Automatic cash discount in sap fico

Dear Experts
i had a query in which i needed the solution for the query , My query is that i need to know that if i take the cash discount terms of payment as 60 days and some vendor pays me before 60 days i.e around 30 days then please let me know that whether the system would calculate for 30 days or will show the cash discount for 60 days .
Thanks in advance for helping me in this query
Devendra Mohan

Please go through the link:
When the total cash discount is calculated and if you desire to split the posting, check if document splitting is possible.
Think of substitution or check if an user exit exits to posts the splits to a different GL a/c
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  • Cash discount amount field in MIRO and FI document

    Hi ,
    In MIRO we are overwriting the cash discount amount but for some reason in  the FI document instead of the overwritten cash discount amount SAP is taking the payment term and calculating the discount.
    Any solutions to correct this?

    I need to manually populate the discount amount in field:  INVFO-WSKTO (Cash Discount Amount in Document Currency) while capturing FB60/MIRO and not the automatically calculated discount amount(that one is working fine.).

  • Vendor Invoice - Outgoing Payment -How to apply cash discount automatically

    Hi Folks,
    My Vendor is 400000 - whose payment terms is : 0002
    I posted a vendor invoice using FB60 :
    where i checked the payment terms is 0002 3% Cash Discount within 14 days
                                                                    2% Cash discount within 30 days
                                                                          Net within 45 dats
    Default for Baseline date : Posting Date.
    My Document Date and Posting date are both same: Invoice Document and posting date : 07/31/2008
    I tried to make a payment using F-53, where the Cash Discount is not applying automatically. It is asking me to manually enter the cah discount @ 3%.
    What should i do to make cash discount apply automatically.
    Thanks and Help will be surely rewarded.

    Hello I just checked in my system it is automatically picking even if I am not taking the discount....check the payment terms....
    ex : I have invoice for 500 with payment terms 1% discount
    When I pay 500 in F-53 the system is showing me the net amount 495.
    When I pay 495 the system is also showing me the net amount of 495
    You might want to have a look at the payment terms.......
    Make sure when you enter the amount in F-53 and press "Process Open Items", you have the discount percent populated automatically in the CashD% field.
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  • Automatic posting of cash discount - line items in payment document

    SAP Guru's,
    I need your help to find out the reason why the system posting to few lines in some times, one line in some times of the cash discount taken on vendor payment i.e in payment document.. where is the configuration settings.
    Your help would be higly appreciated.

    Thanks Bharathi for the reply..
    Here payment document having the few cash discount lines, one bank line and one vendor line on payment of nearly 100 invoices in one day to one vendor.
    Vendor A/c     Dr    100
      To Bank                    Cr 95
      To cash discount       Cr 02
      To cash discount       Cr 03
    I need to find out on what basis it is creating few line items though payment terms, base line and tax code are same.
    Thank you.

  • T.Code for cash book register in sap FICO.

    Can anyone give the transactions code for taking the cash book register in sap FICO.
    Thanks in advance for all help...

    This t.code will give only check information...
    But i need T.code for Taking cash book register...

  • Is it possible to see cash flow statement in sap fico ? ;How

    Is it possible to see cash flow statement in sap fico ? ;How

    Re: Cash Flow statement
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  • F-28 cash discount error

    For making payment to the billing document from SD in f-28 t-code, we are getting the cash discount percentage but the cash discount amount is not displying even we specified the payment terms in Sales order creation. Even, if we specify manually the cash discount amount in f-28, its giving an warning message 
    ERROR : Cash discount-relevant amount is zero; check entry at the bottom left corner of the screen. When I click this warning, I get a pop-up screen with the same message and message no. F5073.
    We have maintained the field status as given below:
    Also check that in transaction OB41, Payment term is maintained as optional field in field status group Payment Transactions for posting key 31.
    Also go to FS00 for the reconciliation account assigned to your vendor, the go to tab 'Create/bank/interest" and double click on the field status gorup.Check that in group Payment Transactions, the field Payment term is marked as optional field.)
    And SD pricing for the material is also defined.
    condition type : SKTO for the cash discount.
    After doing all the abouve configurations, we are still getting the error,.
    From FI side, we have no issues as it is giving the cash discount percentage and cash discount amount in f-28 correctly. and we are able to process the cash discount document, which gets generated automatically.
    Only the problem From SD flow.

    check out this SAP Note
    185223  Posting of cash discount paid without tax code

  • *URGENT* Cash discount account configuration

    Hello SAP Gurus,
    We have the following requirement:
    The business would like to update the GL account that is automatically posted when cash discounts are taken in the AP payment run.
    Is there any functionality available in SAP to configure the cash discount account by company code or other org? 
    The only place I am aware of that this account is configured is through transaction OBXU and this appears to be a global setting (by world wide chart of accounts), so affects all geographies and vendor payments.
    PS: Suitable points shall be rewarded.
    Thanks and Regards,
    +91 99860 32960.

    Hi Sreeni,
    when evere you are posting transactions in SAP, It will defnitely belongs to one company code only. so when system will calcualte cash discount based on the terms of specified in document. it will post the cash discount in to that company code.
    hope it will clear your query.
    it will be configured in OBXU only
    Best Regards
    Ashish Jain

  • Payment term & Cash discount relation

    Hi Group,
    I want to maintain the relation ship between cash discount condition type and payment term. I dont want to use SKTO or SKTV because those are applicable for all the material that are there in the sale order.
    My cash discount requirement are like this.
    ZCD1- codition type. percentage calculation. value given 2% for material X.
    but this condition should become active only when the payment is made in & days.
    if i use skto the payment that i define in payment term will automatically apply but it will be for all the material in that sale order that i dont want to do.
    Please calrify how to map this.

    U can use SKTO with requirement as 9
    A company sells many products. Some of the products qualify for a cash discount and others do not.Within the material master, the user indicates which materials are relevant for a cash discount.Within the company code, cash discounts are calculated after tax. The user configures the cash discount condition type (SAP delivered condition type SKTO) after the tax calculation in the pricing procedure and assigns pricing requirement '9' to avoid the access for materials that are not relevant for the discount.

  • Cash Discount if F110 being considered even after expiry of due date

    Hello SAP Consultants,
    I have setup a payment term for client which is 1% disc if paid within 10 days of invoice date. On running automatic payment program F110, irrespective of no. of days, the payment program generates discount of 1%. (I am using standard payment method C-cheque)
    My doubt is why SAP is applying cash discount in F110 even when the payment is being made after 10 days say after a month.
    I have cheched the setting in FBZP in All company Codesfor Maximum Cash Discount. The tick is not there means it is not activated. Still we are getting the above error in F110.

    Hi Abhishek,
    The problem you're experiencing is caused by your payment term configuration, which probably has 1% 5 days but does not include how to handle cash discount after that date e.g. 0% 6 days. You can test this quite simply (presuming you have access to a test system) by changing the payment term configuration to include 0% for 6 days then post a vendor invoice with the same details provided in your message and process for payment. Alternatively find an existing vendor invoice with payment term you mention and double click into the vendor line item and add 6 days to the Cash discount days 2 field but leave the Cash discount percentage 2 field blank (see example below) then process for payment. I have also pasted the text from OSS note 48384 below which refers to this issue.
    Vendor line item - Additional details tab
    Payt terms   XXXX                    Days/percent 5   1.000  % 6          %    
    Expected results (based on details mentioned in your message):
    Payment run posting date: 15/03/10  -  Posting date of next payment run: 16/03/10
    cash discount still valid and should be deducted
    Payment run posting date: 16/03/10 -  Posting date of next payment run: 17/03/10
    cash discount not valid and should not be deducted
    SAP Note 48384 - Cash discount is taken although item overdue
    Note Language: English Version: 4 Validity: Valid Since 20.02.1997
    Vendor invoice is paid with cash discount by the payment program
    although the cash discount period has expired, the "Always max. cash
    discount" flag in configuration Payment program is not set and no cash
    discount agreement is noted in the document either.
    Additional key words
    F110, payment run
    Cause and prerequisites
    If in the terms of payment only, for example, 10 days 3 % and nothing else has been defined (further fields are not filled at all), the payment program has no instructions as to how the payment is to be made if the first cash discount period has expired. Nevertheless, the payment is made with cash discount terms 1 under these circumstances.
    Choose other terms of payment.
    Header Data
    Release Status: Released for Customer
    Released on: 19.02.1997 23:00:00
    Master Language: German
    Priority: Correction with medium priority
    Category: Consulting
    Primary Component FI-AP Accounts Payable
    The Note is release-independent

  • Cash Discount in pricing Sales Order SKTV

    Hi gurus,
    I need help to understand condition SKTV (Cash discount) in sales order. Requeriment is a cash discount for customer. Where do I put value to this condition for every customer? There isn't access sequence.
    I will reward points to anybody help me with steps to configure OK this condition.
    Thank you!!!

    Thanks for the reply.
    But it looks like your suggestion is not relevant to my issue.
    My requirement is to automatically populate the "discount percent" condition type in pricing tab of PO.
    Also discount percent relevant for the payment terms should get derived in that condition type.
    I could able to manually add that condition type in pricing tab and have to manually enter the discount %. But I would like to get that automatically.
    In SAP R/3, it is happening automatically with SKTO condition type. Discount % available for the payment terms is getting derived automatically for the SKTO condition type.
    PLease advise.

  • Cash Discount for  early  realisation of  dues-reg

    Hello Friends,
    I require your  help to config the following  in SAP.
    It goes like this.
    Invoice is raised on the dealer  for the product  sold.  As an incentive, to realise the  money  early, cash  rebate is offered to them, if they pay within a period of One month.  the amount  is Rs. 2.50 per MT.  The  cheque  must  be actually realised for getting this benefit.  The distibutor will pay the amount in instalment  also( no fixed nos). But  for claiming this rebate the entire invoice must have been  realised.
    This amount varies from one state to anotherstate. 
    Your suggestion is highly required.
    c.m.sathish kumar

    You need to configure payment terms first and assign it the customer/ vendor master.
    Payment terms definition:
    In the step Maintain terms of payment, you can define rules with which the system can determine the required terms of payment automatically. The rules are stored under a four-character key. You assign the terms of payment specified to the customer in the master record via the key. The key and the terms determined with it are proposed when entering a document to the customer account.
    <a href="">Cash discount</a>
    Once you define the terms of payment and assign it to the master record, system will automatically determine whether the customer has effected the payment within the specified period and whether he is eligible for cash discount/ rebate. Based on this system will post to the account automatcially.
    You configure payment terms as follows:
    <b>IMG-Financial accounting-accounts receivable accounts payable-business transaction- terms of payment.</b>

  • Cash Discount Clearing

    Hi to all,
    Can somebody tell me when the Cash Discount Clearing account determination (in purchasing tab) is called in SAP.  I have tried many scenarios and there is none calling this account.
    Can somebody help me

    The Cash Discount Clearing Account is only used when the 'Net Procedure'
    option is selected in the Accounting tab of the 'AP Invoice' function.
    The 'Net Procedure' enables recording in advance of any future discount
    available from purchases. In this approach, the debiting account for the
    purchase is automatically reduced by the amount of the future discount.
    For example, if a 5 % discount is given for a $100 Invoice, the journal
    entry to record the AP Invoice will be as follows:
    Dr. Inventory - $95
    Dr. Cash Discount Clearing - $5
    Cr. BP Supplier - $100
    If the 'Net Procedure' option is not selected, the cash discount will
    only be recorded upon payment of the AP Invoice. Hence, the journal
    entry for the AP Invoice will be as follows:
    Dr. Inventory - $100
    Cr. BP Supplier - $100
    SAP Business One Forums Team

  • PMT Terms with Cash Discount

    FI Experts,
    I created a new payment term with a 1% discount if paid whithin 10 days. Can some one give me some steps as to what else needs to be configured in order to have this difference deducted at the time of payment run. I know have to set-up an account but not sure what fields I have to check in order to make it work.  
    1- Create new payment terms
    2- I defined a G/L account for cash discount
    Can some one tell me when I set-up the account if I have to set-it up a certain way? in FS00.
    Thank You for your help.
    Edited by: Frank on Feb 9, 2009 10:42 PM

    Good to know that it is working.  When you maintain payment term in vendor master, it SHOULD get defaulted when you perform FB60 for that vendor in that company code.  Payment term for vendor cannot be maintained in General Data section, it is in Company code segment.  Are you sure you are performing FB60 for the vendor in the company code in which you maintained payment term for that vendor in vendor master record?  Please recheck.  Also, if you have payment term in Purchasing Organization segment in vendor master record, it would not get defaulted in FB60.  Here is what SAP help says on payment term field in vendor master record.
    In most business transactions, the system defaults the terms of payment key specified in the master record of the customer/vendor in question.
    In some transactions (for example, credit memos), however, the system does not default the key from the master record. Despite this, you can use the key from the customer/vendor master record by entering "*" in the field.

  • Not able to post vendor payment in case of Cash discount received

    We are on SAP ECC 6.0
    I'm not able to post an outgoing payment through F-53 T code when cash discount is received from vendor due to early payment before due date.
    I get the following error message -
    Tax code V0 for country IN has been deleted or incorrectly changed
    Message no. FS201
    Our tax calculation procedure is TAXINN and we are an indian company in India.
    GL account for cash discount received is already defined in OBXU t code for SKE transaction key tax code wise.
    V0 tax code is defined through FTXP.
    I'm able to display correct cash discount amount and cash discount % when i click on select process open item in F-53 after entering document date; posting date; company code; currency; Bank GL A/c; Amount (Net of discount); value date and Vendor Account.
    What am i missing? Why am i not able to post vendor outgoing payment?
    Is it possible to post cash discount received to the credit of Stock / Inventory Account as quantity received is not consumed or quantity is lying in inventory?

    Hello Chintan
    I have assigned GL A/c in OBXU t code with and without reference to tax code.
    Still, i am not able to post outgoing payment when cash discount is received as i am paying it before due date.
    Cannot i take credit of cash discount received to Inventory / Stock Account?
    Is cash discount received always posted to non-Inventory / non-stock GL Account?

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