pointers?

    The $? status variable shows the return code of the last command executed. It will be difficult to determine what the exit status of your sql script is without knowing the script. Do you have any "WHENEVER SQLERROR EXIT" statements in the script?
    The ORA-01033 error happens when the database is not open, perhaps in recovery, or startup or shutdown is halted due to a failed or full disk, error in archiving or writing to redo, etc.

  • Forward button not appearing in the workflow inbox

    Hi All,
    We have an issue where a user says that the forward button is not appearing in the workflow inbox . This is happening only for one user. Is there an way through which we can add the forward button?

    Hi Archana,
    If Basis have confirmed that the user has the authorization, then the user should be able to forward tasks.
    Right click on a task in the inbox, it should allow the user to forward the task.
    If the user does not have the authorization, then a message will appear that user does not have authorization to forward tasks.
    Immediately after that take a screen shot of SU53, which will show you why task forwarding is not possible.

  • BED value is not captured in the outgoing excise invoice

    Dear Friends,
    I have  created a sales order consisting of BED,ECESS, SECEE duties in the sales order , delivered and created invoice and then raised excise invoice with the referance to invoice. Here BED is not captured in the excise invoice.
    I will let you all know what is my analysis regarding this issue.
    1. I have checked the " maintain excise defaults" settings. i have checked the BED condition type(JEXP) is available under A/R BED cond or not. Then in trial error methode inputed diff places and checked.
    2.condition records are maintained properly.
    Please let me know as soon as possible, if any other configuration part/settings to be maintained because my client is go living on next week.

    Check the followings..
    1. Wheather you have maintain the condition type JEXT as 100% with condition record or not.
    2. Check you have maintain the condition type JEXT under, Logistic General -> Tax on Goods movement----> India -
    > Basic Setting -
    > Determination of Excise Duty -
    > Condition based Excise Determination -
    > Classify Condition type
    check here condition type JEXT is maintain with your pricing procedure or not.
    Hope it will solve your problem.
    Shambhu Sarkar

  • Preference status not changed for the processed products

    Hello All,
    While Aggregating the vendor declaration, I am getting the message as below
    Preference status not changed for the processed products
    Could you please help me to resolve this issue.
    Thanks & Regards

    Hello Rahul,
    aggregation is not changing status on LTVD. (Possibly LTVD has been already agregated). Newly maintained LTVD is not changing status of the product, its remaining negative whatsoever.

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    Rather than convert, you'd be better off capturing with a more current version of the program -- one that supports AVCHD video. Otherwise, you're in for a lot of headache. A converter isn't going to solve your problems.
    BTW, when you say Premiere 6, do you mean Premiere 6 -- which is over 10 years old? (There was no Premiere Elements 6.)
    Trust me on this: Capture with a Mac version of Premiere Elements 11 or 12 and your video will be perfectly compatible with any Mac program.

  • Package status not appended in the Add Remove Programs in control panel after the installation.

    I have a strange problem with "Package status not appended in the Add Remove Programs after the installation.".
    Like, onec the package is installed via SCCM, it should be listed in the Add Remove programs with the package name, version and the install date.
    At times on random machine these details are not appended. Although the application works fine on the machine, but the correct details are not populated in Add/ Remove programs.
    There is no issue with the package as it shows correct details on few other machine where it is installed.
    This behaviour is random on random machines. Hence, very difficult to track the reason.
    System Security analyst at CapG

    Hi Jason,
    Yes, i have tried Jorgen's suggestion, ans as said earlier. It install the application smoothly on any other machine (any random machine) perfectly with correct details in Add Remove Programs.
    As mentioned earlier, the same package, same environment, same set of machines with same OS, it installs correctly on few machines.. and on few its just misses to add correct details in Add Remove progs.
    If it was related to package, how does it install corretly on other machines?? How does the same package installs correctly when done manually or by that means by PSEXEC.
    To a matter of fact, we are checking our package for the multiple times now, just to make sure it is buldled correctly with correct install scripts. We are trying to search different multiple ways to see what makes the package to skip the
    correct entry in the Add Remove.
    To add, this is not with one package, it happens with random package with random machine. There is not typical behaviour that could be tracked.  
    All the installations done via SCCM 07, with admin account.
    This looks more tricky and complex then as simple as saying, its the fault of packaging.
    I hate to say this but this is NOT a CM07 problem, You will need to work with your packaging team, and use tools like process monitor,psexec and the msi log to determine why it is failing.
    Your first step is to find a pc where you can consistent get the setup to fails. once you get that you can use process monitor and the msi log files to determine what is going on.
    Garth Jones | My blogs: Enhansoft and
    Old Blog site | Twitter:

  • Section Code details not captured at the time of vendor clearing

    Hi Experts !
    I am  facing problem in clearing of vendors accounts through F-44 or F-54 . The problem is creating with those vendors accounts which having withholding tax.
    Error massage is (Fill Section Code)
    At the posting of down payment and invoicing documents section code is filled by user. But when we go for clearing those documents one clearing document is created, in this document Section Code details not captured and field is in inactive mode.
    Please suggest me for same ASAP. 
    Amit Gupta

    Hi Amit,
    Probably you are using a validation for making Section code mandatory. Check it in OB28. If it is yes, then check  whether you are using Set directory for including/excluding a list of transaction code for making section code mandatory. if it is yes, th exclude that T-code from validation as section code is not required to be filled in clearing transactions.
    Section code is required for Witholding tax and section code is made a required field whereevr, TDS liability is generated. And  in clearing no liability is generated so section code is not required. It is not done through Field status group. It is doe either by Validation or by Screen transaction variant. SHD0.

  • 'Approve' button not displaying in the Approve Role screen Inbox - AC 10

    Hello Gurus,
    I have a challenge and I'd be glad to have it fixed.
    I am configuring Role Management in GRC AC 10.0.
    I am in Approve Role phase.
    After clicking on Initiate Approval....It send the request to the Role Owner's work inbox for approval.
    However, when the role owner logs in, only the "Other actions" button shows. The "Approve" button does not show.
    The "other actions" have options for "Hold" and "Request information"
    Please note the following in the MSMP settings.
    I am using the default settings in MSMP
    Maintain Path (Path ID - GRAC_DEFAULT_PATH ) & Stage Config ID - GRAC_DEFAULT_STAGE
    Maintain Route Mapping - GRAC_ROLEAPPR_INITIATOR
    Generate Version - Version generation was successful.
    I have also assigned the following roles to the ROLE OWNER
    Please help me...what am I doing wrong?

    Hi Colleen,
    Thanks for reply. I have configured the workflow with default path and with one stage (role owner approval). When we create roles, request is being sent for role owner for approval.
    Role owner is able to see the request in workplace inbox. But not able to approve it. We are getting the same kind of error when we raise requests for user access also (you can see the error screen shot for access request and the same kind of error is occurring for role approval also).
    All requests are stuck up at role owner for approval. Quick response is much appreciated.

  • Setting Workflow status not working in imported workflow from SPD to Visual Studio

    Hi all,
    I have created SPD workflow and imported in visual studio. When I deploy imported Workflow using visual studio feature I found that Setting Workflow Status action is not working. Do I need to change Set Workflow status activity in Visual studio to make it
    Rohit Pasrija

    According to your post, my understanding is that Setting Workflow status did not work in imported workflow from SharePoint Designer to Visual Studio.
    I try to reproduce the issue and the result is the same as yours.
    After I import the workflow, choose the .xoml file, the view is as below:
    To troubleshooting the issue, I add a new item to the project and select “Sequential Workflow” in the template.
    After I click the Tool, I find that there don’t have the “SetCustomWorkflowStatus1” activity.
    To set the status of the state, we need to use the “Set State” Activity in the “SharePoint Workflow” toolbar.
    That is the reason why the “SetCustomWorkflowStatus1” activity does no work.
    More information:
    Apply Custom Values to Visual Studio Workflow Statuses
    Linda Li                
    Forum Support
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    [email protected]
    Linda Li
    TechNet Community Support

  • GRC 10.1 agent is not found in the workflow

    Hello experts,
    I'm facing a trouble in SAP GRC AC 10.1 
    I have configured access request workflow for New account and Super user access and when i submit the request I am not able to see the approver. Please refer to the below screen shots and help me with your valuable inputs. I have checked the SLG1 logs but no errors also i can see the owners in the GRACOWNER table.
    Girish Maganti

    Hi Girish,
    You need to refer a couple of notes for this issue:
    And please check if you have note: 1906250 (Manager is not picked if there is a vacant position in org) implemented in HR-backend system. I assue you have HR system as data source.
    And, once you submit the request, do you get to see any error message..? If, then kindly share that as well.

  • Method BUS2012 - Release  not executing in the workflow

    hi all!
    I hope you can help me out with the following:
    I have created a workflow to release a PO. The approver will see a decision task with Approve and Decline. When he approves the PO, the workflow should release the PO in the background with the method BUS2012.RELEASE. The strange thing is when I test this method in SWO1, for my instance (my PO) and method Relase, I only have to enter the release code and I get the perfect returns (RELSTATUSNEW and RELINDICATORNEW).
    When I have this task in my testworkflow (with only the RELEASE task) it get into ERROR with the following message Release outside field of responsibility W5 105.
    I have searched within the OSS notes but nothing found, so I hope you can help me out!
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Best regards,

    Hi Rick,
    There is no error in the workflow... Yes the workflow is completing...
    Whenever the user Rejects the PR, the flow is not passing through the 'REJECTION_START' branch instead of that its going into the 'SIGNIFICANTLYCHANGED' branch... This is the problem i am facing...
    Why the 'SIGNIFICANTLYCHANGED' event is called instead of 'REJECTION_START'...
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    Edited by: SRIKAG on Nov 4, 2011 10:34 PM

  • BED is not capturing in the J1IIN

    Dear Experts,
    I have created commercial invoice ,in which i have entered only BED (Condition type JMAN)  manually (Rest of the duties like Cess and Ecess will appear automatically)then i created excise invoice with the help of J1IIN, while creating excise invoice manually entered BED is not capturing and not generating accounting entry also for BED but the other duties (Cess Ecess) is capturing properly in the  excise invoice and entries also generating.
    i have check the other commercial document also, wherever we entered BED manually the same problem we are facing and if BED is coming automatically, where we are not facing the problem.
    So please help me to resolve the issue urgently

    ,i have gone through the path as you suggested, where JMAN is not maintained. the thing is that we are not able to maintain JMAN in Tax Defualt information because we are entering occasionally (JMAN ) manual excise duty. mostly the excise duty is coming from preceding document. if i change the JEXP and maintain JMAN in Tax Defualt Information, i hope i will face problem if BED is coming from preceding document automatically, in that case i have to change again the JEXP instead of JMAN.
    Please give me help for resolving the isse
    Shibu Chandran

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