Audio file missing from MOV when exported as a quicktime movie.

Using Keynote 9, I imported video into presentation that was edited in iMovie 9.  When I export the presentation to quicktime movie the audio is missing from the video file.  The audio file plays fine in the standard keynote presentation mode. 

This is STRICTLY a work around!  Official fix will come from Apple as an update more than likely.
Duplicate item first (File > Duplicate). On newly duplicated project change file association type (File > get info). Under name and extension section take out .key). Close Get Info and save with removing .key.  Double click to open the file (now a compression).  Open uncompressed folder (same name as original file, now shows as a folder).  Now in the Data folder find a .mov file named "Recording" with randomly generated letters and numbers behind it.  Drag .mov file to desktop or any other directory. Open extracted .mov file with QuickTime to verify integrity. Save as audio file only.  Get Info on file again and place .key value at end of file/extension for project. Open project. Under Play menu option delete the recording.   Under Audio inspector drag the .mov of audio only to recording back in. Test play project to see if its accurate.  Export to QuickTime and see if issue is resolved.
If issue persists:
Export with corrupted audio as QuickTime.  Separate the audio from video track.  Delete audio.  Import the extracted .mov audio file.  Share > File. Enjoy.

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    I've downloaded it twice already. You can't download what is not there.

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    This help call goes out to any Mac user with Final Cut. I need help!!!
    I have a Mac G5 and use Final Cut Pro V. 5.1.4. I Just bought a Canon XH A1 and filmed a few test shoots. Then downloaded to FC Pro. I have been trying to export using QuickTime Conversion. Every setting I have tried comes out more or less square. HELP!!!!
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    In Easy Setup - HDV - 1080i60 FireWire Basic
    Under Sequence the setting is:
    Frame Size - HD (1440X1080) (16:9)
    Pixel Aspect Ratio - HD 1440X1080
    No check mark in Anamorphic 16:9
    Field Dominance- Lower
    Editing Timebase - 29.97
    QuickTime Video Settings:
    Compression - Motion JPEG B
    Under Export - using QuickTime Conversion - QuickTime Movie - Options - Video Settings:
    I tied:
    HDV 1080i60 and 50
    Motion JPEG A and B
    DVCPRO HD 1080i60
    All settings come out squarish!!!

    Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for the info. But I can not get any setting to come out looking widescreen. All settings come out square looking. I have tried every setting I can think of but all the QuickTime exported movies come looking like (i.e.: 800X854) more box than widescreen. I think it must be some setting I do not know about or some combination or possibly the capture setting (easy setup).
    Thanks for your help.

  • File Missing from iPhoto when syncing to iOS devices

    When trying to sync any iOS device with my MacBook, I get an error stating that a file is missing.  It only happens when I'm trying to sync photos, so I believe that a file is missing on my MacBook from iPhoto.  Has anyone encountered this issue before?

    Open the iPhoto Library with the finder:
    Click to view full size
    and move the folder titled iPod Photo Cache Or iPhone Photo Cache to the Trash. DO NOTHING ELSE! Close the package, launch iPhoto and try syncing again.

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    I'm just trying to get comforatable with a much faster Windows workstation on PPro and AE.
    I just exported my first project from PPro to burn to Blu-ray like I've done dozens of times on our older Mac Pro w/o problems.
    My Ppro file is 7:04:18 in length.  I export the video as an mp2 Blu-ray video and import it into Encore and it shows up at that same length.
    I export the audio as an aif and import it into Encore and it shows up as 7:06:19 in length--2 seconds and 1 frame longer.
    Everything is CS6.  File is 1920 x 1080, sq pixels, 29.97.
    Any suggestions as to why this is happening?

    Thanks for the feedback.  I exported to aif as I was going to burn the Blu-ray on our Mac Pro in Encore, since we don't yet have a Blu-ray burner installed in our new Windows workstation. 
    Upon seeing your note, I re-exported the project as you described and placed the wav and mp2 in Windows Encore and they are both the same time length.
    It seems the aif should be the same too... but I assume wav is likely the preferred format on Windows so will be using that as the new workflow.
    Thanks for your help!

  • PPro CS4 - half of audio is missing from exported files

    Hi all.
    I'm currently working on a project in PPro CS4, and by that I mean that I've already completed the project. It was exported and uploaded to youtube for my boss, no problems. Then he asked me to combine the two videos, so I copied the second half of the video and pasted it onto the first half's sequence. The settings I used for the two sequences were the same. When I play the video in PPro everything works fine. When I export the video, however, the audio is missing from the second half of the video (the half I copied). The second half audio is on the same track as the first half of the audio, so the audio levels on the exported video should be exactly the same.
    I've been browsing the forums and looking at troubleshooting pages but I still haven't found a solution to the problem. The video is intact; only the second half of the audio is missing. I have no idea why it's doing this or how to fix it.
    I'd appreciate any input.

    Yes, if he is exporting one file of video and audio then either the entire track is exported
    or only the work area bar is exported for both video and audio. If he is exporting video and audio separately THEN they might be different lengths.
    You might right-click the audio for the second section and select Audio to see if it is muted.
    Try exporting the audio alone without video, listen to the audio in Windows Medica player and listen if all or only half of it exported. If all of it exported, then that narrows the problem.
    You might try creating a new Sequence and pasting the video and audio into the new Sequence (don't just duplicate the sequence, that may just duplicate the problem). Then export and see if that circumvented the problem.
    What format are you exporting to?

  • How can I add an audio file to each slide when I export to HTML Keynote 6.2

    How can I add an audio file to each slide when I export to HTML Keynote 6.2
    I am trying to create an audio slide show instead of a movie

    Drag and drop one music files onto each slide then export. (File > Export > HTML)

  • Exporting audio files separately from video using a Mac

    Using a Mac computer, can you export audio files separately from video in Adobe Premiere Elements 11?  If so, how would I do that?
    Thanks as always.

    I worked through the instructions in the Classroom in a Book for exporting
    the video and the audio together and the audio separately, but I am not
    quite sure of some of what to check in some of the categories.  I would
    appreciate some guidance.  The purpose of sending this project is to have
    my son clean up the sound.
    highlighted MPEG
    Presets:  NTSC DVD Standard
    File:  Speaking Out for Healthcare for Everyone-51.prel
    Save In: /Users/Barb/Desktop/New York State Single Payer/Healthcare
    Advanced:  clicked on
    Preset:  NTSC DVD Standard  Or should it be widescreen
    Audio Format Settings
    Audio Format:  Dolby Digital  (Don't know what to check)
    Basic Audio Settings
    Codec:  Dolby Digital
    Audio Layer:  Dolby Digital Stereo
    Frequency:  48 kHz
    Bitrate Settings:
    Bitrate (kbps):  Don't know what to check.  It shows up as 192
    Thanks.  I don't know what I would do without this community.

  • UCM 11g File missing from search result although file is accessable

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    the file is not in the search resule even search by ID.
    also, the seach result say "displaying 1-20" but only display few files (e.g. 2 files, less than 20)
    Is this a known problem? the same search was working in UCM 10 perfectly.

    The query seems able to retrieve the missing document. for example, I search by content ID, in the audit log (eanbled as you mentioned) give th efollowing information:
    fusionappsattachments/6     09.13 06:22:03.878     IdcServer-3474     --- @ResultSet SearchResults ---
    fusionappsattachments/6     09.13 06:22:03.878     IdcServer-3474     numFields=66,*numRows=1*,currentRow=0
    also, the infomation following above give the deteail field information which match with the missing document.
    I looks like UCM just did not bring it to UI as part of search result.
    This seems match with my another finding as I mentioned earlier: the seach result say "displaying 1-20" but only display few files (e.g. 2 files, less than 20)
    it seems query did find the documents but UI did not show it.
    Not sure if this is a known bug.

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    any advice?

    that can be a problem with your windows.. your OS..
    rebuilding your OS should be able to fix it.
    *Read EULA before installing any software.

  • Where can I get help re: a file missing from Pages in iCloud?

    Where can I get help re: a file missing from Pages in iCloud?

    If the file was also on a mac, then there was a local copy of the file in ~/Library/Mobile Documents.  If you use Time Machine or any other backup program on your computer, then try restoring the file(s).  Similarly the same thing would be done on a PC, but I'm not sure where the icloud local copies are kept.

  • [svn:fx-trunk] 10506: New TLF file missing from svn 10505.

    Revision: 10506
    Author:   [email protected]
    Date:     2009-09-22 10:43:46 -0700 (Tue, 22 Sep 2009)
    Log Message:
    New TLF file missing from svn 10505.
    Added Paths:
        flex/sdk/trunk/frameworks/projects/textLayout/textLayout_edit/src/flashx/textLayout/opera tions/

    Revision: 10506
    Author:   [email protected]
    Date:     2009-09-22 10:43:46 -0700 (Tue, 22 Sep 2009)
    Log Message:
    New TLF file missing from svn 10505.
    Added Paths:
        flex/sdk/trunk/frameworks/projects/textLayout/textLayout_edit/src/flashx/textLayout/opera tions/

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