Auto populate fields based on dropdown selection

New to forms and needing some insight
Is there a way to auto populate a series of fields based on the selection of a dropdown box
for instance;
chosing a customer's name from a dropdown box would auto populate the address, city,state zip etc...

Yes, but not easy and you do not want to have a large number of items.
Programming List and Combo fields in Acrobat and LiveCycle forms - Part 1 by Thom Parker

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  • Is there a way to auto-populate text based on a selection?

    I honestly don't even know how to word my question haha... so the title may be misleading...
    For my job I need to fill out indesign files, and at one part of the file based on the state a person is from I need to paste a specific e-mail in several places.
    Is there a way where maybe I create a dropdown menu of the several state e-mails I can choose from, and upon choosing it auto-populates that choice into the several other places?
    I guess, is there a way where if I make a select or input text into one area it will generate in the other areas as well?

    Maybe you need some kind of clipboard manager to choose several texts to paste

  • Seeking Pdf form help - javascript formula to auto-populate fields based on data from other fields.

    Hi there, I am new to PDF form work, and am wondering if someone could help me with a javascript formula.
    I want to auto-populate the EXPIRYDATE field, as the same date as the entered AUTHORIZATIONDATE field, but 4 years later.
    So, I want to be able to enter 11/14/2014 in the AUTHORIZATIONDATE date, and have 11/14/2018 auto populate in the EXPIRYDATE field.
    Seems simple I know, but I've messed around quite a bit and can't seem to make it work. Is this possible??
    Any help would be very much appreciated!!

    And what have you done?
    This can only be done with custom JavaScript programing.
    The value of date type fields are text field and not numeric data. The first task is to convert the dates to a number on some type of number sequence that is a mapping to dates.
    Have you looked at the Acrobat JavaScript API Reference, the MDN JavaScript reference?
    I would use the Acrobat JavaScript util.scand to covert the date string to the number of milliseconds from January 1, 1970 midnight. and then use the getFullYear method of the date object for the year value and add 4 years to that value and then use the setFullYear method to set the year for the date object. Now you can use the util.printd method to format the date object as a date string with a specific format.
    // get the date value, format of date string and years to add;
    var cDate = "11/14/2014"; // date value;
    var cFormat = "mm/dd/yyyy"; // date format;
    var nYears = 4; // years to add;
    // convert date string to date object;
    var oDate = util.scand(cFormat, cDate);
    if(oDate == null) {
    app.alert("Error converting " + cDate + " using format " + cFormat, 0, 1);
    // add years to date object;
    oDate.setFullYear(oDate.getFullYear() + nYears);
    // display result;
    var cExpireyDate = util.printd(cFormat, oDate);
    app.alert("Authorization Date: " + cDate + "." +
    "\nExpire Date: " + cExpireyDate, 3, 0);

  • Sum Fields Based on Dropdown Selection

    I have (1) dropdown field named (CAT) that contains (7) items and repeats in (31) rows.  I also have (3) different decimal fields (REG, TIMEHALF, and DBL) which may or may not contain data, that also repeat in the same (31) rows.  Lastly, I have a separate field (BASEBLDGTL) that is not connected to the table, which I want to use to calculate the (3) different decimal fields base on the selection of the dropdown field.  So basically, I'm looking for the BASEBLDGTL field to add all of the REG, TIMEHALF, and DBL fields together for each row if the first item in the dropdown field is selected.  I also want the BASEBLDGTL field to be able to pickup on possible changes to the selection of the CAT dropdown field.  Any help would be gracefully appreciated as I'm a complete idiot in Java and FormCalc.

    I'll give this a shot, but I'm not entirely sure what you're asking.
    var amounts = xfa.resolveNodes("tblParts.Row1[*]");
    var total = 0;
    for (var i=0; i<amounts.length; i++) if (amounts.item(i).ddSomething == "abc") total += amounts.item(i).ExpenseAmount;
    //go through the table, if the drop down matches what you're looking for, add that amount to the total
    nfExpenseABCTotal.rawValue = total;

  • Need to auto populate Field based on Partner Function in UI

    Hello Experts ,
    Currently we have a requirement in Opportunity Management in UI .
    We are working on "Territory Management "  in UI .
    While creating the Opportunity in Web UI , when we put employee code the Territory ID is auto populated.
    Now we dont want to have   Territory ID filled automatically based on Employee , but we would like to have
    Territory ID autopopulated based on "Prospect" .
    Can any one let me know how we can achieve it ?

    Hi Milind,
    I guess the territory gets populated based on the Partner associated to the order.
    There shooukd be an attribute like TERRITORY_ID_UI or TERRITORY_ID where in the GET method the territory ID will be derived
    based on the partner relations and being populated.
    Now you need to redefine this method and remove this logic....figure which partner relation stores the prospect and put the appropriate code.
    Masood Imrani S.

  • Dynamically enable a field based on a selected table row

    Hi everyone.
    I'm getting really confused right now, please show me the right way. My approach may be, and probably is, wrong since I am self learning this and all I have is an ASP.NET background.
    I have a page with a table in it. I've created a DataControl for a collection I've made and mapped it to the table. I added a column that shows an "edit" button. On it's click, I open a popup that shows the selected row's data. Naviguation controls are also present on the popup.
    This is working fine.
    My problem comes in the popup. Each row has multiples fields. These fields, shown on the popup, need to dynamically be enable/disable. To toggle those field, the only way I can see right now is to have a function that takes into parameter the rowId and the fieldName. Based on those two fields, I can get the necessary information to know if I need to enable or disable the control.
    What I was aiming for, but then again I totally failed, was to have that function called on the "enabled" EL Expression, returning a Boolean.
    Now that this has been said, can someone guide my on how to dynamically enable/disable each field based on the selected row.
    Thanks !

    Above +
    why don't you create a bean method that returns a Boolean ans through EL Expression Builder select the method to this property.
    btw .. on which components are you setting this?
    If there is business logic that prohibits to update this object unless that is met.. you can also do it as..
    In EOImpl .. override isAttributeUpdateable(int i) method eg:
    public boolean isAttributeUpdateable(int i) {
    if(i == this.ENAME && "KING".equalsIgnoreCase(this.getEname())){
    return true;
    return super.isAttributeUpdateable(i);
    and then in UI for the component say
    ReadOnly = #{bindings.Ename.updateable}
    Or, In UI
    disable = #{ bindings.Ename.attributeValue == 'KING' & bindings.Mrg.attributeValue == null ? true : false}
    adf does provides many ways to do it ..
    Cheers, Amit

  • Is there a way to auto populate one field based on a selection made in another field?

    We want to enter an account number and have the account name field auto populate.

    Yes there are many ways.
    Do you want to populate form a controlled source like a database?
    From data stored within the form?

  • New Z-table to auto-populate description based on the key field entered

    Hi Gurus,
    I have to created a z-table, there are several fields however I am interested in only two
    1) VSTEL and 2) PADEST for shipping point and the printer name. Also there are two other fields I have added to the table that are the descriptions for VSTEL and PADEST. Now the requirement is that when the user enteres a value in table maintenance ( sm30)
    for say VSTEL, then its description should auto populate or propose the right values. Same should happen for the PADEST and its description field.

    Goto the Table maintenance generator of the Table.
    On this screen.
    Environment -
    > Modification -
    > Events
    Create New entry in the table with T = 05 and Z <any name>
    Save it.
    An editor button appears next to the from name.
    Click on it and create an include.
    Write your code in this include...
    select vstel
           from table XXXX into table I_XXXX
           where vstel = (Z_VSTEL)User enterd VSTEL in module pool.
    If sy-subrc = 0.
          loop at I_XX into wa_xxx.      
              if wa_xxx-vstel = Z_vstel.
                z_padest(Desc field in Tab maint) = wa_XXX-PADEST.  
    The same logic can be used to get the desc for VSTEL and PDEST.
    You can change this in many ways based on performance.
    The above code is just to give an idea...

  • Auto-populating text fields based on dropdown option

    This has probably been covered on this forum before.  I would like to auto-populate multiple text fields with pre-programmed data based on a user-selected option from a drop-down list.  The file here should explain clearly what I want to do:
    Where can I find an example code that would accomplish this task?  Thanks.

    Your form data hierarchy is different than mine. You need the brackets also, otherwisethe first assignment statements executes only.
    // form1.#subform[0].DropDownList1::exit - (JavaScript, client)
    if (!(this.isNull)) {
      var char = this.rawValue;
      TextField41.rawValue = "Data " + char + "1";
      TextField42.rawValue = "Data " + char + "2";
      TextField43.rawValue = "Data " + char + "3";

  • Auto-populate fields in Custom Object Based on Another Record

    I am hoping to auto-populate a few default values in a new Custom Object record based on an associated Lead record. The layout is this:
    I use the Lead record to take care of most of the information in the sales stages until the product is sold. The Lead record has fields to record information for a one product sale. The sales person can then use the Custom Object (called 'GX Additional Product') (which shows up in the Related Information section of the Lead record) to add additional items to a sales order request. Many of the fields in the GX Additional Product (custom object) record are identical to fields already filled out in the Lead record.
    What I would like to do, is when a new GX Additional Product (custom object) is added to the Lead record, those identical fields already filled out in the Lead record, by default, populate the corresponding fields in the new GX Additional Product (custom object) record.
    Is this possible? Is this something that can be done with JoinFieldValues? If so, I've had a bit of confusion trying to set up a JoinFieldValues expression.
    If you have any information to share that would be helpful, that would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!

    You can use JoinFieldValue to Custom Objects from other entities, cause you will have other objects' ID recorded inside the CO's, when you open a new detail record associated with the parent. Make sure your custom object is showing as a detail section (N:1) into lead´s main page. Try with one field first, using the exact syntax provided at samples listed at product documentation.
    Flavio Amorim

  • Can I auto-populate fields in a pdf form based on responses in other fields (using Acrobat XI PRO)?

    I am creating a fillable pdf form using Acrobat XI Pro and would like to be able to auto-populate text fields in one section of the form based on responses entered by respondents in an earlier section.  Is this possible?  If so, would it function for respondents using Adobe Reader to complete the form?
    Many thanks,

    Thanks, George!  In the form I am creating, I ask respondents to identify a number of organizations that they work with.  For example, I ask "Please list up to ten organizations" and then I provide ten text boxes for organizations 1-10.  I then ask a series of follow up questions (radio buttons, check boxes, and rating scales) about each organization.  I would like to auto-populate the fields of those follow up questions with the names of the organizations that the respondents had written.  Does that make sense?  Will this require JavaScript?  My hope is to avoid complicated scripts that may give respondents technical problems with the form.  Thanks again,

  • Populate field based on selection from another field?

    I'm using a Data Connection with a SQL query that returns two fields (StNameFull and ADDRKEY). I have a drop-down list called "Address" with the list items dynamically bound to StNameFull, so the user can select the address.
    What I'm trying to do is populate the second field "Key" with the corresponding record, based on the selection made from the drop-down list.
    Is it possible to script this so that when the Address is selected the Key will automatically fill in with the key that matches the address selcted?
    I currently have "Key" as a text field bound to ADDRKEY, but not sure how to have it check what was selected in "Address"
    Thanks so much,
    - Kevin

    Yes it is possible but you will have to write some script to do it. You wil also have to ge the DataConenction to execute a SQL statement. There is a good blog on this topic at this location:

  • Interactive form that auto selects input fields based on initial selection

    i want to create a form that based on initial selections, automatically highlights "required" input fields.
    i.e.  if i create an item on the form called "promotion", when this item is "checked", all the fields that are required will automatically light up, and the person completing the form cannot exit, save, and submit the form until all related fields are filled in.
    is this possible using adobe products?  i have cs5 (with dreamweaver, indesign, etc.)
    can anyone point me toward any documentation that will show me how to do this?

    This forum is for Adobe FormsCentral ( which is a service that allows you to create, collect and analyze data using an online web form. You should ask general HTML form related questions in the Dreamweaver forums:
    I'll move your post to that forum so you don't need to retype it. They can help you out...

  • Using a rule to auto-populate fields

    I'm using InfoPath/SharePoint 2010.
    I work for a law firm and I am designing an InfoPath form for a SharePoint portal. We have a database will a list of matter numbers and names. One of the fields is called, Matter number and the other, Matter name.  I want users to be able to type
    in the matter number, and have that number validated against the database to auto-populate the matter name in the matter name field. Does anyone know how I would be able to do that?

    This would be done in InfoPath.
    Click on your Matter Name field and then select properties. For default value, select the data source as your other data source and then highlight the Matter name field. Click filter data and use the form field for Matter number.
    Check out this article:
    Andy Wessendorf SharePoint Developer II | Rackspace [email protected]

  • Infopath: How to load data in one field based on value selected in another field

    We have a drop down list field in the infopath form and we have some more fields that should change depending on the dropdown selection. 
    How can we achieve this please ?
    Thank you !

    Hi Prajk, sounds like you want to do cascading dropdowns. If so, see the link below. If you're just trying to enter information into a field (not a dropdown) based off the value of the dropdown, then set a rule so that if dropdown = "this," set
    the field's value to "this."
    cameron rautmann

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