Apps on multiple devices/moving apps

Anyone know if we will be able to put bought apps on more than one device? I plan to get an iPhone and it would be nice to have the same software on that.
Alternatively is there some way of removing an app from one device and putting it on another instead? You can do this if you upgrade to a new computer for example. For example if I sell my iPod Touch, can I move its apps to my new Touch/Phone etc?

My wife and I both have iPhones and we have a Touch...if only we could have rented a Touch for a couple weeks, its what convinced my wife to buy an iPhone Anyway, the Apps we buy work on all three devices because her computer is one of the computers authorized under my iTunes account.

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  • Managing installed apps for multiple devices

    Is there a way to create an "app playlist" in order to easily create a common set of installed apps across multiple devices?  I'm tired of having to install the same app on each of my kids devices.  Also, I don't want to enable auto install new apps because I don't necessarily want my kids to get apps that I'm installing on my devices.

    The un-compatible updates will not install on the iPod.
    Make sure that you retain a copy of the version that is compatible with iOS 4.2.1 since you can only redownload the latest version version from the App store.
    I would backuyp the library to an external HD by:
    iTunes: Back up your iTunes library by copying to an external hard drive
    Note that when you update an app on the iPod and then sync, the update apps is also synced to the iTunes library.

  • In-App purchase multiple there a limit?

    I'm looking to purchase in-app purchases, and I know that Non-replenishable apps can be transferred to multiple devices authorised with the same iTunes Store account. I was just wondering if there is a limit to how many devices these can be transfered to, as we have around 70 devices needing the in-app purchase?

    Hello eagjdw
    You can keep the one Apple ID for purchases and then create another one for a personal account for contacts and calendars. The article below will assist further
    Using your Apple ID for Apple services
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    -Norm G.

  • How do i separate apps on multiple devices

    I have an IPhone with an Apple ID and user name.  My 10 year old son has an IPod Touch and now a new IPad.  Somehow when we set up his touch and pad, he got connected to my account.  I say this because all of my apps, songs, contacts etc show up on his devices.  I want his devices to be separate from mine so that when he downloads games they don't show up on my phone.  Is this happening because his devices are connected to the same icloud or via Itunes? 

    It might be both.
    If his apps, music and other purchased media are automatically downloading to your phone, it may be because you are using the same Apple ID in Settings>iTuens & App Store and you have Apps, Music, etc. turned on under Automatic Downloads.  To stop this, turn off these items under Automatic Downloads.
    If you are getting each other's contacts and other iCloud data on your devices it's because you are sharing the same iCloud account in Settings>iCloud.  To fix this, one of you needs to migrate to a separate iCloud account with a separate ID (you can do this and continue to share the same ID for iTunes).
    To migrate to a new account, start by saving any photo stream photos you wish to keep to your camera roll (unless already there) by opening your my photo stream album, tapping Select, tap the photos, tap the share icon (box with upward pointing arrow), then tap Save to Camera Roll.  If you are syncing notes with iCloud, you'll need to open each of your notes and email them to yourself so you can later copy and paste the text into new notes created in your new account.  Then go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account (which only deletes it from this device, not from iCloud; the device keeping the account will not be effected by this), choose Keep on My iDevice and provide the password to turn off Find My iPhone.  Then sign back in with a different Apple ID to create your new account and choose Merge to upload your data.  The new account will be assigned a new @icloud email address when you turn on Mail.
    Once you are on separate accounts you can each go to and delete the other person's data from your account.
    If you are sharing the same ID for iMessage and FaceTime you will also end up getting each other's text messages and FaceTime calls.  If you are, the person that migrated to the new iCloud account should go to Settings>Messages>Send & Receive, tap the ID, sign out, then sign back in with their new iCloud ID.  Then do the same thing in Settings>FaceTime.

  • (Not) synchronizing apps across multiple devices; how to?

    Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but I would like to sync an iPhone and iPod touch with iTunes but do not want the same apps and content on both devices. I know I can set what to sync individually when it comes to movies, music and photos.
    When I transferred my apps from iPod to iPhone (the iPod prior to this did not sync apps), all I did was press sync, then connected the iPhone and pressed sync and all (well, almost. 12 went missing, including two paid ones) went over. So it seems that whatever apps synchronized to iTunes will sync across all devices connected to it.
    Which is good when I want to transfer but I don't want it now. I try to stop app sync between iPod and iTunes and it tells me "all existing applications and data will be erased". How do I manage apps on each device individually?

    Sign into iCloud with the same Apple ID on all your devices:
    Settings > iCloud

  • Apps across multiple devices

    My wife and I are having trouble with her iphone and ipad.  They were given to her by her employer and their tech support is minimal.  When she downloads an app to one device, it may or may not appear on the other device.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.  We even went as far as resetting them and activating them both with a brand new apple id so that we could start fresh and smoothly govern the apps.  The same problem exists.  Any suggestions?

    Wow!  Way, way behind.  Jailbroken?
    With 4.2, there is no purchase history displayed.  You (probably) can safely download it and won't be charged.
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  • Apps on multiple devices?

    Considering getting an iPhone.
    Can I sync to my iMac and DL the apps I purchased for my iPod Touch? Or do I have to purchase all new apps for the phone?

    Hello Randy,
    You can use the apps on both devices as long as they are both authorized under the same iTunes account that was used to purchase and/or download the apps.

  • How to delete apps from multiple devices?

    I have multiple IOS devices that share a single Apple-id.  Is there a way to delete the app from all IOS devices automatically, or do I have to delete it from each device?
    Also, why do deleted APPs come back when the devices are sync'd (via cable) to my Mac?

    Regarding your first question, I believe you have to delete them from each device --- unless you first delete the app from iTunes, then sync your i-device using iTunes.
    Regarding the second question, the key is to delete the app from iTunes on your Mac.  That would end the undesireable behavior.

  • Enterprise App on Multiple Devices

    I'm making my first enterprise app intended for both iPad and iPhone. In terms of distribution is it possible to download on just one device and have it sync to the other on the same Apple ID or is this only for apps distributed through the App Store? I know the user can turn off this setting on their device but i've tested it on mine with this feature enabled and it does not seem to sync.
    The app works fine on both devices but i'm just trying to figure out the best means of distribution.
    It's currently deployed through a plist file. Is there something that needs to be added there?

    Not aware of other distribution method other than hosting/deployment through your own server/up in the cloud(dropbox). There's no notion of the Apple ID thing since its a private app

  • How do I restore apps to multiple devices?

    I will be giving iPads to my children for Christmas. How do I restore the saved data for each game/app to a specific device?
    Here's my scenario. My wife and I each have an iPad on the same iTunes account. My children play the same game, but to preserve each other's progression, my son plays this game only on one iPad while my daughter plays it on the other.
    When I setup the new iPads, how do I restore my son's saved data to his iPad and my daughter's data to hers?
    Both children use each iPad so a full restore doesn't help.
    Can I pick-and-choose what saved data from what app goes to which new iPad?

    JimHdk wrote:
    Thanks for clarifying that the situation is more complex than described in your original post.
    No, you cannot pick and choose with standard restore procedures.
    There are some PC/Mac programs that allow recovering certain things from backup files. Whether these can restore arbitrary app data I do not know. I suspect not but you can investigate further.
    For example:
    Hello, I can't scan out my lost data from iPad directly, doesn't it means that I only can recover my lost data from backup?

  • Using the new Photos app on multiple devices - confusion!

    I find the recent way ios/Photos handles photos quite confusing. I am not too concerned about not having a Camera Roll, but seeing how not having this creates strange behavior when editing/deleting photos, I can see how the Camera Roll is definitely necessary or the whole thing needs revamped to handle things better.
    Here's my set up:
    iMac with iPhoto
    iPhone 5s with the new Photos app
    iPad Mini with the new Photos app
    The one things I DO like is that whenever I take a photo (or upload in the case of my iMac), the photo is duplicated across all devices. That means I could take a photo on my iPhone and then edit it on my iPad Mini which has a bigger screen. (Well, so I thought..but read below.) Yes, you could do this with Photo Stream, but having all photos in one place is a bit easier to remember and find. I also like that when I delete the photo on the device that I took it on, all photos on the other two devices are also deleted. Easy. Thanks.
    But that is where the ease of use ends.
    If I delete the photo on any other two devices (i.e. the devices that I did NOT take the photo on), it only deletes on the devices which I didn't take the photo on. In other words, it leaves the photo on the device which I originally took the photo on.
    To add to the confusion... if I edit the original photo, the edits do not get duplicated to the other devices! I see the original photo on the devices with which I did NOT take the photo but the edited one is on the original device I took it on.
    Let's add even MORE confusion....if I want to edit the photo on a device it was not taken on, I then get a notice that it has to be Duplicated before I can edit it. Well, okay, I do that and then edit it. However, I now have the original showing up twice on the device it was originally taken on...the original photo and the now duplicated photo--it's the EXACT same photo since no edits get carried over from the other device.
    I believe all of this is because of what happened when ios 9 combined the functions of the Camera Roll and Photo Stream together. It exhibits both behaviors but since you cannot be sure which photo was taken on which device, you have less understanding what will happen when you try to delete a photo or edit it.
    Here's the key headache....What happens if I want to make sure a photo is deleted from ALL my devices and I don't remember which device I took the photo on? I will have to check every device just to be sure! I can't even open up iPhoto on my Mac and delete it from the Photo Stream album because it will remain on the original device. So, I have to check all devices and also iPhoto on my Mac for good measure in case I actually uploaded a photo there--which I do since I am scanning in old photos.
    Key headache end up with duplicates of the photo if you edit the photo on any device on which it was not taken on. You also get different versions of the photo. You end up not knowing which photo was the original. To be sure to have all edited photos eventually on you iMac, you'll need to sync all devices physically to iPhoto.
    Who has time to track all this?
    What should happen is this...all of the photos, including their edits, should sync exactly on all devices. My Recently Added should look exactly the same across all devices and carry over any that is what I would call Continuity and Handoff! But as it stands, we don't have anything close to more like Pandemonium and MixUp!
    This is really a mess and way too confusing to keep track of. I can only hope this get resolved when Photos on the Mac is released.

    Go to the App Store and check out the Purchases List. If iPhoto is there then it will be v9.6.1
    If it is there, then drag your existing iPhoto app (not the library, just the app) to the trash
    Install the App from the App Store.
    Sometimes iPhoto is not visible on the Purchases List. it may be hidden. See this article for details on how to unhide it.
    One question often asked: Will I lose my Photos if I reinstall?
    iPhoto the application and the iPhoto Library are two different parts of the iPhoto programme. So, reinstalling the app should not affect the Library. BUT you should always have a back up before doing this kind of work. Always.

  • Sharing Apps over multiple devices

    Hi Guys,
    At home we have 1 ipad (wifes) and 1 iphone (mine). As of Friday, I will be buying myself an ipad2, and i am a bit unsure about sharing apps over the 3 devices. At the moment my wifes ipad and my iphone both use my apple id to buy apps and things. This is ok, as I do all the purchasing of apps on her ipad etc. When I buy the new ipad, i will be also putting this on my apple id. I believe that in this situation, I can share apps over all 3 devices as they use the same ID. What I want to do is give my wife her own apple id, so that she can buy apps from her own account and not bleed my bank account dry . If I do this, will I still be able to share apps between all 3 devices, or will she have to rebuy certain apps that she and I will use?

    Sorry, my english is bad and i bad understand. I and my lil brother have 2 iPads, my dad has iphone. I sync my ipad on my laptop & at home-pc, my dad sync iphone at home-pc & at work, my brother only at home pc. Can we ALL use 1 dad's apple ID on all our device and all home lib on our 3 pc itunes? How much iOS devices we can use with 1 apple ID, becouse my mom also want to buy ipad, and my brother want ipod touch on his birthday?

  • How do i get apps on multiple devices with the same AppleID

    I havev 34 iPads in my classroom. I need to add apps as I find them. Is there a way to put the apps on all of the iPads using one action instead of having to install the app on each iPad? It takes way too long to put individual apps on individual iPads after they have been inititally setup.

    Buy a copy of OS X Server and use Profile Manager to set up the devices.  You can use it to specify which apps they have on them.  After you've made a change, the next time device connects to the internet it will automatically catch up with the new settings.

  • Using apps for multiple devices

    I'm not sure if I should ask this here but this is my basic problem. I have an iPod touch and I want to sell it and get an iPhone. I have bought a lot of apps from iTunes and I would like to be able to use them on the iPhone once I get it. Can I do that? Do I have to restore the iPod to factory settings first so that I delete all the apps from it first?
    If anyone knows, I would appreciate the help. Thanks,

    Not sure if I'm reading your question right, but I think it's two questions:
    1) how can you keep what you have? answer:
    2) how do you wipe out the info from the device you want to sell. factory settings, but not til AFTER step 1.
    Hope this helps!

  • Using Apps on Multiple Devices

    When you buy an app like iPhoto is it avalable on all you ISO devices or must you purchase a copy for each device?

    You originally asked if you download an app if it is available on all iOS devices.
    IMovie appears on my 4s and Mac but iPhoto appears to want to charge to download.
    The Mac is not an iOS device. The iPhoto on your Mac is designed to run on Mac OS X. You need to purchase the iOS version, and then it will be available for download on all of your iOS devices, which are iPhones, iPads and iPod touches.

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