Audio crossfade appears inactive (grayed out) when adding it to audio transitions

Not sure what I am doing wrong here...
I cannot directly insert audio crossfades into transitions on my audio timeline withought going to the transition point and then clicking sequence > apply audio transition from the main menu. But even then once it is added it appears inactive (grayed out) and I cannot change the lengh or style of the fade...
Another thing that keeps happening is the program keeps crashing. I get the pinwheel of death and I have to restart the program manually. I dont have any other programs open and my computer is quite beefed up so I don't know what is causing this..
Thanks for your help!

Try trashing the preferences with this free app as a first step.
I had a slightly similar experience (but no black frames) a month ago, described here.
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    Greetings.  I'm following the steps in the following link from Adobe: l
    The final step, after selecting the folder I want to add, is to select Import.  Except, the Import button remains grayed out.  I'm not sure what to do in order to select Import and add the folder I already have.
    Mike H.

    Thank you for the information.  Yes, that seems to make sense based on what I've discovered using LR 4.  Still trying to come up to speed.  Appreciate everyone's help with their tips and insight.
    Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 01:44:25 -0600
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    Subject: Import button remains grayed out when adding existing folder to LR 4
        Re: Import button remains grayed out when adding existing folder to LR 4
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    Folders per se cannot be imported - only pictures (or movies) in a folder can. So, you have to select a folder containing at least one picture or movie (all pictures and movies found are automatically selected when the import dialog opens). This is probably not the case for the folder you want to add, so "no photos found" is displayed in the dialog center and the "Import" button is greyed out.
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    The problem is where you enter your address and password for ESMTP (outgoing authentication)? Many mail clients let you check a box to use the same username and password that you use to retrieve email. I gather that isn't an option in webOS?

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    Inactive (grayed out) thumbnails in New Tab.
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    The thumbnails are generated from the disk cache, so make sure that the cache is enabled and working and that you do not use "Clear history when Firefox closes" to clear the cache as this disables the disk cache (see about:cache).
    Note that pages loaded via a secure HTTPS link aren't showing on the about:newtab page and also pages that aren't in the cache for some reason (they may be sending no-cache headers; see Tools > Page Info > General) have no thumbnails.

  • What causes areas to be grayed out when viewing in Acrobat 9?

    What causes text to be grayed out when viewing in Acrobat 9?
    Douments which were fine in Acrobat 9 suddenly have areas blacked or grayed out.  The same thing happens if opened in Acrobet Reader.  Is there a setting that causes this.

    It could be that the text is an image.
    Try going to Edit>Preferences>Page display>Page content and information and check the box hat says "Display large images".

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    I have some apps where files that should be available for opening are instead grayed out when they shouldn't be. They never used to be grayed out until recently, and they are a correct file type. (Open is set to "All files" not just the file extension, so it's not an oversight).
    Which part of the OS is responsible for choosing what items will be available in a file list (i.e. not grayed out)? I'd like to rebuild it since it seems to be corrupted. Also my LaunchServices seems to be messed up as well because some apps are not available for certain file types "Open With" when they ought to be. Terminal command? Disk Warrior? TinkerTool? Thanks.

    If you aren't confident in using Terminal check out this site for help with Launch Services.

  • WVC54G Audio & email alert Dropdown grayed out

    I have not used the camera in a few years. Pulled it out recently and everything was working great. Went to change the area that the camera monitors for motion and both audio/email dropdowns are grayed out. They were there initially while I was getting everything working, and even had a few test emails sent through.
    I changed nothing during this time, just accesed the feed via IP Cam Viewer Lite and did final postioning before trying to change alert area.
    V2.07, Sep 7, 2004
    I rebooted it a few times and stil have the grayed out dropdowns.
    Also, where is the download for the recorder/viewer utility?

    Ok, I got a repsonse back from the programmer of IP Cam and he said choose either viewing on the cam or on the phone. Pick one or they other as both won't work.
    Does anyone have a recommendation for any other Android apps to use with this camera?
    Here is a thread on the IP Cam message boards with a few others having the same issues:

  • "Access Control - Do Not Inherit" Grayed out when setting up a backup on Server 2008 R2 when trying to use remote NAS

    I see one response here:
    But it makes no sense to me. Running that command doesn't do anything.
    How do I make the box stop graying out when setting up a backup with the GUI interface? This should be really simple I would think and for some reason the backup utility is graying out the "Do Not Inherit" option so I can backup to the NAS
    device that has access control enabled in order to backup to the NAS.
    Thanks in advance!

    From this article, it mentioned that it is by design that we cannot choose "do not inherit" in backup schedule when backup target is a remote shared folder.
    Checklist: Schedule Automatic Backups
    If you use a remote shared folder, make sure that the folder is available, that you have write access to the folder, and that you are a member of the Administrators group or Backup Operators group on the computer hosting the folder. Each time you create
    a backup, it will overwrite the older backups so that you will only have one backup at a time.
    The backup will inherit the access control list (ACL) permissions of the folder.
    For the account it required, as mentioned above, it should be "a member of Admin group or Backup Operators group, and it should have write permission on target folder".
    Also map a network folder as a drive will not help show the mapped drive letter in backup destination. It is still a remote shared folder.
    TechNet Subscriber Support in forum |If you have any feedback on our support, please contact [email protected]

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    My blutooth symbol on the new i-Pod 2 is grayed out when the option is turned "ON". Shouldn't be highlighted white like the rest of the symbols are?

    when blue tooth is turned off in settings, the symbol does not show at all.  when BT is turned on in settings, but there is no connected device, it will show the symbol gryed out.  When BT is on, and connected to an active device, it will show as bright white.

  • Am working with trial version of photoshop elements 12. Layer functions remain grayed out when trying to use.

    I'm working with trial version of Photoshop Elements 12. Layer functions remain grayed out when trying to use them.

    You need to have an image open in the main window.

  • Audio Capture not available / grayed out

    I have a Samsung SC-D263 connected and when I try to capture video in FCE there is no audio. When looking in the settings, the check box for audio capture is grayed out... any ideas?
    I managed to find drivers for the camera, but i don't know how to install them...

    What audio checkbox are you talking about?
    Do you see the video in the capture window? Do the meters move?

  • Most menu grayed out when using a Pages Newsletter template

    I selected a newsletter template (Design newsletter) and I'm working on it to create my own newsletter. I've been able to do some changes, but when trying to do add objects to the master (I want to have a watermark in each page), or insert page numbers, or a page break i can see that a lot of the menu items are grayed out. Is there something I'm missing? When i create a document from scratch all the menu is available. I even tried to copy all I had in the newsletter I'm creating and pasting to a new blank document, but then it looks complete messed up... Please give me a hand with this

    *Page Layout* mode does not have master objects. Instead there is a template for each layout under the Pages menu on the toolbar.
    For watermarks you will have to position the graphic, change its transparency, send it to the back and lock it.
    +Menu > Format > Advanced > Capture Pages…+
    Name the new page template which will then appear under the Pages menu on the toolbar. You will get a copy of that particular layout every time you select it from the menu. Think of it like a rubber stamp or Xerox copier, not a master anything.
    Retrospectively editing is a PITA as editing a page template does nothing to pages already using a template. The process of replacing a template, pointless as it is, is rendered even more absurd by the arcane method needed to do it. You have to type exactly the same name as the existing page template, including U&lc, without being able to view the name, then overwrite it.
    The mess continues as it asks whether you want to include more than the one page but all other options are greyed out. There are a string of features which don't work, half work or work badly with no explanation.
    It is confusing as *Page Layout* mode actually lacks exactly the kind of things that you would expect of most layout programs but the features still remain in the menus from *Word Processing* mode.
    It is the consequence of some very muddled thinking by Apple's programmers.

  • Audio A/V controls grayed out - no audio

    I am on a PC running Windows XP. I have purchased Quicktime PRO and the MPEG plugin.
    MY Question is: My Audio A/V controls are grayed out. When I go to Window->Show A/V Controls my Audio A/V controls are completely grayed out. No audio.
    However, audio is fine on my PC running numerous applications?
    Any ideas,
    Gary Young

    Thanks for responding, no there is no sound from the headphone jack either. It seems like the problem started with the last update installation. A couple of weeks before that I had changed out the memory for a 1g in the upper slot. Everything else working well and memory seems to be happy. Those are the only two things I can think of that have gone on with the system. Internal speakers show up as the choices in sys pref and it switches back and forth from internal to headphone promptly when you insert/remove plug. The tex instr sound card is showing up in the hardware description in about this mac. Most of this detail may be meaningless, but figured there might be a clue in there for someone more clued up than I am.

  • Mask button grayed out when Pen tool's selected?

    I am going through a tutorial about how to use the Pen tool.
    The tut shows that I should be able to click the Mask button in order to create a trans BG. However, mine is grayed out. I cannot find a reason why that would be. I am able to use the Layer Mask under other circumstances.
    (The tut has me take an image, draw around the image to practice pulling/dragging, twisting, adding handles etc & so forth).
    I have the pen tool set to Path but the Mask doesn't become available under any of the options.
    The tut says to click Ctrl + Click on the path and then to click the Mask button.
    Any ideas why the Mask is grayed out?
    As always ~ I really appreciate your help.
    Hope you're having a great night/day

    I would Love to post a screenshot however my computer is "shot" all my F keys & up to the Delete are non functional. I'm going to get a new laptop asa I find out what would be best to run Adobe Master Suite.
    I have Photoshop CS6 Extended.
    Any way, yes, {blushing} the BG was selected. TY.
    I am suppose to make a selection of the path.
    I'm now completely embarrassed. Of course a trans bg can't be made when it's the bg I'm working on.
    The tutors' Layer panel shows only Layer 1 and no bg. He said to download the image he uses from Diviantart but the image would only open in a browser. So, I right clicked and saved the image. Then I opened the image which, of course, just opens on the bg layer.
    So, am I suppose to create a New file > New Layer and then open the image?
    Sorry if my questions seem obvious to you but I am just learning and still very much a newbie.
    THANK YOU!!!

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    Hi, I have firewire connected to Sony DSR-30. When playing video back, audio output from the player is normal. Also able to capture audio (48 kHz) and video. However, when playing from FCP, the audio only plays back via "Default" and "Built-in Audio". The FireWire DV is grayed out. Tried repairing permissions, restart, etc... This was working before upgrading to FCP 6. Thanks for any feed back.

    Sorry for not being clear... I'm only getting audio when playing FCP through the built-in speakers from my G5. Prior to upgrading, I was able to output the audio via the DSR-30 (RCA out to a mixer) by choosing view> FireWire DV
    Since the upgrade it's been grayed out (including "Audio Follows Video"). Only available options are "Default" and "Built-in Audio".
    Yes, capture window is closed, refreshed, restarted, repair permissions, trashed prefs. and capture window is closed. Thanks for the response.

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