Audio encoding troubles

After some time off, I'm again burning old family vhs and Hi8 tapes to dvd but this time w/our new intel core duo. I've tried varying the themes in iDVD but with some of them I get the spinning beach ball after the video encoding--at the beginning of the audio encoding. It simpy hangs up after about 30 seconds and the dreaded beach ball appears. I've tried to re-burn after splitting the clips so that none are longer than 15 minutes--still no go. I never add music so the only audio is from the original tapes or the default music with associated with the theme. This was never a problem with the dvds I creaed on our G4 using some of the older iDVD themes. Any ideas? thanks

This was never a problem with the dvds I creaed on
our G4 using some of the older iDVD themes.
This lack of positive feedback has been around since
version 5 and has nothing to do with themes. Just
"bad" feedback.
My computer can take up to 30 minutes to get through
this phase, depending on the iDVD project. Takes even
longer for some people; like overnight...
What I've done a few times is "force quit" and start over at the "share iMovie with iDVD" stage. Sometimes, after re-creating the iDVD project with the same Theme settings it whips right through the audio encoding (although it also has had to redo the video encoding first). I get frantic whenever I see the beachball on the screen and my impulse it to force quit whatever application I'm in.

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  • Audio Encoding Hang

    I'm having troubles getting passed the "audio encoding
    started" in the log when I start streaming. After about 10 seconds
    of it staying there, the program crashes. It doesn't happen all the
    time. I try to close any program that could be using the audio
    device that it is capturing but I can never isolate the issue.
    Here is what the log says before it either crashes or does
    Wed Mar 18 2009 23:47:28 : Selected video input device:
    Wed Mar 18 2009 23:47:28 : Selected audio input device:
    Logitech Mic (Pro 9000)
    Wed Mar 18 2009 23:47:29 : The selected audio device
    "Logitech Mic (Pro 9000)" doesn't allow setting volume intensity.
    Disabling the volume slider control.
    Wed Mar 18 2009 23:47:34 : Primary - Connected
    Wed Mar 18 2009 23:47:35 : Primary -
    Stream[live_2005305_jKc5JtDY] Status: Success
    Wed Mar 18 2009 23:47:35 : Primary -
    Stream[live_2005305_jKc5JtDY] Status: NetStream.Publish.Start
    Wed Mar 18 2009 23:47:35 : Session Started
    Wed Mar 18 2009 23:47:36 : Session Started
    Wed Mar 18 2009 23:47:36 : Audio Encoding Started
    Wed Mar 18 2009 23:47:36 : Audio Encoding Stopped
    Wed Mar 18 2009 23:47:36 : Session Stopped
    Wed Mar 18 2009 23:47:37 : Session Started
    Wed Mar 18 2009 23:47:38 : Session Started
    Wed Mar 18 2009 23:47:38 : Audio Encoding Started
    I can't understand why it works sometimes and other times it

    I think I may have found a solution to my problem. It seems
    to be related to how much resources(RAM) I have available to the
    program. If I try a lower resolution setting it works fine. If I
    set the priority of the program high I can use higher

  • Audio Encoding Spinning Beachball

    I have had the same problem for over a month now. As I am typing there is a spinning beachball going during the audio encoding process. What is a reasonable amount of time? I started to burn a DVD at noontime , it is now 7:00 pm and still spinning. The project is 48 minutes long with chapter markers, ten transitions, a slow motion clip, sound effects, and a song in the drop zone. I have even upgraded to 10.4.6, purchased Quicktime Pro 7.1.1 and reloaded the latest iLife update 6.02. I used to burn a DVD with the same content in about six hours before the update. I don't know what else to try other than a new Mac........ I even re-imported the original movie from my camera-but the same beachball is spinning!!! I have tried every solution that was offered in the discussion area but the beachball keeps spinning. I'm at my wits end-somebody please help. After twenty years with Apple, this is the first problem I have ever had-I hope they fix this bug soon..... I am ready to drink heavily.......Have easily spent a hundred hours trying to fix this problem....

    I have tried every solution that was offered in the discussion area
    Well then this is probably stuff you've heard before but here goes anyway -
    Audio Encoding problems come in three flavors:
    1) Vanilla - This is the most common - the "freeze" when encoding audio is normal, you get a spinning beachball, and even when looking at activity monitor iDVD and its helpers are "not responding." Solution? WAIT....and WAIT some more, wait at least as long as it took to encode the video, and iDVD will still often produce a great DVD. I agree it shouldn't work this way, but that's the way it works.
    2) Chocolate - Still pretty common, but a bit more trouble. Often caused by 12 bit audio, iDVD needs 16 bit audio. Try "extracting audio" in iMovie or export and reimport to tape after setting the camcorder to 16 bit.
    3) Pistachio - much less common. Could be other problems with your audio, such as CBR MP3s or who knows what....this is sort of the catch-all for other audio issues. Again, try extracting audio and/or exporting your iMovie to full quality DV. Convert CBR MP3s to AAC format.
    Check other things in your project against this list:
    What is a reasonable amount of time?
    As I said above wait at least as long as it takes to encode the video. But if I were you, I'd wait overnight just to rule out waiting as a solution. Definitely look at that sound file you dropped into the iDVD menu, make sure it is not a CBR MP3, and that your CMs and transitions follow the rules in the link I provided. Make sure you are using "save as disk image" and have 20GB for free space..........
    And since you do have transitions & special effects(slow mo) and sound effects, you might try exporting your iMovie back to your camera or to full quality DV. This will render all the sound and effects, and then you can re-import to iMovie, add chapters, and use that movie in iDVD. This simplifies iDVD's and QT's job during encoding.
    I am ready to drink heavily
    Well just skip the heavily part, and this is a good activity to do while waiting on the beachball.......
    John B.

  • Audio!!

    i tried posting onto an open discussion....however, i've gotten no response.....if anyone is out there PLEASE HELP...i don't know what else to do!....project due TOMORROW...i am desperate!...
    Frozen (burn wheel has not moved in 1 1/2 hours...frozen in audio encoding....for the last 10 hours it has been moving along to burn a "disc image"....this is how i finally got the last project to burn....saving as disc image and burning with disc utility....but, NO!!...
    Can anyone tell me why? And how to fix it!

    chelle - with no audio in the disk image, it makes the iTunes purchased music more suspect (did you buy the music from the iTunes music store, or is the music simply within your iTunes library?). If it was purchased from iTunes, I'd remove the restrictions (see post above - but note that you'll have to figure out some way to transfer ownership of the songs to the company).
    If you still have the time for a short test, create a new movie that's very short (60 sec of a still photo?) and use one of your songs (shorten it), and see if that simple project will go successfully to DVD. If it burns successfully, that song isn't a problem (and perhaps audio isn't really the problem).
    Although Apple's status indicator for iDVD burning isn't always accurate (eg, it says audio encoding, but it's really hung up recognizing the format of the blank disk), the lack of audio in the disk image is a concern. I suppose it's possible that one of your song files is corrupted, or that the songs are in a folder on the hard drive that iDVD is having trouble finding. But, the purchased music problem is the most common.

  • Audio Encoding & Ken Burns Problems Persist - More Help Please.

    My previous thread (10/27): Encoding Audio in iDVD for 41 hours. Is there any hope?
    --72min iMovie, many high res photos, iTunes music, voiceovers, sound effects (20.9G)
    Since then:
    I reimported Music Store songs from CD and tried iMovie to iDVD again , menu took 50min, video encoding took 4.5hrs, audio encoding went 12 hours till I force quit. (Should I have waited longer?)
    I then was able to create a Quicktime Movie (Full Quality) in 36hrs, but the Ken Burns photos were so horrific (shimmering) that I decided to try creating a Disk Image. Is there any chance the results will be better? (Burn w/Toast6)
    I also tried exporting iMovie to my JVC GR-DVP3 video camera. Only got colored checkerboard patterns.
    If the Disk Image approach doesn't work, I'll be back at square one. Anything else I might try?

    Wow, this sounds like a long time. Is this DV? Or
    The extension is .dv What is H.264
    Remember that iDVD will create standard resolution
    video, even if you are feeding it HD material. So
    use Export> Quicktime> Full Quality DV.
    I did.
    The shimmering might improve once it is burned to
    disk, but it might not. I also find it is different
    on different players. PhotoToMovie does a better job
    than iMovie/iPhoto of avoiding shimmers.
    I heard that, but it took me 2 weeks to make my movie and at present I can't bear the thought of redoing all my KB photos.
    I also tried exporting iMovie to my JVC GR-DVP3
    video camera. Only got colored checkerboard
    Check the iMovie forum for this one, but it sure
    seems that something must not be hooked up right.
    Was it in VCR mode?
    I have a post on the iMovie forum, iMovie recognized the camera and it recorded, but all I got was sporadic patterns. The manual shows DV to DV operations but no computer to DV. Maybe my camera isn't compatable.

  • Solution to audio encoding problem achieved

    I was using clips from my Sanyo Xacti Camcorder, imported into iMovie as mpeg 4 files and unable to finish the project in iDVD as the error would come in the audio encoding stage.A quick test is to export the iMovie files through Quicktime and it would stop cold, saying something is wrong with the file.
    Going through the forum here,many had posted reasons is because iDVD cannot handle audio files with deviations from sampling rate of 48k, and somehow the audio files may work if it is converted to aiff , with sampling rate of 48k.I found a way to do it last night.
    Export the imovie to GarageBand. When GarageBand finished the video track and sound track imports, adjust the volume of the sound track as desired.
    Make sure the GarageBand preference to set export movie in full quality, not ipod or email quality. Then export the movie to disk, and the resulting Quicktime movie must have the original audio tracked enabled before it is used in iDVD. Check the Quicktime movie by quicktime player, and under movie property, you can check that enable box.
    The finished product is a Quicktime movie that has both video and audio files that iDVD can handle and use.And it saves time in audio conversion by doing it in GarageBand first.

    I was unable to export the imovie to quicktime, as the error message came within seconds , saying about something wrong with the file. The only way I could export the file to quicktime format is through GarageBand.
    GarageBand is the application to add another sound track , and it preserves the whole imovie and could be exported directly to iDVD, instead of exporting to
    Quicktime format first. The only reason I did this "extra" step was because I already knew if the Quicktime movie would not fail in iDVD, and it is quicker to check it this way then to wait 10 hours for iDVD time.
    It was already recognized that iMovie does not do audio conversion, and when the audio files are not native to iDVD(i.e. 48 Hz sampling), the iDVD would crash.

  • IDVD audio encoding error

    I currently have 10 different quicktime files that i've created by exporting 10 different iMovie projects.
    I've created an iDvd project and dragged all 10 .dv files in. Everything works well in the preview. the total project is 3.6 out of the 4GB available.
    the entire project is on an 250 GB external harddrive attached to a mac laptop (so having available space is not the problem, i have over 130 gigs free)
    i press burn, and the encoding begins. everything's running smoothly for two hours, all the videos are encoded. once it reaches "Audio encoding" i come across an error. it recommends me to "Delete Encoded Assets" and try again.
    Which i have, and it's still not working.
    Something about the Track.
    i've created dvd's before with this exact same hardware. I even just created one now, using just one of the quicktime files. For some reason, this big project just won't happen and i'm on the edge of reason here.
    I'd appreciate any help.
      Mac OS X (10.4.1)  

    Is there any audio associated with the video?
    iDVD 5: Audio encoding error when burning a DVD
    iDVD: Troubleshooting issues with burning discs

  • Audio encoding hang work around

    After scouring this discussion and the internet, it seems the following is true:
    1) The source of the audio encoding delay is the conversion of the audio to an iDVD friendly format;
    2) There is indeed progress being made even though the activity monitor may say not or you may get a not responding message;
    3) There are two work arounds that work well, but with a properly debugged iDVD we should not have to do this nonsense. Here's to iLife '07 fixing this mess, hopefully.
    So, as to #1, even if you first convert the audio and then lay down the audio to the iMovie project there are still delays, especially with longer movies. It is quite apparent that this is an iDVD bug as other programs convert audio files quickly. (As to camera audion, you have to make sure you are in 16 bit with your camera.)
    As to #2, by looking at the package contents (Command I) you can see the progress of the audio encoding even when you think it is hung and even if you get a not responding message. To do this open your local disk, go to documents which is where iDVD puts them, and look for the title of your project, highlight it and hit Command I. Note the bytes, close the info dialog, and then reopen again. You may need to do this a few times depending on RAM, clock speed, etc., but you should see a change in bytes after awhile. If so, there is progress being made, as painstakingly slow as it may be. (A 1h53m movie took about 40 hours on my G5 with 1.5MB RAM! Not acceptable!)
    As to #3, the same thing is being accomplished, by different means. In both case you are creating a new file that handles the audio encoding on the way out and then reimporting with audio encoded. In the first, you export to your camera and then turn around and import into a new iMovie project. Add your chapters and then open from iDVD. Save as a disc image and then burn from the Disc Utility application which can be found under Utilities.
    The other work around is sharing to Quicktime and then reimporing to iMovie as a new project, and do the same as above. Following the latter, it took me 40 hours plus before took about 5 hours.
    I hope this saves you all some time.
    iMac 20" G5 iSight   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   1.5GB RAM, Ext HD 250GB

    I think I may have found a solution to my problem. It seems
    to be related to how much resources(RAM) I have available to the
    program. If I try a lower resolution setting it works fine. If I
    set the priority of the program high I can use higher

  • Has Apple fixed the audio encoding problem?

    As many other people seems to have experienced before me, iDVD6 stops working when encoding audio. Everything works before that step but when it reaches the "Audio Encoding" sequence iDVD stops working. Did Apple fix the problem? What else can we do?
    Thanks for any reply.
    iMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.5)   PowerMac G4

    I followed your advice and restarted at 6:00 pm last night - this morning it was still going on - over 13 hours! The funny thing this time is that I got the 'rainbow ball' encoding audio at the beginning of the 3rd step, 'Processing movie' after only 1-1/2 hour. The last time I burned the same project, I got the 'rainbow ball' encoding audio message at the end of the 3rd step - in other words, it had processed the entire movie (which took 6 hours) and then began the encoding audio phase. I'm letting it run while I'm at work, but do you think there might be something else going on?
    Here are some facts which apply to both times that I have tried burning the DVD project:
    1. I have iMovie project (26Gb) on my external drive with about 15 Gb available space
    2. and the iDVD project is on the internal hard drive with about 50 Gb of available space
    The reason I moved the iMovie project to the external drive was because I would have only had about 24 Gb of available space if I left it on the internal drive (less than the movie itself).
    Which drive is doing all the encoding and needing the most space - the internal or the external? I was assuming it was the internal drive. Should I move the iMovie project back to my internal drive and start over?
    Thanks again - I'm a new member of this site and so far, it has been very helpful and informative!

  • Audio Encoding problem at burn step...

    working at high school...fair newbies here, have had about a half-dozen successful movies completed so far..
    Issue right now (end of year so help is appreciated)...
    all is good to go, but the process gets hung up up at the third stage..."Process Movies" where it appears to work to the end about to finish, and the burn icon ceases to move, the time signal comes up spinning and nothing happens.
    Go to hit alt, open apple and esc and the window comes up saying iDVD quit..
    at one point, the first attempt thru...something said an "audio encoding" issue...
    so close to burning...any idea what is going on???

    Hi Larry!
    This question is one of our 'most popular'!
    It is probably not 'hanging'. Disregard any messages that iDVD is not responding. It is. Ignore the spinning beachball of death. Do not force quit.
    Encoding audio is the slowest part of rendering, and can take many hours. Great patience, even an intermittent alternative hobby, is called for.
    Make sure no other application is running, make sure you have not set the hard disk to go to sleep and that the screen saver will not come on. Leave it overnight, or have a 36 hole game of golf.
    Sooner or later iDVD will finish!

  • Audio encoding problem

    I've successfully burned a half dozen iMovie projects with no problems but this time I am having a new problem.
    Each time I attempt to burn an iMovie project to iDVD it progresses fine through the various stages, but when it gets near the end to the "Audio Encoding" stage it just sits there and never seems to finish.
    I've been seraching through earlier postings but haven't found this specific issue.
    Any ideas?
    Much obliged.

    I am also having this problem. iDVD gets to the end of the audio encoding and stops responding. If I leave it for a few hours it does finally finish but there is an error "timed-out" message on the screen. Very annoying. I've read elsewere that the problem may be caused by the latest QuickTime update (7.1.0) which I did install this week. Several threads suggest downgrading QT. I tried it via the suggested links, it mildly crashed the OS. I was able to recover after reinstalling the lastes QT. Coincidentally, I've since read the downgrade does not work with Intel iMacs. Come on Apple, let's get this FIXED.
    Which version of QT are you running?

  • FMLE 3 - Doesn't get past "Audio Encoding"

    After pressing the "Start" button in FMLE 3 it does what it does etc then as soon as it gets to "Audio Encoding Started" it just stops, the program still runs fine but I can't stream it just pauses at that point and doesn't continue.
    Any help is appreciated.

    It seems that Video device you are using is not giving any Video packets because of which FMLE is not able to start encoding. FMLE will start encoding only when it recieve both Audio and Video packets. Can you please check that your Video device is working fine or not. If you have another Video device then try starting encoding with it or uncheck Video and then try starting encoding. It will start your only Audio encoding.

  • Audio encoding preferences

    I see that Encore gives me the opportunity to change my project preferences for audio encoding to one of 4 settings, starting with 9 mbps as the highest, and defaults to 8 mbps. Is it best to set it to 9 for quality unless space is an issue? Or is there another reason for the different settings that I don't understand?

    >peak bitrates of 8375 and 8272 in 2 key points
    A BURNED disc is not going to play as well as a PRESSED disc... which is part of the reason the movie studios are able to produce discs that play "everywhere"
    Burn Error Proof DVDs (Well, close to error proof!)
    Use the SLOWEST possible burn option your burner will allow in Encore, since it is much better to take a bit more time burning the disc than it is to burn "fast" and have a disc that won't play
    Set the VIDEO portion of the transcoding options to a Maximum of 7,000 so your burned disc will have a better chance at playing in desktop players (which support burned discs, if at all, only as an "after thought" of the DVD specification)
    Use AC3 or PCM audio transcode settings for best player compatibility (some discussion of MPEG audio not being supported by all players)
    Buy and use Taiyo Yuden (or Verbatim?) brand blank discs
    Read this
    ENTIRE message[email protected]@.3bc2ca16
    And this one
    Tips for Authoring and Playing a DVD
    Discussion of
    Peak Bitrate

  • Audio Encoding improvement

    Background - many of us have experienced long delays while iDVD conducts audio encoding. For those who are unfamiliar with this issue, conduct a iDVD forum search for "audio encoding" for the details.
    Last week, I upgraded to OX 10.4.9, Quicktime 7.1.5., and iTunes 7.1.1.
    Today, I finished creating a 29 minute movie with 29 minutes of added audio and lots of transitions. I then exported to iDVD. I created a DVD image file. It took 20 minutes. It appears that the "audio encoding" delay has been reduced. Has anyone else upgrade and experienced improvement in the audio encoding?

    Thanks for sharing that Milton. I have also upgraded as you have, and am in the middle of a big editing job on the latest family movie (from 2001 - I'm getting nearer, I started with 1984!) but have not so far had an opportunity of completing a project to test that theory. I am looking forward to doing so - in fact I may even add more extra music just to see what happens, I can always remove it and start again!
    We cannot discuss rumours here, but I have read reports that this (audio) issue will be resolved in iMovie 7. Perhaps they were beta testing that bug fix in 10.4.9 or the QT update, but in neither case was there any official mention that anything whatever was upgraded in iLife 6.
    I believe every word you say, but it would be great to have corroboration from other users!

  • Audio Encoding and iTunes update

    iTunes has just released an update. Maybe it will fix the audio encoding problem???

    Hi Milton
    If you create an iMovie, e.g., 1 hour movie, and insert audio, such as music from iTunes, then take the project into iDVD, and then begin the "burn" process, it will take many hours to encode the audio
    Not on every machine, not for everybody. This afternoon I finished 'assembling' a 102 minute iMovie project which included 3 music tracks imported in AIFF format via iTunes, and 13 chapters. I imported this into iDVD, picked a theme, and burnt it to disk image.
    I burnt the disk image at 2x to DVD using Toast. The entire process (from saving the iMovie project to ejecting the DVD) took a little under four and a half hours.
    Search the iDVD forum, you'll find lots of discussion on this audio encoding problem.
    I don't need to search, I read all the threads, and I am mystified, and very sympathetic, to those people who have a really bad experience, like the guy who took 4 days to complete a project with music.
    But I don't think we should generalise about how long these things take. We all have our own modus operandi. What works for you, works for you. What works for me works for me.
    We should all try to find out what works for the others - or why it doesn't.

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