Are some apps just not compatible with iTunes 10.5/iOS 5.0?

Seems some apps on my iPod, conflict with iTunes 10.5.
I started having the Store issue, which ALWAYS showed and worked, never had trouble accessing, never got a blank page... that started happening.
(I think live search when typing is a bad idea)
I had added back a few, by download and via iTunes, but next time I connected iPod, there was problem with iPod showing as a device, and with iTunes Store.
Removed the 4 apps I had added/reinstalled, and now back to normal.
Skype, RockMelt, iCab Mobile, Reeder, Transphotos
I don't know if it was the combination or if it was Skype or photo retouch/editing or one of the others.
I use to have 4.1GB "Other" also and that is now a more comfortable 1.1GB of space.
NY Times "newstand" would not work on 4.3.5, or would but could not by synched, could not be moved to another iPod screen. So basically broken and may have led to other problems. These apps that work with iOS 5 but are not backward compatible, or the reverse situation, they aren't really 5.0 compatible.
For me, I have to wait for Windows and iTunes to settle down, then connect iPod only. And when the iPod device would "vanish". Now where are the "dot one" patched bug-fix verfsions?
And for those still on 4.3.5 and earlier, where is the means to keep and not update to a new version believing it will be backward compatible (and maybe the specs said "iOS 4+" when it should say it reqquires "Newstand and iOS 5+".

Mounting a device in iTunes 10.5 with some incompatible apps will cause the device to unmount (disappear) from iTunes. Remove the offending app from the device before you next connect to iTunes and should now mount and stay mounted. Restart AMS if needed.
New app that I put on iPhone will cause this. iPhone no longer shows in iTunes: Devices.
click on "Devices" in iTunes
drop down list of categories
Suggest for features:
Keep prior version in iTunes backup library
Version, when installed or updated
When in Apps, have option to go to product page directly. Easier and more likely to provide feedback.
When in iTunes Store and in Apps, search would by default look first and foremost in App Store section.
iTunes Store Category: iOS 5 Apps.
Some are iOS 5 only and not backward compatible.
Those should not be offered.
Some say that they are iOS 4.x and later but are no longer.
NYTimes now requires Newstand and 5.0 (I wrote and don't think they tested or were aware it wasn't backward or would not synch under iTunes 10.5). Was the prime reason I even upgraded to iOS 5, too! ouch.  iTunes 10.5 as tested vs as it actually is - differed and has significant impact. So give developers more access & time to test and certify against 10.5 before offering iOS 5. Why the rush instead of have a smoother rollout? it gets old afterawhile and looks rushed.
For now, be careful.  It is hard to know what is compatible, and what to avoid even now, or especially now with the updates from Friday 28th.
Uninstalling an app may be one way to "troubleshoot" but that also removes settings, and requires more work to authorize, customize, and setup again.
Where is chkdsk for iOS?
Last, does an app crashing or freezing corrupt the settings? the app itself? memory? leave behind "other" storage addresses that can't be used until fixed by remvoing and restoring not just app, but everything?

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    Hello JD_NINJA,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Error 9006 when restoring your iOS device indicates that there is security software on your computer which is preventing connection to the Apple server or your device.  To troubleshoot this issue please follow the directions below.
    Check your security software
    Related errors: 2, 4, 6, 9, 1611, 9006. Sometimes security software can stop your device from communicating with either the Apple update server or with your device.
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    Take care,
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    It takes a while to get apps updated.  Most of these developers do the same apps for other devices and it just takes a while. It's not an excuse, but just a reason.
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    To set up AirTunes on the AirPort Express Base Station (AX), connect your computer directly (using an Ethernet cable) to the Ethernet port of the AX, and then, use the AirPort Admin Utility to check these settings:
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    One or more of the apps you are updating is seeing that you have not yet gone to ios5.  All the iwork app changes, for example, will not upgrade until you do.   What you can do is tick them individually.  If that particular app will update, then it will.  If it won't it will tell you, and you can go back and get them later after you do the ious 5 update.  Last night i decided to update before i started the ios 5 upgrade, and there were 16 apps waiting for up date.  All but 5 did update, but not the i works, and 2 others.
    It takes a little longer to do them 1 at a time, but it is better than staring at the stupid 'not eligable' notice.

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    See if your hardware supports Snow Leopard
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    Sounds like the app(s) is not compatible with your model iPod and iOS.
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    I solved the problem by upgrading to OS Mavericks.

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    Hi , 
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    I am sorry to hear that you cannot connect to or download from the iTunes and App Stores. There are some very good troubleshooting steps that I would recommend in this situation. Please follow the steps and information in the article below. 
    Can't connect to the iTunes Store
    Troubleshoot issues on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
    If you haven't been able to connect to the iTunes Store:
    Make sure your date, time, and time zone are correct in Settings > General > Date & Time. 
    Note: Time Zone may list another city in your time zone.
    Make sure that your iOS software is up to date by tapping Settings > General > Software Update (iOS 5 or later) or connecting your iOS device to iTunes and clicking Check for Update on your device's Summary page.
    Check and verify that you're in range of a Wi-Fi router or base station. If you're on a device with cellular service, make sure that cellular data is turned on from Settings > General > Cellular.
    Note: If connected to cellular data, larger items may not download. You may need to connect to Wi-Fi to download apps, videos, and podcasts.
    Make sure that you have an active Internet connection. You can check the user guide for your device for help with connecting to the Internet.
    Make sure that other devices (portable computers, for example) are able to connect to the Wi-Fi network and access the Internet.
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    Have a great day, 

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    Perhaps one or more of the following links may help:
    iOSSearch - search the iTunes store for compatible apps.
    Vintapps 3.1.3 - paid app.
    Apple Club - filter apps by iOS version.

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    Hi abbeyesque,
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities!
    It sounds like your iPod touch is recognized and syncing, but it isn't transferring the content that you expect to be transferred. Take a look at the article linked below, it will show you how to select the iPhone in iTunes and where the tabs are (second picture) that control what is synced to the iPod.
    iOS: Syncing your data with iTunes
    Sync using USB
    Open iTunes.
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    Click the Device button in the upper-right corner. (If viewing the iTunes Store, click the Library button first.) If you don't see your device, you may need to hide the sidebar. Choose View > Hide Sidebar.
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    Click Apply, in the lower-right corner of the screen, to sync.

  • "charging not compatible with this device" after IOS 4.3 update.

    I have a belkin car adaptor that I have been using for some time, after installing IOS 4.3 I've been getting the error message saying it isn't compatible and so it refuses to charge my phone, this is important as I use it to charge my iPhone as I use it as a GPS device, i dont see how this problem has come about as prior to IOS 4.3 it charged perfectly!
    Could I have some advice on this and fingers cross that apple reads and acts upon this forum!

    I've also had this issue with charging since upgrading to iOS 4.3.1  Actually upgrading to 4.3.2 and then to 4.3.3 has not solved the charging problem.  Here's my story:
    I own an iPhone 3GS and started noticing error messages with 4.3.1 such as "charging is not supported with this accessory".  I've tried differnent USB cables and chargers (Apple and non-Apple), hooking up to computers and wall outlets.  I get the same message.  As a last resort I restored my device as a new phone (syncing works oddly) and erasing everything.  This did not help the situation.
    So yesterday I took my 3GS to the Apple Store and they were kind enough to replace my iPhone with a new (refurbished) 3GS under AppleCare. That was awesome - I love Apple. However, that didn't fix the problem
    So now I'm not sure what to do accept wait for a new iOS version and hope Apple addresses this problem.  Anyone else have a similar experience?

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    Powerbook G4 12"   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    iTunes works fine with it.
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    I feel like someone just caved my chest in with a sledgehammer.
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