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Hi all,
I have to create a asset history report. I get error saying Fiscal year is not maintained for the company code.
To solve this i need to proceed with transaction code AJRW to maintain fiscal year.
I am currently working in the production system and the complete data is to be archived. so i am not getting authorization for this transaction as the client is not comfortable in giving me the access for any changes to be made t the system.
can any one tell me how deal with this problem and get this report with out using the transaction AJRW.
thanks in advance,

Hi Anand,
as far as i know,
you have to execute the AJRW to solve the problem.
otherwise you can not generate the report (all asset report) even for the previous year.
hope this can help.

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  • Extra-ordinary depreciation is not shown on the Asset History Sheet

    When doing a disposal of assets via transaction ABAVN, the extra-ordinary depreciation is not shown on the asset history sheet in the "Deprec for the year" column.
    How can I show it on the asset history sheet?
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Kind regards,

    of course it can. The Asset History sheet output can be defined absolute flexible. Good source of information of how to define asset history sheet versions can be found in the SDN Wiki articles [Asset History Sheet (Detail) |] and [Asset History Sheet |].
    Feel free to create your own history sheet versions according to your needs. But you should avoid to change standard delivered history sheet versions.

  • Error While Executing the Asset history report S_ALR_87011990

    I am getting the below error while executing the Asset History Report - S_ALR_87011990
    No data was selected
    Message no. AB064
    Kindly advice me

    Thi may be a authorisation issue. I doubt that it will get recorded in su53 for report executing. Check with basis guy for respective asset class authorization.

  • Asset History Sheet - Particular period of a closed financial year

    I need to generate an Asset History Sheet for a particular period of a closed fiscal year. The system allows only to generate the asset history sheet as at the closing date of the prior year.
    How can I generate an asset history sheet for a particular period of a closed financial year?
    Thanks in advance.
    Thanks & Best Rgds

    Go to T code = SAP1 in SAP Easy Access screenselect financial accounting-Asset Reports

  • Add New Field in Asset History Sheet

    Can any one let me known how would we add a field in Asset History Sheet.
    I want Scrap Value(ANLB-SCHRW) to be added to the Asset History Sheet.
    I have seen the settings in Asset History Version, I can add a column to it.
    But I don't know how to go further about it.
    Can any one of you guide me in this regard.

    The only problem I am facing is the field scrap value (ANLB-SCHRW) is the master data field i.e., we have to give the value in the Asset Master.
    My question how can we assign this field in the transcation group which in turn will be assigned in asset history version.
    Can any one help me in this regard.

  • Additional field in report S_ALR_87011990 - Asset History Sheet

    This is with reference to report S_ALR_87011990 - Asset History Sheet .
    I want to add quantity, location etc in this report.
    can anybody guide me how to add these additional field in this report as in configuration no such option available.

    this is decribed explicitely and detailed in the WIKI entry Include additional fields in Standard Fixed Asset ALV reports.
    That´s much faster then enhancing the report. Further more you would still operate on a standard report, not a copy based on the standard report.

  • Transaction Type in Asset History Sheet

    Hi Friends,
    After copying the asset history sheet program,
    I added transaction type field (BWASL) to new asset history sheet (z_alr_87011990), but when the report is executed it is not picking the value.
    Can any of you help out in solving this problem.

    Did you ever figure out a solution to this problem.  I am having a similar issue and would appreciate some assistance
    Thank You

  • Asset class does not show any results on the asset history sheet

    I have an asset that was acquired on 31.03.10. When I run the asset history sheet for all asset classes, it shows up(under the acquisition column). However, when I run the Asset History Sheet for only that one asset class, there are no results.
    Am I missing some config or is this a bug?
    Fixed Assets addon. SBO 2007A SP0, PL48.
    Financials >Fixed Assets > Asset History Sheet.
    Enter Asset class and Date: March 2010.Click OK.
    The report is empty.

    The problem was the asset class name. The character ' is not allowed and was not recognized by the asset history sheet report.

  • Asset history report for bunch of assets

    I have created an asset through the following steps
    Internal Order KO01
    Budgeting T Code KO22
    Release of Internal Order  KO02
    Creation of AUC  AS01
    Creation of PO  ME21N
    Now when I see the report AW01N for this asset, everything is available on the asset history sheet.  Likewise I need such a report where I can pull out for bunch of assets with the above history informtion like IO No, PO No etc against those assets.
    I have some 500 assets for which IO no and PO no I need against each asset.
    Please tell me the standard asset report for this.

    Hi babjee,
    I think you have to use for this an internal order report (line item report?. On the internal orders all information is avaiable. I think this is the reason that you use internal orders!
    On the internal order you collect all the posting and the AUC is a cost collector for short term and when you settle it to the Final asset this is the endpoint.
    I don't have seen that the information  from KO22, KO02, ME21N are direct available in AW01N

  • Asset acquisition value is not updating in Asset history sheet & AW01N

    The issue is the asset acquisition values are not updated in AW01N & Asset history sheet report for particular asset acquisition transaction only.
    it`s showing in asset history sheet but its nt added in the current APC value in the asset history report & also its showing in AW01N transaction but in acquisition change column its not updating.
    I have also checked the below link but still i am persisting the same problem.
    Asset acquisition value not updating

    Hi Amit,
    check note  366848.
    Implement reports RACORR110_B and the report RACORR55 from the note 366848 in your system.                                                                               
    At first run the report RACORR110_B. Check the  field ANLC-ANSWL bevor and after running the report.                   
    The report RACORR110_B accumulates the values of the asset line items  and writes the result in the field ANLC-ANSWL.                                                                               
    After this, please start the report RACORR55. This report forwards the  values in the following year.
    (If this is not the reason (ANLC is correct), the report makes nothing.) 
    Regards Bernhard

  • No retirements/deactivated assets in Asset History Sheet?

    Dear all,
    My customer has made a lot of retirements of assets the latest month. When doing retirements the status on the asset is "deactivated" and also I can see the deactivation date. All retired and deactivated assets can be seen in the Asset History sheet. But if I want to see the asset register without retired assets, how do I do that? Does it has something to do with the "history sheet version" in the Asset History Sheet report? Or do I have to shut down the asset?
    Very glad for any help!
    Many thanks in advance!
    Best Regards, Åsa

    If you execute the RAGITT, in the output list you have the button "dynamic selections".
    -> posting information
    -> Deactivation on
    -> in the field right press the error and go to "exclude ranges"
    -> Here please enter 01.01.2010 - 31.12.2010
    If you now execute the RAGITT for 2010 all in 2010 deactivated asset are excluded.
    regards Bernhard

  • Asset History Layout

    Hi SAP peeps,
    I have some question about the Asset History Layout. In my current Client e.g. 100, I ran the Asset History w/ the groups total only radio button click.I define my layout output and after seeing the report the Line items of each asset class are displayed.  Which is not the output I want.
    However, I tried the same transaction in other client e.g. 200, fill up the fields in Asset History interface, after I ran and selected the layout which is definitely the same in client 100. It shows the asset in groups total only. NO line items where displayed. Which is the correct output I want.
    Any idea how to solve this issue? Take note that the layout I have is the same for both clients.
    Edited by: oxenjo30 on Jul 6, 2009 3:41 PM

    Hi Sudhakar,
    I don't see the point why I need to see the local and group currencies?
    As I have mention:
    1. when the radio button 'group accounts' is tick in one client (100) the asset still display the line items - Wrong
    2. when the radio button 'group accounts' is tick in one client (200) the asset display the sub total per Asset Class - Correct

  • Asset shift factor not updating assets in the asset history list

    Recently we had updated the Asset shift factor for June 2011, but the factor has not been updated in the assets.
    If we check through OA02 then the factor is updated there , but if checked in AS03 after executing and releasing the worklists generated by S_ALR_87011990 then these are not updated and displaying the old factors.
    please guide.

    the asset history sheet shows what is defined in the  "history sheet version"
    -> Tr. OA79.                           
    Here you can define the columns.                                               
    Double click on the column. Here you ca see which history sheet group are assigned. The assigned transaction types are displayed in the asset history sheet.
    History sheet groups you can check in (TABW-GITTGR and TABW-BWASL).  
    regards Bernhard

  • Revaluation values in Asset History Sheet

    I have a doubt about asset history sheet. I dont know how to do to see Revaluation values on Asset History sheet. Is it possible? I'm comparing one asset in AR02 and S_ALR_87012018 (Dep and interest) and the difference is the "Revaluation values". Actually those are not showed in History sheet and it makes it working wrong.
    Is there any functional definitio why it is not showed there? or, is there any possibility to include Revaluation values ?
    I reviewed the History sheet groups and I didn't found anything related torevaluations.
    Thanks a lot for your help.

    I have not done it, but you can create a History sheet version in customising.  Copy 1 and add the column.  Also look at a Sort version.  You may want other information there.
    When you run the History Sheet version, select your History sheet version and sort version.  Select ALV format, once the report is run, you can select and deselect columns in layout and then save that layout.  I am sure that using the ALV format it will prove very useful.
    Kind regards

  • Depreciation Values are apprearing in ASSET HISTORY SHEET Report

    We have retired 2 assets during Feb-12 month and values are updated correctly in appropriate Tables & Asset Explorer aswell, but when we are executing Asset History Sheet Via T_Code S_ALR_87011990, depreciation values is not showing in depreciation for the period column (NAFAG) for one asset.
    please let us know what could be problem in extracting the values in the report

    You can run the asset history sheet report with the indicator "Deprecation posted". This will show you the posted depreciation

  • Asset History Sheet incorrect

    Hi All,
    Can I please have some expert advise on the below issue:
    We did intercompany Asset transfers using ABT1n; the Asset History Sheet (S_ALR_87011990) is incorrect for the assets that have different Acquisition dates and a different Capitalization Date/Acquisition Date.
    Is there any way I can correct this. Will be grateful for any suggestions.
    Thanks much

    Hello Bernhard,
    My aplogies for the lack of details:
    In the Asset History Sheet:
    After intercompany transfer, the Depreciation for the year/Depr post-cap columns for the asset in the old company code should be zero. Whereas its not
    Any way to correct this. I think its standard but I need some proof to present to the Client, maybe an OSS note.. if any..
    thanks much Bernhard

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