Audigy 2zs probl

Hi there,
I've been having an issue with my Audigy 2zs card lately. I transferred it into a new computer (worked perfectly in the old one) and now it works flawlessly for some programs and terribly on others. I'll compare 2 games, Il-2 Pacific Fighters and Rome:Total war. Both are extremely hungry games when it comes to system resources and will happily consume every bit of processing power and memory I throw at them! My Sound in IL-2 is flawless, absolutely perfect. However, when I try to play Rome:Total War the sound goes to crap. I get stutters, crackling, distortion, it's so bad it makes the game almost unplayable (at least with sound).
I tried all the suggestions in the sticky; I reinstalled the card, made sure it's not sharing an IRQ with anything else, turned off all the extra hardware, etc. I am at a complete loss as to why it is doing this.
The games I used are just an example of 2, like I said... Some stuff it works fine on, other stuff it is just terrible (same problem though, on the games it doesn't work with) but these were all games that worked fine with it on the other computer. I don't think it's a system wide problem because it is selecti've as to what it works with and what it doesn't. Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance for the help!

Are you using AA when playing Rome Total War? If your graphics card bogs down it may also stall the rest of the system including sound. This doesn't happen in all games due their different working nature, but graphics settings may affect sound settings in others. (or it could be the developer wanted to have sound always synchronised with video, but if the graphics card begins to fall behind it will also cause the sound to stutter).
So play around with your graphics settings to see if it hel
PS: Are you getting the problem with all sound options or just with EAX 3.0? Test the other options as well to isolate the problem if possible.

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    When I go to set up my Inspire T7700 7. speakers my highest choice in the control panel is 5. on the speakers? Is this a limitation of Windows 2000? I have the latest updates for 2000 on both the service packs and latest driver updates for the card. I was using this card in an XP system before and I did not have this problem. I was able to select 7. when using XP.

    Why bother with Microsoft?
    They didn't even add in 6. in Windows XP
    Seriously, use Creative Speaker Settings.

  • [Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS] Sound cutting out in middle of gamepl

    I have Vista, and I never had this problem with XP.
    I downloaded the Vista drivers and have ran Windows Update for all the missing drivers.
    When I run dxdiag.exe
    I go to the sound tabs and find this.
    The file ctaud2k.sys is not digitally signed, which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). You may be able to get a WHQL logo'd driver from the hardware manufacturer.
    For Sound
    and Sound 2
    Sound 3 says everythign is fine.

    I've found that Audigy series cards "cut out" if you alter speaker properties in Vista Control Panel.
    Creative umm... bug I think that's what they call it...
    For example
    I find 6bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality) is the highest quality I can set.
    I've seen it on Audigy 2, Audigy 2ZS and Audigy 4. Win32 and Win 64.
    Is your adapter set to studio quality If so - that's most probably it.
    Hope this helps.

  • Connecting Soundblaster Audigy 2zs to Home Theater Amplif

    Can I connect my Soundblaster Audigy 2zs directly to an amplifier and still get 5.,6.,or7. speaker setup? I feel it's kind of redundant to use a reciever when the Audigy has all the capabilities of a Home Theater Reciever. And it outputs sound at 92khz, which currently is only available on more expensi've recievers.
    My goal is to use my pc as a souce and connect it directly to amps and speakers. I would like to put money I save on recievers into a high end speaker system
    I have read in the previous posts that it may be possible to do 5. by getting an mini jack to RCA adapter for each channel. But no details on 6. or 7..

    I am in the same situation as you. As the CL told me --
    You can either use the audigy to decode the sound or your reciever to decode the sound with the SPDIF passthrough. Just whichever has the better specs.
    From my situation I would recommend having speakers with analog hookups to the front/rear/center sub rather then the digital output. The only way to take advantage of the digital output is with a DVD and in that case you can just watch a DVD on your TV rather then your computer. For games the analog 5. hooks is better as well because with games it decodes it and with your reciever it would only have 2. sound.

  • Question on hooking up an Audigy 2zs to my home theatre syste

    im trying to hook up my home theatre system to my pc. does anybody know if the "creative sound blaster digital I/O module cable" (which is an adapter that converts /8" headphone jack to a digital optical cable), is compatible with the Audigy 2zs card? so far i heard its only compatible with the audigy 2 value card..why not the 2zs?
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    Are you referring to the Digital I/O module unit's If that's the one, then no, I'm afraid it doesn't work with the Audigy 2 ZS soundcard. If your HT system works with coaxial input, you can use coaxial instead of optical.

  • Is Creative Audigy 2ZS Platinum Sound Cardcompatible with Yamaha Keyboards? (XG sound

    I have an Yamaha PSR -550 keyboard that can generate Yamaha XG sound forms in addition to General Midi. Now I want to buy a sound card that is 00% compatible with this key board so that I can connect it to computer.
    Are Creative Audigy 2ZS Platinum/ Platinum pro sound cards compatible with Yamaha keyboards (especially when it comes to reproducing XG sounds)?
    Thanks for your time

    I have an Yamaha PSR -550 keyboard that can generate Yamaha XG sound forms in addition to General Midi. Now I want to buy a sound card that is 00% compatible with this key board so that I can connect it to computer.
    Are Creative Audigy 2ZS Platinum/ Platinum pro sound cards compatible with Yamaha keyboards (especially when it comes to reproducing XG sounds)?
    Thanks for your time

  • SB Audigy 2ZS Plarinum Pro: setting source for recording

    I am having problems setting the source for recording. I want to set the recording source from 'Wave' (default) to 'Line-In /Mic'. After doing so with the mixer or the MediaSource Player it resets to 'Wave' after some time. Why? Can I force the software to make 'Line-In /Mic' the default setting? It really dri'ves me nuts to see that the source has changed without me being notified. I want to have the source changed only by myself and not by some cozmic radiation, God's will, voodoo magic and whatnot.

    <Re: SB Audigy 2ZS Plarinum Pro: setting source for recording? Okay ClustalW, I understand the "Default" problem you are having. So can you go to control panel, and sound and there look at your recording devices and tell me what do you see? If your desired device is there, you can choose it as the default and then throughout the rest of windows, this will be THE global default recording device or the first choice, when you are in other programs to record from. Also, make sure your device is plugged in when making this change. On my system with that board, a few years ago, I could make the choice, but it would always pick something else when the source was unplugged. For example, if I were using the front bay inputs as recording, when I would unplug them and reboot, my system picked the next thing as default.
    Next go into to your Creative Control panel and do the same thing there. Theoretically your choices should be linked, but this is not always the result. I can choose mine in Vista and windows 7, but lastly I always go to the Creative mixer applet and do it there and that works best. For me, my default is my front panel Mic or Microphone FP but as soon as I unplug it, it wants to make my back mic jack the default.

  • SB Audigy 2ZS clicking quest

    Before I go through the hassle of tweaking all kinds of settings in windows and scrubbing and reinstall drivers (and thereby getting progressi'vely more frustrated), I want to see if anyone else has had the same problem I am and if they found a solid solution.
    I have an Intel P4 based machine with a gugabyte 8KNXP mobo. The only cards in my machine are an ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder 9800 PRO, and my Audigy 2ZS. The vid card is riding in the AGP slot, and I have moved my sound card to every PCI slot except the one next to the video card due to heat reasons.
    My sound is perfectly fine whenever I am not gaming. When it does act up, I do not get the crackling I have heard posted here by other people. What I get is a very regular click/pop. It is very sudden, very short, and *very* regular. The clicks are usually about a second and a half apart. The clicking isn't always present. It will come and go. When it shows up, it usually continues until I shut the game down, although there are cases when it will just suddenly stop and everything is ok again.
    I have had this problem playing online games. WoW, EQ2, EVE, GuildWars, etc... Non-network games don't give me this problem.
    The obvious assumption here is that it is network related. My motherboards onboard network controller is on IRQ 8. My audigy is on IRQ 22. No conflict there.
    Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

    Thanks for the reply! In surround mixer, under source, I do see the last slide on the right is mic, but there isn't a mute option under the slide. I tried moving the slide all the way down, but that didn't help. Any other ideas? I'm desperate!!!!!!! Need communication during game!! Thanks

  • SB Audigy 2ZS distorted so

    I upgraded my SB Li've card with the SB Audigy 2ZS and noticed that while listening to songs and playing games, the sound is distorted. It sounds like the music is playing at a high speed and breaking in short intervals.
    I have upgraded the drivers with the latest version available from the Creative website. I also upgraded to the latest Direct X driver - Ver 9. The Creative Diagnostics indicate no issues with the card.
    Please advise, Thanks

    PaulBrain wrote:
    I've noticed partially extremely distorted MIDI-Sound on my Audigy 2ZS Platinum Pro; it seems that the problem gets worse the more instruments are playing simultaneously; it doesn't seem to depend on which soundfont is loaded, and if, then only slightly. I didn't encounter the problem with the original drivers (at least I believe so), but I can't step back to the old ones because of their awful BF2-support. Currently I'm using the latest drivers (not beta). Anyone else experiencing this problem? Thanks for your answers!Message Edited by PaulBrain on 02-04-2006 07:7 AM
    Select another MIDI Playback Device on Windows Audio settings (try "SB Audigy 2 Zs Synth A [xxxx]" for example).
    jutapaMessage Edited by jutapa on 02-04-2006 09:27 AM

  • Connecting vcr to external SB Audigy 2zs Platinum Pro

    I've just joined, so apologies if I "mess up". I have some precious things on vhs tape, and want to transfer them to cd/dvd. I run Windows XP. I have to use rca connections, don't think there's another option on the vcr. I see the red and white rca connections on the back of the external 2zs, but where does the yellow (video) connection go? Would be very grateful for help. TIA.
    Message Edited by Drummond on 04--2009 05:32 [email protected]

    Re: connecting vcr to external SB Audigy 2zs Platinum Pro~ Hi Katman - many thanks for the reply. There is no video connection on the SBA2zs that I can find either. I did send mail to Creative, but they haven't had the courtesy to respond. If I use the 2zs for the audio connection, can I then attach the video connection from the vcr to a separate video capture card? Will this bring everything together and in synch? Sorry, I'm still very much on L plates with all this. Once I get things on to the computer, I can then edit out what I don't want, and burn the rest to cd/dvd; or that's what I'm hoping!! It's getting the data from the vcr tape that's the stumbling block. I know there are?expensi've machines that you can put the vhs tape in and it will copy direct to dvd, my friend has one, but she doesn't know whether you can pause the recording (disk) and let the tape continue running till she gets to the next bit she wants to copy, then start the disk again. TIA of further help.
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  • Audigy 2ZS ongoing issue/need help ba

    Specs:Intel Celeron D @ 2.93 ghzAsus P4S800D-XSB Audigy 2 ZSXFX GeForce 6600GT430W CoolerMaster2 x 52MB Kington?I recently upgraded my motherboard to the one listed above and now after installing my Audigy 2ZS card, my computer locks up during games after about 5-0 minutes of gameplay (sound cracks and/or loops)... I cannot even receive an error message or no minidump is reported. I have tried a million and one things to correct the problem including many of the methods here in Creative's KnowledgeBase. When my Audigy card simply sits in one of the pci slots in my mobo...this dreadful symptom?occurs. Even if no drivers are installed and it is disabled, the problem occurs. I've tried moving the card around from slot to slot...and I know its not sharing it IRQ... I've done everything I can think of and posted on many forums with no luck... If anyone knows anything about this...plz helpI appreciate any feedback.

    No one knows anything...moderators?

  • Audigy 2ZS S/PDIF pinou

    I am trying to get information on connecting S/PDIF digital IN's and OUT's to an Audigy 2ZS card.
    I have been reading quite a bit about this, but I see either incomplete information or none at all. What I've read has left me quite confused.
    For instance, I read something about a 4 pole mini jack, as well as a 5 pole mini jack for the DIGITAL OUT connector. I also read somewhere that certain /8" to RCA "breakout" cables will NOT work for the digital I/O's because the ground(s) are in a different location.
    Can someone provide COMPLETE pinout information for the connectors on this board, or, at the very least, ANY/ALL S/PDIF-relatd connectors?
    I have made custom cables before, so if I just had the pinout(s), I'm sure I could come up with something.

    Gerben wrote:
    Thanks for your quick answer. In fact you confirmed my findings so far...
    Hence I did find a last straw halm, Why not change all data to AC3 format and allways have 5. digital output? ... I found a AC3 filter programm but not yet the programm to do the translation. Your advice is much appreciated. If it cannot be done please also advice... Thanks very much for your effort.
    There are soundcards from other manufaturers that encode the multichannel wave into AC3 form, the feature is called Dolby Digital Li've. There have been many posts complaining about the fact that this feature doesn't appear on the new X-Fi, considering the price and that the feature has appeared on much cheaper hardware. There are several problems with Dolby Digital Li've. First of all, it is not the same as the regular Dolby Digital. DD and DD Li've are lossey compression formats, DD is bad enough, but owing to the fact that DD Li've is a "real time" compression format, the quality is much worse. Another problem is latency. There may be a considerable delay between the action on screen and the sound you hear, a serious problem for games. Creative make a DTS encoder, which is supposed to be considerably better than DD Li've, but I don't think it's available in Europe yet. I don't think you'll find any software encoders.
    Is there any reason why you want to use a digital connection?

  • Audigy 2ZS Digital

    Just would like a confirmation on this...
    If you connect the Audigy 2ZS digital out to a standard stereo reciever (sony) digital coax in it will not damage the reciever?
    Sounds silly but I know the digital out is meant for connection to propietary creative lab speakers, and I have read that connecting it to other devices can damage them.
    Also I should use a regular small "headphone" jack to connect to the digital out on the audigy 2ZS? This should be a mono cable also?
    Please help.. thanks!!!
    If you can link to the cable/adaptor I would need that would be great!Message Edited by asharabi98 on 05-29-2006 :23 AM

    Any stereo cable with jack on one end and RCA conenctors at the other is fine. It will not damage the receiver. Something like this (use one of the RCA only - I think is the white one for front speakers):
    <IMG src="">
    Read the FAQ about digital connection and be prepared to have only stereo sound in games because Creative soundcards cannot send surround sound from games over digital connection.
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  • Audigy 2ZS Platinum Pro - breakout box not work

    I have an an external external breakoput box which was working fine in my old computer. I upgraded the mother board and cpu and installed the Audigy as before. The actual card works but the break out box doesn't light up. If I plug the external box firewire cable in to another firewire port on the computer the power LED lights but that's all. Any ideas anyone?

    I am sorry to bump this topic but it is the same as my question and does not seem to have been answered.
    I have a Audigy 2ZS Platinum Pro - my old one which I decided to use in lieu of the on-board sound. I installed the latest drivers I could find SBAX_PCDRV_LB_2_18_0017.exe (after unistalling the existing ones)
    The card itself works fine but the external interface box is as dead as a doornail. The power for the interface is supposed to come from the two connectors.
    No lights no nothing - obviously I have checked the leads and the seating of the card itself. Playback is fine on MP3, midi, wave files etc. I have disabled the on-board sound in the BIOS of course.
    Unfortunately the jacks on the back of the card are 1/8 in. outputs only and the external interface provides the inputs which I need for recording etc. They are 1/4in proper ones - guitar lead size which are much better.
    I know it is an old card but I like it. The last time I used in in my old computer it was fine. Card/drivers show up in the device manager. I have installed this both on a Win 7 partition and a Win XP partition on my 2 HDDs with the same result. :mansad:
    <font color="#0000FF">Any ideas appreciated! Is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks.

  • Weird sounds on Audigy 2ZS,need he

    Hi all,i having problem when i watching dolby digital?dvd. The problem is when i watching dvd it got some "Dit Dak Dit Dak" sounds come out and in my dvd software setting i have on SPDIF output let my Audigy 2ZS decode it. Is it this is soundcard problem?Please help and thanks in advance.Message Edited by warez on 02-6-200603:50 AM

    Ok,no matter what i try the problem still there so now i upload a dvd short clip.When i watching this with SPDIF enable using WinDVD 7 Platinum the sounds will come out with "Dit Dak" "Pik Pak" BUT when in analog mode that's nothing happen everything fine.So i hope you guys who using this Audigy 2ZS or X-Fi series help me test whether your people also have such problem,cause if confirm that's sound card problem i gonna send it to warranty. Appreciate your people kindness help.**The file that i upload is ISO image,so please use DT to mount it.**

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