Autocad-PLM Integration issue

Dear PLM Experts,
We need to Implement Autocad-PLM Integration with Cideon Software interface. The basic cycle is working fine.
I have the few questions for which i need more clarity. (We are using Autocad 2011 and Cideon Interface 6.1)
1. The Creation of Material Master is happening by defining the Reference Point,Ballon & Creation of Ballon Material Master .
Is there is any way, by taking the drawing reference, the Part list and the Material needs to be created(without defining the Part reference and ballon)
2. The business already using X-steel and tekla for steel Detaling process..........when i convert these drawing into Autocad, the drawing is Exploded in 1:100 Ratio. How to avoid this... Ex: Poly lines drw are broken into different pieces
3. Drawing creation through AutoDesk  and SAP Tab(Icon) through RFC......whats the difference between these two..
4. How to add/Customize  columns in the Part list as per our requirement
Thanks in advance

Please provide more details how you solved this.  What is the Frame you are referring to?  The only Frame referece I see in AutoCAD help is in regards to a system variable that turns frames on or off for external references.    We are getting titleblock attributes to update between SAP and Vanilla AutoCAD but it is not working for AutoCAD Mechanical.

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    Where to download
    Installation of mysap PLM integration - For AutoDesk / Auto CAD from Cideon Software
    (SAP AutoCAD integration using CAD Desktop)
    Is it comes along with SAP Inst or
    do we need to get licence to use from Cideon Software.

    for clarification:
    The AutoCAD-SAP Integration is a SAP product, developed by CIDEON Software together with SAP.
    So it is an SAP pricelist product, it has to be purchased from SAP. Consulting services are typically done by CIDEON.

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    Hi Matt,
    You didn't mention but do you also wish to install the database(8i) on the same machine ?
    I am also trying to install all these products(+8i and designer 6i) on the same box but I am concerned more about the min. resources needed before I get started.(I put up a question about it on the 6i Forum, but nobody has answered yet !)
    The correct install order should be Forms/Reports 6i then Forms/Reports 6i Server and then WebDb 2.2.
    Forms /reports server needs a http listener and installs en configures the WebDb listener for the job.(you are prompted for this during tho have the install process).This is handy if you are intending to use WebDb anyway. When you install Webdb it detects the already installed WebDb listener and does not reinstall.
    You do have the SYS password on the database you will use to stored the WDK and WebDb schema.
    About installing the demo.....
    I dont' think there are any special issues.I have never done it.
    If you are intending to install an 8i database on the same box there are some important things to consider with respect to the install order and what products in which Oracle home must be installed.
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    This is just a quick summary.
    If you run into any problems let me know
    Good Luck.

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    Hi ,
    I am facing an integration issue in my newly set up Dev environment .
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    did you tried accessing the oim and soa urls:
    1. http://<hostname>:<port>/oim (login with xelsysadm user)
    2. http://<hostname>:<port>/soa-infra (login with weblogic user)
    Are you able to login to both urls.

  • PLM integration in PI

    Hi Experts,
                        We need to integrate third party PLM with SAP ERP for the following scenarios : Load part, part changes, BOM and BOM changes, AVL and AVL changes
    Could you please let me know if there is any standard content available in PI for PLM integration and direct me to any such links\documents for the same.

    Hi, have a look at ES Workplace and [ES Bundle Responsive Product Development and Launch|].
    This ES bundle enables distributed or outsourced product development and design teams to connect to particular data sources using SAP PLM.
    Regards, Martin

  • Photoshop Fill - A major integration issue?

    For the first time in a production environment, I was ready
    to use FW CS3 to slice and dice a colleague's PSD. I opened it in
    Photoshop and then in Fireworks for comparison - the two looked
    nothing alike.
    This particular colleague likes to take advantage of PS's
    Fill setting (as opposed to opacity and I can understand why in
    certain situations) - but Fireworks has no understanding of this
    Fill concept so every layer that uses it is darker in FW. So what's
    a guy to do?
    Is this a known integration issue? Will there be a solution
    for CS4? Can I wait that long? Is it ever really worth trying to
    open a PSD in Fireworks?
    I'm more than a little disappointed...

    I haven't tried this yet, but here's a thought:
    PS is layer based, FW is object bases. As a result, in FW you
    control the opacity of layers AND objects. Is it similar
    enough to
    Photoshop's Fill and Opacity in a layer? Maybe adjusting the
    opacity of
    the object will get you what you need? It might impact the
    stroke on the
    object, but you could possibly duplicate the object and
    remove/mask it's
    fill, so the solid stroke remains.
    It's a workaround, and a bit more work, but it might solve
    the problem
    for now.
    Jim Babbage - .:Community MX:. & .:Adobe Community
    Extending Knowledge, Daily
    CommunityMX - Free Resources:
    .:Adobe Community Expert for Fireworks:.
    Stowball wrote:
    > Linda
    > The problem is not caused by any colour mode or embedded
    profiles - it's
    > caused by Fireworks' lack of support for Photoshop's
    Fill feature.
    > The Fill feature is useful, because you can change the
    opacity of the actual
    > fill, without changing the opacity of any effects - like
    strokes - that are
    > applied to the layer.
    > My colleague uses this method frequently in his his
    > This PNG demonstrates it perfectly:
    > And the original PSD can be found here:
    > This is a real issue for PS->FW interoperability - I
    basically could not use
    > FW for the task of preparing a design for the web.
    > I'd be interested to hear how this will affect other
    > Regards
    > Matt

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    I have a client that is having Exchange Outlook Integration issues when trying to set up Lync 2013.
    The email address is [email protected] The sip address is
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    The address book is not downloading and the outlook integration issue error icon appears on the bottom right.
    If the client is set manually to [email protected] the address book downloads.
    But can Lync work in the long run set up like this?

    Did you solve the issue with the help of Andrew provided?
    Which sip domain name did you use for default SIP domain ([email protected] or
    [email protected])?
    Did the issue happen internal or external?
    For the issue of cannot download address book, please check the External Base URL on Lync topology with the help of the link below:
    For the issue of Lync and Exchange integration you can refer to the link below:
    Note: Microsoft is providing this information as a convenience to you. The sites are not controlled by Microsoft. Microsoft cannot make any representations regarding the quality, safety, or suitability of any software or information found there.
    Please make sure that you completely understand the risk before retrieving any suggestions from the above link.
    Best Regards,
    Eason Huang
    Eason Huang
    TechNet Community Support

  • PLM Integration with AutoCAD

    Hi All,
    We have a requirement to integrate PLM with AutoCAD. But problem is our client wants to use only SAP connectors for that and does not want any third-party connectors for the same. Do you know any SAP standard connectors are available for that ?
    I have not found any documentation on the same. If any of you have any idea for the same, please share it.

    Hello sunny may I know why your client wants to Re-Invent the Wheel? Though Cideon is a 3rd party tool it is certified by SAP. I f you want go the enterprise connector path, it would mean lot of development and re-engineering. I personally don't recommend the 2nd path.
    N K

  • DMS Integration Issues

    Hi All,
    I have integrated  DMS with KM. I am able to see the files. But I have 2 probs
    1: the file names are displayed like this.
    I want to change this. The last part is the "loio"
    . I want to remove that and put Description. I have followed this help link
    But this is not working for me.
    2: When I click a file name (above name in prob 1) , I know its a word file. But its not getting opened in word, All files in KM are opened propery, but not the DMS files.
    I think this is the prob with MIMEs, since I am using User Mapping.
    How can I solve this issue?
    My i am in Netweaver 2004s.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    Dear George,
    I know exactely this issue only when using older versions of the DMS KM connector. You'd best assure using the latest SP/Patch level.
    On such issue I'd anyway file a message on Component EP-PCT-PLM-SR3, guess this will be most efficient here.
    Regards, Peter

  • FI-SD integration issue Error in account determination: table T030K key NECA EXD Message no. FF709

    Dear expert.
    Thank you for adding me at your professinal network Linkedin. I am getting some issue related to FI-SD integration.
    IT's coming while releasing billing document in Tcode VF02.
    Error in account determination: table T030K key XXXX EXD
    Message no. FF709
    I look into Tcode VKOA- Acct determination for Cust Grp Mat Grp for sales organization for EXD, OB40 - EXD AcctKey, V/08- checked procedure Zneac.
    And also maintained the taxcode in Vk11.
    But i am not able to understand the issue.
    Please  reply with valuable suggestion.
    Thanks in advance.
    Regards Mani.
    manibhushanchoubey8 at the rate gmail dot com

    Please check below links
    Error in account determination:T030K
    Msg no.FF709 Error in account determination: table T030K key INT VS1 I0
    Note: Please search in the forum before posting the issue

  • Q4_How to manage software material and BOM in SAP_High-tech Industry PLM Implementation Issues

    We are implementing SAP PLM for a high-tech company which designs and manufactures mobile phones (ODM). Since we are new in PLM consulting and we are facing with some implementation difficulties, we are looking for some solutions here.
    Question 4: How to manage software material and BOM in SAP?
    Currently, software are not managed as material in the BOM.  How to manage software material in PLM, can anyone help us with some suggestions.
    Question 5: PADS integration with PLM.
    Currently, customer is using Pro/E and PADS to design their product. SAP has already provided standard interface for Pro/E integration. But for PADS, there is no such interface. Because of the specialization of electrical components managed in PADS, different from structural parts in Pro/E, how to transfer them between PLM system and manage them in the PLM system has become an difficulty. We will appreciate a lot if anyone can share us with some successful solutions.

    software, typically a released version of software, is typically managed as a normal material master, and a related document with the code as a package (e.g. ZIP), if really needed.
    Software in development is managed typically with a dedicated Software Configuration Management tool like Rational ClearCase, Subversion, MKS Integrity, ....
    Regards, Ulf

  • OAF-UCM integration - Issue in deploying RIDC.jar to EBS server

    Hi ,
    We are doing OAF-UCM integration with followng business scenario and need your help urgently.
    Business Scenario :
    We have custom OAF pages with OA train and and in one train link we have added 'managed attachment' button to open UCM page to add documents to DM server .
    We are successfully able to do integration of OAF to UCM , that is we are able to open UCM page on clicking Managed attachment button.Business agreed that OAF and UCM are two different applications so after transaction is completed in  UCM, at OAF we have refresh button which user has to clicked explicitly to pull document metadata ( lilke PDF URL etc) to OAF pages.
    This is data needs to stored in EBS tables as well , to achive the same we are using RIDC mechanism to PULL the data stored corresponding on 1 unique metadata.
    I m successfully able to integrate the PULL( Sychnonizaton) of data on click on refersh button of OAF page. RIDC ( UCM version 11g) is correctly configured in Jdev10g and working fine on local oc4j server,
    Problem :
    When this RIDC is jar is deployed in EBS server  I m getting following error -
    Request URI:/OA_HTML/OA.jsp
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/stellent/ridc/IdcClientException
    We have added RIDC jar(actual physical path is =/APPS/XXXXXXX/common/java/)   file name in and also added in CLASS PATH
    # Custom classpath
    Appreciate if some can provide pointers how to deploy this external jar file (RIDC.jar) and avoid this error.
    Many Thanks ,

    Ok, Figured out the issue,
    Values in the OAF_AXF_CMD_PARAMS table was not matching with the actual attributes on the OAF pages. The four values
    Entity Name, Primary Key, View Object and Attributes are to be entered for each page where we are intending to have the MA button.

  • Document Integration Issue

    Hi All,
    In one of my reports, i'm trying the Document Integration for Master Data.
    While creating new Document, i have selected 'Mime Type' as 'text/plian'.
    On the execution of the query, it is showing the Display Document symbol.
    But when i'm trying to display the document (from the context menu, GoTo -> Display Documents), a new browser window is displaying with a the message "The cannot be displayed".
    This is the first time i'm working with the 'Document Integration', So , i donot know wether it opens in a new window. Pls let me know...
    If it is so, then is the meaning of 'Mime Type' as 'text/plian'.
    Mr. V

    Hi Michael,
    When I try to “create” a callout in the designer-->callouts I can provide the name for the callout, the callout JAR is found, but the method drop-down does not show my method so I can’t actually create the calloutI think you mean that "Implementation Class" drop-down is not listing your class name. Your code seems correct so probably issue may be in the jar packing. Can you please mail across your jar to me? Would like to check it once.

  • ADF desktop integration issue

    i have created a application and published to weblogic successfully, but when i tried to run my integrated excel workbook, i got following errors. how to resolve this issue ?
    ADFDI-00134: An attempt to connect to the web application has failed.
    ADFDI-00501: An unexpected status: 500 (InternalServerError) was returned from the server while requesting the URL: http://localhost:7101/myDITest/adfdiRemoteServlet
    ConnectionFailedException: ADFDI-00134: An attempt to connect to the web application has failed.
    Source: adfdi-excel-runtime
    at maybeHadSession)
    at bc, String contentType)
    at isFirstLoad)
    at initializeUI)
    UnexpectedHttpStatusException: ADFDI-00501: An unexpected status: 500 (InternalServerError) was returned from the server while requesting the URL: http://localhost:7101/myDITest/adfdiRemoteServlet
    Source: adfdi-excel-runtime

    There is some kind of configuration problem with your web application.
    First, you should report the version of ADFdi you are using.
    Next, you should verify the configuration against the guide.
    Next, you should perform some diagnostic steps.

  • ADF LDAP Integration Issue

    Hi Experts,
    I am new to ADF Development, and trying to implement LDAP in  my application. As per some forums i am using ADF Security. I have modified my WebLogic server, myrealm with LDAP details and added below mentioned codes in JPS-Config.xml file:
          <serviceProvider type="IDENTITY_STORE" name="idstore.ldap.provider"" class="">
             <description>LDAP-based IdentityStore Provider</description>
            <serviceInstance name=idstore.ldap provider=idstore.ldap.provider>
                <property name=idstore.config.provider>
                <property name=CONNECTION_POOL_CLASS>
                <property name="username.attr" value="userPrincipalName"/>
                <property name="user.login.attr" value="userPrincipalName"/>
                <property name="virtualize" value="true" />
                <property name="ldap.url" value="directory.corp"/>
                <property name="idstore.type" value="ACTIVE_DIRECTORY"/>
    <serviceInstanceRef ref="idstore.ldap"/>
    But i am not able to see Identity store menu option in the left pane of Configure ADF Security window. Could you please help me to fix this issue. Thanks in advance
    I am using jDev 11g
    Please find the below link for Configure ADF Security window

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi, I tried to install Oracle 9i DB on AIX 4.3.3 with Maintainence Level 9. However, I got the following error: Calling action unixActions2. make installMakePath = /usr/ccs/bin/make installMakeFileName = /usr/opt/oracle/product/9.0.1/rdbms/lib

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    Hello, I would like to create an instance of a class in a specific directory. So, I am doing this way : System.setProperty("java.class.path", classPath.getAbsolutePath()); Class object = Class.forName(name); Object instance = object.newInstance();It

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