Auto Confirmation of transfer order - 999 mvt from storage type W01 to S01

I am trying to automate the confirmation of transfer orders between storage type W01 and S01 using a 999 movement type. The 999 movement type appears to work perfectly when doing a bin to bin movement within the W01 storage type (for example move batch abc from bin 01 to bin 02) no confirmations are required. However if I transfer from a bin in W01 storage type to the S01 storage type (which only has a single bin to represent a staging area) a manual confirmation of the transfer order is required via lt24 or lt12. It appears therefore that the issue is with the storage type S01 for this particular Warehouse. The setting to confirm the TO immediately is already activated for movt 999 in customizing, is there a setting for the storage type that must be defined.

F1 help for field V_T333-SQUIT:
Means that the transfer order item can be confirmed immediately during the creation procedure.
SAP online help:
To set the confirmation requirement for foreground processing, select the indicator for TO item can be confirmed immediately.
As per my understanding the immediate confirmation indicator does not mean that the transfer order will be confirmed immediately. It makes possible that during the creation of transfer order you CAN put a flag in the confirmation checkbox.
If you use it together with "propose confirmation" flag (setting for WM movement type; V_T333-VQUIT), the falg in confirmation check box will be populated automatically during TO creation.
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  • Auto Transfer order for picking from WM

    Dear Sapiens,
    I am facing a issue of picking material for delivery:
    The material from  storage Type 251 and Bin say 'FGFLOOR'  Picks to Storage Type  '916' and Bin say '75002137' i.e After TO
    So after doing PGI it will pick from Storage Type '916' and BIN 'A1'.
    After completion of delivery both records should cleared from report LS24 but in our system it is not happening.
    Which I am clearing using LT01 which is timing consuming, So is there any automatic setting which should cleared
    both Storage Type(i.e 251) and Interim Bin Location (916) after doing PGI(601)
    Typ     StorageBin                 Total Stock     BUn
    SLoc          Batch      Stock for putaway             Pick quantity
    252     FGFLOOR                  40          EA
    FGWH          RP11050180                    0
    252     FGFLOOR                   80          EA
    FGWH          RP11050179                   0
    916     75002137                  -80          EA
    FGWH          RP11050179     0          0
    916     75002137                   -40          EA
    FGWH          RP11050180     0          0
    Please help me out .
    Thanks & Regards,
    Olet Malla

    Hi Jurgen,
    Exactly the same should happen as u said,but in my system it is not happening zero, As u can see the report posted by me.
    I am manually clearing LS24 report by transfering RMFloor(251) Material to Dyanamic BIN(916) using LT01, So where we can see 
    the Configuration setting for the above Scenario if needed?
    Kindly needed your suggestion.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Olet Malla

  • Confirming a Transfer Order for RF

    I am trying to find a BAPI or function module that will confirm a transfer order for use with a RF device.  We have tried using a BDC, but it is too unreliable because of the limit on the number of handling units that it can do at 1 time from the same bin.  If you have a way of confirming 30 or more handling units using transaction LT12 in a BDC, I will try that as well.
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    Hello ,
    you could try with BAPI_SHIPMENT_CHANGE,
    but it's released and not documented. So, it's at own risk.
    Regards Wolfgang

  • Error in confirmation of Transfer orders at Header level (TC LRF2)

    Hello All,
    A transfer order has single item.  It has got confirmed at the item level for the full quantity.  The confirmation switchbox at item level is checked in by the system automatically.  But in header level the switch box is not checked in.
    While trying to confirm the Transfer order at header level, the error message shows that the Transfer order is already confirmed.  But the Transfer order still exists in LRF2.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Marcos
    Note 566995 is an old correction note, which is probably already implemented on your system but it describes the standard system design regarding confirmations posted in mass processing transactions:
    When you enter an operation confirmation via the order info system or the mass processing the system now sets the confirmation type to 'Automatic final confirmation' as well as the indicator 'Post open reservations'. Thus the system automatically generates a final confirmation when you confirm the whole planned quantity and the operation receives status CNF (finally confirmed) instead of PCNF (partially confirmed).
    System is designed that way because a mass processing transaction will be generally executed in background mode and a huge number of confirmations can be posted at the same time. Therefore, user will not be able to enter any value to the confirmation.
    If you don't want this behaviour you could use the BAPI
    BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_HDR to develop your own mass processing transaction to post confirmations.

  • SUT selection in TO from storage type to PSA

    Hi All,
    The business process is Kanban replenishment where the CCID is scanned for TR creation for demand. TR then automatically converting to TO (movement type- 350). In TO we are getting the storage Unit type selected. need to know the basis of storage unit type selection.
    Further details of the movement as eg.
    Movement is from storage Type 030 to PSA.
    Storage Type 030 has Bulk as Put away strategy and FiFo as Removal Strategy.
    It is SUT check active.
    warehouse is HU and SU managed.
    Two kinds of SUT is there in the storage type 030 - Box and Pallet (L).
    Let me know the basis of SUT selection in above TO.
    The issue is that different material selects different SUT and there is no consistency. I checked for GR date, Quants, and material master, Move,ment Type data.
    Need help from all experts.
    Shankar Kumar

    Hi Shankar,
    As per standard SAP flow,
    Step 1 ) system picks the stock removal indicator from the WM1 view of material master
    Step 2) Picks the storage type from the T334T table based on the removal indicator from step1
    Step 3) Once the storage type selected it goes and check the available Quant in the storage type
    Step 4) After selection of all the Quant it sorts the selected record based on the GR date
    Step 5) Once the first quant selected it pass all the Quant information to internal table
    Step 6) Checks the required quantity minus quantity of first quant selected if the balance is greater then zero process continue from step 2 till the time required quantity - allocated quantity =0
    Now your query how system selects the Storage unit type, as you can see from above steps system selects the  Quant and the quant is already having the Storage unit type assigned. in the below example i have four quant in the stock and my requirement is for 120 PC, you can see the Sequence in Transfer order system stamps the TO line item based on the Storage type search (003,002 in below case) and then based on ascending order of Goods receipt  it selects the Quant from within the Storage unit
    in the below example
    Storage type search strategy (Entry into T334T)
    Stock in warehouse

  • RE: Transferring stock from storage type A to storage type B

    what movement can I used in WMS to move stock from storage type A to storage type B for replenishment?

    Hi ..
    I think for replenishments standard movement type is 319 .
    You need to assign storage type with this movement type.
    Run Lp22 or Lp24 to generate replenishment .
    If its one time activity you can use LT10 with movement  999 to transfer from one storage type to another.
    Hope it helps

  • Unwanted automatic confirmation of transfer order

    I am kind of out of good ideas. The problem is following:
    I pick for production orders to fixed bins using several different WM movement types. When I am low on stock the production orders then cannibalizes on each other when picking in background. I dont have "propose confirmation" set in any of the WM movement types concerned.
    2 pcs are in interim storage type 914, then I generate a transfer order for interim storage type 924 (copy of 914), which picks from 914 and confirms automatically.
    thanks for any ideas of what else to check.

    the thing I need to understand is:
    1. why does the transfer order pick from another interim storage type in background.
    2. why does this type of movement between interims auto-confirm

  • User exits for delivery picking confirmation and transfer order creation

    We have a scenario for which we need help.
    This is to do with replenishment from plant to plant.
    We have sales sets.
    The sales sets needs to be replenished from one plant to another. We want the componenets of the sales sets to picked from the issuing plant. For this we need a transfer order. this needs tobe confirmed and then the goods issue should take place from the issuing plant. Its a two step process.
    we are doing Sales sets in STO. The explosion takes place in STO. However when we create deliveries for this. Only the sales set header item without its components are flowing into the delivery.
    The Tranfer order does not contain the components either.
    However post  the goods issue we  can create a TO with reference to the TR. This is is not acceptable because we want the picking and confirmation to occur before PGI from the issuing plant.
    Could anybody help: We want the TO to be created with the components even though in the delivery only the Sales set header appears. Can u suggest a user exit in which when we create the TR from the delivery the components of the set.
    After confirmation of the TO then we want the picking status to be put as C.

    Check the following users exits.
    MWMRFSSG            user exit for sorting TOs in RF system-guided transaction
    MWMRFUP             Customer defined general purpose pushbutton called from scr.
    MWMRP001            Cust. Exit for Fixed Bin Replenish.: Delivery Item Selection
    MWMRP002            Cust. Exit for Fixed Bin Replenishment: TR Quantity Distr.
    MWMRP003            Customer Exit for Replenishment using RLLNACH1
    MWMRP004            User Exit for Replenishment using RLLNACH4
    MWMTO001            Enhancements for end of transfer order generation
    MWMTO010            Exit: Calculation of Total Planned TO Processing Time
    MWMTO011            Correction of Planned Processing Time for TO Item
    MWMTO012            Correction of Sorting and Split Transfer Order
    MWMTO013            Stock Removal for Sev. Storage Types as in Stringent FIFO
    MWMTOAU3            Separate selection of posting changes for autom.TO creation
    MWMTR001            Exits at the end of transfer rqmnt creation (IM,PP interf.)
    MWMD0001            Transfer order print via RLVSDR40
    MWMD0002            Transfer order print as multiple process with RLKOMM40
    MWMIDI07            Enhancement for Output WMPIHU (Create Pick-HU) Inbound
    MWMIDO11            Enhancement for message WMTORD: TO with several items
    MWMIDO12            Enhancement for Output WMPIHU (Pick-HUs) Outbound
    MWMIDO13            Extension for WMMBXY (subsequent tasks after goods movement)
    MWMPP001            Enhancement WM/PP Interface (automatic TR generation)

  • Order Confirmation (PM) & Transfer Order (WM)

    Hi all,
    following this path
    SPRO > Logistics Execution > Warehouse Management > Interfaces Inventory > Management > Activate Automatic TO Creation
    we have activated the automatic TO creation.
    We have maintained the value "X" in the column "Indicator: Create transfer order immediately" for all the Movement types. Indeed, creating a good issue (from MIGO transaction) the system offers the OT screen.
    But creating a good issue from the IW41 transaction (Create PM Order Confirmation) the system behaves differently.
    How I can align the two behaviors? I don't want to retain the MM stock misaligned compared to the WM stock.
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    How I can align the two behaviors? I don't want to retain the MM stock misaligned compared to the WM stock.
    Generally, you cannot cause inconsistency between IM and WM stock via simple GI posting. If you detach your WH from an operating IM SLoc, you can cause...(just one example)
    Is WM/PP interface switched on?
    If yes, no TO is generated at the time of GI - SAP directly consumes it from the interim storage type 100. Reason is that TO creation is before GI in this case: TR is generated (e.g.) at the release of PrdOrd and processing that TR from LB10, you get the TO.
    SPRO > LE > WM > Interfaces > Define Prdouction
    I'm not sure but it can be a possible cause of the behaviour of the system you face...

  • Automatic Transfer Order for GR from External vendor and from Process Order

    Hi Expert
    We need to implement the logic for automatic transfer order,
    the Idea when we Receive the Goods from Vendor and while posting goods via Migo we want that the system create automatically the TO.
    the same approach to be implemented for GR from Process Order we need that the system create TO directly to the right Bin
    Your support is higly recommanded

    Many thanks for your support
    I made what you illustrated in your previous message for the Mvt type 501:
    There is a pop up screen which displayed asking me to create TO for Material Document
    Please find attached the related screens
    And please note that the Material Master was updated accordingly
    Please note
    Please correct me if I made a wrong step

  • Customized RF transaction for Confirmation of Transfer Order for WM

    Hello everyone !
    I need to develop a customized RF transaction for tcode LM05 and LT11. where i need to call custome screens for
    1. Select transfer order - ( which will fetched from any handheld device like BARCODE scanner )
    2. Navigate to screen SOURCE INFORMATION - Multiple Materials on pressing on NEXT button the control goes to
    3. Destination Information - Multiple Materials and on ENTER pushbutton the TO gets confirmed.
    Basically i need to create ZLM05 and do the above.
    Please can any one provide the steps to achieve the above funcitonality ,
    Thanks & Regards,


  • Auto Confirmation for combined order with quantity distribution

    Dear All,
    we need your help that we have using the auto-confirmation for normal production order , but got the problem in combined order confirmation for final operation , in final operation we are not getting quantity distribution with respect to child order.
    please suggest any BAPI is there?

    Not possible in standard system.

  • Quantity not post in auto confirmation in process order (PPPI)

    Hi Expert ,
    We are doing process order (PPPI-Route) stage wise...Now  we have ACTIVATED auto confirmation in contorl key PI01...Now system allow us to confirm only PI03 Control key...Upto that, it is ok....
    But when we check in COR3 , Activity Consumption (standard) - which we maintain in PI01 not calculated as actual Qty and Cost.....(Actual qty comes zero)
    Can you give your input on this...
    Rajesh Mehta
    +91 9924141561

    Hi Expert,
    Yes, we can get Target and Planned Qty and Cost in COR3...but we can not get Actual Qty and Actual Cost...
    Our Price Indicator in Activity type is 1 and Actual Price Indicator is 5.
    Is this settings needs to be change ?
    Waiting for reply
    Rajesh Mehta
    +91 9924141561

  • Automatic Confirmation of Transfer Order

    I have the following Scenario.
    I have 3 Warehouses defined, 1 for Reception material, 2 for finished goods. And it supoused to have the same configuration parameters.
    WH number 100 (Reception material area) when I do a movement with  MB1A mvt type 201 or 261, and generate the TO via LT06, the TO is not confirmed.
    But with the WH numbers 200 and 300 (finished goods area) doing the same example, Txn MB1A mov types 201 or 261, and generate the TO via LT06, the TO is automatically confirmed.
    I just check the Automatic COnfirmation section and for the 3 Warehouse have same parameters.
    What could be affecting?  Will exist a user exit to control this?

    Hi Marco,
    Please check SAP online help how confirmation is controlled:
    Please also check help in IMG:
    SPRO > LE > WM > Activities > Confirmation
    You will see that confirmation is coontrolled trough:
    - warehouse ID (whether 2-step confirmation is allowed)
    - storage type
    - movement type
    If your settings at movement type are the same and you experience different behaviour in your WHs, please check your settings of storage types.
    SPRO > LE > WM > Activities > Confirmation - Storage type
    You have to check settings of destinaton storage types (910; 914) in WH 100, 200, 300 as well as settings of source storage types.
    If there's no difference please check transacton LT06 itself - if you execute it in foreground mode it is possible to put a flag in confirmation checkbox.
    Please also check user exits in SE38. Here you can find list of possible user exits:
    SPRO > LE > WM > Tools > Develop User Exits for WM
    ...or please switch to debug mode and check from where confirmation req. comes...

  • Warehouse management - how to de-confirm a transfer order item

    This is probably not the best forum for the question, but you guys are the best so here goes:
    In our warehouse we create transfer orders for picking.  We can confirm them via LT12 to confirm the entire Transfer order, or use LT11 to confirm each item of the transfer order one at a time.  Is there any way to de-confirm (IE cancel the confirmation that was previously done) for an item of the transfer order.  It looks like our only option is to cancel the entire transfer order.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    To confirm Transfer Order--LT12

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