Assign a SELECT item's list of values - APEX 2.2.0

Hey, all,
Is there a way to assign the list of values of a SELECT item programatically, besides the usual query-in-the-LOV? I am reusing a page 0 region and have a SELECT item that can take on a wide range of lists of values. Something like:
AddOptionToSelectItem('P0_MY_SELECT', 'Yes', 1);
AddOptionToSelectItem('P0_MY_SELECT', 'No', 0);
SetLOV('P0_MY_SELECT', somethingRepresentignAListOfValues);
If that cannot be done, I'll just put all of the parameters I need to figure out what goes into the select list into page 0 items and either write query the old fashioned way or write a PL/SQL function that takes the parameters in and returns a table.

In case this helps, you can specify an item's LOV attribute as a function that returns the LOV query, e.g.,
return my_lov;

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  • Assign to item a list of value according to the contents of other fields...

    Let me explain, I have two items in my page, the first is not required, if it is null the second field is a value list based on selection A (select from A. .. A. .. where . A..) but if the field is not null then the list of values of the second field is based on the selection B (Select B from B where B. ..).
    I create a dynamic action on the event "change" of my first field,  on the "true action" I tried this:
      vva_ternum Varchar2 (3): = null;
    But it does not work!!
    do you have a suggestion?

    Him this is my LOV :
       'SELECT Initcap(Trim(P.PRODSC)) || '' -  ''|| Trim(P.PRONUM) AS dv , ' ||
       'T.PRONUM '  ||
       'WHERE T.TERNUM = :P26_TERNUM ' ||
       'ORDER BY 1'; 
       'SELECT Initcap(Trim(PRODSC)) || '' - '' || Trim(PRONUM) AS dv , ' ||
       'PRONUM '  ||
    END IF;
    This is my properties of my second field
    List of Values
    Named LOV
    Display Extra Values
    Display Null Value
    Cascading LOV Parent Item(s)
    Page Items to Submit
    Optimize Refresh
    Editor Setting: Textarea - HTML/XML - Javascript - PL/SQL 
    List of values definition
       'SELECT Initcap(Trim(P.PRODSC)) || '' - ''|| Trim(P.PRONUM) AS dv , ' ||
       'T.PRONUM '  ||
       'WHERE T.TERNUM = :P26_TERNUM ' ||
       'ORDER BY 1';
       'SELECT Initcap(Trim(PRODSC)) || '' - '' || Trim(PRONUM) AS dv , ' ||
       'PRONUM '  ||
    END IF;
    Create or edit static List of ValuesCreate Dynamic List of Values

  • ADF web select one choice list return value

    how can i make a choice list that displays a value but return another value
    and then use it as a parameter in a method for a button
    my problem is how to return another value to the button

    After creating the selectOneChoice based on the steps you followed, you will need to follow up with the steps below.
    1) Open up your Page Definition file. In the Structure panel, right click on bindings --> Insert inside bindings --> Generic bindings --> attributeValues.
    2) Under Data Source, select your iterator value used to bind the selectOneChoice component. The attribute should be your value ID (example: productId) that you want to be returned by selecting the selectOneChoice component.
    In the backing bean, you get the actual value of the selected item in the list in step #2 by resolving the expression (example) #{bindings.productId.inputValue}.
    Chan Kelwin

  • Select item in list box using code

    We use Adobe Workflow v5. I am creating a Check Request application where users type information into various fields and when they click Add, the data is added to a List Box. Also when they click Add, if the current item is >$1,000, a query searches our accounting database to see if the client has outstanding AR older than 90 days. If they do, another list box is displayed with the client name and amount of outstanding AR.
    If that clientnum is already in the second list box, it does not add another one.
    To delete a record from the first list box, the users select the item in the first list box, and then click a Delete button. That deletes the
    record in the first list box.
    I am also trying to delete the record from the second list box but am not sure how to select it using code. As part of the Delete button code, if the currently selected item (the one they want to delete) is >$1,000, I go through each row of the first list box to see if clnum.text (field in the form where the record to be deleted is now displayed) matches the client number in column 4 of any row of the first list box. If it does, I see if the amount of the item in the first list box is >$1000.
    If it is, then I know that there is a corresponding record in the second list box.
    Here is some of the code:
    'go through each row in first list box
    For irow = 1 to lstExp.ListCount
    'set clientnum variable equal to client # in row in first list box
    clientnum = lstExp.RetrieveItem(irow,4)
    'if clientnum variable is equal to client # to be deleted from first list box (selected record - client # in clnum.text now)
    if clientnum = trim(clnum.text) then
    'if amt is >$1,000 in first list box
    if lstExp.RetrieveItem(irow,10) > 1000 then
    'don't delete row because there is another record in first list box
    DeleteOutAR = "N"
    'delete row because there is NOT another record in first list box.
    DeleteOutAR = "Y"
    end if
    end if
    Here is the code I need help with. I am unsure how to select the record in the second list box so I can delete it.
    if DeleteOutAR = "Y" then
    'go to second list box ?
    'start going through second list box looking for clientnum
    For irow2 = 1 to lstOutARUnbilled.ListCount
    if clientnum = lstOutARUnbilled.RetrieveItem(irow2,1) then
    irow2 = lstOutARUnbilled.CurrentSelection
    lstOutARUnbilled.Removeitem (irow2)
    end if
    end if
    So my question is, how can I move to the second list box to actually delete the record?
    Thank you in advance for any help.

    The solution could either be quite easy or difficult dependent upon how the data is arranged in the subsequent list box.
    Basically, if there is any sort of corresponding or matching entries, meaning line 1 from list box #1 matches with line 1 of listbox #2, then you would simply execute the following...
    "listbox#2.RemoveItem listbox#1.CurrentSelection"
    Or if you have a column that would contain the same values, say an index, then you could just loop thru the 2nd listbox searching for that index and once found remove the line...
    "listbox#2.RemoveItem nRow"
    , where nRow would be the line that you discovered to have the matching index.

  • How to set No Selection Attribute in List of Values?

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm developing an ADF form which has a List of Value(LOV) as a requirement.
    I've got it working based on a View Object. However, I'm trying to set the No Selection option in the LOV and it doesnt seem to work. I've set it to the "Labelled Item - First of List" - <Please select a reason>. That doesnt seem to do the trick.
    Is there another attribute I need to set?
    I'm using JDev 11g.
    Many thanks.

    if you are using the af:selectonechoice then use it like
    unselectedLabel="Please Select"but its better to debug why you are not getting this done from the VO.. can u give more information on this to solve it in the model itself..
    did u check if the VO is updated properly with the changes???

  • Can't delete multiple selected items in List or Library

    I am experiencing quirky behavior when attempting to delete multiple selected items from a library or list. I select a few items via check box for each item I would like to delete. Then I click the delete button in the ribbon, and all I get is "Deleting...",
    but no page refresh and the items are not deleted. However if I access the same list or library via the App server and select a few items, then hit delete, the page refreshes and the items are deleted.
    So I consulted the Logs and compared the Web Server vs App Server, and the there is a lot of cryptic entries. The few lines that stands out most to me is the App server is:
    ConnectionString: 'Data Source=database;Initial Catalog=Content;Integrated Security=True;Enlist=False;Asynchronous Processing=False;Connect Timeout=15'   
    ConnectionState: Closed ConnectionTimeout: 15
    In fireItemEvent(), for list Building Locations, and item: 1
    In fireSyncItemEvent(), calling ExecuteItemEventReceivers()
    Calling ExecuteItemEventReceivers() for list 0f773535-3b22-4c29-97f1-fd2b70b50dd3 on item 1
    Entering monitored scope (Event Receiver (Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c, Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Internal.PublishingWebEventReceiver))
    Releasing SPRequest with allocation Id {FE9A45A8-C042-4223-8FCC-4BD873C93885}
    PublishingWebEventReceiver:ItemDeleting: item 
    These calls are not in the web server log.
    The list I was doing the delete action on was "Building Locations". We are using claims based authentication
    Thanks for any insight or thoughts.

    I confirmed that there is no rewrite tags in either web config (app or web).
    I did download fiddler, and when I try and delete on the web front end I get:
    It tries to access the URL https://mysite/_layouts/_vti_bin/client.svc/processQuery
    Then it sends me here since I have been denied
    <html><head><title>Object moved</title></head><body>
    <h2>Object moved to <a href="https://mysite/_layouts/AccessDenied.aspx">here</a>.</h2>
    The app server goes to
    http://mysite/_layouts/_vti_bin/client.svc/processQuery doesn't get denied and deletes the items.

  • Automatic Selected Item of List Builder Component Does not work (anymore)

    Hi all,
    Í'm working with Xcelsius Engage 2008 (version and the automatic selection of an item at runtime of the list builder component does not work anymore. In a previous version it worked very well.
    Here's the case: at runtime I want that the list builder component automatically puts the first item in the list to the destination section and selects it, so that a graph can show the underlying pushed data. In the previous version it worked o.k., but now at runtime the destination section remains empty at startup. If I interactively select an item from the source section to the destination section and update the list builder, the data is shown correctly, but it must done automatically, which worked o.k. in an earlier version of Xcelsius 2008...
    This are my settings of the list builder component (which was running correctly earlier..):
    -at the general tab I defined a range of labels
    -at the general tab I defined 2 data column insertion series
    -at the behaviour-common tab I defined selected items: position mode; items: the first item of the label list; insert items at runtime
    -all of the data comes from an external xml data source
    You can find an example of the visualisation at: You will see that at start-up there is no item visible and selected in the destination section of the list builder....
    I've tried every combinations of settings, build up the component from scratch, but its not working (anymore).
    Greetings Erik-Jan Vriens

    Hi njnits,
    Print view button is a standard component of Xcelsius: look at it in the IDE
    Exporting to Powerpoint is also a standard functionality, so yes. For this particular dashboard/report all data resides in an external xml-file which have to be accessible for Powerpoint
    All visualisations, not only the table,  in this/report fetch their data from an external xml-file, but a QaaWS-connection will also do the trick. You will have to write this dedicated service. In our case the xml-data is also generated automatically.
    The external data is best defined as a sort of matrix, consisting of approx. 100 columns by 1000 rows. I agree it takes a lot of Xcelsius but it does the job....
    Hopes this info helps....

  • How to get the display value of selected item in list box?

    I have a page with an HtmlSelectOneListbox that is filled with an ArrayList of SelectItem objects.
    The SelectItem objects contain a Key and Value. The Value is displayed in the ListBox.
    The value parameter of the listbox is bound to a bean property which is called selectedListItem.
    The bean property selectedListItem contains the Key of the SelectItem that is selected.
    How do I obtain the Value of the selectedListItem?
    I need to be able to get the Value field that is displayed, not just the Key to the item that is displayed.
    Edited by: burferd on Nov 3, 2007 10:03 PM

    How are you filling in the value of the menu? Obtain it back by the same way. Or pass it along the key in a object.
    This article may give useful insights:

  • Oracle Forms: getting currently selected item in List

    I've noticed that the method isItemSelected in the oracle.oats.scripting.modules.formsFT.common.api.elements.List class doesn't appear to work. In the drop down lists that I've tested, it always returns true for any item that is in the list (ie the same as isItemInList returns).
    Is there any way to figure out what item is selected in a drop down list in Oracle Forms?

    I am also trying the same for a Select field in a Web application. .selectOptionByText works for input but to get a value from a select box. .getSelectedValue() is not working and also .getSelectedText() is also not working. Not able to get a value at runtime from a select field. Also how to retrive all the options present in a select field in a web application.
    Alex can you help on this.

  • How to print selected item of list?

    Hello everybody! 
    I'm new to Sharepoint, I just installed an entire environment to test it. I installed Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL Server 2012 and Sharepoint 2010 (my customer's version).
    What I'm trying to do is have a easy way that my customer will select an item on a list and then print it. As they have a lot of list, they want to create the layout of the printing themselves. They want the company logo on the page, they also want to customize
    the background of some items like color, fonts, etc.
    Please, I don't want to seem like asking for the solution out of the box. I just need to know if this is possible, and how.
    I've been searching and found SQL Reporting services, or even printing from Access. Is it the way to go?
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    there are different ways to get it done.
    export the files to excel and print from there
    use the 3rd party tools to get this done. Free from Code Plex, which use the Print List.
    SharePoint 2010 Sandboxed Solutions
    see these blogs for helpful script.
    Please remember to mark your question as answered &Vote helpful,if this solves/helps your problem. ****************************************************************************************** Thanks -WS MCITP(SharePoint 2010, 2013) Blog:

  • The method of leaving cursor at selecting item of list box.

    Pleas let me ask about the subject!!!
    Concerning the screen by web-dynpro, I have a problem that when I select one listbox after selecting another listbox, the screen moves up to the top automatically.
    I would like to prevent from above moving.
    Could anyone specialist please tell me how leaving cursor at setelcting item of the list box.

    there are two events which have been used, one is doubleclick event and the other one is on selecting the item from the list and clicking on OK button(this will be the most frequently used function, i cannot use event target event for this OK button... ) . I have attached the screen shot. Please have a look at it and let me know how can i achieve that...
    I can use custom event, but the main problem is that the inline itemeditor's details are not accessible in the code.... I can access some function from within the inline itemeditor combo box using outerDocument.myFunction() (this is something like GET). Is there a similar way, to SET the data into this itemeditor?

  • List Of Value in search forms

    I am using ADF 11g
    I am trying to prepare a custom search form (not af:query component). I dragged and dropped a view object in data control to create a select one choice component. It is working good.
    But i am not able to have the LOV to have an empty item in the beginning.
    I already tried to edit the View definition, and selected "Include no selection item" in List UI Hints section, but in the page, select one choice still does not have an empty item in the beginning.
    What is missing here or what am i doing wrong ?

    List of values in 11 does not work as in 10.
    They need to be binded in model in specific view attribute.
    You can create a transient view object (i.e. select null as list_attr from dual)
    then you need to add to the attribute the list of value,
    then drag and drop ListAttr to the page

  • Invalid Table Name SQL ReporError From Unsubmitted List of Value Table Name

    I have an application in which a user selects a table name from a list of values and a SQL report shows data from the table selected. On entry into this page the "invalid table name" error shows until you select a table name.
    My list of values is a LOV with redirect.
    Is there any way to remove this error or not show the report?
    Any help is appreciated.

    I resolved my issue by doing the following:
    Create a process
    Process Point - On Load - Before Header
    Run Process - Once Per Session or When Reset
    Process Source:
    (item in list of value set equal to return value in list of value)

  • List of Values not showing up

    We have BOE 3.1 SP2 with PixPack 2.2 running on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 x64
    In InfoView, when scheduling a Web Intelligent Report, nothing shows in my List of Values in the Prompts. I hit the Refresh Values button and nothing comes up also.
    I'm new in the BO environment so I'm going here and there in the consoles.. I get the same problem when using and AD regular user account or the Enterprise Administrator account.
    I checked and added View On Demand for Everyone in my Universes and Connections....
    Any help appreciated

    Hi Jay,
    Can you see the LOV when viewing the webi report?
    To see the LOV when viewing or scheduling webi, in "Edit Query" you need select "Prompt with List of Values". And in Universe designer, select "Associate a List of Values" in Properties tab of the object your parameter binds to.

  • Controls in ITEM and LIST tabs of Ribbon disabled always in Punishing SharePoint 2013 site if i add list to home page as List View Webpart

    Below is the scenario,
    If i created any custom list and navigating to the list (AllItems.aspx) and on selecting the item, i can see controls in ITEM and LIST tabs of Ribbon are enabled in SharePoint 2013 publishing site.
    If i add the same list in the home page (add web part --> select list view webpart) in the publishing site, on selecting of item, all controls in ITEM and LIST tabs of Ribbon are disabled always.
    Please help me to fix this issue ASAP.

    Thanks for your reply.
    Ribbon controls (only ITEM and LIST tab) still in disabled mode even if i selected the item in the list view webpart.
    Also, i have noticed the below things,
    when i create a published site (default page : default.aspx) and add the list view webpart in the default page, the controls are in disabled mode on selecting item in list view webpart.
    when i create a team site (default page : home.aspx) and add the list view webpart in the default page, the controls are in enable mode on selecting item in list view webpart.
    Please help me on this.

Maybe you are looking for

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