ATI display driver fails to work with new kernel

I've just upgraded from
OEL kernel-2.6.18-
to most current
OEL kernel-2.6.18-
and got the problem with ATI display driver. Whenever I perform kernel upgrade, I have to recompile vendor-provided ATI display driver downloadable from AMD/ATI site, because system ATI driver, provided by OEL/RHEL as kernel module, doesn't work properly (too slow). I did that hundred times and never had a problem. This time the problem is that after upgrading to new kernel and recompiling the existing ATI display driver (Revision 10.8), it doesn't work anymore, even though it worked perfectly with previous kernel. I cannot even start X11 (glibc problem reported with stack traces!!!). The newest ATI display driver (Revision 10.9) "works" with new kernel, but display is awfully slow making any serious work impossible. It is even slower than system-provided ATI driver.
I am pretty sure the problem is in new kernel. As I have no backup of old kernel files and couldn't download the previous OEL kernel files from ULN, neither binary nor source (the files do not exist on ULN anymore, only the recent kernel files), I downloaded the previous kernel source from, compiled the kernel and downgraded to it, recompiled ATI display driver, and everything works properly and fast as before upgrading. I can remember that ULN site used to have all kernel versions prior to actual one and cannot understand why Oracle dropped this practice. As I have an ULN account, I certainly want to have OEL patched kernel.
My question is: does anybody know how and where I can download the previous OEL kernel-2.6.18- binary rpm files or at least source rpm file?
Maybe Sergio or Tommy can help?
Thanks in advance.

I have experienced the same with Ubuntu some years ago - specific feature (hack?) that was implemented in the kernel was deprecated. This was used by the display driver for an onboard Intel graphics chipset. Beryl (which was subsequently merged with Compiz) turned into a horribly slow experience. As far as I recall, a subsequent kernel patch "fixed" things as a number of users were affected, of which many complained very loudly.
Anyway, I think the lesson here is that OEL is not really the correct distro to use for a desktop. A broken ATI driver for the OEL kernel? Does not really feature in the scheme of things for OEL support. Oracle Grid/RAC/Enterprise/Standard Edition do not care. Oracle's application servers (Apache, Weblogic, etc) do not care. Etc.
Sure, GUI desktop access to an OEL server is needed (like when running dbca or an installer) - but that can easily and effectively be done using vncserver for example and running twm.
You may be able to fix/work-around the problem with the current kernel update.. you may be able to roll back the update. But what about the next time when some other component does not work after a patch or an update? Surely it is a lot less stressful and frustrating to rather use a desktop distro, like Ubuntu, instead?

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    Has anybody else found the Equium A300D PSAK2E Windows Vista 32 bit Toshiba ATI display driver download will not work from the download centre? If you choose run, the download causes the windows explorer to crash during the install and the upgrade fails, the same with save and the install does not self install.
    I have been trying to get the TV out S-Video port working. See thread on TV out not working. I have tried everything. has anybody else got this problem as Toshiba are unaware of any problems with the S Video TV out not working on this machine.
    Thanks Vince

    The down load downloads ok but when you try and unzip it, then install it halfay through you get an error message stating windows explorer has stopped working and it has crashed. The Graphic card then will not work. I have tried uninstalling all the ATI software and deleting the left over files but it still wont install.
    I have downloaded the programme from the ATI site and this installed ok and the graphic card is working. The s video tv port still will not work.
    I have gone into great detail on the post regarding the TV out not working about what i have done. When the s video lead is connected the computer can see the tv but will not output, when you try and enable the display the display will not enable. I have used the FN f5 key with no success, changed settings on the avi controller and display settings in the control panel
    I will take the machine back to where i bought it from next week and see if they can get it to work!

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    Has anyone else had issues with the line-in jack not working with new drivers? Is there a way to get it to work??Very frustrated. Is there a link to the beta drivers, they worked better for me then the new one.

    The line input on the mini requires a 'line-level' signal, so the only microphones that work are ones that have an amplified output. Standard mics don't generate enough voltage to drive the mini's amplifiers.
    That's the reason the mics work with the Griffin device (it has an amplifier) but not the mini directly.

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    icloud drive fails to work at all on my Macbook Air 11 inch with Yosemite recently installed, 2014-09-20. It works fine on my iMac, but that's no use to me. Unless it works with my Macbook Air, it's useless. Dropbox manages very well, but Dropbox has recently promoted the War Criminal Condoleeeza Rice to its board, presumably so it can spy on its users better. So, Apple, what's the problem? Any answers to this common problem?

    I like it very much. I use it on my iPad (and occasionally my iPhone). I'm kind of a keyboard snob actually. I tried the Apple wireless keyboard first. Apple keyboards have a short throw that hurts the tips of my fingers. They're very pretty but the on button turns on when I don't want it to and my iPad wakes up in my bag. Strike 1.
    I went to a little keyboard called the Joy and it had a positive switch so I didn't have the wakeup problem. It worked well though after several months I wore it out and had to replace it with another one. I also didn't like how flat it sat and used rubber bumpers on the back. It too had a short throw that hurt my finger tips after a while but it was better than the Apple.
    Then I discovered the Logitech bluetooth keyboard, the K811. This is a great keyboard. It switches between multiple targets with one press, it has a positive on/off switch, the keys light up, it's rechargeable and lasts a long time, and the slight cushioning on the keys keeps my fingers from hurting. I put the rubber bumpers on it though like the Joy because I like the keyboard to sit up a little. It's a tiny bit bigger than the other keyboards but I like it a lot, better than my MBA keyboard and better than my iMac wired keyboard. I'm trying out an after market keyboard on the iMac now but I'm thinking about switching to one of these for the iMac.

  • Satellite Pro A60: ATI display driver keeps breaking down

    I have had my Sat pro A60 Laptop for about a year now.
    I have had a few problems with it since I got it but the main problem has just occured within the last 6-7 months.
    The ATI display driver keeps on breaking down and in order for it to work I have to restart the system. This has been an ongoing problem for quite some time and it's now getting rather irriating. It does it at the most inconvenient times like when I am watching a DVD or listening to a CD.
    Sometimes when I put the computer on standby, the display doesn't even start up again and the screen remains blank. In order to sort this out I have to switch off the laptop and then restart it. The main problem I have put this down to is overheating as it can get quite hot when I use it.
    I sort of know how to sort this problem out, just by clearing dust from the fans. But if there is any other solution to this please help.

    Mostly the overheating happens because of the dirt and dust inside of the cooling modules. The fans cannot work properly and cannot spin with full performance.
    I think you should check the fans. I think the easiest way to clean the fans is to use the vacuum cleaner hose against the fan grilles.
    About the display issue: In your case I would recommend firstly to update the display driver. Additional if the OS runs since a long time on the notebook so maybe a new OS installation form the Toshiba recovery CD would help.

  • Logitech Pro 4000 not working with new Imac 24"

    Just migrated from a G4 to the new Imac 24"
    Cannot get the Logitech Pro 4000 to work with new mac.
    Contacted Logitech and they said
    "please note that the QuickCam Pro 4000 currently only supports up to Mac OS X 10.2.6"
    However,the cam DID work ,even under 10.4.8 with the old G4...
    Any ideas people..

    Your nwe iMac is Intel based, which is why the old driver failed/ You could try the driver from IOXperts. They do not mention Intel support, but they do list your camera, and have a free trial.

  • Portege Z930 - Display Driver doesn't work correctly

    we have a Portege Z930 with Windows 7 64 bit in use where the Intel Display Driver seem to work incorrectly.
    First problem is the slow presentation on display - if we open a picture (simple JPG) and move the window, the window frame will break during the move and be shown very bizarre.
    Next we installed a dynadock U3.0 docking station for using two external displays additionally. This works even worse. For the docking station we used the driver from the CD included on delivery, and we connect it over an USB 3.0 slot.
    On booting switching onto the 2 displays instead of the internal notebook display doesn't work - so we use the workaround of using an extended desktop over all 3 displays (2 externals and the internal notebook display as third).
    In Internet Explorer we had to switch off GPU Rendering and use Software Rendering instead because otherwise we observed critical misfunctions on the external displays (having 2 windows open the display froze or couldn't show moving windows). Nevertheless the display is not satisfactioning.
    We already tried 3 different versions of the recommendet Intel Driver which is also offered by Toshiba for download; we loaded it there and also 2 more versions (one newer, one older) from Intel directly.
    So how can we get that working correctly?
    Thanks in advance and regards,
    N. Cochems

    Most importantly. make sure you have Win7 Service Pack 1 installed. New notebooks have problems running in win7 RTM (no service packs).
    Sounds like Windows is using the standard VGA driver instead of the Intel driver. Uninstall all the display drivers from Control Panel->Programs and Features then go to the Toshiba website and install the Intel Chipset Utility then the Intel Display Driver, then go to and install the latest DisplayLink driver for the dynadock. The new DisplayLink v7.xx driver fixes many problems found in the v6.xx drivers.
    Double check that the Intel drivers are installed correctly in Device Manager.

  • Can a PC ATI X1600 XT AGP card work with my MDD..

    Can a PC ATI X1600 XT AGP card work with my MDD?

    I have a friend that made the mistake of buying a (new) non-Mac edition ATI card. Not the card you've specified, this was a few years ago, but everything worked for him, with OSX. His biggest issue was the loss of the ADC connection on the card, getting DVI connectors only instead. That means a trip to Apple to get an ADC-DVI converter, mine was about £100 for my second display. My friend payed slightly less. At the end of the day, it would have been cheaper for him to pay the £30 extra for the Mac edition.

  • [W500 and Windows 7] ati display driver stopped responding and has recovered

    I installed Windows 7 64bit on my W500 (almost 3 weeks old). It installed a driver for the ATI display card from Windows Update. However, since yesterday, I regularly get a driver crash (I assume...).
    It's happening when I'm scrolling in a webpage, suddenly the page hangs, the mouse and Windows itself hangs seconds later and after that, after 5 seconds, my screen goes black, the machine beeps and it's back. In the tray, I get an error: ati display driver stopped responding and has recovered.
    In the details of the driver, the following can be seen:
    Driver Date: 28/04/2009
    Driver Version: 8.612.0.0
    The card is recognized as a 3650.
    Am I doing something wrong here? Can I test with another driver (I tried installing the Windows Vista 64bit, but it doesn't seem to be willing to install...)?
    Thanks in advance,

    I have the exact same hardware and software (Win7 64) and I'm getting precisely the same symptoms, screen blanks out when I am scrolling a web page vertically using the trackpoint and the center blue trackpoint scroll button. 
    It's really annoying.
    It also never happens when the laptop is in the dock, or when the integrated graphics are engaged, this only happens when the ATI chip is running and only since ATI released the new Windows 7 drivers.
    Previously I'd ran this box on on Win7 64 but used the Vista 64 bit graphics drivers from ATI and didn't have the problem, but installation was a pain.

  • ATI display driver rollback

    I have desktop running Enterprise Linux server 2.6.18-164. Recently I installed ATI display driver on it. After that I am not able to restart my machine. Is there any way to roll back the recent driver changes???

    You can try to boot in text mode (no graphics) and check /etc/X11 directory. Usually, whenever a change in graphics settings occurs, the system makes a backup of the original configuration file (xorg.conf) and then applies the new settings. So, you can try to replace the current configuration file (xorg.conf) with the old one (xorg.conf.backup), if it exists...

  • Intel display driver has stopped working properly, distributed by Lenovo

    Toshiba Satellite L355-S7915 with Windows Vista Home Basic SP2 32-bit:  Keep getting "Intel display driver has stopped working properly and has recovered" when turn on computer or log on with new user.  Driver version is  This is more of an annoyance, which I can enter through and continue, but I would like to get the messages to stop.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

    Me too, only I am using a desktop through e machines with an Intel 82945G Express Chiplet Family.  And my pc just crashes and it is getting very annoying! for the longest time Vista couldn't provide a solution and today is sent my to Lenovo.  I may be out of touch with the tech world but to my understanding I don't have anything "Lenovo" unless thats the new fancy name for Intel.  But I can't seem to find a solution for this problem and am sick of it!  Any advice? thanks and happy holidays!

  • T400 Display Driver igxprd32 stopped working...

    On my T400 6474-19G without ATI Graphics the integrated Intel graphics stop working sometimes when I play games like F.E.A.R or Enemy-Territory. The game crashes, windows goes to 256 bit colors and 640*480 resolution and tells me to reboot with a message like the Topic
    "The Display Driver igxprd32 stopped working properly[...]"
    It also tells me that I will get a report after next reboot, but nothing happens.
    Im running Windows XP Service Pack3 with the latest drivers installed by Lenovo System Update.
    Please let me know if this is a hardware or software issue and if I could fix it somehow.

    Does this happen when you run the game by using dGPU(NVIDIA graphics) or iGPU(Intel graphics)?
    (Check the color of your power button light, it lights red when dGPU is running and blue when iGPU is running)
    Does this happen on all games you play or just one single game?
    Tell your current graphics driver version(both NVIDIA and Intel graphics driver).
    If you're running the game with NVIDIA graphics, check your vbios version in NVIDIA control panel(Right click on the desktop> NVIDIA Control Panel> System Information>Video BIOS). There is version 80.04.EF.00.22 released on the MSI website, and if you have a different one, I'd suggested to update the VBIOS and see if the problem still remains.
    VBIOS Download link:
    VBIOS Update Guide:

  • Home sharing does not work with new mountain lion update.

    home sharing does not work with new mountain lion update. Does anyone else have the same issue. Updated all computers in my home, deauthorized and reauthorized each computer. turn off home sharing and turned it back on. don't know what else to do..please help...

    Our Apple TVs continue to lose connection ever since installing Mountain Lion on the host computer. The only thing that fixes them is to quit and relaunch iTunes, which only works unti the ATV goes to sleep. If a movie is paused for more than a few minutes and the ATV goes to sleep, pressing play again on the remote is greeted with "There are no movies on this computer" or "Turn on Home Sharing."
    If we stop a video on one ATV and attempt to resume it in another room, the error begins again. The other ATV can't connect until iTunes is relaunched.
    My guess is that it has something to do with the new [annoying] security settings. But I still haven't found a fix other than restarting iTunes everytime we want to watch something from our downloads. Fail.

  • Satellite P300: Display Driver has stopped working using external monitor

    I have a number of these Satellite P300 PSPCCA-OC201Y and recently bought external monitors for them.
    Since then we seem to be getting "Display Driver has stopped working and has recovered" messages, then after about 5 of these, it crashes.
    Starting with one machine, I have updated display drivers, bios was current, all to no avail.
    I then did a complete system restore back to original. Has not solved the problem.
    Any ideas?

    hi Keven Dickenson,
    as you said you restored the system and still there is no way to get things work it may be a hardware issue...
    i my opinion you should consult a servicepartner to check this out...
    is there any of the machines working with the external monitor at all?
    if none of them is able to connect to ext. display maybe your installation has a problem or the monitor is faulty...
    try it with another monitor and recover one system to factory installation....

  • My wifi driver is not working with windows 8.1 in my MBA2013?

    My wifi driver is not working with windows 8.1 in my MBA2013?
    i installed windows 8.1 with bootcamp, everythigs seems to be working fine except the wifi,
    please help me to solve this problem,,

    neokenchi wrote:
    hi erabbath,
    Welcome to the Forums.
    If you have the Intel Centrino N2230 Wireless + Bluetooth adapter, can you try to:
    1. Navigate to the Control Panel (large icon view) > Devices and Printers and try to pair a bluetooth device (i.e. Bluetooth Headset) and observe if it gets detected under the device list.
    2. If the Bluetooth Headset is listed but it's not working try toright click on it > choose Properties. On the bluetooth properties Window, go to the Services Tab and check all the appropriate bluetooth services.
    Sample picture
    Let me know your findings.
    Thank you very much for your answer,
    I went to Control Panel  > Devices and Printers and i tried to add a new device as the bluetooth doesn't appear this is what i got. By the way the bluetooth was on.
    Link to picture
    And this is what i have on the Bluettoth
    And it search endlessly whereas before the upgrade it was working properly,
    All the drivers are up to date as well as windows updates are all installed
    Thanks in advance for your help
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