Audition CC not showing up ANY VSTs.. even the ones that come with the Software.

Trying to use Audition to it's "fullest" and NOTHING is showing up in the Audio Plug-In Manager, VST or VST 3 fly out panels. I've scanned several folders with no success. I've also tried various suggestions, like installing jbridge, etc. and others mentioned online but nothing has worked. Any feedback on this? Thanks!

If you have this file:
"C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Audition\7.0\AudioPluginManagerSettings.xml "
Can you please send a copy of it to [email protected]?
Secondly, can you post a screenshot of what your audio plug-in manager window looks like.  I'd like to see the folders you're scanning.
Thirdly, what happens when you try add an effect that comes with the software:
a) Effects > Amplitude and Compression > Amplify...
b) Effects > Amplitude and Compression > DeEsser...

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