Aspect ratio: 4:3 material being exported with black bars (on the sides!)

Hi all
I'm fairly new to using FinalCut Express: previously I've used other non-linear video editors on Windows.
I'm having a bit of a weird problem: I've got a sequence which was shot entirely in 4:3 (PAL). However, when I try to export that to a QuickTime movie it appears squashed from either side — black bars appear at the sides of the frame and everyone looks very tall and thin. The frame itself is still 4:3 but everything is being squashed to fit in the bars.
I've fiddled with as many settings as are immediately obvious to me to see if I can rectify this, but so far no banana: the sequence is about 90 minutes long and takes about 30 minutes to render each time when exporting.
Has anyone got any ideas what to do about this? I've been trying to do some research into how FCP/FCE handle different aspect ratios, and it seems to be a very complicated topic. In fact, in the same project I've got a sequence which contains almost entirely 16:9 anamorphic material. Ideally I'd like this to be output in a 16:9 frame with the few 4:3 clips appearing with bars on the side. However, it's only being output as 4:3 where the 4:3 clips appear full-frame and the 16:9 clips have bars at top and bottom...
Hope someone can help!
Mac Pro: 3GHz, 6GB RAM, X1900XT, BT, AirPort   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

Tom, thanks for the reply.
Everything looks absolutely fine when played back in FCE; it's only when exporting to QuickTime that my problems start. The point is that this 4:3 sequence isn't being output into a 16:9 frame as a pillarbox: what's actually happening is that it's being put into a 4:3 frame with bars, with the result that the content is in fact being squeezed (it looks wrong).
How can you modify the aspect-ratio settings for a given sequence? I've looked through all the obvious sequence properties settings but have never found anything.
I'll just reiterate — it plays back fine within the viewer; only when output does it all go awry.

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    The problem seems to be in the meta data. If I go to the movie's visual properties and change the move dimensions to 324x240 (with preserve aspect ratio unchecked), then the black bars disappear. When I change it back to 320x240, they are still gone and the movie plays fine. I save it and reopen it, and the black bars are back! The same thing happens exporting from Final Cut Pro using Quicktime conversion. This is definitely a bug.
    The work around is to export to another 4:3 format with square pixels first and export that to 320x240.
    On a related note, the same thing happens when I record a movie in Quicktime at 320x240. I get a recording with black bars down the sides.
    This has never happened to me before. I'm a professional QT software developer and a content producer. I've been using Quicktime Pro for a decade, at least. I've been over all of the export settings, and I've deleted all of my Quicktime preference files.
    Is there a way to report a bug to Apple?

    Regarding: "there's a pretty good chance that your playback target isn't Quicktime Player"...
    My assumption is that if your material is 320x240, it's probably that size because you're planning to either display it on a small-screen device, send it to a TV set, embed it in a presentation, or deliver it via the Web. In any of those cases, your final delivery target isn't QuickTime Player, but rather some other mode, such as the QuickTime web plug-in, iPod, AppleTV, or even some other option. In which case the strangeness with the player doesn't seem so strange.
    As a workaround, you could layer your 320x240 movie with at 350x240 grey rectangle on the layer behind. That would fix it in QuickTime Player, but it would cause grey bars on either side if you embed into a web page or something like that.

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    I am using hi-8 footage and photos which I edited with the easy setup option, DV - NTSC. While in FCE4 I have black bars on the sides. I assumed when I export, these bars would disappear. Unfortunately, when I export I continue to have these black bars, and my image becomes tall and narrow. I want to put this footage on a dvd so it can play on a 4:3 projector. How can I ensure that my image takes up the whole screen without the tall and narrow distortion and the black bars? Please help. Thank you.
    PS: Tom Wolsky, I own your third edition book, and it is a great tool!

    Those are the item properties for the clip. This material needs to be converted before it can be used properly in FCE. It's not the correct frame size, pixel aspect, or codec. The sequence properties will probably be DV and look very different. The media needs to be converted to conform to the sequence properties.

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    In Final Cut Express, I know the concept of "scale and crop" but when I am scaling and cropping, I am still left with black bars on each side of the video. It seems that I am able to crop/scale the white background and the video but not the canvas. Here is a screenshot of what I am working with...
    Even after I export the video, I am still left with "unused space."
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    You have a black background BECAUSE you cropped the clip. When you scale down or crop a clip and nothing is underneath it, all you'll see is black.
    If you want a white background, place a color matte on a video track below the clip and set its color to white.

  • Aspect Ratio issues getting 16:9 to look right, what is the best workflow?

    Hi all,
    I am having trouble getting my 16:9 footage to look right when I export, especially when playing on DVD. I shot the footage with a Sony HDR-HC1 which apparently shoots in 16:9 anamorphic. Originally when I imported the footage it appeared it the FCP viewer and canvas in 4:3 letterboxed form, the image did not look squeezed or stretched but appeared with black stripes on top and bottom.
    I have tried several experiments with exporting this footage to dvd with the following results:
    Using Compressor with 4:3 setting in export:
    DVD Studio Pro track settings to 16:9 looks extra squashed vertically
    DVDSP track settings to 4:3 image looks in proper aspect ratio but displays with black stripes on all 4 sides.
    Using Compressor with 16:9 settings in export gives the same results.
    In conclusion, if it appears in 4:3 letterbox in FCP viewer and canvas there is no way to get it to export and display in DVD with proper 16:9 aspect ratio.
    I have also done some experimenting with re-capturing some of the footage from the tape.
    For one sequence I recaptured the footage and it displayed in 4:3 without the letterboxed effect (filling the whole screen) but appeared squeezed, I am guessing that this is because of the anamorphic nature in which my camera captures the footage. No pixels were missing. In the FCP viewer and canvas it looked squeezed and did not display in the correct aspect ratio, however when it was exported via Compressor in 4:3 and then in DVDSP Track Settings put to 16:9 Letterboxed, it is displayed perfectly (letterboxed vertically, the image filling the width of the screen without the extra stripes on the sides).
    So I thought that I had my solution here, although that did involve re-digitizing and batch capturing all 18 tapes used in the project, so its not exactly a quick fix.
    This is where it gets a bit confusing. In order to understand where I had originally gone wrong in my workflow I did some more experiments, this time with the settings on the camera (which I use for a deck in batch capturing). I found the function on the camera where you can set the "TV Type" to either 16:9 or 4:3. I switched the TV Type to 4:3 and when batching it went back to the original letterboxed look (in the batch preview screen that you see while capturing), however when put into the viewer and canvas it was too letterboxed and looked squashed vertically. So then I switched back to TV Type 16:9, now it looks 4:3 squeezed in the batch preview screen (no letterboxing, no missing pixels), however when it goes into the viewer and canvas it becomes letterboxed like the original footage that I had described earlier.
    So now even though I have switched the camera back to its original settings it will not display in that 4:3 squeezed look in FCP viewer and canvas.
    So after all that my main questions are, in 16:9 can I view it in the FCP viewer and canvas in its correct (anamorphically converted) aspect ratio and still export it without the black bars on all sides?
    (The FCP canvas seems to only display in 4:3)
    If not, what setting do I need to capture in FCP in the 4:3 squeezed look I have described earlier?
    (This is the only setting that I have found that displays properly when anamorphically stretched via DVDSP)
    I know that this is a long essay so thanks for making it this far. I have spent weeks experimenting trying to find the best solution so please help me if you know how! I will be very appreciative.

    Hi there,
    I am not sure if it is necessarily a bug, but its a matter of understanding all of the settings needed. I had the same problems for a while but after a fair bit of trial and error have found some workable settings.
    It probably has more to do with the export settings rather than what viewer options have selected (I don't think that viewer settings affect your export).
    What program are you using to export?
    I am using compressor to export with aspect ration set to automatic 16:9. Then use DVDSP with the track set to 16:9 letterbox, it seems to export to DVD with the correct aspect ratio that way.
    I am having trouble with the image strobing, looks like some kind of interlacing problem, but at least I have got it in the right aspect ratio.
    Its typical video, solve one problem and it just creates another.
    I am yet to find the absolute best workflow.
    In response to Andy above, the original letterboxed footage probably did have something to do with the downconverting settings on the camera, as when I import without downconverting it does not letterbox. In the HDR-HC1 there is an option in the menu called "TV Type" with options of 4:3 or 16:9. I was reviewing my footage on a 4:3 television so I most likely had it set to 4:3 which created the letterboxing in the viewer when I then imported the footage.
    Importing the footage in HDV solves the issue of aspect ratio, but creates a new problem with the image strobing.
    I hope this was some kind of help to you.

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    It's because you must have sent some information like you must have clicked on Submit button to perform any query. So when you will click on back button it will again send this info.
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    ''<hr>Note: If anyone's reply has solved your problem, then please mark that reply as "Solved It" to the right of that reply after logging in your account. It will help us to concentrate on new questions.''

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    Kind Regards,
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    I can place a bounty. $20 USD to your Paypal account for a fix.

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    I'm trying to sync the calendar from my phone on the my new mac. the "sync calendars" blurb in iTunes says, "your calendars are being synced with your iPhone over the air from iCloud".. not nothing is happening. what to do? what to do?

    or even better on mac sign into icloud with same apple id under system preferences and icloud
    they will merge automatically
    Peace, Clyde

  • PAL DVD WS export: why black bars at sides?

    I am editing a 1920x1080 EXCAM HD sequence in Premiere Pro CS6.01 on Win7x64.
    I want to export to PAL Widescreen DVD.
    When I use the PAL WS presets to export from Premiere I get black bars on either side of the MPEG2 DVD footage.
    Why is this?
    Both 1920x1080 and PAL WS are 16:9 (aren't they?). So why am I getting the black bars? Shouldn't the PAL DVD footage fill the entire width of the frame?
    Any ideas why I get these black bars? And even better, how I can get rid of them?

    Why is this?
    Before the age of digital video, it was decided by technocrats that what we see in the end product (called the Clean Aperture) would be different from what was there in the original (called the Production Aperture).  They left off some pixels at the side when they made the calculation for the widescreen Pixel Aspect Ratio.  That process has unfortunately carried over onto digital video, and we're still using that same old analog PAR, instead of what we should be using when you calculate it for the entire frame.  This results in the black bars you see.
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