Automatic creation of PO's from Requisitions

I'm trying to get a grasp of what's needed to automatically create approved PO's upon approval of a requisition.
There seems to be two ways to do it, a release program under a Contract Agreement, or using workflow with a Global BPA.
Under either method, would you need to create a Contract Agreement or Global BPA for each and every supplier? Is there any easier way to achieve this?

To automatically created Approved PO's you will need the following
1. To create Standard PO's a Requisition will have to use a Quotation. This quotation can be attached to an ASL to default while creating a req
The Workflow "PO Create Documents" should have automatic creation allowed set to yes
2. To create Releases a Blanket PO must be attached to an ASL . The Workflow "PO Create Documents" should have automatic creation allowed set to yes
Please let me know if you have any questions

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  • User-exit for ME59 - Automatic creation of Purchase Order from Requisitions

    In ME59, is there a way to prevent PO of being saved, but instead created with the « hold » option?

    I tried this for ME59N and struggled.
    I think EXIT_SAPMM06E_013 cannot change EKKO (it only imports it as the exit is for posting customer data) and BAdi ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST cannot change MEMORY because method SET_DATA uses mepoheader (and later mepoheaderx). 
    Check the two structures in SE11, in our ECC5 system mepoheaderx doesn't have field "memory" so the BAdi can work out its been changed (via method SET_DATA).
    Even though lots of people have asked this question and the same exits/BAdi get highlighted I cannot see anyone confirming that they have managed to do it.
    If anyone has then please share the details.
    Thanks, Matt

  • Issue during automatic Creation of Work Order from Notification

    I have a issue during automatic Creation of Work Order from Notification.
    BADI implemented: NOTIF_EVENT_POST
    I am able to create Work Order successfully but after that i need to update notification header with created work order number.
    But i am unable to update the same (VIQMEL-AUFNR).
    Can anybody provide solution for the same!

    Any inputs on above posted issue!
    Thanks in advance.

  • Automatic creation of Purchase Order from Sales Order

    please is it possible to know the use of flag "Create PO automatically" into Sales Order Item Category customizing setting? Perhaps automatic creation of PO for Third Party sales process.
    Thank you very much
    Kind Reards

    Hi friend,
    You are right that chekbox is used for third party only. And it will be used when you are using ALE when you have distributed system where your sales order is supposed to be created in different system and PO will be raised in different system.
    If you activate this field, the system automatically generates both a purchase order requisition for third-party schedule lines as well as a purchase order in the background when you save the sales order. This function has been designed for Application Link Enabling (ALE) but you can also use it when working with distributed systems.
    To avoid errors caused by incorrect system settings, we recommend that you carry out the SAPEVENT OCU_LINK\DS:TRAN.BD86 for your third-party material. If you SAPEVENT OCU_LINK\DS:TRAN.PFTS tasks 8097 (create)and 8114 (change) (by choosing "Extras -> Employee assignment -> Maintain"), you will receive workflow objects in your inbox, should any errors occur.

  • Automatic Creation of Business Partner from Customer

    I'm creating automatically BP using Tcode FLBPD1 (singular) and MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT (massive).
    I don't want to see some fields of customers in BP master data. Is it possible exclude this data before execute automatical creation?
    Best Regards!

    Hi David,
                 If you are creating customers from BP. i.e. first the BP will get created and then customer gets created, the way system behaves is that it creates the BP and get a number is generated for it, then it goes and create a customer with the same number by passing the number already created as BP.
    So the number range for BP should be internal and for the customer account group should be external. you might need to create a different customer account group for REFX customers.
    Assumption: same number range tick is selected in the assignment where we assign the BP group and customer account group.
    Deepak M

  • Automatic Creation of Purchase Orders from Purchase Requisition

    Requirement: When the Purchase requisitions is converted into Purchase Orders using ME59N, the document type of the PO should be ZCO (Z document type for Call off) and not NB.
    Issue:When the Purchase requisitions are converted into PO's using ME59N, noremal PO's(Document type:NB) are getting created.
    As per the business requirements, it should be ZCO.
    Please guide if I am missing anything.
    With regards

    Please refer the below thread.
    OSS Note 114213
    [ME59N - Automatic determination of POdocument type|ME59N - Automatic determination of POdocument type]
    Gobinathan G
    Edited by: Gobinathan Govindarajan on Nov 26, 2009 11:15 AM

  • Automatically creation of Purchase Order from MRP

    Material type = ROH (raw material)
    In MRP1 I have mentioned
    1. RP type =VB ( manual reorder point planning)
    2.Reorder point = 1000
    3.Lot size =FX (fixed order quantity)
    4. Fixed lot size = 300
    In purchasing I have checked the automatic P.O. option
    I have created a source list for the material and fixed the vendor for the material
    Quantiy of the material in stock = 0
    But Purchase Order is nor automatically generated during the MRP run ( MD03)
    IS there any step missing ? please suggest if any .
    Thanks in advance .

    As others suggested standrad SAP will not create PO as output of MRP.
    You need to check why you need AUTO FUNCTION.however you can use T code ME59n to create auto PO from Preqs.
    About AUTO PO
    One example is that while  taking delivery of the raw materials which are delivered by trucks and since it is not possible to capture the actual receipted quantity at the time of PO creation.
    To create AUTO PO
    Check in customizing whether you have maintained creation of automatic PO during good receipt.
    Menu path : MM -> Inventory Management -> Goods Receipt -> Create Purchase order Automatically -> Activate Auto PO creation for Mvt type and then activate Auto PO creation in vendor master.
    Hope this helps.

  • Automatic creation of transfer orders from goods receipt of purchase order.

    Hi experts
    The project i am currently working on requires the following;
    When goods receipting a purchase order i have a requirement for the system to create automatic transfer orders to put the stock away into storage bins.  I am aware that the stock goes straight into the 902 area once goods receipted.  Is it possible to have the transfer orders created automatically out of 902 once the goods receipt has been posted.
    In support of this, i have made an entry in transaction OMKX for the following;
    Reference Movement Type - 101
    Movement Indicator - B (goods movement for purchase order)
    Movement Type - 101
    TR Create Transfer requirement - X
    Immed. TO Creation - A
    Addl Data - X
    Once i receipt the PO it just sits in 902 and does not create any automatic transfer orders.
    Could someone please help me

    Please try to process the material document of the GR manually by LT06 in foreground to find out the root cause of the error.
    You may also want to setup the mail control (V_T321-MAILK) for immediate TO creation in OMKX. The system will send you a express message (depending on your setup) if TO creation is failed.

  • Automatic Creation of Project (PS) from SO (SD)

    Hi All,
    I know that you can automatically create a Project in PS upon creation of a Sales Order. My question is if it is possible to limit the creation only at a WBS Element Level.
    The scenario is that the Project we're actually implementing is a Subdivision/Village/Community and the Houses being built inside it are regarded a WBS Elements only in the Project. So that I am querying if it is possible that upon order of a House, only a WBS Element will be created that we could attach to the Project Definition (Represented by the Village/Community)...
    Thanks in advance...

    Hi Murugesan,
    Thanks for the speedy reply, i'd like to follow-up on the question since as you've replied, it is possible to crete at WBS Element only... can I refer/attach the SO-created WBS Element to a Project Definition? Since I like to consolidate them to one Project Definition...
    Thanks and Kind Regards,

  • Reg: Automatic creation of one PO from more than one PR

    Hi ,
           I have an issue from user.
    Requirement : The PR's which are generated on vendor and delivery date combination will convert automatically into a single PO irrespective of the material when we run the batch job.
    Ex: To day for example we created ( roughly ) 30 to 40 PR's of the same vendor. Then when we run the batch job , with the today delivery date and vendor combination , it should combine all the PR's and should create only one PO.
    Please help me to solve this issue.
    I able to combined the PR's to one PO but when we use the same material in all the PR's only, I am unable to convert the PR's of different materials.

    Hi ,
                Thanks for your prompt response.
    My inputs are : delivery date and vendor.  ( check on per delivery date )
                              When i check on Generate schedule line , it is combining the PR's of same item only but not the others.
    Please let me know if you want want anything else for this issue.

  • Automatic Creation of Maintenance Order from Notification

    Hello Eperts,
    I need an opinion. I have a scenario where i am required to create a maintenance order automatically from a notification. I want to know the best way of doing it. Can it be done by configuration in the node> Notification processing>Define follow up actions for tasks, where based on a open status of task an order can be automatically created.
    Please let me know the best way to do it.
    Boby Mathew

    Hi Pete,
    Thanks a lot for the reply. Based on your experience can you tell me which function module can be used to create an order if an open task exists in the notifictaion. What I am trying to do is,
    in Customization >Plant Maintenance & Customer service>Maint & Ser Processing>Maintenance & Service Notifications>Notification Processing>Additional function>Define follow-up actions for tasks;
    Here I am creating a follow-up action for a task as create order and thought of assigning an order create function module ALM_ME_ORDER_CREATE with modifying the subrc parameters with some return values. Can it be done this way? I am asking because I am not very sure as to what is the best way to acieve it. I want to achieve this min minimum development.
    Please explain in detail.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Boby Mathew

  • Automate creation of Pages documents from Numbers or delimited text file?

    I'm just trying to find a way of automating my processes a bit.
    Basically, you can assume I have information in a Number's document like this:
    File Name
    Some Title with Capitlization I Need to Keep
    Subheading 1
    Subheading 2
    Subheading 3
    Some Title with Capitlization I Need to Keep
    Subheading 1
    Subheading 2
    Subheading 3Subheading 4
    ... Or in a text document like this:
    Some Title with Capitlization I Need to Keep
    Subheading 1
    Subheading 2
    Subheading 3
    Some Title with Capitlization I Need to Keep
    Subheading 1
    Subheading 2
    Subheading 3
    Subheading 4
    I need to turn it into separate Pages documents such that I have (in this case, 2) documents in a folder
    Where each document has the title and subheading already in it and it doesn't matter how many documents I need to make.
    Any suggestions, help, straight up answers?
    I really appreciate any help you can provide! orz

    The APIs for file conversion are only available to plugins - they are not exposed to COM APIs. You can certainly write a custom plugin to handle this and then call it from your VB app. Plugins are written in C/C++.

  • Automatic creation of Inb.Del from PO

    In our scenario we wanted the inbound delivery to be created automatically whan the PO is saved.....How it could be done...?
    Can any one help...?

    Hi Ber ,
    yeah i think u do it by activating the one more Program in BADI / User Exit.
    steps -> Find out BADI ( best ways are SPRO ,Se80>appli.Hierarchy---?BADI
    2.After Posting u can call one more program or FM /BAPI to Create Inbound Delivery ( serach BAPI for Inbound Delivery )

  • Automatic Creation of DIR(CV01N) from Specification Save CG02

    I have a requirement to create a DIR (CV01N) when a specification is saved using T-code CG02.
    The User exits C10Y0001 and C10Y0002 are not getting triggered when I hit save or change status. For Creating DIR I am using BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE2. Please suggest from where do I trigger the BAPI from CG02 save

      Thanks !
      As per the link I created the following code to get the buffer details of ESTRH but it does not return:
    * finish this user exit, if nothing was changend
    * get a copy of the buffer table of ther spec heade
            I_ACTION = 'BUFTAB_GET'.
            I_ID = 'EHSB_BUFTAB'
            TAB  = L_BUFTAB.
    do we have to give a different buffer id?

  • Automate creation of APEX workspaces from a script

    Is it possible to have an SQL batch file create a user and a workspace without going through the web interface?

    You may want to take a look at this Re: Account setup for 100 users - script included in the Application Express forum.

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