Asset acquisition-Table error

While doing an Asset posting from MM Side, the following error is happening:
"No accounts have been entered for depreciation area 01 account allocation 31000 (Chart of accounts 1000)". 
"Table Error"
I have assigned accounts in AO90 for the acquisition/depreciation accounts.  Still I dont not understand why this error is happening ?  Please give some helpful inputs.

in the IMG Fixed Asset Accounting you have several check and consistency reports. Run them, maybe you get some hints what could be missing in your configuration.

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  • Error while doing asset acquisition

    Hi Friends
    I am tryin to post an asset acquisition but gettin the following error-
    Contact your system administrator (table error)
    Message no. AA824
    No accounts have been entered for depreciation area 01 for account allocation 11000 (chart of accounts CAIN).
    Maintain the accounts for depreciation area 01.
    I have done the Account determination for Dep Area 01.
    Am i missing something here? Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello Vishal
    Use report RACKONTO to have an extended log of eventual inconsistencies in any of your account determinations. Make sure the log is error free for all the account determinations.
    Javier Reviriego

  • Error in Asset Acquisition

    Hi All,
    i am getting below error when i am doing asset acquisition thru f-90 kindly help in this,
    Contact your system administrator (table error)
    Message no. AC497
    According to Customizing specifications, depreciation area 01 in company code  is posted automatically, online to the general ledger. However, the depreciation area is not managed in the company code currency.
    Check the Customizing definition for depreciation area 01.

    Hi Mohi,        
    Have you changed the company code currency?
    The depreciation area 01 is the reference area:                          
    - a reference area cannot be simply switched to another currency. It   has to be identical with the currency of the local currency.           
    - in order to achieve consistency the amounts in this local currency  have to be converted into the new local currency, which cannot be done  by transaction OAYH simply, otherwise the system could become inconsistent Inconsistent.                                                                               
    If you change the currency of the depreciation 01 the amounts posted   are not automatically changed into the new currency but taken over one to one.                                                                               
    To change the currency you should use the conversion tools.                                                                               
    If you are in a development system doing some initial customizing  (never in an already running production system) you can update the content in table T093B with a self made ABAP program                                                                               
    Another possibility is to make a new chart of depreciation and configure its depreciation areas as you like.
    regards Bernhard

  • Error while posting asset acquisition

    while posting asset acquisition in f-90 iam getting error that "asset is incomplete' when analysed using RAUNVA00 , it is asking to update field group-22 i.e scrap value, but this field is not found in asset master, pls help me.
    thank u

    In AS02 you go the Depreciation key and double click on the depreciation key. In the following screen "additional Specifications" you give Scrap value.

  • Asset Acquisition Error: Global Company is not supported

    Dear All
    i am trying to post and asset acquisition through F-90 when i try to save the document i am getting the
    following message
    Global company XXXXX is not supported
    Message no. GI102
    The direct posting function could not find the global company specified. The global company has either been entered in the document or read from table T001 based on the transferred company code.  Each global company must be defined in table T880.
    System Response
    Direct posting to General Ledger cannot take place.
    Check the document as well as tables T001 and T880.
    Please tell me how to rectify this problem

    Hi Have a look to SE16 if the values are in both tables are the same.
    In SM30 you can fill in the table name  and click on the button Customizing to found where you have to change the settings

  • F-90 asset acquisition - error

    i m trying to  post asset acqusition , while saving the transaction i m getting one error  :" contact your system administrator , table error"
    "no accounts have been entered for dep area 01 for allocation of (asset) in chart of account ".

    Dear Sir,
    Please check whether you have assigned the GL accounts at spro/financial accounting/asset accounting/integration with gl ledger/assign gl accounts. Here you need to select the account determination and assign gl account in balance sheet accounts and depreciation  also.
    Hope this will clarify you

  • MIRO Error in Asset Acquisition

    Dear All,
    While doing MIRO for Asset acquisition, I am getting this error message
    Account 'Acquisition:Acquis. and production costs' could not be found for area 01
    Message no. AU133
    When creating the accounting document, the system could not find account 'Acquisition:Acquis. and production costs' in depreciation area 01 for company code 1000.
    Enter this account in the account determination for Asset Accounting.
    I have assigned asset acquisition A/c for Depreciation area 01 in AO90

    Hi Kumar,
    Please check again in AO90. GL for Acquisition:Acquis. and production costs has to be maintained for your Chart of Accounts, and for your Chart of depreciation and Dep Area 01.
    Also maintain your APC account as Statistical Cost Element.

  • Document Splitting problem while posting asset acquisition using F-90

    We are using ECC 6.0 with document splitting functionality and are facing problem while posting asset acquisition using F-90.
    The transaction entry details are as below:
    Document Type - KR
    Vendor Line Item PKey - 31
    Amount - 10000
    Asset Line Item with PKey - 70, Transaction Type - 100
    Amount - 10000
    The Document Splitting Rule - 0000000012 is used and the Field Status Group for the Vendor Reconciliation Account and Asset Reconciliation account have Cost Center, Profit Center and Segment as "Optional" field.
    The Balance Sheet Item - Asset Reconciliation Account has been created as
    Secondary Cost Element - 90.
    The Profit Center and Segment field have been made mandatory and zero balancing is also set in the settings for Document Splitting.
    While posting asset acquisition using F-90, we are getting the error message - "Balancing Field "Profit Center" in line item 001 not filled"
    The first line refers to the Vendor Line item.
    Please let me know how to overcome this error.

    Please follow the below path and do config :-
    IMG>FA>Asset Accounting>Integration with the General Ledger>Additional Account Assignment Objects>Specify Account Assignment Types for Account Assignment Objects
    here you have to put KOSTL (Cost center) for both against APC and Dep run for each Dep area.

  • Need FM/BAPI for asset acquisitions, disposals and balances...

    Hello Experts,
    I need to create a report wherein it shows the asset acquisitions(S_ALR_87012050),
    disposals/retirements(S_ALR_87012052) and balances(S_ALR_87011964).
    Anybody has done this requirement? Please let me know what are the tables and BAPIS that
    I need to use.
    Hoe you can help me guys. Thank you and take care!

    Pls check this link for Asset balances-
    Asset balances

  • Doc Splitting in case of Asset Acquisition

    Hi Gurus,
    Since I've activated document splitting, Now When I try to save Asset Acquisition document system shows me following error:
    "Balancing field "Profit Center" in line item 001 not filled"
    The field Profit Center marked as balancing is not filled with any value, even after doc splitting'
    Pls help.
    Vikas Malhotra

    setup your configuration that way that a profit center can be derived from the posting logic. Note 684659 should help here.

  • Profit Center Derivation for Asset Acquisition

    Hello all,
    I am trying to post asset acquisition via F-90.
    We are using ECC6.0 and  document split is activated.
    I assumed that system will derive the profit center from the assigned cost center in the asset master record.
    However, system returned error " Balancing field "Profit Center" in line item 001 not filled ".\
    Is there something missing? Am I supposed to create some new transaction variant in document split OR define some rule to derive the profit center of the asset master record from the cost center?
    Hope you are able to provide you insights.
    Thank you,

    Hello Richard,
    I I think The problem is caused by missing customizing in trx. ACSET. the profit center can not be directly assigned to assets in asset master data. Therefore it has to be derived from cost center that is linked to asset.
    To derive the cost center on FI document and then onto NewGL, it is necessary to:
    1) set cost center field 'optional' in field status (trx. OB14 & OB41)
    2) set cost center as account assignment at trx. ACSET
    Best Regards,
    Gladys xing

  • Fixed asset acquisition report by month?

    We're using the fixed asset acquisition report thru tcode 'S_ALR_87012050 '.
    but there is only the report date input with the last day of the fiscal year concerned.
    Is there any standard report to see acquisition amount with month-end or specific date?
    Thanks for your help.

    I have just one more suggestion.  Even though you have to use a yearend Report date for a closed prior-year, you could define a range in the Posting date selection criteria.  In other words, if you would like to see the acquisitions for a given month or range of months in a closed prior-year, then give a 12/31/PY for the Report date and a specified date range in the Posting date selection criteria.
    Hope this helps.
    Edited by: Chad Busbee on Feb 8, 2008 2:56 PM

  • External Asset Acquisitions

    In External Asset Acquisitions,  we  have Different methods to post purchase order  like  with  FI-AP/FI-MM  ,with integration ,with non intigraton 
    KINDLY EXPLAIN ME  whats these methods really? what is integration/non integration in this  scenario ,  in which criteria  we use these methods ?
    We use  Fi with vendor directly to save time  but iam confusing with other methods  plz
    explain me ...
    thanks regards

    Hi NagaRaju,
    An external asset acquisition is a business transaction resulting from the acquisition of an asset from a business partner (in contrast to an acquisition from in-house production). You can post the acquisition of a purchased asset in several different ways, using different components of the R/3 System:
    In Asset Accounting (FI-AA) in integration with Accounts Payable (FI-AP), but without reference to a purchase order:
    (ii)In Asset Accounting, without reference to a purchase order, without integration with Accounts Payable (posting to a clearing account - with or without clearing).
    (iii) In Materials Management (MM) at goods receipt or invoice receipt (refer to Processing Asset Acquisitions in Purchasing (FI-AA/MM) and Goods Receipt and Invoice Receipt with Reference to Asset).
    Process Flow:Integrated Asset Acquisition Posting
    If you are also using SAP R/3 Accounts Payable (FI-AP), it is recommended that you take advantage of this integration and post the asset acquisition (without reference to a purchase order) With vendor. This means that you can post the asset acquisition and the corresponding vendor payable in one transaction. Using this transaction reduces the time and energy required for data entry and the possibility of discrepancies.
    Non-Integrated Asset Acquisition Posting:You can post the acquisition of a purchased asset to a clearing account rather than using integrated posting to Accounts Payable. There are two scenarios:
    The asset acquisition comes before the receipt of the invoice. The offsetting entry is posted automatically. As the acquisition amount, specify the actual net amount to be capitalized. Regardless of the document type (gross/net) which you use, the system does not deduct a discount here.
    The asset acquisition is posted after the receipt of the invoice. You posted the invoice as an open item to a clearing account, and now you need to clear this entry. If the clearing account used is an open item account, when you post the acquisition, you can manually clear the posting to the clearing account (vendor invoice) at the same time (transfer with clearing). The corresponding transaction allows you to select all open items, per clearing account (account type S for General Ledger account) according to varying criteria.
    Cash Discount:When posting an asset acquisition integrated with Accounts Payable, your choice of document type determines whether you post gross (without cash discount deducted) or net (with cash discount deducted).
    When you use a document type for net posting, the system determines the cash discount deduction automatically by means of the specified terms of payment, and capitalizes the invoice amount on the fixed asset, minus sales tax and cash discount.
    During the payment run, differences may arise between the amount paid and the capitalization amount, because too little or too much cash discount was deducted. In this case, make adjustments to the APC using collective processing in the General Ledger (General Ledger->Periodic processing->Closing->Regroup-> Prof.segment adjstmt).
    When you post an asset acquisition without integration with Accounts Payable, you have to capitalize the actual APC amount (without cash discount being deducted) to the asset. In this case, the cash discount is treated only on the vendor side.
    Acquisition with Value Adjustments:You can post gross acquisitions, if you want to post assets that not only have APC, but also have value adjustments already. In order to use this option, set the gross acquisition indicator in the transaction type you use. The system then permits you to enter APC and accompanying value adjustments when you post the acquisition using the transaction under Postings ->Miscellaneous.
    Hope I had been able to help you. Pleaae assign points.

  • FI MM integration _ Asset acquisition through PO

    in FI MM integration , Asset acquisition through PO - Do we need any configuration in OBYC/OBYD?
    Thank you

    When you receive the asset through MIGO for Asset PO, system automatically consume this material for the specied Asset and Gl account which are mentioned in the PO.. these happened through the settings in OMWN..
    Same way, you can stock the asset and later you issue to a Asset number and Gl account... so setting in OMWN with 201 movement and VBR are required. OMWN is mostly SAP standard and you can only change the account modifier if you want to have your own account modiefer for some specific reason. otherwise you dont need to change anything in OMWN.

  • Report S_ALR_87012050 - Asset Acquisitions

    The report S_ALR_87012050 - Asset Acquisitions is bringing only information from the "current year" acquisition - Tty 336, and it's not bringing information from the "prior year" - Tty 331.
    Is it a customizing in the report to change it, or is it default by SAP?
    Comparing to the report S_ALR_87011990 - Asset History Sheet, the values from the acquisition don't match because of this difference.

    Hi Barbara,
    In our system we don't have ttype 331 and 336.
    Have a look in SPRO what Transaction type grp you are using (31 or 33 should be in)
    Financial Accounting / Asset Accounting / Transactions / Transfers / Define Transaction Types for Transfers.

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