Automatic creation of po during goods receipt

Dear all,
po has not been created, but while receiving the material i want automatic generation of po. i have some knowledge about it but it is not working. Can some one send detailed information. with navigation details. Tips that are posted on the sdn is not working.

Pl Make sure you have done following settings for the Automatic Creation of PO during GR:
1) In SPRO ---> Enterprise Structure ---> Assignment -
>  Material Management ---> Assign Std. Purchase Org. to your Plant...
2) In Material Master -
> Purchasing View -
> Pl. Check. Automatic PO check Box   and  Maintain Purchasing Group....
3)Create your Vendor for oyur Company Code and  Std. Pur. Org. combination and in that Vendor Master -> Purchasing Data View--- > Pl. Check Auto. PO Check Box...
4)For your Vendor -Material Master - Plant -Std. Pur. Org combination Maintain valid Info record...
5)In OLMB --->  Goods Receipt -
> Automatic Creation of PO ---> for the M.Type:101  pl. check  Auto PO check Box
6) In OLMB ---> Movement types ---> Copy,Delete, Check M.Types ---> Choose the M.Type:101   and go into Details -
> Then goto  allowed Fields for M.Types for M.Type:101 --->  there for the M.Type:101   make the field   LIFNR as a Mandatoty field...
If you have done the above settings properly...then  in  MIGO ---> Choose Transaction GR  and referance as Others
  and do the GR....Make sure you are doing GR with M.Type:101....and yougive the Vendor's name during   GR....
Now If you save the GR ...automatically PO will be created...
this you can see it by displaying the MIGO Document..
Reward if useful

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  • Automatic creation of equipment after goods receipt

    Hi SAP experts,
    I need help to find where in  SPRO do I turn off/on the automatic creation of equipment once a GR is done for serialised equipment.
    Also, is it a PM function or MM?
    Thank you

    SPRO>PM>Master data in PM >Technical objects->Define Serial No Profile  -->here goto ur serializing no profile --> goto serializing procedure and chek in MMSL procedure and change the EqR value to 1 .

  • Automatic Creation of Purchase order during Goods Receipt

    Hai Guys,
           Can you please tell me is there any ways to get a Automatic PO during Goods Receipt???

    1.Automatic PO generation must be activated for the movment type in IMG>Inv Mgmt & Phy Inv> GR>Create PO automatically. ( Note that automatic PO is only possible for mvmt 101 & 161)
    2. The plant you are working with must be assigned to a standard purchase organisation.
    3. A default PO document type must be specified for the GR in IMG> MM>purchasing>specify default vaues for document types.
    Master Data
    1.In mateial master Auto PO is to be set. Vendor Master Auto PO generation or agreed with him an indicator is to be set.
    3.Info-Record should exist with the combination of material,vendor and the auto PO flagged in info record.

  • QA495 Error message during Good Receipt

    Dear Gurus,
    we would like to perform a good receipt with a custom movement (ZD1 as copy of 101) in order to do not activate QM inspection in certain cases. In OMJJ we flagged ZD1 as u201CQM not activeu201D but, since in the material master an Inspection type (with Lot Origin 01) is set, the following error during good receipt (MIGO) occur:
    "Change the inspection stock of material RAP4829AA_AG in QM only
    Error message QA495"
    The problem can be that, in the material document that we are trying to save, the stock type is automatically set to u201C2 - Quality Inspectionu201D. If we change it manually, leaving it blank (unrestricted use), the good receipt is correctly performed, otherwise the QA495 error message appear.
    The questions are:
    Is not enough deactivate u201CQM activeu201D flag in OMJJ for a specific movement type?
    Otherwise, how can we drive stock type (in MIGO) by the movement type?
    Thanks a lot,

    Hi Anand,
    as you told:
    "As I understand your requirement, you want to carry out goods receipt with ZD1 movement type (which is a copy of 101) and for which you donu2019t want to generate any inspection lot."
    Correct, but this is done simply deactivating QM at mov type level in OMJJ (flag "QM not active")
    My requirement is also to perform good receipt putting stock automatically in unrestricted use, and not in QI
    The inspection lot is not generated (if I perform GR changing manually stock type to unrestricted), but I would like that it will be automatically done, and we cannot understand what drives this field (stock type), despite of I removed lot origin (and all other reference to 101 mov type) from ZD1 custom movement.
    I suppose is automatically inherits from PO, so the question is:
    How can I drive/set "stock type" to make it Blank (unrestricted use) in good receipt or in purchase order??
    Thanks for help

  • Prevent quantity updating during Goods Receipt

    We have a particular requirement for a type of subcontracting process (not the standard SAP subcontracting) as mentioned below.
    We create a Purchase Order for a material (without a standard cost) and giving an account assignment category in the PO. The Net price mentioned in the PO is the processing charges for the vendor (service charges). It does not indicate price for the material.
    When we receive the finished material from the vendor, we perform a Goods receipt. The stock gets updated and accounting documents are created.
    Our requirement is to stop this quantity updating during Goods Receipt. But, at the same time, we would like the accounting documents to be created as we need to pay the vendor.
    Is there any way of achieving this?
    Pl let me know. Any inputs would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the response!
    I understand that in the standard process, the parent item inforecord takes care of the processing charges. But this is process that has been customized differently as the client has SAP as well as legacy systems talking to each other.
    Turning off the qty updating at the material type level will turn it off for all purchase orders created for the material at that particular plant which is something we would like to avoid.
    We would basically like to turn it off for particular purchase order type. The reason for turning it off is that after the GR is done, there is a separate process that comes from the legacy system and updates the same quantity of finished product and also posts the consumption of components.
    So, our basic requirement is , is it possible to turn off qty updating for the GR of a particular purchase order document type and yet create accounting document. Material is not a valuated material and has a standard cost zero.
    Any inputs in this regard will be helpful.

  • Document type during Goods Receipt in Intercompany Transfer flow

    We create a PO, Delivery and GI in company A
    We do a Goods Receipt in company B.
    Can we customize that FI document type  ZZ is used during Goods Receipt in company B?
    Document type ZZ may only be used in the Intercompany flow.
    Where can I customize this setting?
    Thank you in advance,
    Best regards,
    Eric van Zundert.

      The following are the standard steps to create an accounting document type and assign it to a transaction.
    1) In T-code OBF4, click on "Financial accounting document types" and create a new document type.
    2)On the same T-code, Click on "Goods receipt document type" and assign the document type to the transaction.
    3)On the same T-code, Click on "Financial accounting No range" and assign the number range for each document type based on company code and fiscal year.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Quantity related Scale pricing not considered during Goods receipt

    Hello Group,
    First thanks for looking into my issue.  I tried to follow the solution in SAP Note 401941 on assessing the right unit price as it relates to the quantity received during Goods receipt, but my ABAP developers are very green at this time and they cannot figure out where to place this code fix and how it would work.
    Background on issue.
    From quantity of 1 to 99, I want the price to be 4.00 each
    From quantity of 100 and above, I want the price to be 3.00 each.
    When doing goods receipts for quantities that have not reached 100 yet, it is still assessing 3.00 each.  I found the OSS note above that is really not helpful and was wondering if anyone else is using scale pricing and how their GRs are calculated for correct unit price.
    Thanks all for your assistance.

    The scale pricing cannot be used to influence price during goods receipt. Goods Receipt will pick up the price from the purchasing document.
    Suppose you want to have that the price be determined based on the quantity received over a period of time, you need to use rebate agreement.
    The OSS note mentioned in your question says that you can determine the price based on the schedule line quantity during GR (not quantity at the time of GR). It will not solve your requirement.

  • Earmarked funds during goods receipt (GR) is not inherited from PO.

    Hi, Everybody u2026
    We are using Earmarked Funds relevant for FM updating, but, during goods receipt (GR) and invoice receipt (IR) it is not inherited from purchase order (PO).
    In ME21N the account assignment is F and the system ask us to enter the GL Account, Order and additional the Earmarked Funds. The system is deriving correctly the fund, the funds center and the commitment item from those entered in the Earmarked Funds.
    However, during goods receipt and invoice receipt, the Earmarked Funds is not inherited from purchase order (PO) besides the others account assignments (order, fund, funds center and commitment item ) in the coding block.
    Best regards,

    I will provide some hints:
    - If it is a service PO, please check the Note 972276 (Service Purchase orders only).
    - If the posting is related to Asset, please kindly check:
        a. Note 684659
        b. Check if you have a derivation rule in FMDERIVE with the function module FMDT_READ_MD_ASSET.
        c. Check in your FI-AA customizing if you have activated the account
          assignment element but you have not specified an account assignment type for
          account assignment object for APC balance sheet postings (see note 684659 for
    I hope it helps
    Best Regards,
    Vanessa Barth.

  • PIR reduction during goods receipt for strategy 10

    Hi Experts,
    I am using the net requirement planning strategy. i.e strategy 10. My requirement is I wanted the PIRs to be reduced when do goods receipt for the production orders.
    I know this is possible in strategy 11. But how how do it in strategy 10.

    Hi Ayethebing,
    What you mentioned in correct. System may do the wrong net requirement calculation. Let me explain what is my requirement.
    I have planning plant, where I get the sales orders and the PIR from Depots. And the production for all these quantities should be done in production plant. I need to do the goods receipt in the production plant itself first and do a plant to plant material transfer to planning plant.
    But all the control of production should be with production plant. So I cant use the production in alternative plant because in this case i need to convert planned order in planning plant and while doing goods receipt the stock directly updates in planning plant.
    So I was thinking of loading the PIRs in the production plant directly and use strategy 10. But since the sales orders wont come to production plant, the PIRs wont recduce at all. So thought of thinking about reducing PIR during goods receipt.
    But I realized from what you explained, it would lead to wrong PIR calculation. Full mark to you.
    Now Iam thinking the solution in a different way. Please give me your inputs
    Iam creating a recusrive BOM in planning plant and I will assign special procurement key 70. i.e withdrawal from alternative plant. I will assign alternative plant as production plant.
    So when I run MRP in planning plant for the main product, I will get dependant requirement created in the production plant for the main material as I created the recursive BOM in planning plant.
    But Iam having only one issue to be resolved here as I understand. The planned order created in the planning plant during MRP is convertible.  Can I make it non convertible some how even if Iam having bill of material?
    Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs

  • Tax during goods receipt

    Is there any way to record Tax entry during Goods Receipt itslef.

    Hi Nishiraj......
    Tax never gets calculated on Delivery or its Goods Return.
    It always calculates on its Invoice level........
    So you need to raise its Credit Memo based on Goods return......

  • Wrong shipment costs posting during good receipt

    We are having a problem when we post a good receipt for an inbound delivery in the transaction MIGO. We have created some account keys in order to classify and post shipment costs -specified in a shipment cost document- on specific balance accounts. The balance accounts determined by the OBYC transaction are right but posted values during good receipt do not match to registered values in the shipment cost document.
    The documents flow for this process is as follow:
    1. It is created a purchase order (ME21N).
    2. It is created an inbound delivery based on the purchase order (VL31N).
    3. It is created a shipment document based on the inbound delivery (VT01N).
    4. It is created a shipment costs document (VI01) for the shipment document where shipment costs are specified in its calculation schema
    5. It is created a good receipt for the inbound delivery of the step 2. The balance accounts are determined correctly but values do not match to registered values in the shipment cost document.
    Best Regards


  • Control on creation of inspection lot during goods receipt against process

    Dear Friends,
    When goods receipt against process order  of say quantity 100 Kg is done in PP, inspection lot for the same of origin 04 is created in QM.
    My requirement is that PP should be able to post 90 Kg in quality inspection and remaining 10 Kg should directly go to
    reserve sample without coming in Quality.
    Is it possible?
    I have tried by changing material master record in MM02 for inspection set up data. But it is not serving the purpose.
    Thanks in advance,

    04 type of inspection is GR at the time of Production Order.
    Whenever you do the production order quantity, an inspection lot is created. It will be created for full quantity which you are confirming (i.e. 100 kg will be considered and not 90 kg).
    This material will be Quality Inspection.
    You have to do Result recording and give usage decision.
    While giving usage decision, you can allot 90 kgs to Unrestricted and 10 kgs can go as Sample what you desire.
    Hope this will solve your issue.

  • Link asset to equipment (serial number) during goods receipt

    Hi all,
    I want to achieve the following. We are buying for example 10 PC's. When the PC's arrive in the warehouse the Goods Receipt should create a unique serial number for every PC. The qauntity is booked into the warehouse and the costs nedd to be booked at an asset that automatically needs to be linked to the equipment that is justed created. That is the sneario.
    1. I know that I can create a PO and at PO creation I can create an asset in the account assignment for every PC in the PO.
    2. I know at goods receipt how create the serial numbers that create automatically equipments in Plant Maintenance
    3. I also know that in Asset customizing you can activate synchronization between Equipments and Assets in both ways.
    What I need to know is.
    1. At goods receipt how are the unique serial numbers (equipments) assigned to the assets that were created during PO creation?
    If any one can help me with this scenario or has implemented such a scenario then your help is very welcome.
    Thanks in advance.
    Roel van Loon

    No sir, Still I didn't get any solution for my thread. I don't know nobody is replying on this. Might be we don't have the option to link.
    Atleast I am requesting the experts to look into this thread now and give us the solution.

  • Quality Management During Goods Receipt (Inspection Lot)

    Hi all,
    I have a requirement that i need to write an interface program which will receive a file from external agency (manufacturer) and process goods receipt until inspection results. The following steps need to be taken care of;
    1) Create a equipment (Utilities - It is an unique identifier for each unit of the material).
    2) Do Goods Receipt for the PO with the equipment numbers created.
    3) Create Inspection Lot for the material document created during the GR for each equipment number.
    4) Execute Inspection Result.
    Inspection lot can be created from MIGO directly by SPRO config and MM master data maintenance.
    Called BAPI to create Equipment.
    Called BAPI to create Goods Receipt.
    Inspection Lot Settings to create lots during MIGO
    1) New Inspection Type Created as SG1 at SPRO->QM->Quality Inspection->Inspection Lot Creation->Maintain Inspection types. The maintenance is a copy of type 01.
    2) Assign Inspection Type to Lot Origin at SPRO->QM->Quality Inspection->Inspection Lot Creation->Maintain Inspection Lot Origins and Assign Inspection Types. SG1 is maintained against lot origin 01 with variant 01.
    3) Set Default values for SG1 at SPRO->QM->Quality Inspection->Inspection Lot Creation->Define Default Values for Inspection Type with parameters same as for 01.
    4) In Material master for the record set the inspection setup in the quality management tab. put SG1 as active and preferred. Also set Post to insp Stock, Insp with task list, Auto Assign, Skips allowed, Serial Numbers poss, Control Insp lot as For each Material Doc Item.
    I have to kow how to select the Inspection Plan for the lot and thus set the status of lot to released and get it ready for results.
    I also have BAPI ready for Inspection Result.
    I have tested it and was working fine till last thursday. I have the above mentioned settings even now in the system. Can there be anything else which the functional consultants would have change that affected the process. Anyways now the inspection lot is not getting created for the Inspection during MIGO and I am really struggling to find the exact reason.
    For your info, I am working mostly on Utilities and so do not have much idea about the quality management stuff.
    Why the inspection lot is not getting created during MIGO for my scenarion?
    How to select the inspection plan in the program?


  • Link Asset to Serial number during Goods Receipt

    Hi Experts,
    I need a help on the following
    We are buying for example 10 PC's. When the PC's arrive in the warehouse the Goods Receipt should create a unique serial number for every PC.
    The quantity is booked into the warehouse and the costs need to be booked at an asset that automatically needs to be linked to the Serial number that is justed created.
    I have created a PO and at PO creation I can create an asset in the account assignment for every PC in the PO.I did the goods receipt and I enter the Serial numbers
    What I need to know is at the time of goods receipt how are the unique Serial numbers are assigned to the assets.
    Thanks in advance.

    No sir, Still I didn't get any solution for my thread. I don't know nobody is replying on this. Might be we don't have the option to link.
    Atleast I am requesting the experts to look into this thread now and give us the solution.

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