Asset balance transfer from common profit center to other

When we uploaded the asset balances we use common profit centers and we want to change it to correct one now.
We cannot do manual entries since it is a reconciliation account. Please let us know how do we transfer the balances.
it is very urgent.

U cannot change the assets once it is created.u can transfer the assets to new asset class(also to new cost center) without doing any manual uploads.postings have to be done repostings again.
The Tcode is AUMN.
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  • Customer balance transfer from one profit centre to other profit centre

    Hi friends,
    We want to transfer the customer balance from one profit centre to other profit centre.  How is it possible.

    Balance sheet items in PCA can be distributed during period end closing activities.
    Please read the documentation in the link and config the same / execute
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  • Transfer vendors and customers from dummy profit center to other profit ctr

    Hi all
    No. of vendor /customer transactions are posted in dummy profit center-
    How to transfer from dummy profit center to other profit centers line itemwise or balanceswise
    thanks in advance
    joseph david

    Hi Joseph,
    Acturally at the end of certain period, payables/receivables will be updated with the profit center using the TCode: 1KEK.  the program searches for the profit center in opposite line item in each document and updates the payables/receivables line item with that profit center.
    But in your case you want to transfer the payables/receivables from dummy profit center to other profit center.  You can transfer the amount from one profit center to another profit center using the TCode: 9KE0.
    Hope this helps you...

  • Transfer of Vendor Balance from one profit center to other

    Hi All
    I need some help regarding Transfer of Vendor Balance from one profit Center to other profit cneter. I am in ECC 6.0 and activated document splitting.

    Hi Kamal
    You are right. My requirment is to transfer Vendor balance in PC 1000 to PC 2000. If I post using 9KE0 it is not affecting in the respective vendor account. Since we are in ECC 6.0 with document split option we have to post the same transfer entry through any FI transaction only.

  • How can we transfer from Dummy profit center to Respective profit center

    How can we transfer from Dummy profit center to Respective profit center?
    Rinky shah

    Hi Guru,
    Where ever for GL posting a account assignement as PCA is required, in absense of Profit Centre the entry will flow to dummy profit centre.
    You can use the same distribtion and Assessment (as we do for Cost Centre accounting) for allocation to the valid Profit Centre from the dummy Profit Centre.
    Hope this answers your query.
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  • Vendor line item transfer from one profit center to another profit center

    Dear All
    We have posted vendor line item in wrong profit center. now we want to transfer to correct profit center
    what is the procedure?

    You can  transfer  worng PCA line  item  in any Suspnese GL  and  then  you can  make   new entry  in Vendor  line  item  with new PCA/CC.

  • Cost transfer from a profit center to a WBS element

    Hi All,
    Can cost be transferred from a profit center to a WBS element? If yes, how, and are there any prerequisites for the same?
    Thanks & regards,
    Nimish Goswamy

    > Hi All,
    > Can cost be transferred from a profit center to a WBS element? If yes, how, and are there any prerequisites for the same?
    > Thanks & regards,
    > Nimish Goswamy
    No. Profit center has statistical postings only. Real costs (which can be distributed) are contained on other cost objects: Cost Centers, Internal Orders, WBS, etc...

  • Profit center balances transfer from old profit centers to new profit cente

    Dear All,
    My client wants to deactivate all cost centers and profit centers and create new cost centers and new profit centers for new fiscal year 2009.
    So here my queries are
    1. Putting an end date to the existing cost center and creating the New cost center now itself in the system with effective date as 1st April 09?
        I changed validity period in cost center but it does not accept.
    2. How to restrict postings to profit center from April, 2009 ? even changed validity period and changed as inactive mode in profit center,
        It is allowing postings to profit center.
    3. How the balances need to be transferred to New profit centers? I tried in 9KE0 T.code but in this T.code we can transfer profit center and GL A/C wise
        but here we have around 20 profit centers and 100 above Gls, so it will take so much of time, so kindly suggest me short way.
    4. And When can we transfer balances to New profit centers i.e April 1st or after completions of Audit? because client wants to post pending transactions of 2008 FY
        to old profit centers in April and May months. So in this situation how can i proceed?
    5. For mapping the Assets & Liabilities balances as on 31st Mar 2009 to New profit center the following need to be provided
        A. Profit center wise Trail balance
            ( For this i suggested S_PL0_86000030 t.code) is this correct?
        B. Profit center wise Balances of Subsidiary Ledgers i.e Vendors, Customers & Assets
    6. On which date I can close 2008 FY& open 2009 fiscal year for Assets?
    Please guide and provide me solutions above my queries.
    This would be great help for me, Thanks in advance.
    Thanks & Regards,

    1.     You can block cost centers and profit centers and create new or can use same by changing analysis period  Eg: KS02 > Edit > Analysis period
    2.     Select lock indicator in profit center master record
    3.     Write LSMW to that
    6.  At the end of you fiscal year close the asset period and do all year end transactions and open new asset period      
    You can use S_PL0_86000030 check it

  • Customer balance transfer to different profit center

    i want to transfer the balance of one customer to another, when i am posting the balance it is not asking for any profit center and that balance is going in dummy profit center. how to post the entry .please guide.

    Since the customer is created at client level, you need to have/operate a clearing GL to transfer the balance from one customer account to another so that the profit center is inherited to cutomer account from the clearing account.
    Customer A/c Dr
    Clearing A/c (with profit center)
    Clearing A/c Dr (with profit center)
    Customer A/c Cr
    Or you can do trnasfer posting with clearing.

  • GL Balances transfer to dummy profit center

    HI SAP Experts,
    How to transfer the GL Balances of profit center to dummy profit center, I tried throuh t/code:9ke0 , in which i have given all the parameters after posted this tranaction document has been generated.
    But amount has not been reduced GL account, Please give me advise regarding this.

    Transfer within PCA - from 1 PC to Dummy PC
    - Use Distribution/Assessment Cycles 3KE5/4KE5
    - this would not reduce Gl balance; happens in PCA module only
    Transfer within FI - from 1 PC to Dummy PC
    - post a new journal with correct PC assignemtn
    - this would reduce the gl balance

  • Dummy profit center to other profit centers

    how to transfer entry dummy profit center to other profit centers please tell me.

    You could use either assesment (via 3KE5) or distribution (via 4KE5). The functionality of these two operations resembles cost allocation in CO. You could read more on this here:

  • Transfer of Customer balance from one profit center to another profit cente

    Actually we  are working in SAP version 4.7, and now i want to transfer some accounting document from one profit center to another profit center like in a customer a/c lots of documents are showing in different profit balance and right now i want to change the profit center in some documents, pls advice how can we do the same in Detail if possible provide any user manual related to that.
    Thanks  & Regards

    Once again, this are you possibilities:
    You can use the PCA allocations like 3KE5 (assessment) or 4KE5 (distribution) or the manual PCA posting trnsactions 9KE0 or 1KEL.
    If you speak about cost element accounts that are assigned to real account assignment objects and you have changed the assignment of the profitcenter to the CO-object (like in the cost center master data, WBS element, internal order master data and so on) you can repost the respective accounting document into PCA. Please have a look in SAP note 858363 for more information regarding that.
    Best regards,

  • We need to transfer amount from one profit center to another profit centers

    Dear Gurus,
    We need to transfer amount from one profit center to another profit centers, wrongly posted how to do it?
    GL 600000 Sales a/c Domestic,
    around 5000 FI documents has post in worn profit center
    In the billing with material line items showing the correct profit center.
    we want reverse the GL 600000 a/c in our system what will be the impact in COPA Reporting. and how to do it?
    Pls advice me for the above said issues as we are nearing the year end pls help me.

    You can do profit center posting 9ke0
    Profit center will derive from Material in your case it seems some subtitution changing the correct profit center in material master and putting this wrong profit center
    Profit center is not the deciding factor for COPA reports so there wouldn't be any impact in COPA report

  • How to transfer Receivable from Dummy Profit Center to CorrectProfit Center

    While creating Billing Document ,my receivables gor assigned to dummy profit center.
    It is reflecting both in my FI Document line item and PCA document line item.
    How should I transfer my Reconciliation accounts (Payables) from Dummy Profit Center to correct profit Center.I have quite large no of PCA documents and Reconciliation accounts.
    Also,if I dont transfer what is the impact of this??
    Thanks In advance
    Payal Saxena

    Please create PCA assessment cycles and transfer them to the relevant profit center.
    3KE1 Create PCA Act Assessment Cycle
    3KE5 Execute Act Assessment PCA

  • Transfer actual costs from a Profit Center to another

    I need to know how to transfer actual costs from a profit center to another starting from a certain date, after having changed the corresponding profit center value in a Wbe.

    Your future postings are taken care to the new Profit Center. You only need to address the posting in Jan 2007 or probably until the period you changed the Profit center in the WBS.
    Since the value and number of transactions are likely to be limited in January 2007, you may want to use <b>9KE0</b> which is a direct posting to PCA. Identify the value that has gone to the old PCA for the period of Jan 2007, take that amount by cost element, use the same cost elements and amount and make the transfer posting. This is like a journal entry. Debit the old profit center and credit the new profit center with the same amount. This can be controlled by the minus signs to the amount.
    Caution; This practise may not be followed too often, the access to thist-code may be restricted to avoid frequent usage.
    For the history, you can take a download of the WBS with the amount you are going to transfer.

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