Associated Trips not shown in SCASE for Post Audit Cases

Hi All,
        In My Project there was an EHP6 upgrade after which there were some issues. Most of them were resolved expect for this SCASE tcode issue.
Here when a search is made to check Violated Trips case for Items, Associated Trips are not getting listed. Since its a standard Tcode I am not sure how to trace this issue. Could any provide Assistance to resolve this issue? Its very urgent. Thanks in advance for your help.

Your question is very specific... it is really hard for us to come with an answer whitout directly looking into your system.
Try looking for SAP notes and write an OSS message if there is a regression after EHP6 upgrade.

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  • Depreciation value not shown under the tab 'posted value' in AW01N

    Dear experts
    I have in chart of depreciation US GAAP book(posted to G/L), local GAAP book(not posted), book to post difference of two GAAP(posted to G/L), and local tax book.
    In AW01N, the ordinary depreciation value is shown correctly for all books in the first tab 'planned values',
    But on the second tab 'posted values', depreciation value only shown for the US GAAP book.
    I'm thinking it maybe relavant with posting to G/L or not, that means only book with posting to G/L is shown with deprecation value on the second tab.
    But something strange is in another chart of deprecation, deprecation value is shown for US book, local book.
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    Best Regards,

    If you would have mentioned it as a "area post in real time" it will show you in the aw01n. If not, it will not show. Because, the tab specifies the posted values which means how much depreciation posted to GL.
    As you have put "area doesnot post" for the local book, it will not show the balance.

  • Why Syscenter Reference are not shown in console for MP?

    Created an test MP SCOM 2012 Management Template in VSAE 2012, debug and release to Test Server .
    Did not see any discoveries created in Console.
    Checked and Found MP in console.
    Checked Dependencies in MP but found only System Library and Windows Core library.
    System Center library 7.0..8432.0
    System Health library 7.0..8432.0
    System Center Visualization library 7.0.9538.0.
    Created another Test MP, had the same results.
    Shouldn't all the references in MP should show here?
    Has any one had these issues?
    Am I doing something incorrect??
    Checking OpsManager Event logs.

    No, it does not add that reference.
    Any way,I am  trying to use Sample Powershell Monitor using Powershell Script.
    I am using sql.client connection to get answers from sql server.
    There is only 1 row in the results and the results of the query is either 0 or 1.
    But when creating a monitor I get an error with two statements
    "Incorrect expression specified: New-Object System.Data.DataSet
    Here is the output of script
    1    -------- Indicates 1 row in Results of the query
    <Property Name="State" VariantType="8">1</Property></DataItem>
    Here is connection details
    $SqlConnection = New-Object System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection
     $SqlConnection.ConnectionString = “Server=$SQLServer;Database=$SQLDBName;Integrated Security=True”
     $SqlCmd = New-Object System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand
     $SqlCmd.CommandText = $SqlQuery
     $SqlCmd.Connection = $SqlConnection
    $SqlAdapter = New-Object System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter
     $SqlAdapter.SelectCommand = $SqlCmd
    $DataSet = New-Object System.Data.DataSet
     #$DataSet.Tables.Count4:51 PM 3/13/2015
    $retval = $dataSet.Tables[0].Rows[0][0].ToString(); 
    Not sure what needs to be changed to run this script for creating the monitor

  • Shared albums not shown in Photos for Mac

    I upgraded my iPhoto library to Photos yesterday and the main photo content migrated fine. I have two OS X devices - a MacBook Pro and a Mac Mini.
    On my MacBook Pro, if I enable the sidebar in Photos, I see:
    <Other shared albums - both my own and from another iCloud user>
    Albums<Various Albums>
    On my Mac Mini, I only see:
    Albums<Various Albums>
    So Photos on the Mac Mini is not picking up on existing shared albums. If I go to View | Shared it prompts me to "Start Sharing" (as if I haven't done this before). If I click Start Sharing and then create a test album the sharing dialog just vanishes after I select and email address to share with.
    Anybody else seeing this? Any ideas?

    Ok. I followed another suggestion and tried restarting the computer. It seemed to bring up the libraries. At first, I saw no pictures from the shared photos as they reported zero photos when they came up. However, leaving it open for a while seemed to bring back more and more of the libraries, and that was only after restarting the computer a 2nd time. I did get almost all my shared photos back, but each time it seems to stop and not bring all the photos back. I'll try restarting another time as it seems to be the big thing here.
    The syncing activity in Yosemite seems to have some internal limit, where it stops attempting to grab photos from the stream and/or share, and then Photos only tries looking again after a computer restart, not a restart of the application.

  • IFRAME not shown in IE for JIVE portlet

    We have built a JIVE message board portlet on our AS. But somehow it can't show the IFRAME portion in IE. Firefox works fine with it, though.
    Does anyone have similar experience or know how to solve this problem? Very appreciated!

    This page is not found on server
    Code errors can cause problems with browser rendering: 2Flisten.html
    Also may wish to add allowtransparency="true" attribute to your iFrame code for IE.
    Iframe Attributes:
    Nancy O.
    Alt-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media  Specialists

  • HALB costs are not shown in Itemisation for Make to order

    We are facing a problem in Make to order. When a production order is created with respect a sales order, semifinished costs are not appearing in Itemisation or cost component structure of Production order.
    In other cases like make to stock and planning with final assemble costs are appearing.
    Please provide us solution for this problem.
    Thanks and regards,

    Please check with Costing relevancy ind for Semei material at "General data Tab" in component over view of Production order (co02)
    Do u mean to say for same sale order material Number ,  semi material cost will not be added  forPG20 and is added for PG 10 at Prod order.Please confirm

  • Why is time not shown in UWL for items?

    In the task tab of UWL,an attribute named "Sent Date" shows the sent date of items.But if I receive more tasks in one day,it is necessary to show the time too.I found the tooltip of "Sent Date" contained time.Now I want to show it in "Sent Date" or another customized attribute,how?

    currently i think there is no uwl customization available for CE BPM task.

  • Where can I find a waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, dirtproof etc case for my Ipad Air very soon and not have to wait for the perfect case for months to come out from Lifeproof company???

    I just bought a new Ipad Air 128gb w/verizon coverage. I definitely need a all proof case for it like the Lifeproof case I already have for my Ipad 4 w/retina display.  Unfortunately I'm hearing Lifeproof hasnt come out with the Air case yet.  Can anyone help me locate a company similar that will have that sort of case pls.  thanks.

    I know  Targus has one called Safeport with 3 levels of 'strong, stronger, strongest' but I couldn't find it specifically saying it accommodated the Air on their site. BUt it could be another brand for you to search for.

  • SAP Inbox items not shown in UWL

    We are working on ESS , we have items in SAP Inbox and not shown in UWL for a employee.
    We are not able to login with the actual user. Is there any possibility to see UWL items of the item without his login?
    we have UWL connecters enabled for R/3 but still have problem for this user.

    Hi Kiran,
    If this is specific to one user or have you found same issue with others. To receive any workflow from backend system system need to be registered to UWL.
    Have a look at following threads for pointers
    /message/6018381#6018381 [original link is broken]
    /message/5093279#5093279 [original link is broken]
    /message/5093308#5093308 [original link is broken]

  • What do the upgrade scripts do for the following cases?

    I have got the compare reports between 9.0 vanilla(Source) and 8.4 copy of production(Target).
    it has the following properties.
    which means in all the above cases the customizations will be overridden.
    I have read somewhere that as a developer i need to look for the following case and re-apply the customizations
    my question is that, when we run the 9.0 upgrade scripts on 8.4 copy of production, will it not override the customizations for the following cases?
    Please help me,
    Thank you.
    Edited by: user609854 on Dec 8, 2008 6:20 PM

    If you are talking about compare reports during Initial move of Upgrade --Yes , objects from the source will come over and based on user's or you(in this case) have to re-apply them back.At later stages of the upgrade pass  you have to re-apply them eventually if you want to opt with old or delivered custom or pure custom psoft objects.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • New Post - GR not shown in inter-company return PO history

    Hi Gurus,
    Below is the process we performed for the return PO process
    1. ME21N, create the STO with the return indicator ticked.
    2. VL10B, create the delivery note for the STO created in step1.
    3. MIGO, GR against the PO created in step 1. (Mov.Type 161, not 101)
    4. VL02N, GR against the delivery note created in step2.
    All the transaction are performed successfully with the correct data flow. When we look into the PO history tab, we can see the delivery note, the material document of the Mvttype 161, but our problem is that we can NOT see the material document of the goods receipt at the original supplying plant - this is different from the regular STO (not the return scenario) in the normal process, the delivery note, PGI, PGR can all be found in the PO history.
    (Original Receiving Plant: where the PO was created,
    Original Supplying Plant: where the goods is going to received into)
    Much appreciate for any post.
    Edited by: Jie Lin on Jul 27, 2010 11:22 AM

    Original receiving plant: where the return PO was created.
    Original supplying plant: where the goods are returned to.
    we dont have problem with Mvt.type 161. We do want the PO with the return indicator ticked to support the inter-company return process. I was referring to the GR against the PO (not the delivery, my mistake in original post) at the original receiving plant- which links to the movement type 161.
    The question we have now is that the GR against the DELIVERY at the ORIGINAL supplying plant is not shown in the PO history tab.
    Edited by: Jie Lin on Jul 27, 2010 11:06 AM

  • J/v passed for TDS which not shown TDS Report

    I faced problem regarding some TDS Like Interest,Salary,  entry passed through which not shown in
    Tds report.
    I not aware about how to passed  this type entry so which appeared in TDS report.
    Pls give me a suggestion regarding above problem.

    Create one time vendor or dummy vendor for all expenses. Then assign w/h tax codes and post the TDS at the time of invoice or payment.
    You will not get report if you directly pass a JV.

  • Using SSRS Date Range- Data Not shown for date greater than by Analysis Services

    Hello Friends,
     I am using Date Range filters(Start and End Date) in my SSRS Report. The Problem is that if i am using the start date will be today, then the end date will be the future date by using Analysis Service as my Data Source, the report is not generated.
    I don't know why it happens? If I give the date range filters before the current date, then the report will shown.
    The problem is that the future date is not in my database. Could you please answer for this. I am struck in here,.
    Table contains : 1-7-14 ,
    If my Date Range will be 1st to 3 of 7th month, then the report shows the data.
    if my date starts with 1st of the 7th month and ends in the future, then the report will not shown the 2nd and 3rd records...
    Please teach me why?

    Your question should be posted to the appropriate MSDN forum.  This forum is for questions regarding Microsoft Certifications.

  • How can i check for posted but not yet commited changes in a form

    I make changes programmatically in a form then i post it using (Post built in).
    If the user exits the form, i make check for any changes in the form to commit it using the system variable :system.form_status
    Unfortunately the value of this system variable is 'Query' not 'Changed' because of using the post built in.
    Is ther another system variable ( or any another way ) that check for posted but not yet commited changes in the form ?
    Thanks a lot
    Mostafa Abolaynain

    I had faced similar situation. Using of package variable which identifies, what is the user's latest action.
    This is just a workaround.
    Capture what the user has performed into a variable say, PKG_VAR.ACTION,
    This will be assigned values like List L, and Create C, Update U and Saved S.
    If commit is executed,assing the status S to the variable.
    So while closing,
    IF :system.form_status = 'CHANGED' or PKG_VAR.ACTION in ('C','U') THEN     
    -- validate the data, n perform commit.
    -- just close the form.
    end if;
    Deepz : )

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