AR Down Payment and Freight/Additional Charges

We have several clients that would like the following functionallity:
When creating and AR Down Payment Invoice form a Sales Order, the Freight/Additional expenses should be populated.
The fields should be active so users can apply partial payments and the amounts reduce the open balance on the Sales Order appropriately, leaving the Sales Order open for adjustment (i.e. increased frieght charge)
This function should work as all other marketing documents do, allowing the mentioned fields to be drawn to the AR Down Payment.

I have a business case example. 
My client, who only sells to distributors, so no sales tax is charged, has a web site that enables their customers to purchase products and pay for them using a credit card.  Most products are priced to include freight, insurance, and handling charges.  However, if the customer wants the product shipped over night, they can pay an additional freight charge.  The Web site then forwards a sales order to the manufacturing site with the ordered item number and a flat rate shipping charge for over night delivery.  The sales order is created in SAP B1 and since the order has been pre-paid, the special orders representative that manages these orders, creates a down payment invoice and enters a payment for the full amount of the order including the freight charge.  When the actual invoice is created later, it is saved as a draft so that the special orders representative can drawn from the down payment invoice.  But, since only the item price amount can be drawn, the freight charge has to be handled with an internal reconciliation.

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  • Table Relationship Between AP Down Payment And AP Invoice

    Hello Experts,
    I would like to know how an A/P Invoice table and A/P Down Payment table are linked each other.
    For example, when you click the button "Total Down Payment" in the A/P Invoice screen, the list of down payments is shown.
    How does SBO search appropriate AR Down Payments which is linked to the AP Invoice?
    I searched down payment tables (ODPO) which may be linked to purchase order (OPOR) and AP Invoice (OPCH), but I cannot find it.
    I'd like to know it to prepare a query.
    I really appreciate your help!
    Edited by: Gordon Du on Feb 23, 2010 10:19 AM

    Hi Gordon,
    I'd like to know AP Down Payment and AP Invoices.
    I am checking the table DPO1 right now, and I think I got close to the answer...
    Thank you very much for your answer!
    Edited by: Gordon Du on Feb 23, 2010 10:20 AM

  • Service Tax On Down Payment and Tax Payment Wizard

    Hi All,
    We would like to make a down payment and apply service tax to it.
    Once i create a AP Down payment invoice with the service tax, make an outgoing payment against it, create AP Invoice and adjust the down payment, now after following this procedure, when i run the tax payment wizard, the service credit available becomes zero.
    It works well in case of partial payment but not 100% advance.  Has anyone faced this issue??
    How can this be resolved?

    Hi Rahul,
    Exactly! The system doesnt consider the tax on DP when we check through Tax Payment Wizard.
    I guess this is a missing functionality? What do you think? Because there may be a chance that the service tax may get deducted at down payment! What is your take on this?
    Looking for valuable responses from other experts too!

  • EWT-Tax on Down Payment and Invoice

    I've activated the accumulation feature in the Withholding Tax Type for both IV as well as Payments. The tax code is the same for both tax types.I've also defined the minimum base amount for Witholding Tax code as Rs.5000 for Official Withholding Tax key 194A and have also maintained formula for Tax code i.e tax should only get calculated if tax amount is more than Rs 5000.
    However I've noticed that the tax is getting calculated on the accumulated amount of both Payment and IV separately.
    Tax Type for IV is 01
    Tax type for Payment is P0
    Tax code is T1 @ 11.33%
    I've made a down payment entry using T-code F-48 for Rs 4000 (Tax type P0 and Tax code T1). Now Tax is not getting calculated on this amount which is correct.
    Now if I post an Invoice for Rs 1500 for the same vendor (Tax type 01 and Tax code is T1), ideally my tax should get deducted on Rs 5500 (4000 of DP and 1500 of IV) @11.33%. Howver this does not happen. The accumulation feature is working for Payments and IVs separately.
    Can someone please help me on this. Is it a particular config  which I've missed?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Sumita,
    Please follow the below mentioned steps for this issue.
    1. Define Withholding Tax Type for Payment Posting
    Path: FA/****/Withholding Tax/Extended Withholding Tax/Basic Settings/Calculation/Withholding Tax Type/Define Withholding Tax Type for Payment Posting
    Here create 2 Withholding Tax Types:
    1. 1st for TDS ([email protected]%) Tax Type: S1 and
    2. 2nd one for Education Cess ([email protected]%) Tax Type: S2
    2. Define Withholding Tax Codes
    Path: FA/****/Withholding Tax/Extended Withholding Tax/Basic Settings/Calculation/Withholding Tax Codes/Define Withholding Tax Codes
    Create 2 Tax codes (One for Basic and another one for Education Cess)
    In that screen, give the following inputs
    Give WT Key also on the same screen
    Save the data
    WT Name    WT Type    Tax Code    Base Amount     Calculation
    1. Basic               S1               C1                             100%                    10%
    2. EC                  S2                C2                             10%                       3%
    3. Define Min/Max Amounts for Withholding Tax Codes
    Path: FA/****/Withholding Tax/Extended Withholding Tax/Basic Settings/Calculation/Minimum and Maximum Amounts/Define Min/Max Amounts for Withholding Tax Codes
    Letu2019s say there is no TDS up to Rs. 1,50,000 per annuam
    Monthly amount or Invoice amount Rs. 12,500 per month
    There is no TDS up to Rs. 12,500 and TDS will be charged if the salary exceeds Rs.12,500 p.m.
    WT Name    WT Type     Tax Code     Max Amount     Minimum Base Amt
    1. Basic                  S1                         C1                 99,999,999,999      12,501
    2. EC                      S2                         C2                99,999,999,999      375.03
    4. Assign Withholding Tax Types to Company Codes
    Path: FA/****/Withholding Tax/Extended Withholding Tax/Company Code/Assign Withholding Tax Types to Company Codes
    5. Update Withholding Tax Codes in the Vendor Master (Employees A/c u2013 Employees will be treated as vendors here)
    Give WT Type and WT code here
    WT Type     WT Code  
            S1              C1
             S2              C2
    1. Please follow the above example and apply it in your case.
    2. We have created 2 tax codes for Basic W Tax and Education Cess.
    3. Assumed there is no Sur charge.
    Hope this is clear and let me know if you have any queries.
    Kannusamy S

  • Down payment  and payment program ( F110)

    Hi All,
    Where do we configure in F110 to pick up Down Payments?
    Also the credit memo amount ?
    My system when the vendor has Debit balance and credit balances ? When I run F11o it does not recognize Debit balances ? It does not appear in Proposal list also ? Am I missing something?

    I prefer to include the following for the above doubt.
    Additional information to my question. I have configured in Company code settings of F110 and included the Special GL indicators. I have included A and F.
    But still it does not make paymnet and the log says that the balance is in Debit.
    My doubt is will the paymnet program not net the Balance due to vendor ?
    How to make paymnets to Vendor
    1. For Down payments only using F110 ?
    2. Open Items minus Down payments ?
    Appreciate yr early reply on this.

  • AR Down Payment Invoice - Freight field needed

    I have various freight options defined in Admin>Setup>General>Freight.
    When I create an AR Invoice there is a Freight field in the General area near the Total field, here I can click the orange arrow and select the appropriate freight option from the list.
    But when I create an AR Down Payment Invoice this Freight field is not appearing.
    Can anyone advise how to have the Freight field appear so I can add freight to an AR Down Payment Invoice in the same way as an AR Invoice? I have tried the form settings but have not resolved the problem

    Thank you Jitin
    This is the scenario - perhaps there is a better way for me to manage the process than Down Payment Invoice? :
    Our normal process with an established customer who has a 30-day credit account:
    We create SAP Sales Order.
    When goods are ready to ship we copy Sales Order to Delivery which adjusts the stock level and we ship the goods.
    We then copy Delivery to AR Invoice and add the freight.
    But when a new customer wishes to place an order we require payment in full including tax & freight before shipping:
    So I need to create a document to send the customer which is the same as the final invoice including tax & freight but which does not make any adjustment to the stock.
    What is the best way to do this?

  • AP down payments and final invoice

    I have a purchase order for 10,000
    I made a down payment to vendor wrt PO for 5000. Now I have received an invoice for 5000.
    When I do MIRO, there is a pop up message saying that 5000 down payment exists on vendor and PO XXX. But it will not adjust against the invoice.
    Is there a configuration to adjust down payment at the time of MIRO(Invoicing) as the clients wants to enter the final invoice only for 5000 and not for 10000.
    Pls suggest me a suitable solution.

    since the payment to vendor is 5K only and it is already paid via downpayment, you book the invoice and clear the invoice & down payment together manually through F-54 and F-44.
    from EHP4 the downpayment clearing function is integrated in invoice verification, the BC set "LOG_MMFI_P2P" has to be activated.
    see the link:
    Down Payments in Logistics Invoice Verification - ERP SCM - SCN Wiki
    thanks, sharif

  • Down payment and Spl GL indicator config

    SAP gurus,
    Can someone provide me detail step by step procedure with tcodes for activating Down payment functionality. I am aware of tcode FBKP and OBYR. Is there any other config to be done for Down payment.
    thanks in advance

    Following configuration needs to be there for down payment request(w.r.t vendor):
    a. A vendor down payment acct
    b. alternative recon acct for down payment
       ( FA > AR/AP > Business Xn > DP made > Carryout & check doc settings > Define alt. recon acct )
    c. if it is special gl then set the acct type as A+K, enter COA, enter accts(normal and special gl) and finally save.
    d. F-48
    e. FB60/F-43
    f.  F-53
    g. F-44
    hope it helps.


         When  i use document types  SA  and DZ for Bank Transfer and Customer Down Payment respectively Doc split business transaction will be 0000(Unspecified posting) and 1000(payments) how the system will do document split ?should i enter the profit center in order to get doc split ?
    Moderator: Please, search SDN

    When i use doc type SA business transaction 0000 and transaction variant variant 0001 triggered .For this combination  ,only the item category " company code clearing " is split .But my GL accounts(Banks and customer ) are different from the item category "company code clearing".In this case ,how system will do the split?

  • Automatic programme for  Down payments and  Credit memos & pratial payment

    Hi Guysis
    vendor credit memo is 5000rs when i  Excute the Automatic programme for the APP it asks enter payment method for the Incoming payments.
    how to slove this error.
    vendor down payments Automatic payment programme is possible or not
    please give sollution Immdieatly.
    with regards

    i understood your problem
    we can do it in a different way.
    i think you have a due amount and one credit memo..
    if it is ok
    then in F110
    GO to proposal change and select first the invoice document and REALOCATE then change the bank details
    for ex.
    payment method      M
    bank                        SBI
    account                  curr
    and press shift+F1
    and go back
    select second one that is credit memo
    there you can find the bank
    select that and shift+F1
    thus you do the payment
    this can solve your problem
    thank you

  • Diff between Voluntary Down payment and mandatory down payment in EHP4

    We are implementing ECC 6.0 Ehp4 funcationality.  We have an option to maintain the down payment details in the Purchase order.  There we have the option of Voluntary DP and Mandatory down payment.
    What is the basic difference between the two in the subsequent process.

                               it is just a symbolic presentation which has nothing to do with the document posting, Check out the given below  link of SAP library Business add "Enhancement for Processing the Purchase Order" which has to be checked what exactly it does in the Mandatory part..
    I worked on EHP4 and didn't find any difference in using the M or V indicators on down-payment, may be while executing ME2DP you can restrict the voluntary down payments.

  • Down payment and payment thro  APP-reg

    hai gurus,
    I FACE THE FOLLOWING PROBLEM of double payment.
    An advance payment was made to a vendor thro Journal  Vourcher  and the same is shown in PO as down payment Latter on Material was received and IV was done. When APP run was done after two days , this vendor is being generated another payment even though the total payment due to him is zero.
    Can any one explain me what steps went wrong and what precautions should be taken to avoid such duplicate payment.

    Thanks vijay,
    But, this problem  happens to vendors with  certain type of payment terms.  this problem is not happending to othe payment terms. 
    Is there any config. steps which is missing for this payment term, so that my problem  get  solved.
    thanks and Regards,

  • Down payment and PO adjustments

    We have created PO at the value of 7100000 and down payment has been done against the PO 4400000 and check also enchased by vendor
    Now the requirement is to amend the PO by 2800000 only
    Are there any possibilities to adjust the remaining balance of 1600000 to another PO for the same vendor?
    Please help me
    Full points will be assigned

    Here the issue is with regard to clearing the down payment against the invoice Nothing to do with the PO. If you are able to amend the PO to reduce the amount you can clear the down payment with any other Invoice (With some other PO, other than 2800000).
    There is no restriction regarding this.

  • Message KO020 - How to check all the open down payments and request.

    Hi Comunity,
    I need to check wich are all the open down payments in the system and then clear them, to close an order in KO02 or KO88. Please let me know if there is a  way to verify the open down payments por vendors, for customers, for AUC, or pending payments request that could be causing the error message ko020.
    Thanks a lot.

    1) Use below parameters of structure SSFCTRLOP
    NO_OPEN, NO_CLOSE: These two flags prevent the print request from being closed after accepting the output of the Smart Form and allows you to include all other form output into this print request. The value should be like the following:
    1st call: 
    NO_CLOSE = 'X'.
    nth call:
    NO_OPEN = 'X'.
    NO_CLOSE = 'X'.
    last call:
    NO_OPEN = 'X'.
    2.SSFCOMPOP: Structure for the output option.
    TDNEWID: A flag indicating whether a new request is created.
    4)     Define one data wa_print_control referencing the structure SSFCTRLOP, and define another data variable wa_output_option referencing the structure SSFCOMPOP in the top include file of this report.
    5)     Clear the above two work areas before the print loop happens on the internal table that contains the selected invoice headers.
    6)     Initialize these two work areas with the values which would not change during the print loop as the following code fragment:
    wa_print_control-no_dialog = ' '. u201DShow print setting dialog
                wa_print_control-preview = 'X'. u201DEnable print preview
                wa_output_option-TDNEWID = 'X'. u201CNew spool request.
    7)     In the loop at the internal table which holds the selected invoice headers, set blank value to of the field wa_print_control-NO_OPEN and set u2018Xu2019 to the field wa_print_control-NO_CLOSE for the first loop at the AT FIRST event because it will be the first call to the function module of the smartform. The code is bellow:
        print_control-no_open = ' '.
        print_control-no_close = 'X'.
    8)     Set blank value to the field wa_print_control-NO_CLOSE to close the spool request for the last loop at the AT LAST event.
    wa_print_control-NO_CLOSE = u2018 u2018
    9)     Call the function module generated by the Form Design by passing the print control work area and output area.

  • Down payment and sales order

    Would you please explain how the down payment process is related to sales order?

    Dear Vitthavat Akara...
    Go through this link it will help you     ...
    Click on Business Process Documentation  , Process Flow 

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