Autocad integration

Hi all,
Is it possible in DMS, that we can import the dms document number generated externally,  to its attachment, i.e. autocad drawing?
Kindy give suggestions.
Points will be awarded.

I hope in your another thread i gave some information.
Hope that will help you.
If you need more information pls let me know.

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  • SAP Autocad Integration

    Hello All,
    We need to integrate SAP with Autocad. But don't have clear idea in configuration part.
    For that we are using following interfaces:
    SAP GUI 7.20
    Autocad 2010
    Cideon 6.0 ( Middle ware sw from SAP acts like interface between SAP and Autocad)
    Can anyone please help me configuring SAP CAD Integration.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Uday,
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  • Multiple AutoCAD files in one DIR using Cideon integration to SAP PLM

         We are testing the AutoCAD integration with SAP PLM and so far have been unable to figure out how to work with a DIR that has multiple autocad originals.  Specifically, an individual AutoCAD file for each sheet of a multi sheet drawing.   Has anybody done this before?  Using a different document part for each drawing sheet is not an option for us.
    Joseph Whiteley

    Hello again,
    The available standard 3rd party connector for AutoCAD doesn't support the functionality you have mentioned. It will require special custom enhancements available from same vendor which will cost extra bucks. We ended up using the same solution that John suggested. Create only a single DIR for the entire Multi sheet drawing and use the AutoCAD DWG viewer instead of the ECL viewer, I'm not 100% sure but ECL viewer does not support viewing individual sheets of this single drawing. Last I knew on this topic is that SAP is moving away from ECL viewer to Right Hemisphere not sure what happened though! Also having a single DIR will lead to requiring enhancements while using Conversion engine (for PDF conversion).
    We still face troubles when it comes to our change process, approval, and  transmittal process.

  • Error while Check in AutoCAD drawing from CAD-view

    I am using Cideon AutoCAD integrator 4.5 & AutoCAD Vanila 2008.
    1. Creating New document Drawing in AutoCAD.
    2. Save the drawing, system creating DIR, am selecting document type DRW.
    3. System generating DIR no.
    4. From AutoCAD am going in CAD - View.
    5. In CAD - View, System automatically taking Document No, Document Type, Document part, document Version.
    6. Now am check in the document.
    These are my steps,
    When am doing these steps for document Type DRW, It's working fine....when am selecting some new configure document type then it is not copying "document type, Number , version, part" in CAD - View & also giving me error @ time of Check in.
    Error is " No documents are assigned to this file".
    Is there any document related settings ? Pls suggest me...

    I got the solution.
    In the config document Types on initial  status, I un-checked the Check-In required field.
    Now it's working fine...reason i don't know...If any body knows pls let me know.

  • Installation of mysap PLM integration for Autodesk from Cideon Software

    Where to download
    Installation of mysap PLM integration - For AutoDesk / Auto CAD from Cideon Software
    (SAP AutoCAD integration using CAD Desktop)
    Is it comes along with SAP Inst or
    do we need to get licence to use from Cideon Software.

    for clarification:
    The AutoCAD-SAP Integration is a SAP product, developed by CIDEON Software together with SAP.
    So it is an SAP pricelist product, it has to be purchased from SAP. Consulting services are typically done by CIDEON.

  • Third party tool for autocad, microstation,etc

    Hi folks,
    We are implementing SAP in our company, which is into construction industry.
    We want to know which are the third party softwares which you folks use to integrating the
    following softwares with SAP.
    1. AutoCad
    2. Microstation
    3. MS Project
    4. Primivera

    regarding the third-party tools:
    SAP-AutoCAD Integration is developed by the SAP development partner CIDEON.
    CIDEON also provides a direct integration for Microstation.
    Please find here all needed information:
    If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

  • Third party presets for battery 3 migrate to battery 4

    I own battery 3 and logic 9 and Made presets of kits all for my BATTERY 3 in logic so theyre right there in my lib in Logic 9 .... Now i got into this battery 4 as well as LOGIC X..... all i want to do it make my battery 3 logic presets work for battery 4 .... I found the B3 presets and put them in a folder that seemed to have battery 4 see the presets but when i UPLOADED the battery 3 presets in battery 4 . The battery 4 would crash the program everytime when trying to load a B3 third-party preset in B4..... is there any converting i neeed to do the files from b3-b4 does anyone know anyway or even if its compatible to do such things... again incase i am unclear.... I want Battery3 third party presets that i made in logic 9 to now work and be accesed on logic X and battery 4....i know this is not a battery forum or native instruments forum... so for the people who want to help by saying oh i logic not battery.... atleast tell me where the third party presets folder "path" would be for Battery 4  when making presets in logic x ..... soo please let me rock out with this logic x and use my presets that i spent dys n days making.... as it is i cnt use jalf my plug ins with this 64 bit deal.... ATLEAST  someone help me to get my battery 4 to open the same ish as my battery 4 ...Again please some help here... 

    regarding the third-party tools:
    SAP-AutoCAD Integration is developed by the SAP development partner CIDEON.
    CIDEON also provides a direct integration for Microstation.
    Please find here all needed information:
    If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

  • CAD Integration (SE,Inventor,AutoCAD,IDEAS)

    Dear All,
    I have done CAD integration with SAP PLM for AutoCAD,Solid Edge V17, Inventor V10 and now working on some added functionality for the same.
    Let me know if you have any questions for the same.

    > Dear All,
    > I have done CAD integration with SAP PLM for
    > AutoCAD,Solid Edge V17, Inventor V10 and now working
    > on some added functionality for the same.
    > Let me know if you have any questions for the same.
    > Rahul
    Hello sir,
    I have developed SAP-Autocad interface with VBA as middleware
    Now I am doing the development using VC++ as the middleware what language have u used
    I have started the development just recently so its at a very basic point.Right now I am able to display a form for entering the login information by user there is a button on click of which connection 2 sap should be established.
    In VBA there is a library called Sapfunctionsocx which provides u with functions to connect to SAP
    Through VC++ r we suppose 2 use the RFC SDK I m using CRfcConnection class for it but it is generating the error as :
    interfacedialog1.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall CRfcString::~CRfcString(void)" ([email protected]@[email protected])
    after a lots of effort i m not able to solve this issue can u pls help me
    any information regarding this entire project u have pls do tell me

  • Autocad-PLM Integration issue

    Dear PLM Experts,
    We need to Implement Autocad-PLM Integration with Cideon Software interface. The basic cycle is working fine.
    I have the few questions for which i need more clarity. (We are using Autocad 2011 and Cideon Interface 6.1)
    1. The Creation of Material Master is happening by defining the Reference Point,Ballon & Creation of Ballon Material Master .
    Is there is any way, by taking the drawing reference, the Part list and the Material needs to be created(without defining the Part reference and ballon)
    2. The business already using X-steel and tekla for steel Detaling process..........when i convert these drawing into Autocad, the drawing is Exploded in 1:100 Ratio. How to avoid this... Ex: Poly lines drw are broken into different pieces
    3. Drawing creation through AutoDesk  and SAP Tab(Icon) through RFC......whats the difference between these two..
    4. How to add/Customize  columns in the Part list as per our requirement
    Thanks in advance

    Please provide more details how you solved this.  What is the Frame you are referring to?  The only Frame referece I see in AutoCAD help is in regards to a system variable that turns frames on or off for external references.    We are getting titleblock attributes to update between SAP and Vanilla AutoCAD but it is not working for AutoCAD Mechanical.

  • AutoCAD SAP Integration

    We are in the process of integrating SAP with AutoCAD using Dialog RFC interface
    We are able to communicate with SAP from AutoCAD using AutoCAD VBA component, which supports RFC connection
    i would like to know whether SAP has supplied installation file for customizing AutoCAD,so that customization of AutoCAD can be avoided.

    Hi Srinivasan
    Exactly the same thing i am trying to do...
    I am new to CAD integration
    I have certain codes for creation of materials, BOMs etc which have object SAPAllfunctionsOCX
    To access this object i need to have library file.
    Please let me know if you know some way to do that...
    Niketan Maral

  • T60. Will it run autocad 2009 with 3D Grahpics? Integrated GPU???? How do I find it?

    (Well, I thought the proplem was solved) I have a T60. I'm ready and willing to upgrade, but in any case, how do I verify "discrete or switchable graphics"?
    The last advise I got from the board was the following: 
    "Any ThinkPad with discrete or switchable graphics will work...T400/500, R400/500, W500/700...make sure that you're not getting the one with Intel integrated GPU and you'll be all set...
    FWIW, even T61/p with discrete GPU will run  this with no sweat..."
    --robert (RAB)

    ok then,
    do you know if there is an alternative way, such as underclocking permanently the GPU, just as I did with the CPU?
    at least it would stabilize the temperatures around 80.. or sth

  • CA-CAD: Integration SAP - Autocad

    I have SAP ERP 2006 SAP enhancement package 2, SAP GUI 710 and Autocad 2005. We are working with the RE-FX module.
    How can I install SAP Menú in Autocad? The autocad interface is an Add-on of the SAP GUI?
    Thanks a lot,

    Hi Uday,
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  • PLM Integration with AutoCAD

    Hi All,
    We have a requirement to integrate PLM with AutoCAD. But problem is our client wants to use only SAP connectors for that and does not want any third-party connectors for the same. Do you know any SAP standard connectors are available for that ?
    I have not found any documentation on the same. If any of you have any idea for the same, please share it.

    Hello sunny may I know why your client wants to Re-Invent the Wheel? Though Cideon is a 3rd party tool it is certified by SAP. I f you want go the enterprise connector path, it would mean lot of development and re-engineering. I personally don't recommend the 2nd path.
    N K

  • How large should i make my bootcamp partition for Windows to use basic autodesk programs like Revit and Autocad?

    I dont think ill be using windows for much more than revit and autocad (i use autocad on the mac side, but just in case), but i want to make sure I am not going to have a problem in the future. 
    I am a grad student in interior design, and have access to a windows computer (if i absolutely need it). 
    I will be basically just using those two programs, but of course other things will probably eventually get installed also.
    Does anyone who uses bootcamp for those programs have any input as to how much space i should set aside, without giving way too much space to Windows?  Windows itself seems to take up a lot of space anyway... looks like 24Gigs just for windows!  ugh.
    I prefer to use the mac side, so id like to keep as much free space on that end of the spectrum as possible, but it seems like a hassle to change the partition, and id like to avoid it if at all possible.  (dont want to pay for any re-partitioning programs either.  School has bled me dry already. 
    I have a macbok pro 13-inch (mid 2012).
    Thanks everyone, i appreciate any guidance.

    I have a 1TB drive in my iMac and set aside 160GB for the Win7/64 partition, and I'm not running anything as demanding as CAD programs. I've not used AutoCad personally but the drafters I worked with did, and always got the the fastest computers with the biggest hard drives. A development engineer was always overjoyed to get a computer the drafters cast off!
    I'm not sure "too much" is the problem. I'm concerned about too little. I think with a 750GB drive that 200-250 might be more realistic fpr a CAD program. It all depends on how much swap file activity the programs use.
    If someone with AutoCad experience doesn't show up here, it may be time to search the AutoDesk web site and forums to see what people consider the smallest HD usable assuming you are off-loading completed projects to external storage.
    While on the AC support site or forums, also find out if the Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics in your MBP is considered workable video hardware. It's not as powerful as the hardware in other MBP models and desktop Macs.
    RAM: A few months after installing Win7/64 in my iMAc quad-core i7, I found a great buy on RAM and trebled my RAM from 4 to 12GB. I did not see a big difference in the Mac side but noticed better performance on the Win side including better scores on MS's performance scoring system. You may need to add RAM if you have the stock 4GB.

  • AutoCAD and DMS config material

    My client wants to manage its autoCAD drawings with SAP DMS. Can you please assist me with this scenario configuration material.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance

    Hi Nyasha,
    For CAD integration with SAP DMS you may make use of CDESK tool.
    For CDESK availability & Pre-requisites refer to below SAP note
    Note 606491 - CDESK: CAD desktop 2.x - availability and prerequisites
    For CDESK configuration help refer to attachment in SAP note
    Note 629480 - CDESK: Documentation (incl Customizing) for CAD desktop 2.x
    Additional information can be found in SAP help below
    CAD Desktop (CA-CAD) - SAP Library
    Hope this helps.
    Deepak Kori

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