Attention! For the visually impaired users of OS X!!!

Just wanted to bring this to the attention of all users of Universal Access Zoom feature in OS X.
There is a bug in OS 10.4.8 that basically defaults amount of magnification to "0" each time Zoom is switched On and Off. It can be quite a time waster to have to re-adjust amount of magnification each time you enable and disable the Zoom feature.
This isn't at all a problem for people that use "rapid zoom' option of course. But since all of us have different needs and abilities using this option may not be a solution for everyone.
I have already notified Apple Support.
Hopefully things will return to the way they were in OS 10.4 - 10.4.7. However, I strongly encourage everyone who finds this bug a problem to also do the same and notify Apple Support either directly or by using the feedback form.

The general icon sizes are kind of matched to the rest of the user interface. You can set the zoom preferences to follow the mouse around; you can also lower the screen resolution to get an overall increase in the size of screen objects.

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    Does there exist in Belgium voiceover training for imac and ipad for the visually impaired?

    I think that everything that he wants to do is very doable. It would be quite a project for someone to take on for him. If it is a popular hymnbook it may well be a welcome blessing/gift of love for many others as well if made available. As I would envision the project it would require either the sacrifice of a copy of the hymnal or the availability of a loose leaf version of the hymnal, so that the individual pages could be taken apart and scanned. The scanned pages could then be assembled into a pdf document that is easily readable on many apps available for the iPad. Better still would be to research if the publishers of the hymnal have not already created an electronic version of the book in pdf format. If the publisher has not already crossed this bridge, then their permission would legally need to be secured before starting such a project of copying their compilation of hymns. Even though they may not own the rights to an old hymn which is now in the public domain, they hold the rights to the layout and composition of the printed pages of their hymnal.
    The Accessibilty settings in the iPad itself is capable of enlarging text for the visually impaired, as well as providing white text on a black background.

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    Settings>General>Accessibilty>White on black--> Off

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    Yep; still around.
    See this post that includes Neil's explanation for what happened.
    Re: Encore 5.1 crashing after upgrade to Mavericks
    The link to the Adobe Encore FAQ that explained (poorly) it being end of life now rolls to the Encore help page.
    This is the link for info re using Encore CS6 with CC, updated for CC 2014 and the cloud desktop install.

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    From a technical perspective, all I can imagine of as a solution to deliver accessible applications to visually impaired users of SAP, is an orchestrated screen design and cursor flow with complete keyboard navigability and minimum or zero click sensitivity.
    Have TTS/speech driven navigation or other alternatives been introduced in SAP already? If yes, what are the steps to be performed to harness the same in a typical SAP ERP Installation. Please enlighten me.
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    top ten apps for visually impaired: ually-Impaired.htm

  • Feature Request: Guide for the visually impaired.

    If this is in the works, then great, if not please consider.
    I have family members whereby their eye-sight is far from perfect. Their major problem is reading a small font size. Even on HD TV's and large 32" CRT TV's, they still struggle reading the guide.
    It would be great if FiOS can implement a version of the guide with a larger font thats spaced a bit more between letters, and a contrast scheme that would help those visually impaired see the listings better.
    Maybe sit down and test configurations with those that are visually impaired and design a version of the guide that can be more comfortably read.

    Hi Copota!! Good to hear from you again, thank you for that suggestion I will definitely pass it on. At this present time we cant enlarge the font on the guide, we do offer half screen or full screen guide options and when you select the show in the guide we bring that item slightly forward so that it stands out amongst the others. Thank you for your suggestion, they are appreciated.
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  • Is there a way to switch back to the old color scheme for the keypad? The new black-on-white color scheme is more difficult to see and use for the visually impaired.

    Is there a way to switch back to the old color scheme for the keypad? After upgrading to ios 6, the keypad switched to a black-on-white color scheme.  I have a severe visual impairment and found the previous white-on-black color scheme much easier to see and use. 
    The inverted colors option doesn’t make things look all that better.    My dad, who does not have any serious vision problems, has put off upgrading his iphone because of the color scheme changes.    

    I have exactly the same concern. It seems it would be a simple fix for Apple to allow users to turn off the camera (and even the mic) while keeping FaceTime open -- especially now that it turns out FaceTime must remain open in order to send and receive iPhone calls on a Mac.
    I like to think this new functionality of FaceTime will be baked into a future release of Yosemite, as the current setup has that not-quite-finished feel of a work in progress. In the meantime, there's nothing like a little piece of Post-It stuck over the camera to keep the NSA from watching your face as you type a post to the Apple Support Communities.

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    Take Care

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  • How do I convert an Adobe pdf file with sound assist for the visually impaired to use the keyboard to play audio?

    I am trying to convert an Adobe pdf article file with a play button to an iTunes or other accessible file for people with visual impairments.  The file has been converted to a format that has a play button; however, the computer does not have a keyboard stroke that leads to the play button.  In other words, the play button isn't integrated into the accessible format; only sighted people can access the play button.  The individual is using an Apple laptop.
    Can someone help me please?
    Thanks! rmats_.html

  • Itunes on XP for the visually impaired

    I got an Ipod for Christmas and have downloaded the itunes software (7.0.2 I think).
    I'm partially sighted and use XP's high vis settings (found by pressing left hand Alt-Shift and the Printscreen keys together). With most software, this increases the fonts and reverses font colours so I can read them white on black.
    I can't do this with itunes and can't find any settings to do this within the software itself. It is virtually impossible for me to read any detail from the itunes front-end as it is and I cannot believe that Apple don't have any advice to give on this issue.
    Can anyone out there help please?
    Many thanks

    Go to Edit -> Preferences.
    Under the General tab, there should be a couple of drop down boxes marked "Source Text" and "Song Text". Change those both to large.

  • Insertion point thickness--help for the visually impaired

    I experience difficulty in seeing the blinking 'insertion point' bar or carat.
    I have increased the size of the cursor and I beam using the preference panel controls. I can see these clearly.
    It would help if I could make the 'insertion point' thicker and increase the rate of blink. (I know its height is fixed by the point size of the font used).
    I have looked at the Mighty Mouse software which allows you to customise cursors but not the 'insertion point'.
    Grateful for help, advice, or guidance as to a way of solving this problem.
    Many thanks

    Thank you for your speedy reply.
    Much appreciated. Have looked at these products and they look great. Sadly they don't appear to address the 'insertion bar' point that I'm seeking to solve.
    Even so thank you for responding to my cry for help.
    Best wishes

  • Does Tiger offer capabilities for the visually impaired?

    Hopefully I am posting this in the right forum...
    I made a movie of a get together (with titles, transitions, audio, etc) and would like to give a copy of the DVD to a blind friend. Obviously, he won't be able to "watch" the movie, but I thought it'd be nice if I could "enhance" it for him with having the titles, transitions, and clips explained in words like a (short) running commentary. Would this be possible? I checked speech recognition, but it seems all it does is recognize certain commands.

    Hi Barbara!
    I did a quick google search for you and, without it answering your question, came up with this interview:
    which might be of interest to you.

  • Bugs in Snow Leopard for visually impaired users

    I'm new to Mac (MBP 17 inch 2011 model) coming to Mac for first time from Windows.  I am VERY impresseed with the accessibility options that are built into the OS.  However, I ahve found a few bugs that I feel should be addresed in the next release:
    1.  With magnifcation on, the screen will no scroll at all when the application switcher (pressing the Apple+TAB, i.e. ALT+TAB in Windows).  This makes it absolutely impossible to see which appplications are open and which one currently has the focus.  If VoiceOver is enables, it will speak it to you, but you can't scroll the screen to see for yourself.
    2.  In Safari, with maginfication on, if you try to scroll down a page (i.e. the two-finger scroll), you will IMMEDIATELY be taken back to the top of the page.  This makes it absolutely impossible to scroll down a page with magnifier on.  I really want to use Safari because of its tight integration with VoiceOver (you can highlight text, right click, select speach, and it will read it for you).  But, I really need the ability to scroll.  I use bother Magnifier and VoiceOver.  Firefox doesn't have this problem with scrolling, but it doesn't integrate with VoiceOver.
    I'll report more issues related to visually impaired users as I become more familiar with mac and Snow Leopard.  But, I will have to say that I am EXTREMELY impressed with the accessibility options already built into the OS.  In Windows, I would have to pay over $1K extra to get JAWS or $700 for ZoomText, both of which can bring Windows to its knees. 

    You should be aware that this forum is not answered by Apple employees; we're all users here, like you.
    To give feedback and ask for new features, go to
    If you think you've found a bug, try the bug reporter (you'll need to register, but it's free);

  • Does Adobe deliberately discriminate against the visually impaired?

    Hi - I was puzzled by the lack of a file menu bar in the organizer when I recently installed PSE 9. After doing some research with the aid of this and other forums I realized that my having set the Windows 7 text size to 125% triggered an Adobe design flaw. I need a larger text size as I have a visual disability.
    One of the most often used links for a "solution" is
    To quote some of this reference "Microsoft user-interface standards require applications to support text sizes larger than 100%. This is especially important with the newer, high-resolution displays and for people with aging eyes. Adobe has chosen not to follow the standard."
    I would put it in somewhat harsher language - Why does Adobe discriminate against those with visual disabilities? It doesn't make sense when the over-50 crowd is a fast-growing segment of the population.
    While one of the suggested work-around's (changing the a setting to use the system font) had no effect, changing the text size to a custom size of 120% made the menu appear. Since the PSE 9 editor menu displays correctly at a setting of 125%, one can only wonder why Adobe would allow such a defect in its organizer software.
    I am now aware that Adobe has the 96 dpi limit printed in small type on the box. Note that if you need and use a larger type you can't read this highly unusual limitation. Most people would not readily recognize the implications of such a warning even if they could read it.
    I am hoping that this post will provide some incentive for Adobe to make their products more accessible to the visually impaired.

    I am in total agreement with your statement.  I had mine set to 125% and and it's darkness is overwhelming.  Otherwise, you have to feel your way along.  The light gray is sickening and no help whatsoever.  I M a senior user also, over 75. If I hadn't purchased so many third-party actions and styles--that I actually love--I would say forget it.  I am seriously thinking about installing PSE-5 on my new computer. 

Maybe you are looking for