Asset master to be distributed to WBS element

Dear all,
I have created a Asset and run the depreciation for the month. (Dep. key maintained for book accounts and cost accounts) it wll get posted to FI as well as Cost center. now i am using KSV1 actual distribution to distributed the cost center to WBS element based on percentage.
after create and saving it the distribution have not been carried out. help is need

when i checked t.code KSB1 for that cost center and cost element before distribution that was there in the report, after when i created KSV1 for distribution with this same cost center to WBS element the when i checked it in the same report after the distribution have been done the cost center and the cost element is not there. then when i checked CJI3 against the WBS element there also the cost center and cost element is not displaying.
it simply says No objects were selected using the criteria entered
cost element category - 22 external settlement is it ???

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  • How to change WBS Element in FI Entry for Asset

    Hi all,
    I have a scenario where an asset has been capitalized with  WBS element 1. After several months we realized that it has to go to WBS element 2.
    We update the Asset Master Data with a new WBS Element 2.
    Depreciation from this date onwards is posted to WBS Element 2 (this is expected), but in FI the asset acquisition cost is still in WBS element 1.
    Does anyone know how to rectify the FI document with correct WBS element i.e  WBS Element 2
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    Pramod Saraswat

    Hi Pramod,
    In posted document you cant change the WBS element.
    In order to post on WBS 2 , you have to reverse the acquisation entry posted on WBS1. Then update correct one in  asset master then post acquisation.

  • WBS assignement in Asset Master & postings Impact on business processes??

    Hi all,
    We have the option in asset master record to give the WBS element, so whenever we procure an asset we will procure it to a project so we planned to give wbs in asset master record.
    we even calculate dep for the project. and we will transfer asset from one project to another.
    by considering above all if we assign wbs in asset and procure it to project and calculate dep. does it leads to any other implications. we tested the above cycle its working fine, but we are unable to vizualise other impacts.
    so somebody please guide us to goahead with this opttion.
    thanks & regards,
    shashi kanth.

    Typical use of this is to do a statistical posting to the WBS and a "real" posting to the asset.  It is a nice feature, as you can tell and report on your origins of assets by WBS. 
    Good luck!

  • Rectifying WBS Element from FI - Acquisition Entry in Asset

    Hi all,
    I have a scenario where an asset has been capitalized with  WBS element 1. After several months we realized that it has to go to WBS element 2.
    We update the Asset Master Data with a new WBS Element 2.
    Depreciation from this date onwards is posted to WBS Element 2 (this is expected), but in FI the asset acquisition cost is still in WBS element 1.
    Does anyone know how to rectify the FI document with correct WBS element i.e  WBS Element 2 via asset module.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    Pramod Saraswat

    Aquasition postings and depreciation postings are 2 compleet different things in SAP.
    You post an aquasition postings on a balance sheet account, as statistical information in the posting I think you give the WBS number.
    When you change the WBS for the depreciation cost then from that date the depreciation costs is posted on WBS 2.   For SAP there is nor reason to change the WBS from the aquasition costs.
    A WBS is not an organiasational unit in SAP like company code, profit center, BA. 
    For these objects you have to do a transfer,
    ABUMN - Transfer within Company Code
    ABT1N - Intercompany Asset Transfer

  • Asset - WBS element-PO

    Hi All,
    I have created a wbs element. Assigned it in the Asset master.
    Now, when I create an asset PO for the said asset, it is not populating the WBS element automatically.
    Which other settings needs to be done other than giving the WBS element in the asset master.
    Also, I need to assign a budget for the WBS element so that any PO created over and above this budget is not created.

    Actually, it should work the following way:you post your documents on WBS and then settle the costs to the asset. You can put the budget on the WBS and the document posted on it would be controlled budget-wise.

  • WBS Element Populated on Asset GL Account Line Ledger 90

    Hello All,
    For preliminay settlement of a WBS element to an AuC asset, how do you get the WBS element to populate on the account line for the asset gl account in ledger 90?
    Currently, I'm working in R/3 4.7 and the WBS populates on both sides of the accounting document (on the asset line as well as the settlement line). We are upgrading to ECC6 and this does not work the same. The WBS element is blank on the asset line. I cannot remember how the R/3 4.7 system was configured in order for the asset line to mirror the WBS element on the settlement line. If I can understand how it works in R/3, then maybe I can get it to function the same in the upgrade.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    When the WBS element is settled to the Asset, ideally the balance in the WBS element would have become Zero. Then there is no question of calculation of Interest on WBS element. You can change the status of the WBS element to TECO or CLSD if you dont want to use the same WBS element further.
    Lakshmanan Krishnan

  • Can't change an asset that originated from a WBS element that is now closed

    When we try to transfer or make a change to an asset that originated from a closed WBS element we receive the following error message. 
    System status CLSD is active (WBS CP-00000999-009-009)
    Thanks, Kevin

    When we remove the wbs element number under the "Account assignment for investment" heading, then we are able to perform the asset transferwithout reopening the wbs. We were wanting to use that field so that our auditors could see the wbs from which the asset was created. If we do not use that field, how can we trace an asset back to the originating wbs?

  • Wbs elements information needed - importance.

    Hi Gurus,
    please explain wbs elements related information.

    wbs elements is important if u are using project system. its useful for creation of assets .. construction projects. for eg u create a project INCOR001
    under this project u create various WBS elements .. it depends upon the assets u wanna add there
    the WBS element would be like INCOR001.01. you assign a budgeted value to it and the approval value. u can also define the timeframe for the project and selection like u want to keep it open or close the project etc depending apon client requirement
    assign points if useful

  • How to use WBS element in Asset master data upload

    Dear All
    Does any body know how to treat field WBS element in Asset master during upload.
    Field POSNR in table ANLA is of 8 characters, but WBS element which is entered in asst master is more than 8 char.
    I vaguely remember tht with wbs system internally assign a different number.
    Has anybody come across this issue?
    Please help

    There are in the asset 2 fields for PS
    One is filled when you do an settlement from an WBS (is not possible to fill in)
    The other one you found in the the tab time dependend like cost center.
    This field is available when you have assign the possibilety to do depreciation to an WBS.

  • WBS element in Asset Master (Period Dependent Tab)

    I have activated the WBS Element in Account Assignment Object in Asset, which has resulted in WBS Element field has appreared in Period Dependent Tab.
    But the issue is that its grayed-out & i am not able to fill-in any data in it.
    Can you please infrom me how can i activate WBS element in Asset Master ( Period Dependent Tab)

    goto asset master screen layout and put tick mark under time dependent data.

  • WBS element in Asset master & investment order

    till now we are using the capital investment order for capitalising assets, but now the client is asking for settling wbs element on to auc, can we have both WBS elment and investment order for a single asset. does any one have img document for wbs element related config.

    Hi Sai,
    I think I can answer part of your question.  If a posting is being made to wbs element and internal order (both are real).  The real posting goes to wbs element and statistical posting goes to internal order.
    In this case, you will be settling the wbs element to the AUC rather than Internal Order.
    Coming to the configuration, most of the configuration settings are same on Internal Orders / WBS elements.
    I am sorry, I do not have any documentation.

  • Field WBS element is not modifiable in asset master data

    Hi Friends
    In case of one of my asset classes, i am not able to modify WBS element. It is greyed out.
    I checked in screen layout rule assigned for that asset class, the fiield status is modifiable.
    Please inform whether i need to check any other thing also.
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Currently no WBS is assigned in the asset. I want to assign one WBS .
    Currently one internal order & 1 cost center are assigned.
    I tried insering qa new time interval also , but the field is grayed out & i cant do any changes in the field WBS element.
    I have already checked the field status of this field in screen layout rule , its modifiable.
    Kindly advice.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Asset Master to be assigned to more than one WBS element

    Hi Guys
    I have a scenario in which a Asset should be assigned to more than one Project, i.e. WBS Element.
    Is it possible by any way to assign a asset to more than one WBS element.
    Warm Regards

    Hi Vijay Kumar
    Your right, but my situation is different.
    Take an example, i have server in a software company, that will be used for more than one project. In this case the asset number is the same as the same asset is used for different project at a given point of time
    Warm Regards

  • Creating a Validation for WBS Element in the Asset Master Record

    I would like to know how to create a validation in the AMR for the WBS Element field. I would like to have a particular Business Area when used be required to only use a WBS element that starts with, let's say, AL. Can someone shed some light on how I would set up my check in OACV?

    You can validate or substitute data directly at the input stage. You make the settings for validation and substitution in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Controlling, under Controlling General ® Account Assignment Logic ® Define Validation or Define Substitution
    Substitution and validation are only intended for actual postings
    For a complete description of validation and substitution, see the SAP Library under Accounting - FI Financial Accounting ® Special ledger ® Tools ® Validation and Substitution Rules
    Coordinate with ABAPer and make settings.
    *assign points if useful

  • Distribution of Depreciation of an asset to multiple wbs elements??

    Dear Members,
    our requirement is as follows.
    our cost centers are for 1) departments at head office level 2) Regional offices
    whenever depreciation is calculated it's posted to Head office cost center and the same asset will be used for multple projects.
    so here our requirement is the depreciation posted for a  particular asset is to be distributed to multple WBS elements or Regional offices (cost centers) ..
    please guide us to meet this requirement.
    sashi kanth

    Hi Sashi Kanth,
    In Asset Accounting Module, you can only assign one cost center to a master data, so all the depreciation posted will be accumulated only on one asset master / cost center. Though, you can settle the multiple WBSelements to a single asset you cannot apportion the depreciation cost per WBS element.
    To meet your requirement, you have to create separate Asset Master Records (AMR's) with the required Regional Office cost center, so you will get the depreciation cost regional office WBS element or cost center wise.

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