Automatic creation of rfq against pr reference?

dear mm experts,
i would like to know whether std sap - mm allows automatic creation of rfq against pr reference.
i have a requirement user creates prs for materials, and rfq have to have to generated/created automatically after pr is saved. is this possible with std sap spro settings
pl help
thanks in advance

If you refer the same document on the following link you see that RFQ is not automatically
What does their mean automatically is
using the assign and process you can create RFQ. but not like Auto PO using Me59n
Creating RFQs
To create RFQs, you must generate a basic list via Requisition ® Follow-on functions ® Assign + process.
From the basic list, you can flag a requisition for RFQ processing. Select a requisition and choose Edit ® Flag for RFQ ® With vendor or Without vendor.
Choose Goto ® Assignment overview to access the assignment overview screen. Position the cursor on the text Flagged for RFQ processing and choose Edit ® Process assignment.
A dialog box for the creation of RFQs appears.
Enter the deadline for submission of quotations and check other relevant data, such as the purchasing organization.
When you press ENTER, you will obtain an overview of the purchase requisitions that have been flagged for RFQ processing.
Select the items that are to be adopted in the RFQ.
Adopt the selected items in the RFQ.
u2013 If you wish to change the selected items before adopting them, choose Edit ® Selections ® Adopt + details. The relevant item detail screens will then appear, allowing you to make the desired changes.
u2013 To adopt the selected items without changes, choose Edit ® Selections ® Adopt.
The item overview for the RFQ to be created is displayed with the adopted items.
If you have flagged the requisition for RFQ processing without a vendor, or if you wish to issue RFQs to another vendor, assign the RFQ to a vendor and save the document.
Repeat this process for each vendor to whom the RFQ is to be issued.
For more information on the creation of RFQs, refer to the section Creating RFQs.

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  • Automatic creation of RFQ

    Hi all
    Want to create RFQ directly from requisitions for multiple vendors. At the moment
    if a requisition has to be sent to five vendors, manually one has to create 5 (or more) RFQ's to send to vendors.
    Further would like to use source list, so that the system automatically convert the requisition to the RFQ's based on the source list (instead of info record).
    To summarise, as soon as user raises a requisition for a material,
    system looks at the source list for the 'approved' vendors and then
    automatically creates the appropriate number of RFQ's (one per vendor).
    Is it possible, working on SAP 4.7.

    If you want to send an RFQ to 5 vendors you don't have to create 5 RFQs manually, you simply create the RFQ with reference to the requisition and when you get to the address screen, save the first one, then just change the vendor number and save the second one then repeat for however many vendors you want. So you don't even have to enter the detials once (you get them directly by referencing the req)
    As for the second part of your question, ANYTHING is possible in SAP (well almost anything). But for something like this you would have to write your own code.
    But I am certain that the business really don't want this functionality.
    Why would you automatically send out RFQs for the vendors that are already on the source list (they may have already submitted RFQs and had them accepted, why do it again?)
    So if you relly need to do something like this it would be relatively easy to get the program to read the source list and raise the RFQ automatically for each source, but I certainly owuldn't recommend this, there can be no genuine business requirement for this.
    If it is only for certain materials then possibly this would be useful, but I think that you are asking for something that is probably only required because the bsuiness scenario has not been validated fully.
    Steve B

  • Automatic creation of Sales Order with reference to Purchase Order

    I want to create the sales order automatically when we are creating the purchase order.
    kindly guide me how to do it,

    U can create BDC for Tcode VA01 in T code SHDB with the validation and ask the ABAPer to create one Y/Z Tcode. Then you input the PO no in the Tcode to create the SO in background.
    Create BDC for PO AND SO and give logic and validation with input field and ask the ABAPer to crate one Y/Z Tcode to create PO and SO in single execute.

  • Automatic creation of debit or credit memo

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement of automatic creation of credit note with reference to sales order when i click save at transaction VF01 after generating billing document against delivery number.
    I used the include ZXVVFU08  it is triggered when the save button is pressed in VF01. i have wriiten BDC code in this include. At the point when i click save, the billing number is getting generated but credit memo is not getting generate.It is giving an error 'No billing documents were generated'
    How do i ensure that the invoice number is already saved before the BDC starts?
    Need help. Thank you!

    Dear seetharamsapsd ,
    Create a new document type for both credit memo and debit memo requests.
    Copy control to the respective credit memo and debit memo should be there.
    Pricing procedure should contain provision to map the difference amount.
    Create  a Z program recording a BDC for the creation of Debit and credit memo request.
    It is better to keep have only one Z program.
    In the program write a logic to check the price change comparing the values of previous month created orders and
    this months condition record values.
    Based on whether there is increase or decrease , system should run the respective BDC for the debit or credit memo request.
    This program can be set in background maybe at midnight.
    Also save VF04 as a background job (so that the debit / credit memos as also created automatically)
    Set this VF04 background job to run after say 1 or 2 hours from the time our Z program is running.
    I hope you know the different tables/fields from where you can get the desired condition to run the program.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Hegal K Charles

  • Automatic PO Creation Thru RFQ

    Dear Experts,
    Is there any way to create automatic po thru RFQ. If yes, what should be prerequisite and T-Code, procedure.

    RFQ is the the Process to select one Vendor from the set of vendors who can supply same material.
    Auto PO creation is a process to convert the PR in to PO.
    Both are 2 diff process..
    manually you can create Po wrt to RFQ..
    But the auto Po concept has 2 steps:
    1. selection of soure/vendor.
    2. converting to PO.
    during the the first process you have select the vendor based on the RFQ result and assign the vendor to that PR
    During the second step system will automatically create the PO.
    If it is fixed vendor , step 1 is not required.
    Hope this will help you..
    Kumar Arcot

  • Automatic Creation of PO by workflow once PR is released.

    Hi All,
    Can anybody explain the details steps for creation of workflow template if PR is released then automatic creation of PO needs to be created with reference to PR.?

    You can take a look at standard Workflow WS20000075(PO). Regarding your requirement most probably you need to do some configuration. In SRM this is possible once a Shopping Cart is completed it can be converted to a PO.

  • Stop Automatic creation and confirmation of Transafer Order for a doc type

    Hello All,
    There is a requirement that I need to stop Automatic creation and confirmation of Transafer Order for a particular document type.
    The issue is that sometimes the cycle goes upto creation of Invoice automatically but sometimes this does not happen. More over the user wants that the transafer order needs to be confirmed manually.
    Can u please provide the .steps involved for thie case.

    Dear Steve,
    Thanks a lot for giving reply with what I need to do, but I am unable to see result.
    I have down configuration like below even though system not processing Auto TO creation. Can you explain me if I have down any mistake below.
    Click on ‘Assign’ button,
    Press on ‘New entries’
    WhN = ‘900’
    Reference Movement Type = ‘101’
    Movement indicator = ‘B’
    Movement type for Whse Mgmt = ‘101’
    TR create Transfer Requirement = ‘X’
    Immed.TO Creation
    Mail confirmation for background processing = ‘01’.
    GR date = ‘2’

  • Creation of production order with reference to sales order

    dear all guru's,
                       i m having a requirement of creating production order with ref to sales order but without changing my old strategy of make to stock.

    For the purpose of creation of production order with reference to sales order while maintaing MTS strategy you need to maintain Make to stock strategy 40 in strategy group in MRP-3 View of Material Master.
    This is the only Make-to-Stock Strategy which enables you create Production Order against both Sales order as well as Demand / PIR.
    So if your strategy group is already 40 then you need not change it.
    However if you are using any other Make-to - Stock strategy like 10, 11 etc. then it is not possible to create Production Order against Sales Order since they dont consider Sales Order in planning.So you need to change them and set strategy group as 40.
    Hope this helps.
    Revert if you have any doubt.
    Edited by: Tejas  Pujara on Sep 27, 2008 8:50 AM

  • Automatic creation of production orders via planned orders

    Hello experts!
    is there a way via customizing to trigger an automatic creation of production order from a planned order when the planned order finished date is within the next week?

    Not in customizing.
    Most people create a job step after the RMMRP000 program step in their MRP job, using program PPBICO40.  Dynamic date range is available as a selection criteria against the opening date, which is the standard criteria for selecting and converting planned orders (not finish date).
    Best Regards,

  • Automatic Creation of Employee Vendor record when hired in HR

    Hi Gurus,
    Any assistance in Automatic creation of Employee vendor record when the employee is hired in HR master data.
    Thanks in Advance

    Use the t.code: PRAA. Give reference to an existing employee vendor.
    Or, you can also create a batch job that runs this daily. Before that you need to create a reference employee vendor and input the most common fields in it (like, Recon Account, Payment method, etc.).
    Kiron Kumar T.

  • Automatic creation of purchase info record

    Hi friends
    I could not find check box in RFQ (ME41!N)or in Quotation (ME47N) for updating/automatic creation of purchase info record.

    you can maintain the info update for the required quotation through ME47.choose the required line item and click on the "item detail" icon and put the necessary value for info update:
    1-     No update
    2-A     Update with or without plant
    3-B     Update with plant (if no plant ban)
    4-C     Update without plant (if no plant requirement)
    Indicator: Update Info Record
    Determines whether:
    The purchasing info record for this vendor and material is to refer to this PO item, and
    The item is to be valid for the entire purchasing organization or just for the plant.
    The indicator determines which prices and conditions are suggested in future PO items.
    Prices and conditions can apply to an entire purchasing organization or to a single plant within a purchasing organization.
    For example, if you create a purchase order for a plant for which an info record has been defined at plant level, the purchase order is based on the conditions in the plant info record and not on the conditions that apply to the purchasing organization.
    Enter the relevant plant key:
    Updating of the document number is effected at plant level as long as there is a purchasing info record at plant level. Otherwise the document number is updated at purchasing organization level.
    Updating is effected at plant level if plant conditions are allowed for the plant.
    Updating is effected without plant data if plant conditions are not necessary for the plant.
    The level at which updating of the document number may be effected is defined for each plant.
    Hope this will clarify your query.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Bijay Pradhan

  • Automatic creation InternalOrder inECC after Service Order creation in CRM

    After Service Order creation in CRM,  the automatic creation of Internal Order in ECC not happening, needs to be do the related settings. Can anybody share the stepts for the same to do the settings.

    Hello balu,
    Have you released all items?
    Also,please make sure that against the item category "Assign BW/CO" is set to Service.
    Hope this helps!
    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Shanthala Kudva.


    Dear All,
    I want to contol on creation of Sales order with reference to earlier SO?  While creation of sales order our enduser are creating sales order with reference to earlier month SO which I want to restrict. Recently I made changes in sales order like payment terms is grayed, system will atomatically pick pay terms from customer master.Now I am getting correct data also but enduser is using old SO no while creating new SO and old payment data is reflecting in fbl5n.
    I want to restrict enduser while creating new SO with ref. to old SO. Only for returns they should be able to use Billing refrence. Pl. suggest how to control the with reference to ealier SO.

    Nikhil Deshpande,
          If you dont want allow create a sales order in referent to other one, just delete the copy control between these sales order type, so when the user tries to create a SO in reference to other one a message is displayed that is not possible.

  • How to switch off automatic creation of the business partner?

    Advise please why in erp after creation of the customer automatically form business partner? How to switch off automatic creation of the business partner? It very much disturbs, because business partner are created from crm. Because of automatic creation business partners are duplicated.

    I have made the following customizing settings to activate customer integration with business partner, but the problem is when I create a BP with a role (FI-Customer) the customer is not created automatically.
    1. Set BP Role Category for Direction BP to Customer
    Roles: FLCU00 - Business Partner FI Customer (FS: BP)
    FLCU01 - Business Partner Customer (FS: BP)
    2. Defined the Number assignment for Direction BP to customer
    4. Customer account group and numbering is also defined.
    3. Created a BP with BP Role FLCU00, I can see the Customer - General Data tab, but no customer was automatically generated by the system.
    Kindly let me know if any customizing I have missed.

  • Functional module for automatic creation of pur requisition & pur order

    what is the functional module for automatic creation of puchase requisition and automatic creation of purchase order which we will assign in action box in service order processing management.
    please let me know as early as possible
    rajesh kumar raju

             Please check with following.
    Thanks & Regards
    Sadhu Kishore

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