I noticed that I can no longer use the core audio setup assistant in express 8. In 7, I could adjust the amount of tracks, buses ect. They have apparently got rid of that feature in 8. So now I have 64 buses and instead of setting the record max time at around 15 minutes in 7, I now can record for over 400 minutes. That seems a bit overkill. Is there a way to cut this back to about 8 buses and 24 audio tracks and 16 midi and 16 instrument tracks in the setup? OR is adjusting those settings no longer available?

Those setup options are in System Preferences, under the Apple menu.

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  • Is there any way to use icloud to transfer contacts onto a new iphone if you have already gone past the setup assistance guides?

    I bought a new iphone today and wanted to transfer contacts over from my old iphone.
    The person from the shop skipped the setup assistance screens, so now theres no options to transfer things from icloud
    I was wondering if there is any way to do this?

    There is a way!
    Simply do Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings (assuming this was a brand new iPhone).
    That will start the whole setup process over.

  • Setup assistant is gone

    I recently switched from a cable modem on my airport express router to ATT UVerse which uses its own router. I am trying to connect my printer to my airport express and use it just to share the printer with other macs in my home using bonjour. In trying to do this I find that airport setup assistant in my utilities folder is now only one for graphite or snow! First, is there a reason why I no longer have the appropriate airport setup assistant? and second, how can I get the correct version - I can't find it on any apple website!

    Try temporarily connecting an ethernet cable directly from your computer to the AirPort Express. Restart both the computer and the AirPort Express to see if AirPort Utility can communicate with the Express that way. After the Express is configured, you can disconnect the ethernet cable.
    If the Express has old stored settings still on board, you may need to hold in the reset button on the device until you see the amber light begin to blink more quickly. Hold another second or two when you see this and then release.
    Open AirPort Utility again and click Continue to follow the guided setup process.

  • My MacBook Pro has gone back to the OS X Setup Assistant page.  HELP!!!

    Was using my MacBook Pro this evening and a message came up in about 5 languages telling me I had to restart. I did and now the only thing I can get on the MacBook is the OS X Setup Assistant. How can I get back to all my data, email, photos, life??? Can anyone help?
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    That happened to me recently. I followed the instructions on this support page and it's as good as new:

  • Every time i try to open itunes i get the 'Itunes Setup Assistant'

    Every time i try to open itunes i get the 'Itunes Setup Assistant' even though i have already installed and configured itunes. And after exiting this i get onto itunes but all of my music is GONE. (even though i know i can always import it back) But this means that whenever i want to use itunes i have to configure it and import all of my tunes again which takes ageees. The, as soon as i go to open it again i have to repeat the whole process!!! By the way, i have already tried re-installing itunes and every other apple device completely on my computer, but nothing is working!!! ANY HELP WILL BE MASSIVELY APPRECIATED!!! Ps. this only just started happening a week or so ago.

    This just started happening to me last week also. After I went through the setup process I could get into my itunes but would get a msg about library not being saved due to user not being an administrator. I went into my program files opened the itunes folder right clicked on the itunes music folder and clicked on "Run as administrator". I haven't had a problem
    since. Don't know if this will work for you but I guess it won't hurt. good luck.

  • Office 2008 Setup Assistant Loop for one user, but not for another

    I just upgraded my MacBook Pro to a MacBook Air and migrated everything across using Migration Assistant via WiFi.
    Seems to have gone fine but found that my wife can't get any Office 2008 apps to start up. Word, Excel, etc start up in my account without a hitch but when we try to start any Office app in wife's account the Setup Assistant pops up, asks if we'd like to participate in feedback, then asks to choose to register or learn more. No matter what we choose the Microsoft Updater pops up and prompts to check for updates after this the app closes. We are forever in this loop of trying to open an Office app, checking for updates and then the app closing down. And the app closes even if I quit Setup Assistant and/or Microsoft Updater.
    I've tried dumping various plists but not luck.
    Any help in resolving this would be much appreciated.

    Another copy of this question turned up a couple of weeks later and has been answered. Basically, you have to reinstall Office 2008 from the original media.

  • ITunes Setup Assistant runs every time I start iTunes

    The past 2 iterations of iTunes have had the same problem for me - even though the program is installed already, it doesn't save my settings and runs the setup assistant every time I start the application. I've gone through the assistant twice and put everything as I had it previously but, once I close the program and restart, the assistant pops up again and my settings are gone. I never had this problem until 7.3 or 7.3.1 and it's very frustrating... (>_<)<br>
    IBM T43   Windows XP Pro   2.0 ghz Pentium M, 1 gig ram

    Well, iTunes appears to finally work correctly. I don't know exactly why this is but it's due to one of three possible things. First, I uninstalled the 2 programs that I had installed to monitor what music I played for their services. These programs were for Windows Version iTunes plugin version and iTunes Plugin Version Finally, instead of using the Apple Software Update on my computer as I had previously, this time I went directly to Apple's website, downloaded the entire iTunes + Quicktime install package, and reinstalled from that. After doing so, the Setup Assistant ran again but finally remembered my altered settings upon program restart. Now that iTunes was working properly, I have reinstalled both plugins and they now appear to function properly without negatively affecting iTunes. I hope this helps people who have also installed plugins to monitor their music listening patterns and had problems with the latest iTunes update.

  • Can I re-run the Server Setup Assistant?

    I have a G5 tower with OS X Leopard Server installed. I made some rookie mistakes (such as not setting up DNS) during the initial Server Setup Assistant wizard so I would like to give it a try again. However, I already have a lot of files on the server that I don't want to lose. In the past, I have had to reinstall the server software but when I did, it only wants to do an erase and install. There is no opportunity to archive and install so I can save my data and just redo the server setup.
    Further reasons to do this are tonight I discovered that all of my users were gone, including the admin user. I searched the threads and found that I could login as username "Local Administrator" with the password of the previous admin account. I then tried to use the Workgroup manager to add all the users back. I can at least now let the clients log in and access the AFP shared folder that is stored there but I'm getting a log of strange errors with other things. For example, on a fresh client, I used to be able to fire up Directory Utility and have the client automatically configure a few things to work with the server such as Time Machine. Unfortunately, now when I try this I get an error.
    Therefore, if someone can tell me if there is a way to blow out the existing server configuration and redo it from scratch, please enlighten me.

    Makes sense, although you're in a tough spot. While I can appreciate the notion of an inexpensive server, I'd hesitate to use a mini still. Even with an old G5, you can find eSATA options for RAID devices, or at the very least, install two HD's that you can easily access. One option you always want with a reliable server is to be able to replace HD's and copy from a backup in case of a HD crash. The expansion ports on a tower are also pretty important for a server when it comes to expansion, adding RAID's, and exploring other backup/redundancy options.
    Even when we purchase Windows servers, we still buy a box in the 3-5K range. There is certainly a niche for mini servers, but just make sure it will fit your needs and you have a good backup strategy.

  • Can't get past setup assistant after installing leopard...

    i am having trouble getting past the setup assistant after installing leopard on my other computer which is a 1.25 ghz G4 desktop. Everything seems to be going fine then the setup assistant comes up and i go through the exercise of filling it out and at the end it says click on done and then you can use the computer. unfortunately it goes right back into the setup assistant like i had never gone there before. it is in some kind of loop. would it be wise to reinstall leopard? if so, does it know that it was installed already and rewrite over the first install? or is there something else i may try. i tried resetting the PRAM and some other things recommended but nothing seems to work. any help will be appreciated.
    thanks in advance...

    I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you. It sounds like you went for the (default) Upgrade option.
    Okay, how about trying this:
    1. With the *OS X 10.5 Install Disk 1* still in the bay, Restart your computer. Without access to menus, you'll have to use the power switch to turn it off. +[Alternatively, if you do have access to menus, select the Restart command (in the Apple menu) — always the preferred method.]+
    2. If you're using the power switch method, here, wait about 10 - 15 seconds then depress the power switch again for about 5 full seconds (or until you hear the computer come back to life). +[Alternatively, if you had selected the Restart command in Step 1, the computer will start up again on its own.]+ *Either way, as the computer starts up, press and keep pressing, the Mouse until the disk ejects.* By the way, if you're using a Mighty Mouse with a left and right option, press down on the left side only. Hopefully this will get you out of the loop caused by your Install DVD remaining in the drive.
    Finally, to be fair to you, I must tell you that there's a more suitable Forum for your particular kind of problem, viz., *Installation and Setup* ( I recommend you check out the questions/answers in that Forum in case your question has already been asked and answered.
    PS. If you do re-post your question in that Forum, don't forget to mention whether or not you internal hard disk has been backed up.

  • How do I start the Setup Assistant???

    Okay, so I upgraded to Leopard, but the Setup Assistant got stuck on the "connecting" page during registration and stayed like that for an hour. I had no choice but to cancel and disconnected -- and that froze for another 20 minutes. So, I closed the assistant and rebooted... and now I don't know how to load it up again. Can anyone fill me in on where to find the assistant or how to get it to pop back up again?
    Much appreciated. Thanks.

    Weird. Well, I did the upgrade only -- just installed the OS on top of the old one, preserving all files and settings. Everything seems to be running smoothly, except for the fact that I can only connect my iMac and MacBook via wireless and not over ethernet cables, but I'll worry about that later. What irks me to no end is that I can't set any preferences for the folders in the dock. On the iMac I can view them as STACK or FOLDER. Right now they're set to stack and there are no other options. I find the stack ugly and prefer folders. When I hold down, I only get:
    Sort by > Name/Date/Kind/etc
    View as > Automatic/Fan/Grid
    Remove From Dock
    Show In Finder
    Open "[folder name]"
    On the iMac I have a plethora of options. Any idea why this would be?? I feel like I've gone insane with no valid explanation. I can't even reinstall. Now it says I have no room left -- which makes no sense at all.

  • No Airport Setup Assistant??

    I've just bought a new MacBook from Apple along with an Airport Express. I've gotten high-speed internet from Comcast and I'm trying to setup my Airport Express. I've plugged the Airport Express in and it flashes amber as it hasn't been set-up just yet. When on my MacBook, I looked for the Airport Setup Assistant in the Utilities folder but it wasn't there. This is my first time using Leopord, as I'm used to using Tiger and that's where I've gone in the past to solve Airport-related problems. I typed Airport Setup Assistant into the Spotlight, but it didn't find anything. The help menu under System Preferences told me to look for the Setup Assistant in the Utilities folder so I'm not sure why it's not there. I figured it didn't get installed with my computer somehow, so I reinstalled the software bundle that came on the Mac OSX system disks. Unfortunately, it still did not show up after a restart. In the Airport menu, my Airport Express doesn't show up at all. It's brand-new, so I'm not sure why it wouldn't work. If anyone has any advice on how to find the Airport Setup Assistant, or why it's not in the Utilities folder where it usually is, please let me know what I can do to solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

    Hello Ruthie & Ed. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
    The 4.x versions of the AirPort utilities (AirPort Admin Utility & the AirPort Setup Assistant) have been replaced with the new 5.x AirPort Utility. This new utility, which comes with Leopard, has both a manual & an automatic (Assist Me) mode similar to what was provided by the AirPort Setup Assistant. You'll find the new AirPort Utility in your /Applications/Utilities folder.

  • Can't get AirPort Express Setup Assistant to Work

    I'm having trouble just setting up AirPort Express. (All I want to do is play iTunes from a stereo system in another room.) I purchased an "AirMac Express base station" in Tokyo a few days ago, took it out of the box, and followed the instructions as far as connecting audio jacks and plugging the base station into an electric outlet. (My iMac is also a Japanese machine, and I'm using it in Tokyo.
    The next step was supposed to be opening AirPort Setup Assistant and obeying it. But the SA wasn't in Apps>Utilities, where the instruction manual said it would be, so I used the CD that came with the base station to install SA.
    I did manage to open it and get as far as the first step, but then I got this message:
    "In order to use the AirPort Setup Assistant your AirPort card must be enabled and AirPort needs to be turned on and set to use DHCP. Click OK if you would like to change these settings, or Skip if you would like to configure AirPort Base Stations using ethernet."
    (An AirPort card was factory-installed, and AirPort is turned on.) So I clicked on "OK." Then I get this message and SA vanishes:
    There was an error communicating with your AirPort card. Please make sure it is installed properly and try the AirPort Setup Assistant again.
    I have looked in support as best I can and also tried some googling, but I still have idea what to do. Can anyone help?
    Many thanks!

    I finally found the answer to my question in Joe Kissell's Taking Control of Upgrading to Leopard. For anyone who may need to know, the AirPort Setup Assistant is no longer used to set up base stations. That task has now been delegated to Airport Utility. Duh.
    But why couldn't Apple manage to put this information in a place where people who bought a base station could find it??

  • Setup assistant for 10.3.9 - can't complete process to create user account

    After much searching, I find myself still looking for a solution and hope that someone here might be able to help me.
    I just purchased a used iBook G3 (white), 800 mhz. The seller did a complete reinstall of OS X 10.3.9.
    I turned the laptop on for the first time, the movie/setup assistant appeared, and I began to enter the requested information. So far so good. However, once I reached the "Create Your Account" page.... I entered my desired password and it won't let me go past that point. (If I hit Tab after entering my password hint, it just cycles back to the 'Name' field.) I cannot select a user picture/icon (in fact, no pictures appear at all) and the "continue" button at the bottom of the page is grayed out so I can't proceed.
    I am completely baffled. What could be causing this problem and how can I fix it? I want to play with my new toy. I have gone through the previous pages and looked at the information entered, and I can't see anything that could present a problem. Restarting didn't help either. And to answer the question someone is bound to ask... no, I don't have the install disks. (The seller installed the OS.)
    Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide!

    One of the choices to consider would be to get retail OS X install disc(s)
    of your own so you can go back and totally reinstall and test a System.
    This may involve more than it seems; and the computer should have
    included some OS X or other system software. The original software set
    which shipped with the computer, including the Apple Hardware Test, as
    a bare minimum. Since the computer itself could support Tiger 10.4.11,
    if properly upgraded (RAM and adequate capacity hard disk drive) and
    that system is less obsolete than Panther 10.3.9, you may have to get it.
    {Sometimes, depending on the chosen password, if characters not valid
    to be used in a password are put into the window-box, they may not work.
    However most numbers, and common letters are safe bets; as are random
    choices using combinations so long as they don't contain incorrect ones.}
    If you are in contact with the seller of that computer, perhaps you could
    deal with them in regard to this odd matter; and see about getting a set
    of installer discs for the computer. Was the seller a retailer, or private?
    New computers shipped with adequate software to run, test & repair them
    and the discs included at that time were intended to accompany the Mac.
    Also, an installation without the discs is not a legal installation. The best
    tool to find out what's going on would be the retail installer disc, and the
    original Apple Hardware Test for the specific computer model. Harder to get.
    Good luck & happy computing!

  • All account settings lost - can't get past Setup Assistant

    Dear all -
    I just rebooted my computer (because an iDisk transfer froze Finder again...) and now all my user data appears to be gone. I can still login, but after that I get the Mac OS X Setup Assistant... After I re-enter all that crap, the login screen pops up again, and I can start all over again, and again, and again...
    Something is clearly wrong here.
    I haven't set up any other accounts, so I think I am hosed.
    The computer is only three months old, so I am covered by warranty, but it is still annoying.
    Does anyone out here know if there is a way out of this mode w/o a full re-install?

    "Applebob for president"
    Just tried the applebob solution, but was worried with no joy after 100 revs of the progress wheel I get the jet engine fan of **** that many of us enjoyed when we had our early leopard upgrades. After a long while the fans stop and the HD starts to run it's boot up chugging and I get the safe startup dialogue.
    I could not understand what he means by 'hit back' so logging in gets me the same setup assistant scenario, quitting that goes back to the login screen and i select the restart option which drops me into the blue screen where i get a software update feature running as Applebob mentions
    To confirm my own problem for those searching to cure a similar incident. I was installing last nights apple quicktime upgrade which went fine on a g4 powermac and al-book I initially cancelled the upgrade on the g5 at the login phase to go back to review the reasons for the quicktime upgrade then went ahead to upgrade. Upon typing my login details was given an immediate restart option.. although i doubted the wisdom of doing so i did it and when it rebooted i had the perpetual setup assistant syndrome as others mention. Clearly the applebob solution fixed the botched quicktime update.

  • I can't use my iPod shuffle, no Setup Assistant

    I've downloaded iTunes 3 days ago (on Windows) and the Setup Assistant hasn't come up when I plug in my iPod shuffle. Therfore I can't use it! HELP!

    You can go into Windows Explorer and copy the contents of your iPod onto the hard drive, because a Shuffle is pretty much a flash drive with audio playing stuff and a battery. You may have to have it set to view hidden files first, though.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Adobe Acrobat XI has stopped working

    I have just installed Adobe Acrobat XI Standard on a Windows 7 32 bit machine and when I go to launch it, I receive in a Adobe Acrobat box - Adobe Acrobat has stopped working. Any suggestions? The problem details are Problem signature:   Problem Even

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