Automatic Creation of PO by workflow once PR is released.

Hi All,
Can anybody explain the details steps for creation of workflow template if PR is released then automatic creation of PO needs to be created with reference to PR.?

You can take a look at standard Workflow WS20000075(PO). Regarding your requirement most probably you need to do some configuration. In SRM this is possible once a Shopping Cart is completed it can be converted to a PO.

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  • Automatically creation of Asset from Internal Order(IO) when Released

    Dear experts,
    In my scenario, we are using IOs (not WBS). When I budget and release the Internal order, it should automatically create the Asset/Asset class(Not AUC)( as in WBS,if we assign Investment Profile).Could this possible?coz' I have not seen the Investment profile as such in IO.
    guide me.

    You have to define investment profile and assign the same to you Internal order the same you can achieve Txn OITA . ( viaSPRO->IM>IO&IM>Masterdata--> Define Investment profile )
    After you have to assign the same to your order .

  • Automatic creation of the Cost Object Owners in WorkFlow

    Hello Experts,
    Business requirement background is
         SREQ Contact person just enter cost object and submit for approval.In all cost object cases he can save the service order and submit. After SREQ FRA reviewer approval, before workflow  notification mail is sent to  cost object owner, system will check if the user exist in X92 system or not. If user is not exist, based on GDDB id, automatically the user will get created in X92.
    And The solution will be as follows:
    1). Once the SREQ FRA reviewer approves the SO, then the notification mail be send to the Cost Object Owner
    2). Here system should check GDDB ID of the Cost Object Owner, is it exist in X92 system or not.
    3). If GDDB ID is not there in X92 system, then on the basis of the GDDB ID, the system should automatically create the SAP user ID for the CO Owner and an email is to be send to the CO Owner for the approval of the SO along with the user id details.
    4). If GDDB ID exists in X92, the SO will be submitted for further approvals.
    How to Customize the steps 2 & 3 that i mentioned in the solution?
    Any help form experts will be appreciated and rewarded
    Thanks in advance....
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    You have to do two settings:
    a) for chart of account switch the flag for automatic creation (OB13)
    b) maitain the logic for defining of cost element category (OKB2)

  • Automatic creation of transfer orders from goods receipt of purchase order.

    Hi experts
    The project i am currently working on requires the following;
    When goods receipting a purchase order i have a requirement for the system to create automatic transfer orders to put the stock away into storage bins.  I am aware that the stock goes straight into the 902 area once goods receipted.  Is it possible to have the transfer orders created automatically out of 902 once the goods receipt has been posted.
    In support of this, i have made an entry in transaction OMKX for the following;
    Reference Movement Type - 101
    Movement Indicator - B (goods movement for purchase order)
    Movement Type - 101
    TR Create Transfer requirement - X
    Immed. TO Creation - A
    Addl Data - X
    Once i receipt the PO it just sits in 902 and does not create any automatic transfer orders.
    Could someone please help me

    Please try to process the material document of the GR manually by LT06 in foreground to find out the root cause of the error.
    You may also want to setup the mail control (V_T321-MAILK) for immediate TO creation in OMKX. The system will send you a express message (depending on your setup) if TO creation is failed.

  • Automatic creation of requirement for extra consumption in COGI

    For a production order with a component totally consumed during the backflushing of CO11N I run a new confirmation. The component isnu2019t available , the confirmation is done and the system create for the component an error movement in COGI.
    If I see MD04 for this component I donu2019t see any production order requirement for the extra consumption quantity in COGI.
    But the planner need to know the quantity that remain to withdrawn.
    Which is the reason for the missing automatic creation of requirement for extra consumption in COGI ?

    Dear Cris,
    Have you manually edited and input extra qty in CO11N
    When backflush is activated and Full qty is confirmed
    Then if you perform confirmation second time then form where system will again pick the component
    Once again check in production order BOM over view and also in BOM what is the qty given
    Can you eloborate more in detail what you have performed ( steps required )
    Dear Siva,
    Just correct me if i am wrong
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  • Automatic creation of PO's from Requisitions

    I'm trying to get a grasp of what's needed to automatically create approved PO's upon approval of a requisition.
    There seems to be two ways to do it, a release program under a Contract Agreement, or using workflow with a Global BPA.
    Under either method, would you need to create a Contract Agreement or Global BPA for each and every supplier? Is there any easier way to achieve this?

    To automatically created Approved PO's you will need the following
    1. To create Standard PO's a Requisition will have to use a Quotation. This quotation can be attached to an ASL to default while creating a req
    The Workflow "PO Create Documents" should have automatic creation allowed set to yes
    2. To create Releases a Blanket PO must be attached to an ASL . The Workflow "PO Create Documents" should have automatic creation allowed set to yes
    Please let me know if you have any questions

  • Automatic creation of Vendor in FI from Business Partner

    Hi, experts!
    We are looking into a process to automate the creation of vendor master data in FI Accounts Payable for our employees and to keep them in sync as employees' names, banking and address info change over time. We use concurrent employment, and we noticed that running PRAA as a mass-update job to create vendor records for all employees will create duplicate Vendors for employees who have more than one active Personnel Assignment.
    We are now looking into the possibility of using the Business Partner as a means of pushing HR data into FI within the same ECC6 system. So far, we have been able to turn on the automatic creation of BPs when new employees are 'hired' into our test system via transaction PA40. We can also use the program HRALXSYNC to create the BP for existing employees. Once these BPs are created, master data updates flow from the employee master data in HR to the BP. However, we can't seem to get the system to automatically create a Vendor record for this BP and have that linked together at the same time.
    Is this possible? If not, is there a transaction that can be run to do a mass creation of Vendor records for Business Partners that don't already have one?
    I can see that our BPs have been assigned to the proper Role in table BUT100, and we have "define(d) vendor link for business partner roles" in V_TBC002 to be "vendor-based". What configuration step might we be missing?

    Hi, Mahesh
    Thanks for the response!!  We have already created an entry in this table for Role Category = BUP003 (the SAP-delivered role category "Employee").  In this table, we have chosen the "Vendor Based" radio button, since we want Vendor master data to be created for all BUP003 business partners that are created.
    Which function modules need to be activated via the SPRO path Cross-Application Components -> SAP Business Partner -> Data Distribution -> Activate Function Modules in order to have Vendors automatically created whenever a specific role of BP is created?
    Thanks again for all your help!
    - Steve Miller

  • Automatic creation of Purchase Order from Sales Order

    please is it possible to know the use of flag "Create PO automatically" into Sales Order Item Category customizing setting? Perhaps automatic creation of PO for Third Party sales process.
    Thank you very much
    Kind Reards

    Hi friend,
    You are right that chekbox is used for third party only. And it will be used when you are using ALE when you have distributed system where your sales order is supposed to be created in different system and PO will be raised in different system.
    If you activate this field, the system automatically generates both a purchase order requisition for third-party schedule lines as well as a purchase order in the background when you save the sales order. This function has been designed for Application Link Enabling (ALE) but you can also use it when working with distributed systems.
    To avoid errors caused by incorrect system settings, we recommend that you carry out the SAPEVENT OCU_LINK\DS:TRAN.BD86 for your third-party material. If you SAPEVENT OCU_LINK\DS:TRAN.PFTS tasks 8097 (create)and 8114 (change) (by choosing "Extras -> Employee assignment -> Maintain"), you will receive workflow objects in your inbox, should any errors occur.

  • Automatic creation of equipment after goods receipt

    Hi SAP experts,
    I need help to find where in  SPRO do I turn off/on the automatic creation of equipment once a GR is done for serialised equipment.
    Also, is it a PM function or MM?
    Thank you

    SPRO>PM>Master data in PM >Technical objects->Define Serial No Profile  -->here goto ur serializing no profile --> goto serializing procedure and chek in MMSL procedure and change the EqR value to 1 .

  • " Automatic creation of Cost object owners"

    Hello Experts,
    I am working on a rollout project, for "Inter Company Service Invoicing (ICSI)"
    Presently my client requirement is " Automatic creation of Cost object owners"
    First of all i will explain the process
    In ICSI there are two parties one is Service Requestor(SREQ) and other one is Service Provider(SPROV)
    Depending on SREQ requirement SPROV will create a SO and send it to SPROV
    It will reach SREQ contact person, he will updates Cost objects, and send it to SREQ reviewer person, he will check the cost objects and send it to Cost object owner of the SREQ.
    He will approve the SO, once all approvals hasbeen done, then system automatically converts SO to IV, and post entries on both sides automatically ata the same time.
    Here my requirement is on SREQ side the Cost Object Owner should find automatically.
    And we done this proces in Portal itself.
    Your suggestions will be great help to me, and are appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
    Any inputs please...............

    Hello Ajay,
    Thank you for the response.
    But my requirement is not to populate cost objest.
    It is the approval flow. The reviewer person will check and add the cost objects to the service order and send that Service Order for the final approval i.e.. Cost Object Owner.
    So here my requirement is the System has to create that Cost Object Owners Automaticlly
    How can i achieve this?

  • Automatic creation of billing document

    Hi all,
    i want to automate creation of billing document for all the deliveries for which PGI done.
    i think we have to define a job which will call VF04.
    my question is when we do VF04 manually, we have to give selection criteria like sales org etc and then it displays the list of all the deliveries and then we have to select the deliveries manually and press collective billing/individual billing.
    so when the batch job calls the VF04, how will the batch job tells VF04 to select all deliveries and generate the invoices.

    Hi Sonu,
    Go to VF04 and provide the inputs in the selection screen. Now save this as a variant.say ZZ_INV_DUELIST
    After saving the variant, find the program name of the tcode VF04. This can be found by going to System----Status in the menu. The resultant screen will have the program of the tcode VF04. Lets say it is BILLDUELIST
    Now go to SM36. Give some name for hte job name and click Step button
    Here you have to give the program name(BILLDUELIST) and the variant name(ZZ_INV_DUELIST). Here you can also configure whether the job should run immediately or in some schedules.
    Once this is done, you can create a delivery and then run this program in SM37. Now you can see the log of this program. It will tell you that the invoice is created
    Hope this helps

  • Workflow once user is created

    Hi All,
    Seems to be a very basic workflow but I cannot get the events to trigger!
    I need a workflow once a user is created. The standard BO "USER" has the event "Created" but it does not trigger once the user is created through transaction SU01!
    I checked for Change documents and there are no documents written when the user is created. There are no User Exits or BADIs to put in my custom code once the user is created.
    I am sure that there is something very basic that I might be missing. Maybe a customizing stuff to trigger the standard event.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Best regards,

    Hi Sudhi,
    Not a great solution but you could check for any existing workflow instances for the BO to determine if this has been created and workflowed before, or you could check the time of the DB record update (and creation) in the user audit log and make the determination, or better yet check both.
    Neither idea is brilliant but both will work.
    Bear in mind the events on USER are:
    create (user locked created)
    cloned (user created or changed)
    roles changed
    Based on this I would postulate that if you created a locked user you would get sy-ucomm = 'INS'.  If this is the case you may want to create each user locked (initially) and then unlock in your workflow.

  • Automatic creation of rfq against pr reference?

    dear mm experts,
    i would like to know whether std sap - mm allows automatic creation of rfq against pr reference.
    i have a requirement user creates prs for materials, and rfq have to have to generated/created automatically after pr is saved. is this possible with std sap spro settings
    pl help
    thanks in advance

    If you refer the same document on the following link you see that RFQ is not automatically
    What does their mean automatically is
    using the assign and process you can create RFQ. but not like Auto PO using Me59n
    Creating RFQs
    To create RFQs, you must generate a basic list via Requisition ® Follow-on functions ® Assign + process.
    From the basic list, you can flag a requisition for RFQ processing. Select a requisition and choose Edit ® Flag for RFQ ® With vendor or Without vendor.
    Choose Goto ® Assignment overview to access the assignment overview screen. Position the cursor on the text Flagged for RFQ processing and choose Edit ® Process assignment.
    A dialog box for the creation of RFQs appears.
    Enter the deadline for submission of quotations and check other relevant data, such as the purchasing organization.
    When you press ENTER, you will obtain an overview of the purchase requisitions that have been flagged for RFQ processing.
    Select the items that are to be adopted in the RFQ.
    Adopt the selected items in the RFQ.
    u2013 If you wish to change the selected items before adopting them, choose Edit ® Selections ® Adopt + details. The relevant item detail screens will then appear, allowing you to make the desired changes.
    u2013 To adopt the selected items without changes, choose Edit ® Selections ® Adopt.
    The item overview for the RFQ to be created is displayed with the adopted items.
    If you have flagged the requisition for RFQ processing without a vendor, or if you wish to issue RFQs to another vendor, assign the RFQ to a vendor and save the document.
    Repeat this process for each vendor to whom the RFQ is to be issued.
    For more information on the creation of RFQs, refer to the section Creating RFQs.

  • How to switch off automatic creation of the business partner?

    Advise please why in erp after creation of the customer automatically form business partner? How to switch off automatic creation of the business partner? It very much disturbs, because business partner are created from crm. Because of automatic creation business partners are duplicated.

    I have made the following customizing settings to activate customer integration with business partner, but the problem is when I create a BP with a role (FI-Customer) the customer is not created automatically.
    1. Set BP Role Category for Direction BP to Customer
    Roles: FLCU00 - Business Partner FI Customer (FS: BP)
    FLCU01 - Business Partner Customer (FS: BP)
    2. Defined the Number assignment for Direction BP to customer
    4. Customer account group and numbering is also defined.
    3. Created a BP with BP Role FLCU00, I can see the Customer - General Data tab, but no customer was automatically generated by the system.
    Kindly let me know if any customizing I have missed.

  • Functional module for automatic creation of pur requisition & pur order

    what is the functional module for automatic creation of puchase requisition and automatic creation of purchase order which we will assign in action box in service order processing management.
    please let me know as early as possible
    rajesh kumar raju

             Please check with following.
    Thanks & Regards
    Sadhu Kishore

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