Audio A/V controls grayed out - no audio

I am on a PC running Windows XP. I have purchased Quicktime PRO and the MPEG plugin.
MY Question is: My Audio A/V controls are grayed out. When I go to Window->Show A/V Controls my Audio A/V controls are completely grayed out. No audio.
However, audio is fine on my PC running numerous applications?
Any ideas,
Gary Young

Thanks for responding, no there is no sound from the headphone jack either. It seems like the problem started with the last update installation. A couple of weeks before that I had changed out the memory for a 1g in the upper slot. Everything else working well and memory seems to be happy. Those are the only two things I can think of that have gone on with the system. Internal speakers show up as the choices in sys pref and it switches back and forth from internal to headphone promptly when you insert/remove plug. The tex instr sound card is showing up in the hardware description in about this mac. Most of this detail may be meaningless, but figured there might be a clue in there for someone more clued up than I am.

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    Video tutorials on my new PaintShop Pro wouldn't play until I downloaded QuickTime Player. They play now but there is no audio. I tried the instructions on the QuickTime Player Help page: "1.choose Window > Show A/V controls 2.Drag a slider to adjust the setting"
    I can't drag a slider because everything is grayed out.
    My system audio is working fine. I tried restarting the computer. Any other suggestions?

    What codec is the file you are trying it on? Are they greyed out for a Apple sample QT movie?
    If you don't have Core Image then they don't work at all:

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    Also, where is the download for the recorder/viewer utility?

    Ok, I got a repsonse back from the programmer of IP Cam and he said choose either viewing on the cam or on the phone. Pick one or they other as both won't work.
    Does anyone have a recommendation for any other Android apps to use with this camera?
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    Sorry for not being clear... I'm only getting audio when playing FCP through the built-in speakers from my G5. Prior to upgrading, I was able to output the audio via the DSR-30 (RCA out to a mixer) by choosing view> FireWire DV
    Since the upgrade it's been grayed out (including "Audio Follows Video"). Only available options are "Default" and "Built-in Audio".
    Yes, capture window is closed, refreshed, restarted, repair permissions, trashed prefs. and capture window is closed. Thanks for the response.

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    why is my itunes video controls grayed out on mac?
    How do I fix this problem so I can watch purchased videos ?

    In many cases, they are related, I have many users who have reported the repair of QuickTime fixed the issue.
    See if these articles will help:
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    What audio checkbox are you talking about?
    Do you see the video in the capture window? Do the meters move?

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    Not sure what I am doing wrong here...
    I cannot directly insert audio crossfades into transitions on my audio timeline withought going to the transition point and then clicking sequence > apply audio transition from the main menu. But even then once it is added it appears inactive (grayed out) and I cannot change the lengh or style of the fade...
    Another thing that keeps happening is the program keeps crashing. I get the pinwheel of death and I have to restart the program manually. I dont have any other programs open and my computer is quite beefed up so I don't know what is causing this..
    Thanks for your help!

    Try trashing the preferences with this free app as a first step.
    I had a slightly similar experience (but no black frames) a month ago, described here.
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    I'm using a Presonus Inspire interface for mic and guitar. But in new tracks, the volume slider in track info grays out when I plug it in. Prefs recognizes the interface and I set audio in and out on Inspire. Signal comes through the headphones, but no signal in GB because the volume slider in track info is all the way to the left and grayed out.

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    A week or so after installing the Yosemite update, my macbook air went totally silent. The sound icon grayed out and the sound buttons show up a cross sign and there is basically no sound. Went to sound preferences and there is nothing in the output and input sections and the mute box is ticked and grey(can't be changed). What to do? this is ridiculous!

    If there's a red light visible in the headphone socket, it indicates that the leaf switch is stuck. The leaf is pushed aside by the headphone jack as it's inserted and cuts off sound to the internal speakers.
    Try inserting and removing the headphone plug a few (dozen) times.
    If that doesn't work, you can attempt to tease the switch back with a non-conducting probe (plastic toothpick or similar).
    And be careful; the leaf is fragile and it's an expensive bit to get to and replace, in fact on some models it's directly on the logic board.
    Not sure how true it is, but at least one correspondent claims to have fixed it by cleaning the red laser with a Q-tip, on the theory that dirt on the end may fool the system into thinking a jack is inserted. Not convinced myself, but no harm trying it if you can't sort it the other way.

  • Why are the adjustment layer controls grayed out?

    I have used an adjustment layer in CS5 and when it was first used I could adjust everything.  Now most of the controls have grayed out and whilst I can slide the sliders I can not type figures in nor use the radio buttons!  Why has it locked me out?  It has happened on a few images and with both Colour Balance and Hue and Saturation Layers.
    The image above shows the problem with the top Colour Balance layer where I can not select Shadows or Highlights, nor type in figures for the sliders BUT I can slide them and change the tick on Preserve Luminosity!  The basic image being edited is an 8-bit RGB file. 
    Adding a new adjustment layer (Colour Balance) on top of this one initially showed the same problem but after adding 3 more new adjustment layers suddenly eveything came back to fully working again - even the original problem layer!
    This problem keeps happening with some of my images.  It is happening on all 3 of our photoshop PC's, so it looks like a basic PS bug.  Has anyone else seen this or know why it happens?

    Thanks for the suggestion but that has no effect on them being grayed out or not.  When this problem occurs it does not matter if the Mask is highlighted OR the adjustment itself.
    But thanks anyway.
    I am currently without the issue on the above example having removed the problem by adding additional adjustment layers and removing them again. Even if I now select just the adjustment mask I can still access ALL adjustment controls without problem.
    But it will occur again as it has done over the last few months on a random basis.  Hopefully someone else has seen this occur and found a solution?

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    I am following the "Learn to Podcast" tutorials from Apple. With the Sony mic connected the volume control in the track info window is grayed out. If I un-plug the Sony mic and use the built in mic the volume control becomes active.
    I have the iMic selected in the System Preferences and the volume indicator responds to the mic. The iMic is also selected in the GarageBand preferences.
    Can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong here.
    (BTW, there's no need to select the iMic in System Prefs) --Hang

  • Visa Control grayed out when executable used with Run-time Engine

    When I run an executable on a machine with only the Run-time Engine the Visa Control for Com Ports is grayed out. I'm guessing that I am missing a library, but do not know which one.

    You need to install the VISA run-time. If you are just using VISA for serial communication, then there is an option on the app builder (Installer Settings>Advanced) for Serial Port Support. This will add a much smaller version of the VISA run-time engine to the installer you create. If you are using GPIB, etc., you have to install the hardware driver (i.e. NI-GPIB) and the full VISA run-time engine.

  • Why is Keyword Controls grayed out?

    What condition(s) cause the Show Keyword Controls under the Windows menu to be grayed out? I've searched the manual and can't seem to find the answer.
    Thanks// Chris

    I seem to remember that it sometimes disappears if the Viewer pane is hidden.

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    Hi Gerd,
    attached a VI with this behavior. The Boolean are on page Battery Test and they are called Save Test and Load Test.
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    Below is a side by side screenshot of the two computers' versions of Acrobat
    Can someone tell me why those controls are grayed out and what I need to do to turn them on?  Thanks.

    Hi - thank you for your reply.  One strange thing about this situation is on both of these computers, the Abrobat icon says "Pro" for both of them.  That's why I was so puzzled about this because although they appear to be version X and XI, they both said Pro but only one allows me to do accessibility.  Strange.

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