Audigy SE probl

Hi all.
Just installed an Audigy SE board and I've got some problems I need some help with.
I'm running Win XP Pro SP2
Installed the board on a ECS nForce 570 motherboard.
I disabled the onboard audio for the motherboard.
And I have a 4 speaker set up, with subwoofer. (Cambridge Soundworks FPS 2000)
When I do the speaker test, using the Creative speaker settings program, all my speakers are working correctly.
When I play a Windows system sound, I only get sound out of 'front' left and right speakers.
When I play a video or mp3 with Windows Media player, I only get sound out of front right.
I already uninstalled all software and drivers, uninstalled the sound card and then reinstalled all of it again with the same results.
Anyone have any ideas as to what my problem is?

Hi there Shelter72?This problem would probably be best solved by creative technical support, follow this link to go to their 'contact support' page: would imagine the problem is that the soundcard conflicts with your motherboard, and there aint much u can do about that!?Hope this helpssupernerd59

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  • Audigy ZS2 probl

    CPU Type AMD Athlon 64, 2500 MHz (0 x 250)
    Motherboard Name Asus A8V (5 PCI, AGP, 4 DDR DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN)
    Motherboard Chipset VIA K8T800Pro, AMD Hammer
    System Memory 024 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)
    BIOS Type AMI (/03/05)
    Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra (28 MB)
    3D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra
    Monitor Compaq MV540 [5" CRT] (20204492)
    Audio Adapter Creative SB0350 Audigy 2 ZS Sound Card
    when ever i play games like battlefield 2, elder scrolls oblivion and nvidia demos (used to show off the power of their cards)
    i get many sound distortions
    i recorded them with my microphone.
    when i game, i get these clicks and high pitched pops and other distortions
    i am using the latest drivers
    and the latest bios for my motherboard
    (i googled this problem but found no fixes and the people who were able to fix it never posted how they fixed it.
    i have a asus A8V motherboard..
    how can i fix this problem
    (PS the audio clip was recorded from the nvidia demo of a 3d gas station to show off their shaders)
    please help me fix this (ps i tried reducing the pci latency did not stop the noise in battlefield 2)Message Edited by inuyasha320 on 07-06-2006 02:26 PMMessage Edited by inuyasha320 on 07-06-2006 02:28 PMMessage Edited by inuyasha320 on 07-06-2006 03:2 PM

    I'm haveing these problems when playing Aquanox 2 and Tomb Raider : Legend. It starts with a few 'click' sounds, goes on with stuttering and repeating some sounds very frequently and ends in serious game laggs. Curiously I don't have these problems at Oblivion or UT2k4.
    I allready tried removeing the soundcard from the system and activating the onbaord sound-device, which at my Asus P5 supports 5. surround sound, too. I ran into the same malfunction. This seems to be a problem of Asus motherboards.
    My System:
    P4 3,400 Mh
    2048 Mb DDR 2 Ram by G.E. I.L.
    Gainward Nvidia Geforce FX 6800 GS
    60 Gb Harddisk with 8Mb cache by 7200 rpm
    So it's impossible that my System is infirior. I allready tried shutting down the HD expansion in the BIOS, but this only provided me a few minutes more, until the noise starts again.
    I guess we'll have to turn our questions to ASUS.

  • Creative Audigy 4 Probl

    Hi to all, i tried searching for a similar problem iam currently experiencing but couldn't find any.
    I have just installed a new Creative Audigy 4 sound card to replace my onboard AC'97 sound card. I have disabled the onboard sound card from the Bios, and also uninstalled the relevant drivers. I then installed the sound card in the PCI slot and started installing the drivers, so far so good. After completing the installation, I went to configure the soundcard, equalisers and stuff so as to arrange the sound, but after a few minutes the computer hangs up and gives me a brief Blue screen and restarts immediately after. Could it be the PCI slot ? or could it be a conflict ? I am not sure, any help would be appreciated.
    My Specs:
    AMD Athlon XP 2800+
    2 GB RAM (Corsair)
    ATI Radeon X800PRO (256MB)
    Windows XP PRO SP2.
    and hopefully a Creative Audigy 4 soundcard

    I'm having the very same problem. Along with that I can't seem to install the latest driver form the Creative site. I get the stop sign and "You have previously installed drivers without rebooting. Please reboot and try the install again" or something to that effect. I try rebooting and it still does the same thing. I not sure if it's a conflict between my onboard AC97 because I uninstalled the drivers for it. PLEASE help. Very frutrating. Can't play my Flight Sim as I like. Keeps rebooting.

  • Audigy 2zs probl

    Hi there,
    I've been having an issue with my Audigy 2zs card lately. I transferred it into a new computer (worked perfectly in the old one) and now it works flawlessly for some programs and terribly on others. I'll compare 2 games, Il-2 Pacific Fighters and Rome:Total war. Both are extremely hungry games when it comes to system resources and will happily consume every bit of processing power and memory I throw at them! My Sound in IL-2 is flawless, absolutely perfect. However, when I try to play Rome:Total War the sound goes to crap. I get stutters, crackling, distortion, it's so bad it makes the game almost unplayable (at least with sound).
    I tried all the suggestions in the sticky; I reinstalled the card, made sure it's not sharing an IRQ with anything else, turned off all the extra hardware, etc. I am at a complete loss as to why it is doing this.
    The games I used are just an example of 2, like I said... Some stuff it works fine on, other stuff it is just terrible (same problem though, on the games it doesn't work with) but these were all games that worked fine with it on the other computer. I don't think it's a system wide problem because it is selecti've as to what it works with and what it doesn't. Anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Are you using AA when playing Rome Total War? If your graphics card bogs down it may also stall the rest of the system including sound. This doesn't happen in all games due their different working nature, but graphics settings may affect sound settings in others. (or it could be the developer wanted to have sound always synchronised with video, but if the graphics card begins to fall behind it will also cause the sound to stutter).
    So play around with your graphics settings to see if it hel
    PS: Are you getting the problem with all sound options or just with EAX 3.0? Test the other options as well to isolate the problem if possible.

  • Aux 2 Soundblaster Audigy platinum probl

    Hi there.
    I used to have problems with using aux 2 (red/white on the front panel of audigy platinum) , bascially
    because the volume control in windows didnt have aux 2 volume control under advanced. After contacting support and updating my drivers I think with the webupdate on aux 2 was listed in the advanced volume control thingy, so I could check the box and untick the mute setting.
    But after some formatting and new installation of my soundcard I cant find a way to get the aux 2 volume control back. Its just not listed and I am not able to hear sound through my speakers. I tried all updates that are downloadable from ; also the autoupdate software of creative. No luck at all.
    Can someone please help me to get my aux 2 volume control back ?Greetz

    hi. i have the same problem. i spent on that 2 days. its boring, i havo to do some job, but now i cant.. if you get some info, send it also to me, please!! i do so..
    thanks, ciao

  • USB Headset and Audigy 2 probl

    I've got an Audgy 2 soundcard, with the latest drivers installed, and I'm running across a problem that I believe has to do with a USB headset I just purchased. It's just a standard Audigy 2 card, I've had it for awhile and I'm using the latest drivers for it. The card works great, but for some reason lately it's just been putting sound out over two speakers instead of all fi've. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the headset, which is a Logitech USB Premium Headset 350 model thing. If I uninstall and reinstall the creative console it'll work again. I've noticed when it's not working the creative audio console won't let me select what type of speaker setup I have to sync with the windows one. And by "won't let me select" I mean there are no options at all to choose from. I'm pretty sure this is caused by the USB headset, but I wanted to get another opinion. Am I pretty much screwed if I want to keep using this headset?

    sounds like i'm overstating the obvious but if its a A2 zs theirs a headphone socket
    in the middle of the external unit.
    why use logitech speakers? with creative speakers you might not have this problem

  • Ultra lanparty d & soundblaster audigy 2 probl

    hello, I show up, this it is my first post, I don't dominate English well so to forgive me.
    Good because I have a fat problem with a soundblaster audigy 2 and a dfi lanparty ultra-d. It is that after installing the drivers of the sound card time and again up-to-date and to have the rest of up-to-date drivers follows me giving the same error time and again. The sound is listened bad, as distorted, sometimes quick and other times nr. I have proven in other badges with different chipset and it works perfectly. Is some type of incompatibility between the chipset and the sound card?
    In the dfi forums they did recommend me to upgrade the drivers through of CD (li've update) but does the problem persist, can somebody help me? Thank you.

    I can install my Audigy2 ZS drivers fine, but I still only get sound from 6 of my 7 speakers (T7700 speakers). I think my onboard audio is still being used, which is 6. capable, but I have already disabled it in my BIOS. I read that the Audigy2 and XP SP2 don't work together, is that true? If so, is there any workarond (other than reinstalling Windows XP with SP or less)?

  • Feeling like a total fool, now that I have solved for the most part Audigy LS probl

    As the subject says, I feel like a total fool for having for the most part solved my problems with the Audigy LS. I have to say I'm sorry to Creative Labs for being so hot headed in my previous posts, as I got to thinking about it logically and decided to try a few more things before I gave up entirely.
    Uninstalled the drivers/software and moved it to the last PCI slot on my motherboard, which hel
    Didn't mess with Dolby Digital Decoding, which is off by default when the drivers are installed.
    Set PCI Latency to 64 in the bios of my motherboard, which helps, for some reason the card doesn't like a PCI Latency of 32, beats me why it doesn't.
    I do know the Audigy LS, will slow down to a crawl for processing soundif the PCI latency is set to 28, doesn't have a problem with a PCI Latency of either 64 or 96. Found this out on my system.
    I can play games now, with minimal suttering. Ultimately, I came to the realization that the Audigy LS is for lack of better terminology a budget/low end soundcard and that it's time to upgrade, as it doesn't do hardware processing of EAX. Decided to update to an Audigy 2 within the next few weeks. I might get the Audigy 2 Value card if it is any good, as I already have firewire on my motherboard.
    Here's my system specs, if it will help Creative Labs in trying to find a solution, though I do think a new set of drivers for the Audigy LS would help dramatically.
    Intel 865PERLK motherboard
    GB of PC3200 memory
    3.06GHZ 533FSB Pentium 4
    ATI Radeon X800 Pro
    Highpoint Rocket 00 Ultra IDE card with 3 Western Digital harddri'ves attached.
    Netgear FA3 network card for net connection
    SB Audigy LS

    Almost forgot, the games that give me the most trouble for stuttering are C&C Generals and Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth.
    I'm going to dig through each game's ini file, and search on the internet to see if there is anything that could help me. It's also a possibility that the stuttering could be a bug in ATI's Catalyst 5. drivers.

  • Im getting tired of this (Audigy LS Probl

    I recently bought an Audigy LS for my computer, as I needed a 5. sound card for the speakers I bought the day before. Anyways, I get everything installed and set up, and go to play Doom III, and.... it freezes. along with Colin McRae Rally 4. And Far Cry. And unreal Tournament. And just about ANYTHING I do game-related. So I got the updated drivers that CLAIM to fix this, and.... they do nothing. Same games, same freezing problem. Mind you this NEVER happened with any game ever before on this computer, until I installed the sound card. The problem seems to only happen with games that feature EAX as well, as The Sims 2 is about the only game I can play that will not freeze either, as it has no surround support, AFAIK. So, in desperation, last week I sent an e-mail to the creative support team about the matter, and they told me it might be a IRQ conflict, and to try and move the card to another PCI slot. So I move my card to the last PCI slot (A move recommened by alot of people I have seen in various other forums) and.... still Freezing. I know the problem lies with the sound card, and the only two things I haven't tried are:
    .) Setting the Assign IRQ to VGA in the BIOS (recommended in the e-mail); my mobo BIOS doesn't have this option, I have looked.
    2.) Setting sound acceleration to the last bar on the left (I've done it with the other three spots, and it still freezes). The reason I dont want to do this is simple: it would defeat the purpose of having the card in the first place!
    I am getting tired of all the problems I have been having with this card, and would appriciate ANY help at all in solving this problem. I would greatly appriciate it. (maybe.... some updated drivers....too?)
    System specs:
    AMD Athlon XP 2500+
    *ASUS A7n8x (mobo sound IS turned off)
    52Mb DDR ram (Kingston)
    *Sound Blaster Audigy LS
    *GeForce FX 5900XT
    Windows XP Professional
    *(All drivers for these have been updated to their newest.)

    hi rellik,
    " So I got the updated drivers that CLAIM to fix this, and.... they do nothing."
    That would be because ypour problem seems to be something else then what the drivers fix. You have problems in every game or anything game related as you said. This means it is rather a problem with DirectSound3D acceleration. I would suggest you reinstall DirectX. The best would be to get DirectX9.0c to be on the latest, but if you only have 9.0b that`s fine as well.
    Also, if your onboard sound is disabled, that`s fine. Just make sure you boot up Windows in Safe Mode and uninstall the drivers for onboard sound if you stil have them there.

  • AMD 64 and SB Audigy 2 probl

    I recently upgraded to a AMD 64 bit CPU and a DFI Lanparty MB. I kept my old SB Audigy 2 card, but it's giving me some problems now. This is on a clean reinstalation of Windows XP Pro.
    Right after I installed the card and the drivers, I restarted my computer, as I was supposed to. Upon return, it said it could not find "READREG.EXE." So, I went looking for drivers. I some, but I could not install them, I was given this message: "Installation did not detect the pressence of a Sound Blaster Audigy card. Please ensure that you have installed the card properly before running this update again. Update will exit now." The card is installed properly. So, I let it go, but it wouldn't even register the SB mixer, but after awhile, I finally got that working. Now my problem is the sound card not being recognized by Windows. I get sound from the speakers, but I do not have access to any of the SB features (EAX Console, Speaker Settings, or anything else). It gives me the error: "Unable to load needed components. Please reinstall the card." I have reinstalled the card and the software countless times, each to no avail.

    You could try a full uninstall of the software, removing everything so you can start over. Move the card to another PCI slot in case of any resource conflicts, and then use CTZAPP.EXE on the CD to install the drivers.
    There are some details on full uninstalls on this page.

  • Serious Audigy 2 probl

    I am having a problem with the Audigy 2 that is making me more than a little crazy.
    I've had this card for years, it has never given me an issue. Today I had a hard dri've failure. (not caused by the dri've or any other hardware issue, it was due to a defrag error.) So I format the dri've, reinstall Windows 2000 SP4, and proceed to install drivers. I get to the Audigy 2. I install the CD, head to Creative's site, download the latest drivers and they report to me that it cannot continue as it cannot locate an Audigy 2 in my system. This is with the absolute latest drivers. I AM able to install some older drivers, and they detect it properly. But the wierdest thing is, that with JUST the drivers from the CD installed, Device Manager lists the card as "Creative SB Audigy". But when I install the oldest driver updates from this site, it the reads as an Audigy 2. But in NEITHER case, can I install any of the newer drivers.
    Has anyone else had a problem like this? Are the newer drivers completely screwy or what?
    This is making me very crazy. I've had enough problems with this format I had to do, and now I have this to deal with, among other things. The card works fine with the older drivers and everything. It seems that the hardware is fine. But something else is VERY wrong! HELP, PLEASE! (and soon)

    In addition to disabling your integrated sound card through the BIOS (you want to use the Creative PCI card instead right?) you ALSO may need to uninstall your audio component of your motherboard driver. For example, a lot of people have nforce boards with nforce audio, go into control panel, add/remove programs, select nvidia, and select uninstall only nforce audio.
    From then on go to this webpage and download the WDM drivers.
    Your welcome

  • Potential Audigy 2 Probl

    Just recently i have been experiencing sounds problems, i am unsure whether this is sound card related or program related, problem is as follows:
    When being on voice communications (ventrilo) and playing call of duty 2, sometimes i hear a sound as though someone is blowing air into there mic, and at the same time i lose my game sound, this happens for 2/3 seconds at a time, and pretty reguarly, however when i leave ventrilo i dont get the problem, and i've checked with my mates on ventrilo, and they dont get the same problem neither are they blowing in the microphone, although it does seem to happen when someone talks.
    I have never had this problem before and have had my PC for just over a year now, same spec. Any ideas if this is Sound Card related?
    Any comments much appreciated.
    Thanks, Matt

    Only appears while using ventrilo? Whats with Teamspeak or Skype?
    Try do decrease the microphon levelMessage Edited by zivilist on 2-09-200607:58 PM

  • USB Audigy NX Probl

    My headphone jack works fine but when I unplug it to use my speakers they dont play any sound and my microphone no longer works either. They have been working fine until I tried it today.
    Thanks Brad

    When you remove the headphones, does the speaker configuration change? Check Speaker Settings and see what it is currently set to. If you are using 5. speakers make sure it is set to 5. and make sure as you plug in headphones that it switches to headphones and back when it is removed.

  • Windows 2000 and Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS probl

    When I go to set up my Inspire T7700 7. speakers my highest choice in the control panel is 5. on the speakers? Is this a limitation of Windows 2000? I have the latest updates for 2000 on both the service packs and latest driver updates for the card. I was using this card in an XP system before and I did not have this problem. I was able to select 7. when using XP.

    Why bother with Microsoft?
    They didn't even add in 6. in Windows XP
    Seriously, use Creative Speaker Settings.

  • Audigy 4 non-pro, multimedia probl

    Hi there,
    Got the Audigy 4 non-pro card, and I'm sticking with it for a long time... but it does have a few problems, I was hoping some of you may have the same problems and could help me. The first one may not be a problem with the card itself.
    The thing is, I have a certain DVD-title that has Linear PCM Stereo and DTS-Digital 5. Surround soundtracks. The stereo works fine (let's say in Windows Media Player), but when I switch to DTS (hoping for a surround experience), there is no sound! I am able to have surround sound with most DVDs, although it's usually Dolby Surround. Do I need special software to play DTS soundtracks? I know that PowerDVD (or whatever its' name) has to be upgraded for DTS, but the Windows Media PLayer does have a DTS logo thing, when I play it, but there is no sound!
    The other problem seems to be more serious.
    When I work with MIDI, or play MIDI files, there's a strange lock-up of the system, although on an irregular basis. Sometimes, suddenly, instantaneously, everything stops, and there is a sustained and quiet MIDI sounds, as though the last notes are held, and the system is in a state of complete lock-up. Does anyone have a problem with taht? Or a solution, even better!

    I think you should try some modded driver. It will provide better sound. Try these following links and find out which driver will give your favorite sound. But remember to back up your system (system restore is a good choice before doing so)
    YouP PAX Fi 3.33 For X-FI:
    YouP PAX A4 3.33 For Audigy X:
    and many other:
    PAX-TH 76.92MB.
    Soft for PAX VI v? PAX ZS
    Links for Pax VI Ultra (Li've! series on WinXP SP2) 62.4MB
    PAX VI .68 7.7MB
    Zhengzhou downloads 4
    Links for ZS2.66( d?nh cho Audigy, Audigy2(ZS))
    Soft for cho Audigy2 (262.73M)

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