Authorization object M_MATE_MAR "Material Master - Material Types" in MM01

We in CPS Energy are implementing VIrsa SOD conflicts on the roles that are in place in current SAP 4.6C version. The authorization object M_MATE_MAR is used by MM01(Creation of Material Master) transaction code & used at mutiple roles. We have restricted this authorization object by Material Type Authorization Group (BEGRU)as WMS1 & given activity a 01, 02 & 03 in a role. The same authorization object is used in Common roles also for displaying that is using transaction code MM03 (Display Material) but the activity & authorization group are ''. This '' is taking precedence over the the authorization object given in the other role.
Please let us know how to put a control on this authorization object which is used widely by large number of users.
Maintained Material Master: Material Types                              T-D119010802
Activity                       01, 02, 03                                             ACTVT
Authorization group          WMS1                                              BEGRU
Any help is really appreciated

Hi Sree, your role with MM03 in it should not have * for actvt if it is only a display role.
As it is a display role actvt 03 would be more suitable.  That way you could have display for all auth groups, but create and change/MM01&2 would be restricted to WMS1 (and any other materials with a blank auth group)

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  • Authorization Object for Material Type

    Hi All,
    Is it possible to restrict the user from creating the material master based on Material Type. If yes then what is the authorization object for the same.

    Dear Mahendra,
    You can definitely restrict a end-user to only particular Material Type thru Authorizations.
    Authorization Object: M_MATE_MAR
    This can be done thru authorization management. Consult your Basis person or follow this:
    SU01 - Enter the user Id & select display button. Now click on the Roles Tab & note down the role assigned to this user Id.
    Go to T-Code - PFCG - enter the Role name & select the change icon.
    Click on the Authorizations tab page. & then Click on Change Authorization Data.
    Now expand the menu tree of Materials Management: Master Data & further expand the menu tree of Material Master: Material Types. Now click on the change icon next to Authorization Group & select the required Material Type that you want to authorize the end-user.
    This is how you can give authorizations only for a particular Material Type. 
    Hope this helps.. .
    Give point if useful...
    Jignesh Mehta

  • Control the authorization base on material type level

    Dear Experts,
    We want to control some users only can create or modify the material base on material type level .
    For instance , user A only can modify the 'ROH' type material , he can not maintain any 'FERT' type material .
    I set the authorization object 'M_MATE_MAR' in the user A's profile , but it doesn't work .....
    System : SAP4.7 x 200
    DB : oracle9i
    Has someone can tell me it is possibile to control the maintain authorization base on material type level ?
    Or give me some suggestions.....
    Many thanks
    Best Regards,
    Carlos Zhang

    Yes this works & the authorisation object found by you is also correct.
    For the object - M_MATE_MAR
    Maintain the activity 01,02,03
    Maintain the authorisation group  - each material type can be assigned to an authorisation group. In OMS2 , you can assign the authorisation groups to the material type.
    For E.g if the material type is ROH- enter the authorisation group as ROH.
    Ensure that the user does not have this object, As If this object is present in any other role with authorisation group as * then the * will overirde any value.
    Thanks & Regards
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  • How to Restrict Material Type in MM01 ?

    *Hi experts,*
    *How to restrict material type ? i wanted to restrict the end-user not to access any other material types than Raw material,Semi-finished goods. it means when end user trying to create material then if he enters other than these two material types then he should get error saying that "your not authorized to select that xyz material type".*
    *I have tried to restrict the object M_MATE_MAR(Material Master : Material type) but am unable to do so. is there any other object which take care of Material types ? did i selected correct object or not??*
    *can anyone help out.*

    You have to make few configuration settings before you actually restrict at the object level. The solution is clearly discussed in the below thread:
    how to restrict material master by material type  t-code MM01
    Hope this helps!!

  • Is it possible to hide a certain material type in MM01?

    Dear All,
    Is it possible to hide a certain material type in MM01? 
    We would want to restrict  the users from creating a material by using certain materials type.

    You have two options, either remove the assignment of number ranges in MMNR or block the user from using it via authorization.

  • Authorization issue object for material type !

    In my client system there are 10 users now my client want to restrict the access of various transaction on material type level to each user.
    (example if there is user mm.agt the system should allow him access for only raw material type , in various transaction )
    Please help me.
    Hassan Naveed

    Hello Naveed,
    If you are talking about restriction of material types under MC.1 & MC.9 , M_IS_MTART (ROH - Raw materials) is the object where you can restrict material types.
    If this is not the case,please elaborate your question with more info.

  • Authorization based on Material Type.

    Hello Expert,
    We have different material type but we want give access based on Material Type to User.
    For Eg. In Transaction Code :- ME39 Display Scheduling agreement Schedule
    I wants to restrict user from access/Component Overview of particular material type.
    how to do this, This is the client requirement.

    Hi Julius,
    of course it is not possible. the multitude of application transactions cares nothing about authorisation objects bound to the material master like M_MATE_MAR or the other one with authorisation groups (which has the additional disadvantage that you would have to group all materials ...)
    This subject has been stated in this forum various times, I put a small link farm here (only the most recent/relevant from the search function ):
    So, here goes ... one more time: ME39 does not care about material master related authorisation objects unless you make it do so by coding something or other ...
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  • Creating Authorization groups for material types

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement to create Authorization groups for different material types we have in our company. Basically these are intended to restric the users from accessing the material master. Different material types needs to be assigned to differnt group of users.
    So if we can create couple of Authorization groups, then I am thinking of assigning the material types to these groups.
    I went to SPRO---Logistics general ---Material master -
    Tools --- Maintain authorization and authorization profiles.                 TCODE : PFCG
    Is this the right path?
    Please advise

    Hi All,
    I don't think SPRO---Logistics general -Material master- Tools --- Maintain authorization and authorization profiles is the right path to create new authorization groups.
    Can anyone explain how to create new authorization groups for different material types. The purpose is to create a role and assign this auth. group to this role and provide that security role to specific users.

  • Change material Authorization acc to Material type

    I have a requirement in material master creation and change. I have to restrict the creation and change of the material with respect to the material type. I will assign the transaction code MMF1 to create only the finished goods to a particular user 01. The issue comes in u2018change materialu2019. I can not assign MM02 to the user 01. The he will be able to change all the materials irrespective of the material type.
    I can apply logic to control this. The user 01 enters the transaction code MM02; enters the material. When he enters the material, the system should read the material master in table MARA and finds the u2018material typeu2019. If the material type is other than finished goods (FERT), the system should throw error.
    Please suggest me any user exit to achieve this requirement or else any other suitable solution
    K Bharathi

    Go to PFCG and do the following:-
    1)  Create a new Role as Z_MM02_MATTYPE
    2)  Click Transaction tab and maintain MM02
    3)  Click Authorisation tab and select Change Authorisation Data
    4)  Select Materials Management > Material Types > Activity
    There maintain the object of FERT which I am not sure what it is and assign this role to that user id. 
    Your basis team can definitely achieve this.  Take the help of them.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • User Authorizations for Plant & Material Type

    The requirement says
    Get all the users having authorizations to transactions - QA11, QA12, MSC1N, MSC2N & MSC4N.
    Then filter out the users to those who have access to Plant & material Type which are entered on the selction- screen.
    now how to get those users who have access to Plant and/or Material Type entered on the selection-screen.
    Plz reply
    Thanks in advance

    Hi suresh,
    check the following standard program ,probably would be useful to you.
         <b>RSUSR010 – Transactions that can be executed by users, with Profile or Authorization</b>
    If you want the table for "user profile change history ", below tables can help you:
    </b> Also check the following Tables would be useful,
    Authorizations and Tcodes per Profile
    Assignment of users to Profiles
    Assignment of roles to users
    Authorizations associated with a transaction
    Last logon date, locked ID’s
    Assignment of roles to Tcodes (4.6 tcodes)
    Change history for users (e.g. who last changed users via SU01)
    Display history of who made changes to which User Ids
    Non-permitted passwords
    Users with logon information (multiple logons)
    I have given u all possible tables,and the standard program select the according to your need.
    should solve ur problem.
    Thanks & regards,
    Pawan P. Khilari

  • Restricting the material types in MM01

    Dear experts,
    Our client is using few materila types like-HIBE,NLAG,ROH
    We have upgraded from 4.6B to ECC6. Now many other material types have come .
    While creating material in MM01,selecting the required material type among the many is inconvient.
    1)One way of removing the unnecessary mat types is deleting others in OMS2,
    The other way of restricting is --
    2) I can enter the authorisation group in OMS2 for the required material types and i can assign to M_MATE_MAR object in the required role, but it is not working
    Do i need to create authorisation group in any customisation for entering in the OMS2, because what i entered in OMS2 is not displaying in PFCG of the authorisation object under authorisation group.I have checked in SM30 also ,the same authorisation groups under T134 table are updated. Even though,mat types are not restricted in MM01 under material type field.
    Please suggest any other way of restricting the display of material types in Material type field of MM01 instead of deleting unwanted the material types in OMS2 transaction

    You can use the material type specific transactionsminstead of MM01, remove the authorizations of MM01 transaction and add the required material type creation transactions
    example - Goor Matreials create(special)
    MMB1                 Create Semifinished Product(HALB)
    MMF1                 Create Finished Product(FERT)    
    MMG1                 Create Returnable Packaging       
    MMH1                 Create Trading Goods              
    MMI1                 Create Operating Supplies(HIBE)        
    MMK1                 Create Configurable Material(KMAT)   
    MML1                 Create Empties                  
    MMN1                 Create Non-Stock Material         
    MMP1                 Create Maintenance Assembly      
    MMR1                 Create Raw Material(ROH)              
    MMS1                 Create Service                   
    MMU1                 Create Non-Valuated Material      
    MMV1                 Create Packaging             
    MMVH                 Create Centrally: Decentral.Shipping
    MMW1                 Create Competitor Product

  • Restrict Material Type for MM01

    Dear All,
    When i run transaction MM01 system allows to create material with external number using alpha numeric for those types  which
    are not required.
    e.g i am using fert and halb only and assigned number range to these two only ,,,
    but wen i create material using MM01 and select material type beverage and give material number A123 suppose , then it allows to create it,,,,
    i want to restrict system only to create those are being assigned with number ranges,
    please guide,

    Create an authorization group using se54 and assign permitted material type to it. Also check following posting :

  • Defining Material types in MM01

    Dear All,
    I want to know how to define material types. Here client needs to bring same material under inventory and non inventory.
    1.100 is one material number.some times they required to bring the 100 material into stock and some of the times they want to book the material 100 in direct consumption account after taking GRIN.(no issue posting)
    Now how could i define the material type for material 100.

    Hello Shobana,
    If your client wants to post the same material some time as inventory material and some time non-inventory material then you need not to define any new material type, but this can be handled at transaction level.
    - Create Material as normal material with MM01
    1. When you want to stock this material in inventory :
    Create the purchase order without any account assignment so when you receive material it will post to inventory account and you will be able to keep that as stock material
    2. When you want to post this material in directly to cost account (direct consumption) :
    Create the purchase order with account assignment (i.e. cost center, assets) so when you receive material it will directly post this material to cost account but not to inventory account and you will not be able to keep that as stock material
    Hope this helps.
    Arif Mansuri

  • Does Authorization object applicable to Master Data

    I am trying to set up authorization relavant object to one of the HR Master data. i would like to know if this authorization object created would limit the users to access the data through backhand transactions such as RSA1 or SE16.
    Please advise.

    Hi ,
    If you mark infoObject as the authorization object relevant, it will restrict you to access the data at report execution level (i.e BEx Analyzer & Portal level). It will not restrict you to see the data at table level (i.r Se11 & Se16 level).
    Y can get more details in below link.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Hide material Type in MM01

    Dear Experts ,
    The standard material types available are many, but we use only 8 of them.
    How can i hide the irrelevant material types from being displayed in MM01 screen?

    Hi Anis,
    As u only want to use 8 Matl Types specifically required,
    then as said by all gurus u can either not assign Number range to them the remaining or else
    U can block the MM01 and use Material type specific T Codes ie ,
    MMR1 - Raw Material
    MMB1 - Semi-Finished Product
    MMF1 - Finished Product
    MMI1 - Operating Supplies
    MMH1 - Trading Goods
    MMU1 - Non-Valuated Material
    MMN1 - Non-Stock Material
    MMV1 - Packaging
    MML1 - Empties
    MMS1 - Service(s)
    MMK1 - Configurable Material
    MMP1 - Maintenance Assembly
    MMW1 - Competitor Product
    MMG1 - Returnable Packaging
    Hope this helps

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