AutoCAD SAP Integration

We are in the process of integrating SAP with AutoCAD using Dialog RFC interface
We are able to communicate with SAP from AutoCAD using AutoCAD VBA component, which supports RFC connection
i would like to know whether SAP has supplied installation file for customizing AutoCAD,so that customization of AutoCAD can be avoided.

Hi Srinivasan
Exactly the same thing i am trying to do...
I am new to CAD integration
I have certain codes for creation of materials, BOMs etc which have object SAPAllfunctionsOCX
To access this object i need to have library file.
Please let me know if you know some way to do that...
Niketan Maral

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  • Auto-Cad SAP integration interface development regard problem

    I have just started working  on development of Autocad SAP integration interface using VC++
    I want to login into SAP environment by clicking on a logon Menu on a menu bar
    I want to get some idea as to how to start with this requirement.
    Can somebody on the forum guide me through this.
    If anybody has any idea or solution pleasssssssssss do let me know
    THANKS in advance

    Hi Nishant,
    Check your CFG file Settings
    then check your settings in "General"
    I.e. key "AllCadAppls"  --> Value "ACD"
    CheckForFileDoubles -> yes
    StdKproCategory --> mention your Content Category defined in Content Server
    Please let me know after doing this settings

  • Autocad-PLM Integration issue

    Dear PLM Experts,
    We need to Implement Autocad-PLM Integration with Cideon Software interface. The basic cycle is working fine.
    I have the few questions for which i need more clarity. (We are using Autocad 2011 and Cideon Interface 6.1)
    1. The Creation of Material Master is happening by defining the Reference Point,Ballon & Creation of Ballon Material Master .
    Is there is any way, by taking the drawing reference, the Part list and the Material needs to be created(without defining the Part reference and ballon)
    2. The business already using X-steel and tekla for steel Detaling process..........when i convert these drawing into Autocad, the drawing is Exploded in 1:100 Ratio. How to avoid this... Ex: Poly lines drw are broken into different pieces
    3. Drawing creation through AutoDesk  and SAP Tab(Icon) through RFC......whats the difference between these two..
    4. How to add/Customize  columns in the Part list as per our requirement
    Thanks in advance

    Please provide more details how you solved this.  What is the Frame you are referring to?  The only Frame referece I see in AutoCAD help is in regards to a system variable that turns frames on or off for external references.    We are getting titleblock attributes to update between SAP and Vanilla AutoCAD but it is not working for AutoCAD Mechanical.

  • Error after uninstalling the SAP Integration Kit XI 3.0 on Unix

    Hi all,
    I have uninstalled the SAP Integration Kit XI 3.0 on a single solaris server installation. Uninstall was done exactly as instructed in the manual and everything looked ok.
    Now when I try to go to the login page of CMC or InfoView I get an error:
    type Status report
    message /PartnerPlatformService/service/app/
    description The requested resource (/PartnerPlatformService/service/app/ is not available.
    Is the login page trying to look for the SAP authentication page that was removed ?
    Is there some configuration still remaining somewhere that needs to be removed so I get the old login page back ?
    Thanks for ideas, Timo

    Thanks for pointing to the right direction. I changed the tomcat webapps web.xml file parameter and it was enought to start working again.

  • SAP Integration kit for BO XIR2 with Crystal XI for BI 7.0 Front end

    Hello Team,
    We are in a little fix.
    We have BOE XIR2, Crystal XI and working with old version of BI front-end 3.5.
    We are upgrading to BI 7.0 frontend, but I am not able to trace out the SAP Integration kit for combination of BOE XIR2, Crystal XI and BI7.0.
    Is such a thing available, If yes can someone send a link to that.
    Lalan Kanade

    Thanks for the quick reply
    I could trace this document.  "BusinessObjects Enterprise XI Release 2 SP3 for Windows"
    I checked in "Supported Data Sources for Crystal Rep" section, extract below
    SAP BW Server 3.0b SAP GUI 620 or 640
    SAP BW Server 3.1c SAP GUI 620 or 640
    SAP BW Server 3.5 SAP GUI 640.
    But we are using BW Server 7.0 with GUI 7.1 and that working fine even with BOXIR2 and Crystal XI with Old Front End for BI 3.X.
    But when we are testing with BOXIR2 and Crystal XI with BI New Front End 7.0 its missing components from the query output.
    So the SAP Integration kIt seems old & we need a new Kit which would work with BI New Front End 7.0.
    Any suggestions on that

  • BOE XI 3.1 + SAP Integration Kit on AIX 5.3 with WebSphere 6.1 (SOLVED)

    Hi everybody!
    On a recent installation I encountered a problem with SAP Integration Kit using BW Query with prompts; I want to share with you what I did to solve this problem:
    First of all, the environment:
    IBM Server with AIX 5.3
    BO Repository on DB2 9.5
    Application Server IBM WebSphere 6.1
    BOE XI R3.1
    Crystal Reports 2008 SP1
    After installing and configuring everything on the system, I encountered some problem launching in InfoView reports created with Crystal Reports 2008 based on BW query with SAP Prompts.
    The error that I recieved everytime was:$Function
    What I did to solve this was:
    1) Configure the absolute complete classpath inside the Application Server (path/sapjco.jar)
    2) Put the sapjco.jar version 2.18 at 32bit (unix version) that you can download at
    Hope this helping you

    Dear Gurus,
    The issue I am facing is described exactly in the document "Upgrading to CR 2008 V1 / SP1" by Blair Wheadon.
    The problem occurs when installing CR2008v1 and BOE 3.1 on the same machine.
    The solution is to download and install SP1.
    Unfortunately for me, I have downloaded SP1 but the installation is not going well.
    Message prompts that installation files are corrupt and that I should download again.
    I have downloaded twice. And tried several times.
    So I guess it might be due to the platform.
    But why wasn;'t the message displayed after BOE3.1 installation was completed?
    Do you guys have an idea?

  • Business Object and SAP Integration

    We've BOJ Data Services XI installed.
    Would like to integrate with SAP, does anyone know how or have good information about Business Object and SAP Integration?
    Please adivce.

    Hi Lynn,
    If you need to have Business Objects and SAP work together in conjunction you need to have the Business Objects Integration Kit for SAP. Integration Kit provides the database drivers and other features for reporting off SAP.
    Link to download the useru2019s Guide:
    -     Please go to Http://
    - Click on Business Objects tab
    - Select the product as Integration Kit for SAP
    User guide: Business Objects Integration Kit for SAP Useru2019s Guide.
    I hope that helps you.

  • Error while installing SAP integration kit 3.1

    I installed SAP integration kit 3.1 on one server and it is working fine but when i am installing same installable on another server it is giving error as "Installation ended prematuarly because of an error". I dont know how to debug the error. Please help me.
    Thamnks in advance

    Hi Sonali,
    had a similar problem on a Windows/Tomcat system. The installation was crashing before trying to deploy the .jar files. If you are facing the problem in a similar environment please make sure that you have copied the librfc32.dll and the sapjco.jar files in the correct directories. Especially for sapjco.jar doublecheck the path you have copied the file into.

  • Crystal Developer XI without Sap integration kits cant see released Queries

    Hi All!
    When I'm used MS Excel, I can see released SAP BW Queries via SAP OLE DB access. But when I'm used Crystal Developer XI (without Sap integration kits), I can’t see released SAP BW Queries via SAP OLE DB access.
    What's a problem here?
    WBR Artem

    you missing the SAP integration Kit. To conenct to SAP BW you need the SAP Integration Kit installed.

  • Default language settings in SAP Integration Kit?

    Hi everybody,
    I've the following problem:
    If I create a report with the SAP Integration Kit (create new report from a query) I get a prompt where I can type in (System Number, User, Password and LANGUAGE). If I now choose as language u201CEnglishu201D and create a report, save it and open it in crystal again, everything is still fine. But if I go to refresh the report, I get a prompt where I can choose the SAP BW and type in the System Number, User and Password but not the LANGUAGE. After the refresh the names of the fields are still in English but the data is now in German (or just the technical names, depends on the language settings in the query).
    For me it looks like that the language settings of the refresh are by default in crystal is set to German, but the software is English. I didnu2019t find any way to change the default language to English or save it in the report.
    I already tried to change the language/regional/keyboard settings of my machine and also tried to change the language in the crystal formula field u201Clanguagecode%u201D.
    But even if I could have a unique change in some system settings, it really will not help me, because I have some queries in German and some in English, depending on the actual BW system.
    If the SAP Integration Kit gives me the possibility to choose the language during the creation of the report it should then remember the choice!?
    Thank you for your help

    Post your question to the Business Object Integration Kits forum

  • How to import the transports from the SAP Integration Kit into SAP system

    Hi expert,
    I read the forum "Re: Integration with SAP R/3 to realise i have not done the import of transport but i don't quite understand the statement give by "Sebastian Li".
    "Unpack the SAP Integration Kit zip-file. It contains a transport-folder. Here you'll find a short manual which files you should import.
    Copy the needed files on your sap-system in the correct folders:
    - usr\sap\trans\cofiles
    - usr\sap\trans\data
    Use the transaction STMS.
    Also take care of the sequence of importing. See the manual for details."
    Can some one explain it in more details to me. I have unzip the SAP Integration Kit n in the transport folder got 2 more folder "ansi" and "unicode_compatible". How do i know which 1 to use? Where i should copy this files to?
    Please advice.
    thank you

    Hi Rajesh,
    check this : logon failed. you do not have the necessary rights to design reports

  • Charts are not showing up in WEBI after the SAP Integration

                  I have successfully iinstalled the following
                  BOBJ XI R3.1 Java version
                  Crystal Reports 2008 with SP1
                  Xcelsius 2008 enterprise
                  SAP GUI
                  Java Connector
                  SAP Integration tool kit.
    Now in WEBI when I want to draw some charts which are not showing up. Please give me some suggestions.

    I would suggest you open this in the WEb Intelligence forum unless this only happens with SAP based reports.

  • Crystal Report XI R2 compatablity with SAP Integration kit

    Hi All,
    we have suggested to one of our customer  the Customized pack of BO XI Edge series which include the licensing of Xcelsius , WEBI , Universe designer, SAP Integration kit and Live office...
    He dont want to pay extra for taking the license for cryatal report 2008 as they already using the Crystal Report XI R2 version which they use to do reporting on non SAP data.
    My question is :
    1 - Now they want to do reporting ove SAP data using the existing CR solution they have is it possible ??
    2- Will the integration kit support the CR XI R2 version ??
    3- Can he publish the Crystal Report created by CR XI R2 to the Business Object Edge Series plateform ??
    They just want to use CR to do reporting on data from R/3 side .
    Kindly suggest.

    Dear Ingo,
    Thanks for the reply.
    Actally we have suggested to our client the latest Edge Series Standard pack solution , excluding the crystal report licensing.
    My question is will the integration kit which comes along with the Edge series will support the existing Crystal Report XI R2 and can the it be integrated with BOE(can he publish the reports created with the earlier version to the Business Object plateform).
    If the above sceanario is not possibe then we have to purchse the older version of integartion and i doubt if we can purchse it stand alone in that case we would be having two integration kits running to solve the purpose.
    Kindly suggest.
    Warm regards,
    Mishra Vibhav

  • Issue with SAP Integration Kit 3.0 to access Query BW on Crystal Reports

    Hi All,
    I've got an problem with my setup of Crystal Reports Server 2008.
    I've install Crystal Reports Server 2008 and Crystal Reports 2008 on my Windows 2003 server.
    My SAP Client is 7.1.
    When i trie to connect my Reports on CR 2008, the connection doesn't work.
    I have install SAP Integration Kit but it doesn't work because an error message says me that i've already install a Webserver for Crystal Reports Server 2008.
    My Webserver is on IIS 6
    My Database for CRS 2008 is SQL Server 2000.
    Do you have any idea why it doesn't work ?
    I have to install first my SAP Integration Kit 3.0 before install Crystal Reports Server 2008 ?
    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Hi All,
    I've got an problem with my setup of Crystal Reports Server 2008.
    I've install Crystal Reports Server 2008 and Crystal Reports 2008 on my Windows 2003 server.
    My SAP Client is 7.1.
    When i trie to connect my Reports on CR 2008, the connection doesn't work.
    I have install SAP Integration Kit but it doesn't work because an error message says me that i've already install a Webserver for Crystal Reports Server 2008.
    My Webserver is on IIS 6
    My Database for CRS 2008 is SQL Server 2000.
    Do you have any idea why it doesn't work ?
    I have to install first my SAP Integration Kit 3.0 before install Crystal Reports Server 2008 ?
    Thanks a lot for your help.

  • BO XI 3.1 SP3 - SAP Integration Kit: Transports

    Hi All,
    My question is regarding the transports that need to be imported into SAP system so that it can connect with BOE. We are connecting our BW system with BOE, please let me know whether we need to move all transports in BW system only or we have to move transports in R3 system as well.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Ingo,
    Please help us in solving the below issue:
    We have installed BO XI 3.1 version with the following configurations.
    Windows 2003 Server, SP2 64bit Version
    Java: JDK 1.7 and JRE 1.7
    BW: BW 3.5 version
    BOE in Tomcat 5.5 App server
    SAP integration kit 3.1 32 bit (
    The issue is that while integrating BOBJ with BW to import all the roles for SSO, we are unable to find   the exact JCO files for doing the same. We tried with JCO 2.1.8, JCO 2.1.10 and JCO 3.0, but all the versions turned futile. After the initial installation with JCO 2.1.8 version (as per to Installation guide) we found neither CMC nor Java Infoview are working.
    Please help us in identifying the right JCO for the proper installations and do we need to install SAP integration kit 3.1 SP3 ? This is pretty urgent

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